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    Lightbulb Noble Blood (ancient fanfic)


    This is my first ancient fanfic about epic hero, revenge, love, search of one self, and honor. Note that I might use idea from series, but in a sense it will be original. Sorry to say, but I don't know much ancient history of China, so most of the stuff is fictional. And since this is my first time writing an ancient fanfic, it will be really hard and confusing for me to try describe what in my mind, so please pardon me and help with suggestion! I will take all suggesting seriously to help improve my fanfic so feel free to help me! I'll try not to make it too confusing with all Cantonese vocabulary. If you guy have question about a word or need to clarify the story just give me a comment and I'll try to clarify it. Please excuse my grammar, spelling, and typo. Thanks for reading and supporting, please do comments, it really help!

    Main Cast:

    Gilbert Lam, Tin Ming Sec leader.

    (note: Annie Man will have three roles)

    Wun Yee Chun (Annie), princess of Zong Yuen, wife of Gilbert.

    Chung Han Lam (Annie), goddess of Tin Ming Sec, eldest twins daughters of Gilbert and Wun Yee.

    Annie Lam, princess of Zong Yuen, younger twins daughters of Gilbert and Wun Yee.

    Louis Koo, discipline of Gilbert. Family background is secretive.

    Benny Chan, disciple of Eddy, a Tin Ming Sect member. Orphan that live with his master Eddy.

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    Chapter 1: The Mist of Twins Mountain

    [Far away to the north side of Zong Yuen, there are two huge greenish mountains that stand side by side like they are linked happily and remotely away from the busy Mo Lam society of revenge and fight for rank. The tips of the mountains top always have a ring of thin misty cloud surrounding it, giving it a heavenly look. The two mountains come together to form a peaceful misty valley with beautiful mysterious tropical flower and fruits growing colorfully around the little land that the two mountains created. The mist steamed and bubbled up from a small lake of hot spring water giving the surrounding a foggy heavenly haze. Even with the bubbling hot spring water there is still some bizarre fish swimming in them along with the beautiful blue and pink water lily flowing in the misty lake. There is nothing but a small bamboo bridge that leads the way across the lake to a small cozy house that is also built by the yellow bamboo. The small house looked so peaceful in harmony and warmth giving a sense of home. This place is like a little world of it own, the bamboo house and lake is surrounded by the twin mountain, sheltering it away from the cruel reality, leaving the peaceful sound of children laughter lingering along with the mist to uplift the spirit of the remote valley.]

    [Right out side the tidy and quiet bamboo house was an eight years old boy in a white cotton garment with his hair neatly bundled up like a bun with a blue hair band, leaving only a short pony tail behind since his hair is not long enough. He was kicking in thin air with his Heng Gowng (flying skill) trying to swiftly move around in the middle of the air competing with a five years old skilled Si Mui (younger female student with same master) of his. The five years old girl is in a baby blue silk garment with her soft hair cutely arranged leaving a couple braided strands loosely on both sides. Her cheerful sly smile is covered up with a light sparkling blue veil, leaving only her beautiful large round cheerful eyes to beam at the boy as she kicked her right foot against a bamboo to get some force to push herself upward reaching for the falling leaves. Another five years old that looked like mirror image of the girl in blue try to compete with them too, but their skill is too high for her. The only way to distinguish her from the girl in blue is the color of their outfit, hair style, and the fact that her adorable cheerful face is showing brightly with the mist brushing by instead of covered up with a veil like her sister. She is in her favorite lavender outfit that has the same design and style as her sister is wearing. Her hair is braided differently but also as cute as her sister with little beads and sparkle. She watches her twin sister smoothly glided around with her Si Hing (older male of same master), which made her wanted to join them. But no matter how much she jump, hop, run, and gain speed, it was still hopeless, she weren't able to lift herself off the ground. She pouted angrily at herself as she stares at them with her puppy eyes. A man in his late twenty shakes his head at his younger twins daughter with his eyes partly rolled. The girl quickly sadden with a puppy face cause she knows her father is disappointed in her. Her twins and the boy giggled at her as they continue to practice their Heng Gowng by trying to catch as much of the leave the guy throws into the air. The smaller twins stared at the flying leave and sighed with her forehead wrinkled hopelessly and slowly turned her head to sneak another peek at her father, she notice him giving her a warning stare telling her to try, so she quickly try her best to hop and kick start herself to fly but she fail each time and ending up hopping while she catch the leave that is falling down directly toward her. The guy sighed disappointedly as he quickly ran toward her and swooped her up into his arm with his Heng Gowng and flied up swiftly like a breeze, the girl jerked a bit at the take off then she cheerfully giggled as she got the hang of it and now trying to grab as much leave as she could with her father help.]

    GIRL: [cheerfully leaned her body a bit out reaching for the leave] Dei! (how they call father in the ancient time.) Over to the left!! [she joyfully giggled as she reached her hand out and was about to grab a falling leave but her Si Hing got to it first.] Hey!! Si Hing that is mine!

    BOY: [chuckled as he use his Heng Gowng to swiftly step up a tropical tree sideway and did a flip when he reaches the top to jump over to another tree for some support to push himself higher.] Sorry Annie! First come first serve!!

    ANNIE: [stick her tongue out at him as she kicked her left foot on her right and shot upward toward the last leave that is still in the air, she is determine to show him what she is made out of.] See this! [Her father was satisfy that she finally can take off and use her Heng Gowng herself. She was about to grab the last piece but her twins with the blue veil snatched it before she was able to grab it] Jie!!! [Her voice was full of disappointment with a trace of annoyed.]

    BOY: [laughed at Annie pouted face] Good one Chung Han! [Chung Han laughed cheerfully and happily as she twirled herself down to land on the floor with the last piece of leave.]

    CHUNG HAN: [ran to her father with a bunch of leave.] Dei! Look!! I got the most today! Even more than Si Hing! [she grinned at her Si Hing proudly] Right Louis?

    LOUIS: [rolled his eyes] Only by one more! If it weren't for Annie being in the way I would have got it!

    ANNIE: [she landed unsteadily and fallen on her behind instead, but she quickly got herself off the floor and dusted her outfit to get the dirt out as she charged over angrily.] You two are such a meany!! Picking on the youngest one like this!!

    CHUNG HAN: [laughed] You are only a couple minute younger than me!

    ANNIE: [folded her arm and pouted] So!! I'm still the youngest! It not fair, is two against one!

    CHUNG HAN: [a bit annoyed by her sibling] It wasn't two against one, I was competing with Louis too!

    ANNIE: [sheepishly] Well, daai gor gor (big brother) always let you win.

    CHUNG HAN: [rolled her eyes] Noooo! He always let you win! Cause you are such a baby! [she give her a nasty stare with her stern eyes]

    LOUIS: [chuckled] Chung Han give her a break!

    CHUNG HAN: [sighed with her eyes rolled] See, here he go again, always standing on your side cause you are a baby!!

    ANNIE: [stomped her foot and shouted] AM NOT!!!


    ANNIE: NOT!!

    LOUIS: [cover both his ears with his hands.] You girl are annoying!!!

    CHUNG HAN & ANNIE: [they both stop and turn to dart their eyes at him like sharp knife and shouted] AM NOT!! AND WHO IS TALKING TO YOU?!! [Louis slumped his shoulder and rolled his eyes, they always gain up on him like this.]

    GUY: [shake his head at the three squabbling children.] Enough! [they obediently quieted and silently stare at the guy. He sighed.] Annie you need to practice more on your Heng Gowng, how many times have I told you to not play around too much and practice? [Chung Han grinned and sticks her tongue out at Annie, behind her veil. Louis giggled at his two immature Si Mui.] Chung Han you shouldn't have too much pride, remember that there is always someone else above and don't think of yourself superior to other or you will easily misjudge your enemies. [Annie stick her tongue out back at her twins with both her index finger dragging the side corner of her eyes down.] Annie what are you doing?! I'm trying to teach you guy here!

    ANNIE: [Annie frowned with her puppy eyes as her foot slowly twirl on the ground making little circle on the sandy dirt ground sheepishly.] I'm sorry.....

    GUY: [he sighed loudly] What am I going to do with you two? [he sighed again. A beautiful and elegant lady in a pale green garment walked out from the bamboo house heading toward them with a trade of dessert. She is in her mid twenty but she looked much younger and with her pure gentle smile.]

    LADY: [she slightly chuckled] Gilbert, if you sigh anymore all the leaves from the tree will come down.

    LOUIS: [respectfully] Si Mo. (master's wife) [the lady smile at him and nod.]

    ANNIE: [ran up to her mom and smiled cheerfully.] Leung (mother in ancient time) did you make my favorite sweet cake?!

    CHUNG HAN: [ran up to her mom too.] Yeah Leung! The one with the yellow and red bean!

    ANNIE & CHUNG HAN: [grinned at the thought and at each other] MMMMmmm...

    LOUIS: [rolled his eyes at them] Girls. [they turn toward him together and rolled their eyes back at him.]

    GILBERT: [sighed as he walked with his wife over to the little stone table] Wun Yee, how could you bring them dessert when I'm trying to teach them their Heng Gowng?

    WUN YEE: [she place the tray down on the table and the three children quickly gather to grab a piece of the dessert.] Gilbert, they are only five. We have plenty of time to teach them. [she grinned at her husband and stare at her plate of sweet cake, giving him a innocent sweet smile.] You use to like them too. [she pouted disappointedly.]

    GILBERT: [sat down on the stone chair and grab a piece.] And I still do. [he shake his head as he look at the twins stuffing themselves and back to his wife who giggling at them.] No wonder both girl acted so childish, you are still childish yourself. [Wun Yee stopped her giggling and pouted at her husband with her disappointing eyes.] It's the truth; they resemble you so much in both behavior and look.

    WUN YEE: [she walked over and wrap her arm around her daughters.] Yeah they are only my daughters, you have nothing to do with it, you have no responsibility to teach them, the "Leung" has to do everything, while the "Dei" get to criticizes and complain. Of course they only looked likes me and acted likes me! Since I'm the one that is taking care of them! [she grinned at the twins] Right nur nur (daughter)? [they nod as they continue to eat. She rolled her eyes at Gilbert.]

    GILBERT: [chuckled and grab her hand to jerk her toward him.] Don't tell me you are mad?

    WUN YEE: [turn to look away with her brows raised] Of course I am, I'm childish remember?

    GILBERT: [hugged her with a chuckle] I was just kidding. You are a wonderful wife and mother. [he whispered into her ears] Not to mention pretty and understanding, [the three children stare at them interestingly as they eat.] I thought you would of get tire of the mushy words by now. [he glance at the two identical round eyes beaming at them curiously] You know since we have two daughters already.

    WUN YEE: [she sighed as her head slowly swing loosely] You are always like this, you never know what to say to make me happy. I don't even know why I give up everything to marry a boring husband like you. [she turn and looked at her husband and place her hand on his face to turn him side to side.] Hmmm you are not that handsome ether, I really think that you had put a spell on me in order for me to fall for you.

    ANNIE: [curiously blurted out] Dei you know how to make spell?

    GILBERT: [he laughed at Annie naive question and looked straight into Wun Yee eyes.] You don't have to step all over me in front of my daughters and tao dai (student). [he grinned and hugged her tighter] I thought you are willing to follow me to the end of the earth cause of my righteousness and seriousness. In fact if I didn't remember wrong you mention something about me being the most handsome guy you ever know. [he chuckled softly as the children watch them closely amused.] You know I lovvvveeeee you.

    WUN YEE: [the children giggled at them as they eat. Wun Yee smiles sweetly as she blushed and couldn't help herself from giggling from her heart. She pushed Gilbert away.] Not in front of the kids. [she signaled her husband to sit down and she start to softly hammer his shoulder with her two fist.] Did you ever regret settling down here and leaving Tin Ming Sect ungoverned for these five years?

    GILBERT: [patted Chung Han hand as he slightly chuckled to the question] Do I have a choice? [he seriously looked into her eyes.] Do you miss the kingdom?

    WUN YEE: [sighed and saddened a bit] I wonder how Fu Wong (royal father) is right now. I missed him. [she looked at her twins.] Do you think he is still mad?

    GILBERT: [nod] I bet there is still assassin out there looking for us. [grab his wife hand and guided her to sit on the stone seat next to him] I'm sorry, you left so much behind cause of me.

    WUN YEE: [smiled warmly as she feel Annie soft face.] I never regret it. Do you? [she turn to look at him]

    GILBERT: [give out a heavy sigh] I would never regret these five years of happiness. But my duty hasn't completed yet. [he looked at Chung Han seriously with a touch of guilt.] She has to go back. [Chung Han didn't know what her father was talking about, she was busy talking with her sister and Louis.]

    WUN YEE: [frowned] I don't understand why you would have a heart to let her go. [she stare at Chung Han with her soft emotional eyes.]

    GILBERT: [he patted Wun Yee lap.] I'm sorry, I'm the leader of the sect, I have my responsibility and have to keep my words, I can't break my promise. She don't belong to us, she belong to Tin Ming sect. [he smile weakly at his wife] Don't worry, she will be happy and honored by everyone. [Wun Yee kept silent, she know that Gilbert won't change his mind once it was set, especially with the decision that is set once Chung Han is born. Gilbert quickly change the subject seeing Wun Yee sadden.] Louis your Heng Gowng has improved a lot since last time. [Louis smiles happily to the compliment.]

    CHUNG HAN: [anxiously] What about me?!

    GILBERT: [smiled proudly] You did good too.

    ANNIE: [turn to her mom] Leung, Chung Han and Louis is being really really mean to me! They took the two leave that I was about to get!!

