In the real world, nobody lived long enough to meet both Wong Chung Yeung and Cheung 3 Fung. Though they are two of the most prominent figures from Taoist history and folklore, Wong had been dead for multiple decades before Cheung was born.

In Jin Yong wuxia, however, the surviving old Greats (East Heretic Wong Yerk See, South Emperor 1 Deng, Central Mischief Chow Bak Tung) had known Central Divinity Wong Chung Yeung during their youths, and in their twilight years, briefly met young Cheung Gwun Bo, who would become the Taoist sage Cheung 3 Fung decades later.

Meeting just one of them would have been a rare privilege; meeting them both in one lifetime is almost incomprehensible. The three old Greats managed to pull it off.