    WUN YEE: [listen to her with a weak smile.] Really? [she glance over at Chung Han] Is that true?

    CHUNG HAN: It a competition. [sighed as she stare at Annie.] Whiney. [Annie wrinkled her nose at her and Chung Han grinned with her eyes narrowed in amusement wanting to irritate her twins more.] Cry baby. [Annie made another face at her and Chung Han press her lip together trying not to laugh.] Powder face! [Annie was confuse while Chung Han and Louis laughed at her.]

    WUN YEE: [wiping the powder off of Annie face.] Chung Han stop picking on your little sister.

    CHUNG HAN: She is not that much younger. [Chung Han giggled in joy as she reaches out to grab the last sweet cake as Annie is getting it too. She stare at Annie] Let go, I got it first!

    ANNIE: [shake her head] Noooo...I got it first!

    GILBERT: [sighed] Annie let go of it.

    ANNIE: [pouted with tears starting to form.] Why do I always have to give it to Chung Han?! It so unfair! [Chung Han grinned as she eat the sweet cake slowly in front of Annie to annoy her. Annie was in tears as she watches Chung Han slowly torn pieces to eat. Her lip pouted out as her watery eyes stare at her twins.] NOT FAIR!

    WUN YEE: [patted Annie head as Annie sniffed a bit] Annie don't be silly. You have plenty already anyway. Come on hush up before your Dei punish you. [Annie looked up and saw her father looking at her with disappointment. She wiped her tears away quickly. But her pout is still hanging gloomily on her redden face.]

    LOUIS: [he felt sympathy for Annie, seeing her in tears and disappointment. He hand his sweet cake over.] Here you can have mine. I'm full anyway. [He know that Chung Han always get what she want first cause she is the goddess of Tin Ming sect, and he felt sorry for Annie to see that her sister get all the attention.]

    ANNIE: [smiled sweetly as she grab it and in a teary voice.] Thanks Lok gor gor.

    CHUNG HAN: [sighed as she felt guilty for fighting over a sweet cake with her younger sister. She hand her over too.] You could have mine too.

    ANNIE: Really? [cheerfully took it, now she have one in each hand.] Thanks!! [both Chung Han and Louis smiled joyfully seeing her sweet smile again.]

    GILBERT: [looked at Annie.] You are getting so spoil.

    [A white dove flew by and sited at the top of the roof, Wun Yee was surprise to see it and quickly use her Heng Gowng to twirl herself upward and landed on the roof, she swiftly grab hold of the dove. She recognize the dove being hers cause it has a green ring on it leg with her name on it. The white dove was given to her from Frankie and she give it back to Frankie before she left six years ago, why did it suddenly appear was a surprise to her. Gilbert recognize the dove too and know that something big must have happen for Frankie to suddenly send the dove over, they hasn't connect to the Mo Lam world for five whole years already and during these five whole years only a couples letter from Tin Ming sect were send over asking Gilbert for suggestion and help, but now one came from the kingdom direction is just puzzling to him. He is worry and concern about the dove, he really don't want anything to do with the kingdom anymore. Wun Yee impatiently flipped the dove upside down and pulled out the small rolled up paper attached to its leg and let the dove go. She unrolled the wrinkled up thin paper and read it with her worry heart. Her eyes show more concern and worry as she read the short letter. Gilbert saw her froze in place with her frowning forehead and know that it must be bad news about her family. Wun Yee shakes her head in disbelief as she walked ahead with tears rolling off her cheek soaking the letter. She weren't paying attention and slipped on the roof tile and sliding off the roof, Gilbert quickly rushed toward her and jumped up to carry her before she fall all the way down. Chung Han and Annie quickly got off their seat and rush over to stare anxiously along with Louis. Gilbert landed on the floor safely and put Wun Yee down. He turned his wife over to face him as he study her teary sad eyes.]

    CHUNG HAN: [rushed over to her parent with Annie.] Leung are you okay?!

    ANNIE: [yanking on Wun Yee garment for attention] I want to see the dove!

    WUN YEE: [tears were flooding her pair of eyes as she wrinkled the letter in her hand into a tight paper ball. She bends down to the height of the twins and stare into their eyes. She hugged them tightly and sobbed. Chung Han and Annie was shock to see their mom crying, they has never seen Wun Yee cry before in their whole five years of life. Louis stares at his Si Mo confusedly with his stern worry eyes. Gilbert bends down and wrapped his arm around Wun Yee shoulder. Wun Yee let go of the twins and hugged Gilbert tightly as she cry. The twin were scare as they saw their mom crying like this, they turn their stare to Louis for an answer and ran up to stand by him. Wun Yee in a distressed worry voice] I need to get to the kingdom now Gilbert!! I need to go see Fu Wong! I need to go see him!

    GILBERT: [rubbing her back.] What happen?

    WUN YEE: [sniffed and swallowed] Frankie say that Mo Hau (Royal mother) just passed away...[she sniffed as she shut her eyes in pain.]...and Fu Wong is very sick and depressed cause of the fact....he couldn't even get up...he is unconscious [she looked at Gilbert with her blurry vision.] I need to go see him...and Mo Hau one last time before they burry her. [she sniffed her sorrow.] She didn't get to see them. [she looked at Chung Han and Annie, who are lost to what she is talking about. They had no idea what Mo Hau and Fu Wong meant, these words were never use in front of them before.] And Fu Wong hasn't seen them too..

    GILBERT: [sighed] But...[he paused] But he have a warrant out to kill us. [he sighed] You know how stubborn he is, I don't want anything happen to you! He has hated you and me ever since that incident! I don't want you to risk it!

    WUN YEE: [shake her head] But they are my parents! I need to see Mo Hau for one last time. And the letter say Fu Wong illness is really serious and he could die any minute! He must have wanted to see me! We are parent too Gilbert! Don't you want to see Chung Han and Annie if you are about to die?! I'm sure Fu Wong wouldn't send the army to capture me!

    GILBERT: He send assassin after us! [angrily] Wun Yee you know your Fu Wong temper and stubbornness. And didn't Frankie say he is unconscious? How is he going to take his words back?! The warrant is still official, the army and guard will come after you, when they see you! [Wun Yee stands up and turn away with tear in her eyes. Gilbert sighed] Alright, if you must see him, I'll go with you.

    WUN YEE: [shake her head] No Gilbert, I don't want you to see Fu Wong, I don't want anymore complication, I don't want to see him arguing with you again. He is sick, I don't want him to get angry and worsen his illness. [she looked at Gilbert with vulnerable soft eyes] I just want to pay him and Mo Hau a visit. Nothing will happen, I'll just sneak in and go see him, the guard wouldn't even notice! I want him to be able to see his granddaughter before he die.

    GILBERT: [furiously] You are not going to take the twins!! And I'm not going to let you go yourself ether, if I'm not going you are not going ether! That is final!

    WUN YEE: [try to convince him] Gilbert, I know you worry about me, but trust me I know how to take care of my self and the twins. The guard are no match for me, they can't even compare with Chung Han. It will be a fast visit, I'll get away as soon as I visit Fu Wong and Mo Hau. I really want to see him, he could pass away any day now, the letter sound serious. I know Frankie, he wouldn't have told me the news if it weren't serious. I really want to see Fu Wong one last time, I don't want to regret not seeing him. He is my Dei. I don't want to be a not respectful daughter!

    GILBERT: You promise to forget about him! We try so hard to put all of it behind us. I am really giving already to step away instead of fighting strong with him, cause I know he is still your father. But what did he do? He wanted to get rid of us and Tin Ming sect with those what he called righteous Mo Lam sect!

    WUN YEE: [tears rolled down her cheek] I know!! I know he did many things that is not forgivable to all Tin Ming sect member but he is still my Dei! How am I suppose to forget about him?! Especially when he is dying Gilbert! I can't be that cold blooded?!

    GILBERT: [hastily] You think I'm cold blooded to tell you to not see him?! Your so call Fu Wong wanted to kill the twins do you remember?!! Why would he want to see them now?! He wanted all of our heads! He killed so many member of Tin Ming sect with Marco! But I could stand that cause everyone in Mo Lam think us as the evil sect anyway and treated us as enemies, we are not afraid of them!! But he would kill you and the twins, and you are his own blood and flesh!

    WUN YEE: [swallowed] I know he didn't mean it Gilbert, he loved me and cherish me ever since I'm born, it not fully his fault, I was a disgrace to the royal family. You would do the same thing too, if you were him! I'm the one who break the rule...

    GILBERT: That doesn't give him the right to want you and the twins dead! He doesn't care about us Wun Yee, why should you care about him?!

    WUN YEE: I'm the only daughter he has now! I promise Joyce to take care of him and Mo Hua, but I haven't done it at all, now that he is dying the least I could do is to see him one last time. He love me, I know he does! I'm the one who has disappointed him! I'm the one who have chosen you! [Gilbert stares at her with his still eyes that show how much that last sentence hurts him. Wun Yee sighed and kept silent, she knows she shouldn't have say the last sentence, but it too late to take it back now. They were both silent as the three pair of confusion eyes scan between the two of them. Chung Han walked up to her mom and grab her hand, Wun Yee looked at her.]

    CHUNG HAN: Leung, why are you crying? [worry were all over her innocent soft voice. Wun Yee gently places her hand on her daughter face and looked straight into her eyes. Chung Han wrinkled her forehead in confusion to her mother action.] What is wrong? [Annie stares at them confusedly and turns to look at Louis and grabs his hand. Louis squeezed her hand tightly to reassure her that it will be okay. Chung Han could tell that her mom is not going to answer her question so she looked at her father.] Dei.

    GILBERT: [in a hurtful flat tone] So you do regret it.

    WUN YEE: [shut her eyes] You know I don't. But I don't want to choose between you and Fu Wong. I know there is so much misunderstanding between him and us.

    GILBERT: It not misunderstanding Wun Yee!! He wouldn't listen to us explaining!! He only listens to that Marco!!

    WUN YEE: [sighed] All I want is to see him one last time, [she looked at her husband sincerely] please? Just one last time and I promise I won't return to the kingdom ever again.

    GILBERT: [Stubbornly shake his head] I'm not going to debate this with you. I don't want you to go and if you still want to go than maybe this family is not as important to you as you think it is. I don't want anything to happen to you or the twins. If you still think of me as your husband and the twin mother then forget all about the letter that you just read. Chung Han, Annie comes with me. [he grab Chung Han hand and Annie hand and turn around to walk away without another words. Both Chung Han and Annie turn their head back to look at their crying mom with their full of confusion as Gilbert dragged them back into the house.]

    LOUIS: [he slowly walked up to Wun Yee and lift his head up to look at his Si Mo with worry eyes.] Si Mo.

    WUN YEE: [she bends down to Louis height and run her hand on his face. She could see the resembling of Louis and Marco, especially his stern eyes.] Louis do you still remember your Leung?

    LOUIS: [nod] I remember Leung told me to listen to you and obey you.

    WUN YEE: [nod and patted his head] Have you think of revenge?

    LOUIS: [nod with a determination] Yes! I'll help Leung get her justice! [he sighed] But I don't even know who the killer is. [he glance at his Si Mo] Si Mo do you know?

    WUN YEE: [sighed as she lie] No. [she walked away and her mind is fixed on her father condition, really wanted to go see him, but her husband will get so mad at her if she go. Louis stands silently and curiously watches her.]


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    Kay, I am glad that you are posting Noble Blood here as well as on Winglin. This story is so wonderful and well-written that I feel it should have a wider reader base. I am still waiting to hear about Wun Yee and Gilbert's love story. I realize that this story is not one of your priorities. However, I want you to know that I will always be Noble Blood's number one fan, so please do not abandon this story. Keep up the wonderful work. <IMG SRC="smilies/thumbsup.gif" border="0">

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    Thanks Melanie for your support!

    Chapter 2: Fatal Decision

    [Nighttime flow in quickly bringing quietness and peacefulness. But Wun Yee heart and mind couldn't settle down with the glowing moon. She has been thinking and pondering about her parent for the entire night. She know Gilbert was serious about not wanting her to connect with her family again, cause he hasn't spoken to her ever since the afternoon argument. Wun Yee understands that her husband loved her dearly and didn't want her to get harmed. But she really missed her father, it has been so long since she sees him and now knowing him going to die, she really wanted to pay one last visit to him to respect him. She sighed softly as she rolled over to laid on her side facing her sleeping husband.]

    WUN YEE: [she warmly smiled to her self as she watches her husband sleeping with his serious face. She loved him so much and they been through so much together to be with each other. She whispered softly.] Sun daai gor will you forgive me? [her eyes lowered feeling a bit guilty but she must do what make her heart at ease. She swallowed and scooted closer to him leaning her head slightly on his side. Gilbert notices her and slowly opened his eyes to look at her with a smile.]

    GILBERT: [hugged her] You couldn't sleep?

    WUN YEE: [shake her head] Sorry I didn't mean to wake you up.

    GILBERT: [smiled warmly as he gaze into his wife beautiful eyes glowing to the moonlight.] I'm the one that should be sorry for saying all of those things to you. [he pecked the side of her forehead] I love you Wu Yee, I just didn't want any chance in losing you. Will you forgive me for treating you like this today? [Wun Yee nod sadly as she felt guilty inside for what she has decided. He brushed a strand of her hair away and softly feels her face.] Can you please forget about everything else like these five years? I don't want anything to change.

    WUN YEE: [she was silent for a long time, she knows she couldn't forget about it at all, she must see her Fu Wong and Mo Hua. She know they love her so much and has done so much for her, it just that they and Gilbert or two different world. She guiltily nods and give him a weak smile, Gilbert immediately smile in relief and hugged her. She snuggle herself close to him and shut her eyes with a soft voice that linger into the peaceful night of cricket chirping.] I love you, Gilbert. [Gilbert nod with his chin touching her forehead. She smiles warmly with her heart missing him already.] And the twins too, you going to teach them well, and I know it.

    GILBERT: [slight chuckled] If you didn't spoil them and show them how to act childish all the time.

    WUN YEE: [slightly giggled and saddened] I won't. [she rolled her eyes up to look at him] Promise to teach them well okay?

    GILBERT: [nod] I will. They will learn all of my Mo Gowng and learn all of the writing and poetry from you. They will be intellectual and skillful.

    WUN YEE: [nod as she shut her eyes again and just enjoy being with him.] I know they will be just like you when they grow up, they will know what to honor and know what is right from wrong.

    GILBERT: [sleepily shuts his eyes and mumbled] And as beautiful as you.....

    WUN YEE: [Wun Yee opened her eyes to glance at him and notice that he fallen asleep. She smiles sweetly and warmly at him as she place her head on his chest to listen to his heart, it felt so warm and cozy with him around. She whispered softly.] I'm sorry...[rolled her eyes up to look at him] I love you.... [She sighed softly as she listen to him sleep and wait till he is deeply asleep before she got up and off the bed. She walked over to grab the new cape that she made for him a couple days ago and place it down on the bed next to Gilbert. She then wrote a short letter under the minimal light of the candle and places it on the bamboo table. She sighed and walked to the bed and looked at Gilbert feeling guilty that she lies to him. She squatted down next to him and softly kissed his cheek.] I'm sorry....please forgive me....I love you. [she looked at him one last time and lifted her head up to look at her sword that she haven't touch for five whole years. She got up with her eyes show determination on what she wanted to do. She grabs the beautiful white sword and straps it to her back and walked out toward the door. Before she close the door she looked at Gilbert one last time.] Sorry. I promise to come back as soon as possible. Bye Gilbert. [she shut the door and headed to the twins room. She walked in and saw the twins each in their own bed sleeping soundly and peacefully. She smiled and walked over to Chung Han and sat on the edge of her bed. Feeling her soft face.] I'll always love you sweetheart. I know you will have great Mo Gowng like your Dei, you will make me very proud. [she sweep her hand across Chung Han forehead and lean down to peck her forehead.] I'll be back soon okay? Take care of Dei and Annie for me.

    CHUNG HAN: [she moaned to the sound of her mom voice. Wun Yee quickly holds still and quiet down hoping that she won't wake up and continue to sleep. But Chung Han did wake up and opened her eyes slightly to focus on her mom with the minimal moonlight.] Leung?

    WUN YEE: [she smiled warmly, she could never heard enough of her daughter calling her Leung. She patted Chung Han chest with a soft soothing rhythm.] Shhh...go back to sleep...[Chung Han nod and shuts her eyes to sleep with her hand holding to Wun Yee green garment wanting her mom to be by her side. Wun Yee heart melted seeing her sweet face sleeping with her hand tightly cling to her garment. She felt the veil of Chung Han face and whispered.] I hope you will be happy with Tin Ming Sect. Make your Dei and I proud okay? [she kissed her one last time and tears were showing in her eyes. She sniffed and wiped them away. Talking to herself] Come on be more strong, I'm just leaving for a couple day not that I won't see her again. [she gently released Chung Han hand away from her garment and tug it under the blanket.] I'll be back soon, I promise. [she walked over to Annie bed and shake her head as she pick up her blanket which is on the floor and covered her up. Annie was smiling as she dream with her thumb in her mouth. Wun Yee couldn't help herself from slightly chuckled at her cute innocent daughter.]

    ANNIE: [mumbling as she dream.] Come back here Si Hing...I want the dove can you get it for me? Please? [she smiled sweetly] Thanks...

    WUN YEE: [sat down and smile sweetly at Annie as she felt her face and pecked her.] Silly girl still think of playing in your dream. Listen to Dei and Jie okay? Practice more on your Mo Gowng. [she tugged her cutely braided hair away and pulled her thumb out of her mouth and tug it under the blanket.] I love you sweetheart. [she pecked her again and sighed as she stare at her for a while before she walked out. Then she walked over to Louis room and opens the door to step in. Louis is sleeping stilly like Gilbert. She walked over and helps him cover his foot with the blanket. Louis quickly wakes up and she was startled by him.] Sorry Louis.

    LOUIS: [he was confuse to why Wun Yee is in his room] Si Mo?

    WUN YEE: [smiled warmly at him] Go back to sleep, I just wanted to make sure you don't catch a cold.

    LOUIS: [narrow his eyes on her sword] Where are you going?

    WUN YEE: [notice his eyes focusing on her sword and she felt her voice being took away since she don't know how to explain. She plainly lied] No where.

    LOUIS: [wrinkled his forehead and stare at her seriously as he try to get up but Wun Yee hold him down.] Are you going to see your Fu Wong?

    WUN YEE: [sighed and nod] Yeah, I'll be back really soon. Can you help me take care of your two Si Mui?

    LOUIS: [shake his head] Don't go, Si Fu (master) will be really mad and worry. [he grab on to Wun Yee garment tightly not willing to let go.] Please?

    WUN YEE: [sighed and sat down on his bed] Louis do you know what Fu Wong mean? [Louis shake his head, he never heard of the words his entire life. Wun Yee smiled sincerely.] Fu Wong mean Dei, my Dei is really sick now and can pass away any minute. You know what a respectful and righteous thing to do if your parents are really sick and needed you, right? [Louis nod and slowly release his grip, Wun Yee felt relief that he understand. She patted his head.] I know you are a very obedience and respectful child too. Your mom must be so proud of you.

    LOUIS: [swallowed] Is it going to be dangerous?

    WUN YEE: [shake her head] No...

    LOUIS: [uncertain] But Si Fu say it really...

    WUN YEE: [cut him off] Do you think your parent would want to kill you or harm you? [Louis shakes his head vigorously and Wun Yee slightly laughed at him.] Exactly, I know my Fu Wong been really mad at me from the past but I'm sure deep down inside he still love me. [she sighed] He cherish me the most when I was young, I get whatever I demand and even with his busy schedule of being the king he still manage to pull out time to spend with me. It my fault for disobeying his request and words. [she let out a heavy breath] Now that he is really sick, I must see him right? [she looked at Louis who nod slowly. She smiles and felt his face.] I'll be back really soon, until then help me take care of Chung Han and Annie okay? I know Annie listen to you a lot, so does Chung Han. Help me keep an eye on them and keep them away from harm.....

    LOUIS: [narrowed his brows] Can I go with you? I can help protect you.

    WUN YEE: [chuckled at him] You don't think my Mo Gowng that bad, right? [Louis shakes his head vigorously and Wun Yee smiled] Thanks for caring but don't you worry about me. [Louis nod] Okay I better get going, the day is almost here and when your Si Fu notices me missing, he will come after me, I don't want him to catch up. Bye Louis, take care of yourself too okay? [Louis nod and she headed to the door, Louis followed along wanting to see her longer before she leave. Wun Yee turns around and looked at him before she walk out of the house.] Go back to sleep. [she left. Chung Han was wakened by her mom voice again and got up to walk out looking for her. Instead she saw Louis standing with uncertain eyes staring at the bridge.]

    CHUNG HAN: [she walked up to him and stare at him curiously.] Daai gor gor what are you staring at? Where is Leung? I heard her voice.

    LOUIS: [turn his still eyes to stare into Chung Han] She when to see her Fu Wong.

    CHUNG HAN: [confusedly] Fu Wong?

    LOUIS: [sighed and turn his head toward the empty bamboo bridge again.] It meant Dei, she want to visit her Dei.

    CHUNG HAN: [surprise] Leung have a Dei? [Louis nod] But Dei didn't want Leung to leave. How could she just leave? [she ran toward the front door wanting to go after her Leung. Louis grabs her elbow firmly.] Let go of me! [she dart her eyes at Louis] Dei said it dangerous where ever Leung is going!! I can't let anything happen to her!

    LOUIS: [He is worry too] I'll get Si Fu!

    CHUNG HAN: [shake her head and block his way.] No, Dei will be really mad at Leung if he notices her not listening to him!

    LOUIS: [nod] But how are we going to help Si Mo?

    CHUNG HAN: [grinned] Us! We can help protect Leung!

    LOUIS: But..

    CHUNG HAN: [dragged him toward her room] Come on no time to "but" we won't be able to catch up with Leung if we don't start going after her! [she rushed over to Annie and nudged her.] Annie wake up!! Annie wake up!! Annie now!

    ANNIE: [Annie yawned and rubbed her sleepy eyes] You guy got my dove?

    CHUNG HAN: [stare at her confusedly] What? [she shake her head] Forget about that, come on get change, so we can go help Leung! [Chung Han notice herself in her under layer of clothes that is all white and so is Louis she quickly blushed and turned away.] Si Hing you better go change too.

    LOUIS: [he just notice too and quickly turn around] Sorry. Yeah I'll meet you guy at the bridge in a minute. [He ran out and into his room to change.]

    ANNIE: [confusedly watching Chung Han change.] Where is Leung? Why do we need to help her?

    CHUNG HAN: [dragged Annie up and hand her hers clothes.] No time to explain just change and I'll tell you on the way! [Annie listens and got her self changed. They ran out to meet Louis.] Ready!

    LOUIS: [smiled at them and hold out two wooden swords, he have one that is carved to a knife shape that he tied to his back.] I made them a couple days ago to practice or Mo Gowng we can use it just in case. It better then nothing, right?

    CHUNG HAN: [cheerfully and excitedly grab one with her name engraved. Annie took hers too and started to swing it around for fun.] This is pretty! How long did it take you to carve this?! [her eyes narrowed on the sun logo, which is the logo of Tin Ming Sect.] This is interesting, where did you see this?

    ANNIE: [joyfully] It on my sword too!

    LOUIS: Cool huh? I copy it from Si Fu iron sword. [Chung Han was confused. Louis stares at her with his curious eyes.] Why?

    CHUNG HAN: [swallowed] I have the same marking on my back shoulder blade. That is strange. Annie do you have it too?

    ANNIE: [shake her head] No.

    CHUNG HAN: [Louis was curiously thinking of a reason and Chung Han just shrugged.] Who care lets go find Leung!!

    ANNIE: [they started to head out of the valley with Louis to lead them, since he is the only one that been out of the valley before. But that is when he is two or three so he can't remember the way too. Louis holding both Annie and Chung Han hands as he guide them out.] Where are we going? Shouldn't we tell Dei?

    CHUNG HAN: We are going to look for Leung and help her. Dei can't know about it or he will get really mad at Leung like yesterday. Now hurry up!

    LOUIS: [sighed as the road split] Which one was it?

    CHUNG HAN: [stare at him] I thought you say you been out of the valley?

    LOUIS: [rolled his eyes] No, I say my whole life is not spend at the valley. I was only three when Si Fu takes me to the valley. How am I supposed to remember the way?

    CHUNG HAN: [sighed as she stare at the split road.] I say the right, right sound right! [she grinned cheerfully.]

    LOUIS: [nod] Alright come on! [they rushed out of the valley and saw the foot step on the sand.] I say Si Mo head that way. [he pointed to the direction of the footstep.]

    CHUNG HAN: [rolled her eyes] Duh! [she saw Annie kept on looking back at the valley, so she let go of Louis hand and grab Annie hand to reassure her twins.] Don't worry we will be back soon. Dei wouldn't be too mad when we can find Leung and return with her. [she grinned at Louis] Daai gor gor will take all the punishment for us! Come on!

    LOUIS: Yeah right! [he started to run following the footstep and the twins followed close behind.]

    ANNIE: [breathing hard as she starting to run out of breath after they been running for about half an hour.] Hold on! [they stopped while she panted tiredly]

    CHUNG HAN: [sighed with her head shaking] You are such a weakling!

    ANNIE: [pouted with her flatten lip] Stop being mean! It early and I didn't have enough sleep!

    CHUNG HAN: [rolled her eyes] We don't have all day you know? Leung is very far already! [Annie felt guilty and stare at the dirt road. Chung Han sighed.] I'm sorry, I didn't mean to yell at you.

    LOUIS: [walked over to Annie] I'll piggy back you. [Annie cheerfully nods and he chuckled along with Chung Han as Annie got on his back and he lifted her up.] Chung Han we are not going to catch up this way, let use our Heng Gowng.

    CHUNG HAN: Oh yeah why didn't we think of that earlier? Race? [she grinned at Louis and quickly started to swiftly run and took off with her leg kind of kicking in thin air and on the tree every so often when she needed more force. Louis follows right behind her with Annie clinging to him. Chung Han stopped and jumped down to land on the road. Louis slowly landed with Annie too and put her down.] What happen to the footstep?

    LOUIS: [examine the road.] Si Mo must have used her Heng Gowng too.

    ANNIE: [Worriedly] Oh no, how are we going to know where Leung is now?

    CHUNG HAN: [thinking] Don't worry she should be close. [she grinned and pointed to the top of the tree where the leave are a bit dusty brown, like some one has step on it.] Look Leung must have headed that direction!

    LOUIS: [nod] I bet so too. Come on she should be close! Annie hops on! [Chung Han started rushing over to the tree and stepped up the tree side way with her Heng Gwong heading to the top of the tree and does a flip. Once Annie got on, Louis rushed up and catches up to Chung Han. They softly use the leaves of the trees on the way to help support their weight as they swiftly run by with their Heng Gowng. It was dawn now and the sun slowly rise into the sky lighting their way for them.]

    ANNIE: [yelled happily as she point to the little out door tea stand.] Jie is Leung!!!

    CHUNG HAN: [she quickly stopped and turned around to see where Annie is pointing and in deed she saw Wun Yee sited on a table resting and drinking tea with bun. Louis stopped to look too. Excitedly.] It is Leung!! [Wun Yee recognized the voice of her daughters and was shock to see them. Chung Han quickly twirled herself to land on the floor and rush up to her.] Leung!! [Louis landed and rushes up to them too and put Annie down.]

    WUN YEE: [stand up from her chair surprised and a bit angry at them.] Why are you guy here?!

    CHUNG HAN: [saddened as she heard her tone. Weakly] Leung, I want to go with you and help you.

    WUN YEE: [sighed angrily and shake her head] NO! Now go back to the valley with Annie! [she looked at Louis and he quickly stare at the floor guiltily] Louis you promise to take care of them. How could you take them out? It not save and what happen if you guy got lost?!

    LOUIS: [guiltily] I'm sorry Si Mo. But we are all worry about you. Don't worry we didn't tell Si Fu.

    WUN YEE: [sighed] Your Si Fu is going to get so mad noticing all of us left! [she slumped her body and sat back down with a softened voice.] You guy got to go back now. Louis does you remember the way back? [Louis nod]

    CHUNG HAN: [push him away and shakes her mom arm.] I'm not going back! Leung let us help you!! We can protect you....

    WUN YEE: [stare into her eyes seriously] Chung Han I don't need anyone to protect me. I know Mo Gowng too, I didn't use it in front of you guy doesn't mean I don't know it. Come on is not safe to be out here. Listen to me and go back with Louis. [she pouted stubbornly as she dart her eyes at her mom sternly, Wun Yee shake her head at her] Stop being stubborn. Now take Annie home too. [Chung Han press her lip angrily together as she shake her head stubbornly.]

    ANNIE: [saw Chung Han seriousness and her mom tone she was a bit scare. She walked up to Wun Yee and nudged her.] Leung let us go with you; we won't cause trouble. [Chung Han nod agreeing with Annie.]

    LOUIS: [jumped in to convince] Yeah Si Mo, we know how to take care of ourselves and we could help you out too.

    WUN YEE: [sighed and stare at the three wishful eyes. It morning already and she know that Gilbert must have notice they are gone and it wouldn't matter if they return or not. And she does want her father to see these three grandchildren of his, so she give in.] Alright but this is serious and all of you need to be careful and on your best behavior. [they nod cheerfully.] We better get going before your Dei catch up. [She lifted Annie up and they started to head toward the kingdom.]
    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
    [Gilbert finally wakes up and notices that Wun Yee was not next to him. He thought that she must have been making breakfast so he got off the bed to look for her. Than he notice her letter on the table and the sense of unease rushed into him as his heart beats faster with concern. He quickly opens the letter and read it.]

    GILBERT: [reading to himself] Sun daai gor, I'm sorry that I lied to you. I really couldn't forget all about Fu Wong, I must go see him one last time. Please forgive me. Don't worry I'll be back as soon as possible. It's getting a bit cold lately so I made you a new cape, to warm you up for me. Sorry that I have to go and leave the children to you. Take care of them for me and I'll return soon in a couple days. Bye, takes care. Love Wun Yee. [Gilbert was furious that she would just leave with only a short letter. He crumbled the letter and turns his head toward the bed seeing the new indigo cape she made for him. He held it in his hand and he felt like something bad is going to happen. Talking to himself angrily and worriedly.] How could you do this?! [he quickly got up and head out toward Annie and Chung Han room.] Chung Han, Annie. [he pause when he notice that they are not in their room so he quickly rush over to Louis room.] Louis?! [his heart stopped once he notice all of them are gone.] No, this can't be happening! Didn't Wun Yee mean she didn't take them? Then where are they? Oh no! [he quickly change and grab his heavy solid iron big sword that have a sun logo of Tin Ming Sect on it and rushed out of the valley in search of his wife and children.]


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    Chapter 3: Kindred Link

    [The kingdom was unusually quiet and empties this morning. Wun Yee and the three children are up at the roof watching the area and she was surprise to see that the kingdom seem so empty and still. She slowly walked with her Heng Gowng making little to no sound at all as she crosses the roof and heading to the King bedroom. Chung Han, Annie, and Louis follow behind as quiet as they can. Annie almost slip but Louis and Chung Han steady her.]
    CHUNG HAN: [whispered] Be careful. [Annie nod and Wun Yee swooped her up to make sure that she doesn't cause any attention. When she noticed the guards are not watching, she swiftly jumped over to the opposite roof, which is the roof of the royal bedroom. Chung Han wanted to jump over too but Louis holds her still and pushed her down as flat to the roof as possible. Chung Hang turns to him, in a soft voice.] What? [Louis moved his eyes to the row of guard that is coming in and Chung Han followed his gaze and silently stares at them. Wun Yee saw them too. She put Annie down on the roof and signals her to lay flat and still. She glanced at the area for some tool to help her get rid of all these pests down there. She grinned at the tree and picked a bunch of leave so she could use her Noy Gwong and throw it at them to freeze all their pulse. But she knows she need to make it quick and correct or they will yell for help. She sighed softly as she saw the group of army around twenty of them. She darted her eyes at Louis and moved her head toward the tree signaling him to do what she is about to do. Both Chung Han and Louis nod knowing what Wun Yee was thinking about. All three of them aimed at the group of guard and throw it at them at once. Wun Yee got all her shot right and paused five of them while Louis did okay too but Chung Hang Noy Gowng is not as good so some of her leave weren't stiff enough to cause pressure. The guard quickly notices them and about to yell for help, Wun Yee paused him before his mouth could open up. Chung Han cheerfully smiles in relief. Two servants girl stepped out of the room with a trade they were shock to see all of the guard frozen and wanted to scream but Chung Han quickly jump off and paused them with her wooden sword. She grinned and spins her sword before she put it back behind her back and dusted both her hands together proudly and slyly smiled at the two servants girl.] Don't worry I won't kill you, just stand here so my Leung can see her Dei!

    WUN YEE: Shh...[Chung Han quieted right away. The guard and servants girl eyes bulged out at the sight of Wun Yee. Wun Yee sighed and unfroze one of the servant girls, cause she is her loyal maid and she trust her a lot.] Ester.

    ESTER: [Ester Kwan 25 years old, same age as Wun Yee, she quickly knee down to her and bowed] Princess Wun Yee.

    WUN YEE: [she felt so happy to see her again. She helped her up.] You don't need to pay me the respect Ester, I'm not a princess anymore.

    ESTER: [shake her head as she cheerfully looked at Wun Yee with joyful tears glistering.] Princess Wun Yee you will always be a princess, it's your blood.

    ANNIE: [she and Chung Han was shock, they never expect their mom to be a princess. In a weak confuse voice.] Leung is she talking about you?

    ESTER: [looked at her and smiled warmly.] Princess Wun Yee she is the child that you are pregnant with back then?

    WUN YEE: [nod and pushed Chung Han out a bit toward Ester.] Both of them. [Ester was happy and cheerfully patted their head. Wun Yee grabs her arm and signals her to follow her.] Lets not talk out here. [she open the door to her father room and rush in heading to his bed. The rest followed and Ester shut the door tight and walked over to join them. Wun Yee heart sink quickly seeing her Fu Wong thinned so much and how his face is pale and weak. Tears automatically flooded her pair of eyes as she sat down on the edge of the bed and holding his hand.] Fu Wong I'm back....Fu Wong, is Wun Yee...[she sniffed her tears as she stare straight into Chun Pui shuts eyes. Her heart ached seeing her father skin tone grayish and chilly. In a teary voice.] What happen to Fu Wong and Mo Hua?!

    ESTER: [sighed] Wong Surng (king or emperor) got really sick after Wong Hua (queen) pass away. He hasn't has the appetite to eat or sleep much and finally gotten so sick that he couldn't wake up anymore.

    WUN YEE: [swallowed her tears as she stare at the weak emperor with her watery vision.] I'm sorry...I should of come back sooner...Fu Wong please wake up! [she sniffed and turn to look at Ester.] Is he unconscious the entire time?

    ESTER: [shake her head] No, Wong Surng wake up a couple time but he is very weak and just say a couple of words and go back to sleep again. It been like this for months now and gotten worsen when Wong Hua pass away. We just feed Wong Surng the medicine the royal doctor prescribed but it doesn't seem to work that well.

    WUN YEE: [nod as she listen and she softly place her hand on her father face.] Fu Wong can you wake up now and talk to me? [Chun Pui moaned and it causes Wun Yee to felt the sorrow and his pain. She sniffed and lean her head on her father chest.] I'm so sorry for leaving you....Fu Wong please don't die....[she cried as Annie and Chung Han stare at her feeling like crying too. Louis was stern with gloominess as he felt a strange sensation sweep over him and he felt his heart soften with sorrow too. It was blood, they are all family, he felt the sorrow cause the one laying there is his grandpa even though he didn't know that he is. Wun Yee cried in guilt.] I'm sorry that I disappoint you...please forgive me Fu Wong....I love you....please don't die....[she felt a weak hand place on her back and she quickly turn to look at it and smile cheerfully with tears cascading down both side of her cheek.] Fu Wong! [she sited upright and grab his hand tightly into hers.] Fu Wong is Wun Yee ah!

    CHUN PUI: [he slowly open his weak eyes and looked at the daughter that he hasn't seen for five years, that is now in front of him, he smile weakly with his aged eyes as he slowly move his hand toward her face.] Wun Yee....

    WUN YEE: [know that he wanted to feel her face so she helped him put his hand on her cheek. Chun Pui close his eyes tiredly and force it open again. Wun Yee was crying in sorrow seeing him suffer like this.] Fu Wong...

    CHUN PUI: [give her a weak smile and moved his weak thumb to wipe her tears away.] Silly girl don't cry. Everyone have to die, is their destiny. [he panted a little and swallowed.] I'm sorry that I....

    WUN YEE: [Wun Yee shake her head vigorously.] No I'm sorry, I'm the one that hurts you and disappoint you! Fu Wong will you forgive me? [she sniffed and lean on his chest. Ester was in tears as she watches their reunion. Annie and Chung Han were stun and didn't know how to react cause they never experience life and death situation before.]

    CHUN PUI: [softly and weakly patted her back as he nod.] I would never want to hurt you. Do you know that? [he sighed] What past has passed already, I don't want to think about it anymore....[he pause to breath and tears were in his regretful eyes.] I'm sorry I almost hurts you....will you forgive me? [he turn and saw the three children] Is it them?

    WUN YEE: [sniffed and nod] I never got mad at you Fu Wong, I know you love me and care for me that why you did all the things. [she sniffed] Is my fault that I didn't obey you...

    CHUN PUI: [sighed] If only Joyce were here now...[Louis eyes widen as he heard his mother name. He was confused and lost.]

    WUN YEE: [Wun Yee nod and sniffed in a teary voice] Trust me Fu Wong is not Gilbert fault. [Louis was stun what is she talking about and it got to do with her mom and Si Fu. She wetted her lip.] Gilbert will never harm Wong jie (royal sister), I know him well...[Chun Pui places his hand on her shoulder. And she looked up into his eyes.] Fu Wong you know I would never marry anyone that kill Wong Jie....[Louis stare at her confused to who she is talking about, it is his mom or someone else with the same name.]

    CHUN PUI: [sighed and stare at her with his weaken old eyes.] Wun Yee I don't want to bring this up again....too much problem has came from it...[she sighed with a warm smile] I'll be seeing her again very soon and your Mo Hua too...

    WUN YEE: [shake her head vigorously] NO!!

    CHUN PUI: [slightly chuckled and coughed] Don't be silly, you are a mother already right? Can I see them?

    WUN YEE: [sniffed her tears and swallowed as she nod vigorously.] Yes [she turns and gesture both Chung Han and Annie to walk over. They walked over slowly with uncertainty and Wun Yee pulled them closer so her father could see them clearly.] Chung Han, Annie calls ngoy g-owng (grandpa, mom side.). [the twins stare at each other and kept silent as they turn to curiously stare at Chun Pui. Wun Yee turn to them with a bit disappointment that they didn't do as they were told.] Chung Han, Annie!

    CHUNG HAN: [quickly snapped out.] ngoy g-owng..

    ANNIE: [follow along] ngoy g-owng. [she turn to her mom confusedly] What is ngoy g-owng?

    WUN YEE: [sniffed] He is my Fu Wong or Dei, like how you have a Dei too, so to you two he is your ngoy g-owng. [Annie nods and turn to curiously study Chun Pui. Wun Yee couldn't help her emotion from drowning her in tears. She wetted her lip] Fu Wong [she moved Chung Han a bit closer.] She is the older one named Chung Han and [she nudged Annie ahead] she is the younger twin Annie.

    CHUN PUI: [the two twins were stiff as wood as they stand still in silent while Chun Pui slowly move his hand to touch their face.] Twins..I haven't seen them since five years ago....[he smile warmly with his guilty eyes looking at the twins who stare at him curiously in confusion] I'm sorry...[he sighed] I'm not a good ngoy g-owng, ngoy g-owng almost got rid of you two.... [Both Chung Han and Annie has no clue what he is talking about.]

    WUN YEE: [cried loudly] Fu Wong....

    CHUN PUI: [breathing weakly] Wun Yee will you forgive me? [Wun Yee nod with out a doubt and he smile in relief.] They look is their father treating you?

    WUN YEE: [in her teary voice] He love me a lot and care about me a lot. He is a great husband and father.

    CHUN PUI: [sighed loudly] It my fault for forcing you two to separate, or else I could see these two grow up along with me. [he place his hand on Chung Han shoulder and saw her veil covering her face.] Is he still in Tin Ming sect? [Wun Yee pause and nod.] He is really going to send her away? [Chung Han was confuse and just stare at him. Wun Yee swallowed and nods as she sobbed. He sighed.] Why can't he just drop the sect? The evil sect is not worth it at all!

    WUN YEE: [trying to defend her husband believe] Fu Wong Tin Ming Sect is not bad at all, it so much better than all of those Mo Lam sect that kept picking on people....

    CHUN PUI: [shake his head] It don't matter anymore, you told me this before...[he breathed slowly.] I don't mind anymore as long as you are happy with him...

    WUN YEE: [in a soft tone cause she was afraid to know the answer.] Will you forgive him?

    CHUN PUI: [shut his eyes.] It doesn't matter...

    WUN YEE: [saddened by his tone she know that he doesn't.] Fu Wong is really not his fault at all....

    CHUN PUI: [nod] Enough Wun Yee, I'm really tire and don't want to think of him...[he reaches his hand toward her face and Wun Yee grab it.] I'm glad to see you again...[he sighed] I missed your Mo Hua and Wong jie a lot, but after I see them I'll miss you a lot. [Wun Yee tears were flooding into his hand and he felt his own tears flooding his eyes too.] Take care of yourself okay?

    WUN YEE: [nod] Fu Wong please be strong, I know you will be okay!

    CHUN PUI: [slightly laughed] Dying is not that bad, everyone have to die. Your Mo Hua die already too..[he sighed mournfully]

    WUN YEE: [curious] How did Mo Hua die?

    CHUN PUI: [shake his head] Not even the royal doctor know, she just got really sick like me and pass away. Just a step before me and get things ready down there for me to join her...[Wun Yee kept her head swinging "no". he wetted his lip] Go see her before Marco help bury her.

    WUN YEE: [nod] Fu Wong, Marco is not a good person.

    CHUN PUI: [sighed] I know you don't like him cause he told me about you and Gilbert but he really loved you Wun Yee. It's understandable right?

    WUN YEE: [shake her head] Is not that Fu Wong, he have an evil and dominating heart.

    CHUN PUI: [breathing harder] I don't want to heard anymore of this. I know there is many misunderstanding between you and him. But those are in the past now. Just let them go. He is going to be the heir of the throne...

    WUN YEE: [surprise, she totally object to it] That couldn't be!! He couldn't be the king, he will harm the citizen to get his way! Fu Wong you can't do this!!

    CHUN PUI: [sighed] Wun Yee, I adopt him cause I don't have any son. You were supposed to marry him and be Wong Hua but you chose the other way. He is still the only one that I rise myself and the one that I trust.....

    WUN YEE: But he will not be a good king Fu Wong!! He will want to dominate other country and develop war after war! How is the citizen going to live with this harsh environment?! Fu Wong you have to change your mind!

    CHUN PUI: [shake his head] Who else can I give my throne to? I'm not giving it to a Tin Ming Sect leader...

    WUN YEE: [shake her head] Gilbert wouldn't want to be king ether. But definitely not Marco! He hurt Wong jie so much Fu Wong!

    CHUN PUI: [weakly] Cause he love you...

    WUN YEE: [bit her lip guiltily] He still shouldn't have treat her like this. Fu Wong you really have to change your mind. How about Frankie or Stephen?

    CHUN PUI: [shake his head] Wun Yee they are not capable of the responsibility. I know they are great helper of mine but they lack the eagerness and leadership Marco has. Frankie only know how to think of idea and plan things but he lack the leadership heart and he don't even know how to lead and order army. While Stephen are the total opposite. I know his heart is golden and loyal but other then leading the arm on battle he doesn't know how to take care of the kingdom duty. [he sighed loudly] I know Marco is not a good choice in your eyes but give him a chance, I believe in him being a good king and love his citizen. And dominating is what all countries are thinking about. We can't step back or there will be no kingdom. And sometime lives have to be involves but this is how a country developed and grows. [he looked at Wun Yee.] I don't know what happen between him and Joyce but I know that he loved you too much. [he sighed] It's not his fault Wun Yee.

    WUN YEE: [angrily] It is! I hate him forever! And I know Wong Jie does too!

    CHUN PUI: [shut his eyes] I believe she doesn't. [he open his weak eye at her] I heard that she have a son after she left the kingdom?

    WUN YEE: [nod vigorously and signaled Louis to come over. Louis was shock that they were talking about his mom. He walked over and beams his eyes on Wun Yee wanting an answer. Wun Yee swallowed and turned him to face her father.] Louis calls ngoy g-owng.

    LOUIS: [obey] Ngoy g-owng. [he study Chun Pui feature carefully.]

    CHUN PUI: [nod with a weak grin and patted his shoulder.] He is Joyce son? [Wun Yee nod and he looked at Louis with his weak eyes.] Do you know who is the father? [Wun Yee was silent and her face was a bit angry. Chun Pui sighed and didn't ask any more. He looked at Louis.] Louis right?

    LOUIS: [nod] Yeah.

    CHUN PUI: [smiled with a nod] How old are you boy?

    LOUIS: Eight.

    CHUN PUI: [sighed] Eight, that is good. Are you happy living with Wun Yee and her family? [Louis nod sincerely] Good. [he glance at Annie and Chung Han and reached his hand out wanting to touch them but his hand dropped in the middle of the way and his eyes closed and he was silent and motionless. Wun Yee heart dropped along with his hand as she stares at him in disbelief and shock even though she know it will happen but she didn't expect it to be this fast.]

    WUN YEE: [she move the three children away and shakes her father body.] Fu Wong!!! Fu Wong!! No Fu Wong NO!! Don't leave me!!! Fu Wong!!! [she cried with her head lean against his chest] You can't die!! I still have so much to talk to you about!! Fu Wong ah!!! [Chung Han bit her lower lip as tears streamed down her eyes. Annie was the same too and Louis hard eyes darted at Wun Yee and Chun Pui as it soften with emotion. Ester kneeled down to the floor with her head bowed down as she sobbed to respect and honor the king. The door suddenly slams open with a guy in a general armor and helmet with two close men of his following him. He was shock to see all his troops froze in position and wanted to see who has the power to do so. He didn't know that it was Wun Yee since her head was burry in the king chest. He rush over to her and yanked her away staring at her with his alert eyes. Wun Yee looked at him with her broken heart as she turn back to stare at her father body.] Fu Wong!

    GENERAL: [he was shock to see it was his childhood friend and his princess of honor. He quickly turns to look at the king lifeless body. He place his index finger under his nose and it was breathless so he quickly got down on his knee and took off his helmet as he bowed like Ester. The other two loyal follower of his know what has happen by his action and they quickly kneel down and bowed in front of the bed with the king body to pay respect and honor for a couple of silent minutes. After a while he got himself up and turn to one of his follower.] I wanted you to go back out to stand guard, don't let anyone come in!

    FOLLOWER1: [got up] Yes general! [he glance at Wun Yee and know that she is a princess that is suppose to be captured, but he is loyal to the general and will do anything that he say. Therefore he turns around and walked out with out any question.]

    GENERAL: [he looked at the second follower of his] Go get me a chariot ready at the gate!

    FOLLOWER2: [Like the first one, he is devoted to stay loyal to the general words cause the general has saved his life so many time during battle.] Yes! I'll go right away!! [he glance at Wun Yee and slightly bowed in front of her] Princess Wun Yee. [Wun Yee was still sobbing sadly and didn't pay attention to him. After he pay his respect to Wun Yee he walked out swiftly to do his assignment.]

    GENERA: [he sighed and firmly grab Wun Yee and turn her to face him] Are you crazy?! Do you know that the order to capture you hasn't resolve yet?!! Do you want me to chop your head?! How could you return?!!

    WUN YEE: [nod as she sobbed] I know, but I got it resolve with Fu Wong. He is dead Stephen! He is dead!! Why didn't you and Frankie tell me earlier?!! [she lean toward him and he stand still not touching her with his own hand cause she is the princess and not a woman that he could lay hand on, but he know that all he need to do is stand still and let her cry on him.]

    STEPHEN: [Stephen Au, 27 years old, sighed and looked at the king dead body.] Wong Surng hasn't clear the warrant Wun Yee, you must leave now before Marco get back. He is not going to let you go this easily! Why are you here anyway?! Who told you? [he stare at her with concern eyes.]

    WUN YEE: [sighed as she sobbed on his shoulder.] Frankie..

    STEPHEN: [angrily shake his head in disbelief] I told him to not tell you! Does he listen?!! He never listens!!

    WUN YEE: [disbelieving] Daai gor! (big brother, in this case it's more of a god-brother, story will explain as it develop) I have the right to know that my parents are dead!! Yi gor (second brother, god-brother wise, she mean Frankie) didn't do anything wrong! He understands me!!

    STEPHEN: I know but it not wise to tell you! [he backed away from her] Wun Yee you know that Marco is still going to go after you! [he sighed] I know you must see Wong Surng and Wong Hua but it not worth it. [he turn to stare at the three curious pair of eyes.] All of you must leave before Marco gets back. Come on, the chariot should be ready.

    WUN YEE: [hesitate] But Fu Wong...

    STEPHEN: Don't worry Frankie and I will burry them, the important thing is to get you safely away. [he turn to Ester.] Ester I want you to listen closely. After we leave for about halve an hour than you go announce that Wong Surng pass away so other can bow and pay their respect. But before then don't step out of this room or say anything. Is that clear? I want to make sure I got Princess Wun Yee out before the news of come out.

    ESTER: [nod understandingly] I know what to do. [she turn and looked at Wun Yee] Princess Wun Yee please takes care of yourself. I'll miss you.

    STEPHEN: [looked at the children and back to Wun Yee] Come on, no time to waste!

    WUN YEE: [shake her head] I want to see Mo Hua!

    STEPHEN: [shake his head] NO! There is no time Wun Yee! If you still think of me as your daai gor then listen to me! I'm getting you out safely before it too late!

    WUN YEE: But...

    STEPHEN: [shake his head and stare at the children] No but. If you don't care about yourself think of the children! [curiously] Are they all your children?

    WUN YEE: [weakly shake her head] The twin girls are mine and the boy is Wong Jie.

    STEPHEN: [slipped a weak smile toward them and Annie stare at him curiously, he notice her stare.] Wun Yee come on, I will take you guy out safely. You don't want anything to happen to them right?

    WUN YEE: [hesitate but she know that Stephen is right.] Come on girls, Louis. [she carried Annie and they all follow Stephen who guide them out to the gate and got on the chariot and safely took them away the kingdom. He stopped the horse when he is at the nearby mountain.]

    STEPHEN: [sighed and looked at Wun Yee with sincere eyes.] It should be safe here. Go ahead and head home.

    WUN YEE: [nod] I will. Stephen how are you and Frankie lately?

    STEPHEN: [sighed] Okay, we still trying to help the country and your Fu Wong, but Marco has been making it a bit difficult. [he shake his head] Now that the Wong Surng is dead and Marco is the next heir, I really don't know how it will be.

    WUN YEE: [concernedly] Daai gor, you have to keep an eye on him.

    STEPHEN: [nod] I know, I'll try my best to protect the country and keep it as it is. [he looked around] You better get going now. [he jumped off the chariot and helped Wun Yee down. He held his hand out toward Annie and Annie stare at him] Is okay come to me. [Annie smiled and walked to him and he helped her off. Chung Han and Louis jumped themselves off. He smiled at the twins.] They resemble you Wun Yee.

    WUN YEE: [Both Annie and Chung Han ran up to stand by their mom, she nod] Call him uncle Stephen.

    CHUNG HAN AND ANNIE: [unison] Uncle Stephen.

    STEPHEN: [nod] Good. [he smiled at Wun Yee warmly] Can't say I'm not old huh? [Wun Yee smiled and nod, he sighed] Don't get too sad over Wong Surng death, everyone have to die sooner or later.

    WUN YEE: [nod] I know, don't worry about me. You better gets back to your duty.

    STEPHEN: [stare at her seriously] Take care until we meet again okay?

    WUN YEE: [nod] You too daai gor. [he nod and turn around to hop back on the chariot.] Daai gor help me say thanks to yi gor!

    STEPHEN: [nod] I'll scold him! [he chuckled and whipped the horse to start it running.] Take care!

    WUN YEE: [called after him] Take care!! Thanks Stephen!! [he didn't turn back he just continue with a nod. Wun Yee sighed tiredly and wearily as she looked at the three children.] Lets head home.

    LOUIS: [she started to walk with the twins following close by. Louis ran in front of her and stares into her eyes.] Si Mo what is your relationship with my Leung? Do you know who killed Leung?

    WUN YEE: [she quickly turn her head to the sound that is a distance away, the voice is so familiar and she know exactly who it was and it heading their way so she swiftly pushed the children toward the tall grass to hide.] Shhh...Louis I'll explain everything later. Someone is coming, I want all of you to keep silent at all time, got that? [They nod and she stares at the dirt road waiting for the familiar voice to come and show himself.]

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    Chapter 4: The Truth Behind

    Continue from last chapter:
    [Wun Yee was squatted down behind brushes of yellow dry grasses along with her twin daughters and Louis. She anxiously darted her eyes between the blades of dry grasses in front of her to focus the view of the empty road. Chung Han and Louis turn to look at each other showing confusion to what Wun Yee is waiting for. They shrugged at each other and turn to stare at the road sternly like Wun Yee is. Annie was lost and confuse to the whole purpose of the squatting business. But she knows that she needs to be as still and quiet as possible. She tugged her mom waistband a bit to get attention. Wun Yee look at her with her index finger on her own lip signaling Annie to keep it down and hold still. Annie nod and turn to look at her twin and Louis who is staring out at the empty road. She shrugged and stares at the same direction too. Suddenly a guy in a black assassin suit walked into clear view and all of their eyes widen curiously at the guy with a black cloth covering his face only showing his eyes with brushy eyebrows. A second guy stepped out with his back facing them and talking to the guy in the assassin suit. Wun Yee definitely recognized the guy with his Beige silk garment right away, once she heard his voice. She would never forget the person that she grow up with and almost became his wife. Her eyes were stern and curious as she listen quietly to what they have to say. She doesn't know who the guy in black is but he sounded really familiar too. She is suspicious something bad is going on between Marco and this guy in the black suit that seem to be in his fifty something.]

    ASSASSIN: [turn around and Wun Yee finally could see him more clearly, but too bad only his eyes are shown while the rest of his face is covered and his voice is muffled. Both Chung Han and Annie narrowed their eyes at the big furious eyes, and the first things they notice are those grayish white brushy thick brows that send fear up their spine. The Assassin looked at the guy sternly and speaks up in a deep calm voice.] Did you do as I say?

    GUY: [nod with an evil stern grin.] Yes, I have secretly put poison into their food for a month already. The queen has die from the poison, two days ago. [he chuckled slightly] The royal doctor doesn't even know what is wrong with her. They just thought that there is some kind of bizarre disease going around infecting the queen and king. The old king should be dying any minute now. The poison is working slowly, but he will not escape for sure.

    WUN YEE: [her eyes were still and widen in disbelief, as her heart dropped and lightened. Thinking in her head] Is he talking about Mo Hua and Fu Wong? Marco poison Mo Hua? How could that be? Why? They love him! [she froze and don't know what to think of it. She knows that Marco is not a very good guy but she would never suspect him to poison her parents. She hold as still as possible as she continue to perk up her ears to listen to them. Chung Han turn over to look at Wun Yee and she saw her mom stillness hard eyes showing some of her anger toward the two stranger. She narrows her eyes confusedly to why and looked at the two guys between the blades of grass in front of her with more curiosity. Louis was serious and pay close attention to what they are talking about but he don't understand a words at all or why it would concern his Si Mo.]

    ASSASSIN: [grinned widely] They deserve it to steal the throne from us. I promise our ancestor before to help them seek revenge and eliminate all of those that have Chun blood in them! An eye for an eye! [Wun Yee mouth dropped open a bit as she stare at him confusedly, but fear shook her body after hearing his cold bitter voice wanting to kill all the Chun bloodline. She looked over at her twins and Louis and swallowed cause they are all grandchildren of the Chun. She softly sighed to herself as she turn back to watch the two guys closely.]

    MARCO: [Marco Ngai= Marco Wong, 29 years old, nod with his stern eyes] The time is coming close. And the throne will be return to us as soon as he is dead. [he chuckled] Which should be within these couple days.

    WUN YEE: [she bit her lip tightly as her hand tightly hold onto the handle of her sword, with her eyes furiously darted out toward the two. Anger was boiling up cause she is definite now, that Marco meant her parents and revenge is the only thing that is in her mind. Her pair of eyes is flame up with hate. Thinking to herself.] Cold blooded jerk! How could you do this?! Fu Wong has treated you like a son! Why? [she don't understand at all and her heart is unsettle and furious that he is the one that killed her parents.]

    ASSASSIN: [laughed loudly as he patted Marco shoulder, with his satisfied revengeful heart.] Great job! Now the kingdom is finally return back to the Wong!!

    WUN YEE: [thinking] Back to the Wong? Who is he? Why is Marco listening to him? What do he mean back to the Wong?

    MARCO: [grinned evilly] I bet he has no idea that he adopted the royal line of the Wong. He will probably die with his eyes open! [Wun Yee hands tightened around her sword with anger building up showing her knuckles whitened cause of her pressured grip. Marco continue] Fu Wong, after I got the throne you can come back to the kingdom again and I'll give you the throne, you been waiting for this day to come for fifty years already. [he smiled happily] I bet both Raymond and Steven are so surprise to know that they have a ye-ye (grandfather, dad side)! They are both seven years old already.

    WUN YEE: [her heart dropped in confusion and disbelief that Marco called him Fu Wong. Thinking] Fu Wong? Why? He is Marco Dei? But why call him Fu Wong? Is he a royalty? Family name is Wong... [she gasped as her eyes widen and stilly stare at Marco in shock. The three little pairs of confuse eyes stare at her in confusion, they has no idea what they are talking about or what is going on with all these new vocabulary. Wun Yee continue to make sense out of what she saw and heard.] The Wong is the dynasty before Wong ah ye (royal grandpa) take over. I thought Fu Wong say they killed off all the Wong bloodline and their followers? How did they survive? No wonder he has a dominating heart, he is a Wong! He has a purpose behind all of this! He is after the throne!! And to seek revenge on the Chun!! [Annie was a bit tired and bored with the staring at those two strangers that seem to be speaking in a second language to her. She softly sighed and silently turned her eyes to look around for something more interesting and entertaining to do. Her eyes widen as her jaw slowly drop and she swallowed at the green snake slithering toward them from a distance. She has never seen a snake before in the valley, and the first impression of it kept sticking and hissing it tongue softly at her really made her sense fear and goose bump creeps up her arm. She yanked at Louis sleeve as she slowly moved closer to him. Louis turns to look at her and shake his head telling her to hold still. She wanted to talk and he darted at her with warning eyes so she dropped her head down toward the ground guiltily as Louis go back to listen to the confusing dialog. Annie swallowed as her eyes glue to the green snake coming closer and closer. It looked like a scary monster to her.]

    ASSASSIN: [Mean while the guy in black continue his talk with Marco. He shake his head as he face the opposite mountain standing on the edge of the cliff that is about thousands of feet above the valley below.] I want to see them too, but no. I don't want to be known to anyone, as long as the Wong bloodline got the throne back and took revenge on the Chun, the rest doesn't matter. I got revenge for our ancestor already and that all it matter. [he stare at Marco straight into his eyes] Beside you are my only son, there is no need to fight over who became king. Even if I take the throne now, I'll still have to pass it to you, so why even bother? [he looked at Marco seriously] But remember to be a reasonable king. Take it slowly even if you want to dominate the other countries. The citizens are the key to an expanding country.

    MARCO: [nod] I know Fu Wong, but you can still come back and live with us. Don't you want to retire and relax with your grandchildren by your side?

    ASSASSIN: [grinned as his furious eyes scan the high mountain.] No, I belong here in the Mo Lam world, and I like how no one knows about my identity. [he firmly patted Marco shoulder] Hai Yee (son or child), don't bring the Wong name up too soon, the follower of the Chun won't be loyally working for you if they know about your real identity. Especially Frankie and Stephen, both of them are really loyal and skilled follower of the Chun, if they know that you are a Wong they will certainly leave. They are great loyal follower that will devote their life to you as long as you are a Chun, so use them wisely. Beside Stephen has the hearts and loyalty of all his troops, which is half a millions of troop. It's wise to not let him know that you are not a Chun or he will certainly rebel against you with his half millions of loyal troops that is in his hand to his control. [he grinned] But one thing good about his loyalty to the Chun ancestor is that he is willing to risk his own life to save you as long as he think of you as the adopted son of the Chun. Just think of yourself as a Chun until you can learn all of their skill. It will also give you time to slowly reduce the power Stephen have in his hand. During this period you must show the troop that you are a worthy king to win their heart from Stephen. Once Stephen and Frankie standard been reduced and there is people that you can replace them with, then it is the time to tell the world your real identity and bring the Wong name up again! Do you understand what I'm saying? [Marco nodded understandingly and he patted his shoulder.] I better leave now. It benefit you too if we don't meet again. It will reduce the risk of anyone knowing your identity.

    MARCO: [a bit daunted by his sentence, he wanted to see his father longer and take care of him with respect.] But Fu Wong, we just found each other!

    ASSASSIN: [laughed out loud toward the mountain, his thunder like laugh echoed loudly and causes Annie heart to startled and turn her attention to him.] The last couple years of knowing you still alive and being able to see you were enough for me. I had no idea I could find you again in the first place. [he face Marco with his big eyes looked at him proudly. His voice was firm and strong with determination.] I'm please with being able to see you again! So what else is there for me to miss?! Just be your king and bring the Wong line up and spread it across land and ocean, is the best repay you can give me. Remember you are the king, you must lead both the country and family wisely, sometime you have to be determined on your goal and reach it no matter what is in the way. Never let your enemies see your weak side. [Wun Yee swallowed, that what she fear most is that Marco will kill anyone in his path to get what he wanted. She have an urge to jump out and kill Marco and this guy to take revenge for her parents but once she turn to glance at the three that squatted by her side, she know she can't act rashly and endanger her daughters and Louis lives. She sighed softly to herself and wished so much that they didn't follow along with her, then it would be so much easier. The guy in black looked at Marco seriously with a warm smile as he continue.] You understand me? [Marco nod] Remember don't weaken your heart when it need to be strong. Sometime lives must be lost in order to reach the goal. But also show your leadership skill by making all of your followers loyally obey your command cause of your worthiness. Just be reasonable and strong.

    MARCO: [nod] I know Fu Wong but what about you? Where are you going to go? [Annie heard the little hissing sound of the snake and turn her head quickly to stare at it with her eyes widen as she bit her lower lip in fear. The snake is getting close to Wun Yee and she shakes her head and pulled her wooden sword out.]

    ASSASSIN: [Mean while, the guy in black looked at Marco up and down.] Don't worry about me boy. Just do as I say and I'll be happy and proud of you so are the Wong ancestor. [Marco nod. Annie aims her sword at the snake and swiftly slides her sword toward it. Wun Yee saw her and quickly grab her wrist firmly to stop her movement cause Annie will cause a disturbance that will certainly caught attention.]

    ANNIE: [she darted at the snake and back at her mom. In an impatient tone.] Leung....... [Wun Yee eyes widen and quickly cover her mouth tightly and pulled her into her arm, hoping Marco and the guy didn't heard it. Both Chung Han and Louis was startle by Annie out burst and they stare at her with widen eyes. They bit their lower lip as they stare at the two pair of leg turn to their direction and it made them swallow their fear cause they sense trouble coming their way, their heart beats faster and skipped a couple beat too. Wun Yee heart beats loudly against her ribcage as she tighten her hand over Annie mouth and nose causing her to turn a bit purple cause she is having trouble breathing and Wun Yee didn't notice. Annie hands tightly grab onto Wun Yee hand that is over her mouth and nose trying to remove it and gasp some air. Wun Yee felt Annie little finger forcefully trying to push her hand away, so she finally give Annie the attention and notice that she is suffocating her own daughter, so she quickly loosing her hand to let Annie breath. She shakes her head at Annie to signal her to stay silent. Annie took in little puff of breath as she panted a bit and nodded. Annie bit her lip guiltily as she watch the pair of leg coming closer toward the grass, she just notice what she did wrong and felt so bad about it. All of them hold still and silent as their eyes dart at the slow footstep of Marco coming closer and closer. Wun Yee would jump out and fight with him if she didn't have the twins and Louis to worry about. She know that Marco Mo Gowng is not inferior to her, and fear that she couldn't protect the three children if she start the fight, so she don't want to fight until the last minute. Chung Han tighten her hand on her wooden sword ready to defense herself, Louis place his hand on her shoulder firmly to calm her down. She glances at him and back to Marco pair of leg with her fearful but eager eyes. Marco pulled his sword out and it sparkled to the sunlight causing a ray of light to flash by Louis eyes causing him to blink his eyes cause of the bright refection. He sneaked a glance at Marco and his heart felt strange as thought a bit warmed by Marco appearance. Marco used his sword to wave and poke around the dry grass searching for what causing the noise. Wun Yee and the children backed a bit and lay down as flat as they could. The snake that Annie saw earlier slowly slithered toward Marco foot. The guy in black saw the snake and firmly put his hand on Marco to pull him back.]

    ASSASSIN: [he chuckled a bit as his eyes are dart at the dry grass.] It's just a snake. [his eyes signal Marco to follow him.] Come on lets go now it getting late. [He glance at the brush of dry grass and grinned evilly as he step back and walked away with Marco nodding and follow behind. As they stepped further and further away Wun Yee finally let out her big breath of relieve and release Annie. Chung Han and Louis slumped their body and lay on the ground tiredly with their heart starting to calm down a bit. Annie panting as she sniffed big puff of air in to catch up her breathing.]

    CHUNG HAN: [she shoot upright and darted her eyes at Annie angrily.] You almost got us kill! [Annie flatten her lip and tears were quickly flooding her pair of eyes, after hearing her twin yelling at her. Louis saw those tears and looked at Chung Han with his stern still stare. Chung Han sighed angrily.] What?! I'm speaking the truth!! She is always the one causing trouble!

    ANNIE: [she sniffed to hold her tears back as she darted her eyes angrily at her twins.] There was a monster trying to hurt Leung!!

    CHUNG HAN: [rolled her eyes in disbelief] Oh pub-lease?! Monster?!!

    ANNIE: [screamed with her tears rolling down her cheek.] THERE IS!!!

    WUN YEE: [sighed with her heart dropped in relief, she quickly pulled Annie into her arm and hugged her.] Chung Han stops it. [Chung Han hissed her anger and obediently quiet down and turn to look away angrily. Wun Yee shake her head at her stubborn hot headed daughter of her. She couldn't believe how the twins could different so much. Annie cried as she felt Chung Han anger on her and how she didn't believe her. Wun Yee rocked her as she scans the surrounding to make sure they really left and it was silent. She smiles weakly in relief and soothingly calming Annie down.] Shhh..Leung believe you. You just want to save Leung from that green monster right? [Annie nods vigorously as she wipes her tears and tries to stop her sobbing. Wun Yee chuckled at her.] Silly girl, Chung Han didn't mean to yell at you. [she turn to look at Chung Han] Right? [Chung Han stubbornly didn't turn to look at Annie as she darted her eyes at the opposite direction and press her lip tight not saying a word. Louis shakes his head at her in disappointment and she quickly beams her furious eyes at him. Wun Yee knows her daughter well and especially Chung Han stiff necked (stubbornness) behavior. In a warning tone.] Chung Han.

    CHUNG HAN: [sighed and rolled her eyes as she muttered] I'm sorry, I didn't mean to yell. I'm just a bit frustrated. [Wun Yee smiles satisfyingly and Chung Han felt a bit better after she say it out loud. Annie sniffed and dries her tears as she glance over to her twin hoping to see that she is not mad. Chung Han gave her a weak smile and glance at her mom. Curiously.] Leung who are they?

    WUN YEE: [got herself up and started to walk out toward the empty road holding to Annie hand.] Let go back home first, this is not a safe place to stay for long. I need to disgust this with your Dei. [Chung Han nod and followed along with Louis]

    ANNIE: [pointing to the green snake.] See that is the green monster that trying to bite Leung!!

    LOUIS: [laughed out loud with tears squirting out of his eyes. Chung Han was surprise that Annie green monster was so small and looked harmless. But she doesn't know what it is ether, she is curious about the creature. Louis ran over and picks the snake up.] Annie this is a snake, it not a monster! It just a reptile, and this is a garden snake too, it not poisonous at all. Si Fu caught one in the valley before when you guy are young, I guess you didn't remember huh? You want to hold it? It's harmless.

    ANNIE: [looked at her mom for reassurance. Wun Yee nod to tell her it was okay. She cheerfully let go of Wun Yee hand and grabs the slippery snake.] A snake huh? Cool, it better than a dove! I'll use it to scare Dei!! [she grinned and play with the snake. Chung Han ran up to her and run her finger on the snake too. Wun Yee chuckled at her twins childishness as she continue to walk heading toward the valley.] I'll put you safely in my pocket for now! [she opened her little pouch that hang on her waist band and the snake slides in. She was cheerful and speed up her pace to follow along.]

    WUN YEE: Come on girl pick up speed, I don't want to stay here any longer. [suddenly Marco pop up right in front of her out of no where. She automatically spread her arm out to shelter the children behind her. Her heart has a mixed feeling of anger and fear. She wanted to get the head of Marco to worship her parents.]

    ANNIE: [screaming as she kick and swing her arm cause the guy in black grabbed the back of her garment and lifted her off the ground.] Let go of me!!! [Wun Yee heart quickly dropped as she heard her daughter voice yelling in distress from behind. She quickly turns around and saw this guy who is laughing loudly got her sweet daughter Annie.]

    WUN YEE: [Her heart beat fearfully for the children as she swiftly pulled her sword out.] Put her down now!! [Both Chung Han and Louis wanted to charge over but she held them back and tries to keep them close to her to protect them. She swallowed and swiftly turns to dart her eyes at Marco.] Tell him to let go of my daughter now!!

    MARCO: [laughed sarcastically as he shake his head.] Oh Wun Yee, Wun Yee, we haven't seen each other for so long and the first words came out of your mouth are so harsh? [he shake his head with his grin.] I'm very disappointed, even though you didn't became my wife but I'm still kind of your god-brother. And this is certainly not how you talk to your brother right? [Chung Han darted her angry eyes at the guy with her sister as she tighten her hand around her wooden sword ready to charge over. Louis kept staring at Marco and studies him curiously with confusion to the feeling he is having inside.]

    WUN YEE: [swiftly draw her sword out and point to Marco heart, in a bitter tone.] Let go of my daughter now or I'll pierce it into your cold-blooded heart! [Marco just grinned and rises his eyebrows. Wun Yee bulged her eyes out and press the tip of her sword harder against his chest and little muffled sound of Annie was heard and she quickly turn around to see the guy holding Annie up by her neck. Her eyes widen as tears formed seeing her daughter in his hand and suffering. Her body weakens as she screamed with tears rolling down her cheek.] Don't!!

    MARCO: [chuckled] Weren't you about to stab me? [Wun Yee turn to dart her hatred eyes at him] What making you stop now?

    ANNIE: [the guy loosen his grip and Annie were in fear.] Leung...

    WUN YEE: [the calling of Annie made her heart melt and tears glistered in her eyes, she quickly turns to look at Annie as her heart ached and her arm with the sword pointing at Marco slowly dropped. Marco walked over to stay by the guy.] Please let go of her. She is only a child...

    MARCO: [coldly stare at Chung Han and glance over to stare at Annie with a bit of jealousy. His voice was bitter and cold.] Let go of a child of your and Gilbert Lam!

    ASSASSIN: [looked at Annie and squeezed his hand a bit tighter and Annie choked. He turn to look at his son.] I thought you say you taken care of all the Chun? Aren't she and this two child running blood of the Chun? [Marco nodded.] Than they should all die today! [he squeezed his hand hard and Annie use all of her force to grab hold of his huge hand with both of her little hand.]

    WUN YEE: [her eyes widen and she quickly charge over.] Let go of her!! [Marco blocked her way and she quickly pulled her sword out and begin to fight with Marco as she turn to glimpse at Annie with her heart aching. Chung Han and Louis ran up to the guy in black and pushed him with all of their might. The snake that Annie kept in her little pocket creeps out and wrapped around the guy and as a reflex he let go of his hand and dropped Annie to the floor. Annie face was purple as she coughed to get air. While both Chung Han and Louis try their best to fight the guy with their Mo Gowng, which is so many levels below that guy. Annie quickly got off of the ground and angrily charged over to him with her wooden sword helping Chung Han and Louis fight the guy. The guy rolled his eyes at the three little annoying pests trying to harm him with their wooden swords. Even though Louis and Chung Han Mo Gowng are above lot of people but they are just like scratching to this guy, he just stand still and stiffly as they use their He Gowng to fly kick him and their full Noy Gowng on him but he didn't budge an inch as he stare at them annoyed and started to pull his sword out.]

    WUN YEE: [She hear the sound of his sword sliding out and quickly turn her attention to them and her heart told her that they couldn't handle him. So she quickly turn around wanting to rush over to save them, but Marco jerked her back forcefully, she turned around and swiftly swooped forward toward Marco with the sword and he backed off. During that time she quickly do a flip and use her Heng Gowng to rush over and pulled both Annie and Chung Han away.] Louis backs off! [she darted at the guy furiously and kicked her leg up wanting to knock the sword away from Louis direction. Louis duck swiftly as she place both her hands on Louis shoulder and pulled him away from the guy and kicked the guy sword back into it casket. The guy grabs her foot and twisted it causing her to spin in the air and fall right down on the hard floor. She quickly rolled away as the guy sword coming down right at her and she did a flip to get herself upright again. And pushed the three children to run away as she follow behind. Marco stands in the way and she quickly stopped and covers her arm around the children as she stares at them and try to think of a way to get out of this mess safely, which looked like it's impossible.]

    MARCO: [grinned] Your Mo Gowng hasn't change much for the past five years. I would have thought your husband Gilbert would teach you more. [he grinned at the twins.] They are actually pretty impressive. Too bad they won't get a chance to learn anymore. It is a shame huh? [he walked closer and Wun Yee want to back away but there is really no room, since the other guy is right behind her.]

    WUN YEE: [She quickly swings her sword in circle spinning in the air as she duck her head backward a bit to not hit herself. Both Marco and the guy stepped back not wanting to get hit by the sharp sword. Wun Yee yelled as she know this is the only measure she have left.] Run!! [The children stare at her not wanting to leave her.] Run now!!! Louis take them away now!!! [Louis nod and grab hold of both Annie and Chung Han hand as he dragged them away running as fast as he could. He knows that the two bad guys are too powerful for them and they couldn't help Wun Yee and the only thing they could do to help is safely step out of the way and listens. Marco swiftly turns around and used his Heng Gowng to go after Louis and the twins. Wun Yee swiftly grab hold of her sword and direct it toward Marco back trying to stab him so he don't harm her daughters. The guy from behind pulled her back forcefully and hits her back with his palm in full Noy Gowng strength causing Wun Yee to quickly split out ton of blood and dropped to the ground. Marco quickly turns around and looked at Wun Yee with his heart dropped, he didn't want her hurted. The twins quickly ran back toward their Leung. Wun Yee beamed at them and shouted with blood still coming out of her mouth.] GO!!! Run!! Don't turn back, Louis take them home!!! Run!! [the guy wanted to go after them and she quickly grab hold of his leg with all of her strength.] Run now!!! Get them away safely now!!! [she spitted out some more dark crimson blood as she stare at her daughter with teary eyes knowing that it will be her last sight of them.] Louis go!! [Louis stare at her one last time and swiftly turn around and jerked both Annie and Chung Han wrist firmly as he dragged them running away as fast as possible. His face was stern with worry and anger, but he must listen to his Si Mo and safely take the twins away before it too late. He knows there is nothing they could do to save Wun Yee. Marco was a bit shock to see Wun Yee spitting out blood like this and how she is suffering, he didn't know Wun Yee still meant this much to him. So he didn't go after the children which the guy in black expected him to.]

    CHUNG HAN AND ANNIE: [they turn back as Louis dragged them.] Leung!! [The guy in black saw them escaping and quickly rise his hand ready to forcefully hit Wun Yee head with his palm using his full strength Noy Gowng to kill Wun Yee off in order to get the kids. He was about to hit Wun Yee head with his palm but Marco grabs hold of his hand firmly before he does so.]

    MARCO: [he shouted with his fearful heart] FU WONG! Don't!!

    ASSASSIN: [dart at him with disappointment] How could you be so soft hearted?!! She is a Chun! And so are the twins that are getting away at this moment!! All Chun must die!! Did you forget about our family suffering?!! They did the same thing to us!!

    MARCO: [hugged Wun Yee in his arm, Wun Yee glance over toward her twins daughter and Louis direction seeing them running away, it made her a bit in relief as her body weaken into Marco arm. Marco rocked her in fear as he holds her cold hand.] Wun Yee!! [Wun Yee tries to push him away but she is too weak to do so as she moaned in pain and continue to cough out blood. The guy was furious seeing Marco not listening to him and forgotten all about revenge toward the Chun. He rise his hand ready to hit her but Marco blocked Wun Yee body with his own.] NO!!! [The guy quickly turns his open palm into a tight fist and stopped his action before he hit his own son. Marco looked up at the guy with pleading eyes.] Fu Wong don't! Not Wun Yee!

    ASSASSIN: [hissed out angrily] How could you love her?! She is a Chun!! All Chun deserve to die! We must pull the root of the weed out too!! We can't be so soft hearten Marco!! Think of your throne and empire!! She must die! And so are the twin and that boy! If they told anyone about our conversation, do you know how severe it is?!! [he turn wanting to run after them but once again Wun Yee use what left of her strength to grab hold of his foot.]

    MARCO: [pulled Wun Yee away before his father hit her. Wun Yee struggling to push him away.] I can't let you kill her!! Fu Wong I really can't! Please don't take her live! You can kill the kids but not her!

    ASSASSIN: [laughed loudly with his hand throw toward the sky.] Ha ha what are you trying to play on us dearest old sky?!! Have my son begging me to spare our enemies!! [he turn to Marco and shake his head disappointedly.] How could you?! How are you going to face your ancestor that been killed off by her family?!! How are you going to face the Wong family name?! Do you know how many of the Wong her family has killed?! 589 of us Wong!! How could you spare her life?!! [Marco was silent as he felt guilty and a bit angry with the fact that Wun Yee family has killed all of his family and relative. The guy eyes were furious] KILL HER!

    MARCO: [He stare at Wun Yee eyes and raises his hand to forcefully directed his palm toward Wun Yee but he stopped only a centimeter away from her head. He couldn't do it when he saw her eyes darting at him with hatred. He swallowed and slowly remove his hand away and looked down at the ground with his shoulder slumped.] I'm sorry..I really can't..she is Wun Yee...I can't do this to her...

    ASSASSIN: [hissed and shake his head.] I can't believe you. [he sighed] It doesn't matter cause she will not survive with my hit for long anyway! [Marco tighten his hug on Wun Yee and she just angrily darted her stern eyes at him.]

    WUN YEE: [blood is still oozing out the corner of her mouth as she weakly speaks.] I hate killed my parents...[she try to swing her sword but she was too weak and her arm drop in the middle of the way. Tears were in her eyes.] The only thing I regret before I die is not being able to help my parents seek revenge.... [she looked at him with hurtful eyes.] How could you do it? Fu Wong...[she pause as she felt pain] treat you like his own flesh and blood...Mo Hua has treated you like a son...and Joyce...I hate you...[some regretful tears were in Marco eyes as he listen and wiping off the blood from Wun Yee mouth.] I don't need you to save me...I rather die then to owe you anything! I hate you..hate you...
    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

    [Mean while, Louis is dragging the twins away as he was told.]

    CHUNG HAN: [try to swing Louis firm tight grip off.] Si Hing let go of me!! I need to go help Leung!! Louis pleases!! Leung need our help!! She is hurt!! She is hurt!! [she is screaming in distress as tears washed her eyes with a blurry vision of her mother in a far distant.]

    ANNIE: [nod as tears cascaded down her cheek too, she glue her eyes at Wun Yee in a distant too.] I want to see Leung!! Leung!! Daai gor gor please!! I want Leung!! [she swing and struggled with Louis just like Chung Han. Louis swallowed his pain and didn't dare to turn back to look at his Si Mo fearing his heart might weaken and let go of them. His eyes were flooded with tears as he speeded up his running to drag the twins away faster. Chung Han yanked their interlock hand and bites his hand really hard causing him to bleed and her teeth imprinted into his hand, he try to ignore the pain and going on but finally he couldn't take it anymore and let go of her. Chung Han quickly ran back toward her Leung with her Heng Gowng.]

    LOUIS: [yelling after her as he swing his hand in the air cause of the painful deep bite.] Don't!! Chung Han comes back now!! You can't save Si Mo!!! We will go get Si Fu to help now!! Come back!

    CHUNG HAN: I'm not a chicken like you!! Leung will be dead by the time we go back to the valley to get Dei!! I'm not afraid of dying, you can leave if you are!! [she swiftly headed back and Louis followed after her to try get her back again. Annie was relief that they are going back, she really wanted to see her Leung. Once Chung Han got there she quickly pulled her wooden sword out and charged over toward Marco wanting to stab him with her dull wood sword, that the only thing she have. The guy in black quickly picked her up before she reach Marco and hold her up in the air while she swing her sword but it was too short to even touch him. Wun Yee eyes widen at the blurry image of her daughter returned and now in his hand. Chung Han kick and swing her arm.] I'm going to kill you!! My Dei will kill you too!! Let go of me now!!

    ASSASSIN: [laughed loudly] Very cute!

    WUN YEE: [she was in tears as rolled away from Marco and dragged her body toward the guy in black.] Let go of her... don't touch her... [Marco pulled her back fearing that she would get hits by his father.] Get away from me! I hate you... [she turn to look at guy with fearful pleading eyes.] Please let her go...she don't even know what the conversation is about...please...she is just a child...

    ASSASSIN: [coldly] A child of the Chun, do you know how many of my sibling been killed by your cold blooded ye-ye(grandpa, dad side)? Most of them are infants too did he show any mercy? Why should I? [he looked into Chung Han eyes that show her stern serious look that is determine to take revenge. Even though her face was covered with the veil but all of her hatred and emotion are in her pair of round eyes. The guy in black are actually amazed by her strong will and determination that she have even with her young age.] Too bad you are a Chun or I'll have you be my Toa Dai (student) for sure! But you must die!

    WUN YEE: [reach her weak hand out toward them.] Let go of her...[her voice was weak and soft.] let go of her...Chung Han....[The guy laughed sarcastically and forcefully throw Chung Han over the cliff and Louis just catch up, he quickly jump right to the edge with his body on the dirt ground reaching his hand over to grab hold of Chung Han by her garment at the back right shoulder position. His body slides quickly off the cliff cause of Chung Han weight, they screamed loudly as they thought they are falling into this steep cliff. Luckily Louis wrapped his arm around a vine quickly enough to help support his and Chung Han weight. Theirs body slams onto the side of the cliff and hanging there as they looked down at how high up they are. Annie jaw dropped as her eyes widen at the sight of her sister being throw over the cliff and Louis fallen over too, the their scream made her thought they has fallen off the cliff already. She was shock to death as she froze and stands so still with tears filling her eyes quickly and rolled out dryly in disbelief. Wun Yee heart dropped in shock seeing Chung Han being throws over the high cliff too, she was speechless as her eyes widen in shock just like Annie. Her heart pounded so hard when she saw Louis grab hold of Chung Han earlier hoping that he can pull her up, but seeing Louis fall over the cliff too and their scream made her heart stiffens and screamed in pain.] CHUNG HAN!! [with her distress large amount of blood was splattered out after her scream, her heart hurts so much like it been crushed into million of pieces to think that her daughter has die. Her tears uncontrollably rushed out with sorrow and regret that she allows her to come along this morning. She shakes her head in disbelief to what she just witnessed.] Chung Han...Louis... [Mean while Louis trying to grab hold of the vine tightly with one hand and the other hand on Chung Han garment at her right shoulder position, he struggle so hard to try not let go of Chung Han. The vine was short and didn't reach to Chung Han, so she have nothing to grab hold too except for Louis holding on to her. Mean while they are hanging on the cliff, Annie quickly snapped out of her shock and furiously rush up to Marco and tries to push him away from her Leung. Wun Yee was in tears seeing her back too.] Annie go!! Why did you guy return?!! I told you to go!! Run now Annie run!!

    ANNIE: [Crying as she try to push Marco heavy body away.] Let go of my Leung you meany!! Let go now!! [she hammered her two fist at him as tear blurred her vision.] You guys killed my jie and Si Hing!! Give them back to me!! [the guy in black swiftly grabbed her by the neck and held her up in the air choking her from air.]

    WUN YEE: [she was hysterical and worries that he will throw her off the cliff too. She quickly begged Marco to save her only daughter left. She thought that both Chung Han and Louis are dead.] Don't!! [she looked at Marco with pleading tearful eyes as her mouth is bloody] I beg you please have mercy on Annie!! She is only five..she wouldn't be any harm to you guy...let go of her and let her go. Please Marco? I never beg you for anything before... this is my only wish before I die...I know you love me....will you please at least do this for me? She is my only daughter left! [the guy throw Annie toward Marco and Wun Yee. Wun Yee quickly grabs hold of Annie and wrapped her in her arm. Scooting herself and Annie away from them, she turn Annie to face her.] Are you okay sweetheart? [Annie cried loudly as she snuggled against Wun Yee.]

    ANNIE: [in her teary voice] Jie and Daai gor gor is dead!! Leung!! [Wun Yee held her head against her tightly as she nod and cried out loud too with blood dripping onto Annie hair. Annie felt something sticky on her forehead and wipe it with her hand, she was shock to see her hand all bloody and quickly lifted her head up to see her mom dripping blood. She was shock as her eyes narrowed sadly on her mom and Annie face was quickly pale white with fear.] Leung! Are you okay? Please be okay! [Wun Yee nod as she hugged Annie tightly]

    ASSASSIN: [darted his eyes at Marco.] Kill the girl! [Wun Yee eyes widen as she tightly hugged Annie and stare at Marco with her head shaking. Marco didn't move as he stares into Wun Yee fearful eyes. The guy darted his disappointed eyes on Marco.] Are you a Wong or a Chun?! She must die! She is the only Chun left! Pull the root!! They all deserve it!! [Louis hanging in the middle of the cliff, heard what they were saying so did Chung Han. They were worry to death about Annie and Wun Yee, it doesn't sound too good at all. But there is a bigger problem that is revealing slowly now as the little sound of fabric ripping apart was heard. Louis eyes darted down as he heard the sound of the fabric tearing. His eyes widen as he saw Chung Han garment is tearing at the part he is holding to. Before he could say anything the fabric torn all the way and Chung Han screamed as she falling down the steep cliff that looked like there is no bottom. Louis was shock and his eyes widen as the last thing he saw was Chung Han tattoo of the Tin Ming Sect logo of the sun showed on her shoulder cause of her torn garment. The vine he has been holding on break off too and it was so sudden that he weren't ready to expect the fall. He screamed loudly too as he fall down the cliff right after Chun Han. Those two screams made Wun Yee and Annie froze in surprise, they thought they are dead on the first scream already. But from the sound of how this scream became narrowed as they fall, both Wun Yee and Annie know that this is the real fall, so they started to cries loudly in pain and sorrow of losing Chung Han and Louis. Now they are definite that they die cause of the fall. The guy in black laughed satisfyingly that echoed the mountain range.] She is the only one left Marco! There is no reason in sparing her life! To guarantee that no one know about our identity is to kill them off! The most trusting people are those who are dead!

    MARCO: [he has no intension to save Annie anyway, why would he want to let go of Gilbert daughter. He advanced Wun Yee as Wun Yee shakes her head and scooted away showing him her fearful pleading eyes. Marco bitterly.] She needs to die. [Annie was in fear as she cling to her Leung tightly and cried as her eyes glue to Marco. Marco yanked Annie away from the weak Wun Yee and grab hold of her neck tightly squeezing it harder and harder. Wun Yee grabs hold of his leg and hit her weak fist against it.]

    WUN YEE: Drop her!! Drop her please!!! Have mercy in her Marco she is only five!! She is my only child!! You took away Chung Han already!!! She doesn't even know who you two are!! [she shake him vigorously as she yank on his garment. The guy in black quickly hit her again with his full Noy Gowng, worrying that Marco will weaken his strength with her pleading. The hit causes Wun Yee spit out more blood and dropped to the ground. She rolled her eyes up to look at Marco with her weak pleading voice and her hand held up trying to reach for Annie.] please have mercy on her...please... you love me right?.... Then please promise me to not kill her.... remember you told me before that you will fulfill all my request?... you promise me before that you will make me happy no matter what.... [she wetted her lip as she starting to feel cold and her vision is blurry.] my last request is to spare my daughter life...[she reached her hand out further wanting to touch Annie one last time, but her hand dropped to the ground and her eyes rolled up and shuts as her head dropped on her arm and she lay there motionlessly and lifelessly.]

    ANNIE: [tears streamed down her cheek as she saw Wun Yee motionless body. Marco heart dropped and loosen his grip a bit as he stare at Wun Yee body in shock and tears were in his hard eyes. Annie gasping for air and she screamed painfully once she found her voice back.] LEUNG!!! LEUNG AH!!! [she hit her fist at Marco tight hand that is still on her neck as she swing her leg to kick him.] You kill my Leung!! And my jie and daai gor gor!!! I'll kill you!! I'LL KILL YOU!!! [she swing her fist and leg at him and he stare at her with furious eye darted at her and squeezed tighter and tighter.]

    MARCO: If it weren't for your Dei she will be my wife and she wouldn't have die! You deserve to die too!! [Annie mouth opened slightly as she tried to push him away and she couldn't breath anymore with his tight squeeze.]

    ANNIE: [muttered with her weak last breath of air.] I'm not afraid of dying...I'll come back to kill you... when I became a ghost...and my Dei will kill you too! [she darted at him with her round eyes without crying or screaming, her eyes were full of hate and revenge and lack the fear of death that she has earlier. Marco stares into those eyes and they resemble Wun Yee so much. He turns to look at Wun Yee body and remember what she said before she died. He also remembered how he promised her before to accomplish all of her request. He turns and looked at Annie in the eyes and they looked so much like Wun Yee to him. His hand weakened and loosened his grip around her neck. He sighed and forcefully hit Annie forehead with his palm in full Noy Gowng strength, which causes Annie to faint right away. He released his hand from Annie neck and carried her in his arm instead.]

    ASSASSIN: [he dart at him in confusion.] What are you doing?! You didn't kill her!!

    MARCO: [looked at Wun Yee body.] I must finish her last request....


    MARCO: [turn to face his father with pleading eyes.] Fu Wong is her last request. Plus the hit I gave the girl will clear all of her memory for sure. She won't even know who she is herself!

    ASSASSIN: [shake his head and wanted to grab Annie but Marco moved away.] I'm not going to let her go! She must die Marco!

    MARCO: [looked at Annie.] I won't let her go too. I'll raise her as my daughter and make sure she is kept away from the truth then their is nothing to worry about. She will always be by my side, so she won't know the truth! She doesn't even remember anything anyway!!

    ASSASSIN: How can you raise a Chun as your own daughter?! She is the only root left, I am not risking the chance of her claiming the Wong throne again and bring back the Chun dynasty! And she is our family enemy!! [the guy try to get Annie from Marco but Marco did a flip with Annie in his arm to move out of the guy way.]

    MARCO: Fu Wong! I promise Wun Yee to give her a chance to live, she will be just like my own daughter, with me treating her with love she would never think of me as her enemy! Please Fu Wong! Even if she does know about her identity later, her Mo Gowng will never be as high as me to kill me and have revenge.

    ASSASSIN: Why give her a chance and risk it? When we could just finish her off?! [Marco shakes his head and not willing to let him kill Annie. He sighed loudly.] You are going to regret this in the future!

    MARCO: [grinned weakly as he could tell that her father has weakened] Thanks Fu Wong! Trust me, I will not let her have a chance to make me regret in the future! [he glance at Wun Yee] I'll finish your last request. [he turn and looked at his father.] I better take her back first. Fu Wong how can I find you again?

    ASSASSIN: [still didn't like the idea of keeping Annie. But he knows Marco has made up his mind and it will be really hard to change. He pulled a thin needle out and walked up to Annie and poke it right into her heart.] This will insure that she obey in the future.

    MARCO: [he know what the needle do] Are you going to...

    ASSASSIN: [shake his head] No, if she don't remember anything for the rest of her life and treated herself as your daughter then I won't make her suffer. But if she know about the truth and wanted to seek revenge then I will make her life suffering. [he looked at Marco.] This is just to insure the Wong throne. I'm very giving already to let her live. [he sighed and shake his head] I'll see you when I want to see you. [with that he started to leave with his Heng Gowng. And only his voice was heard.] If I were you, I wouldn't trust that girl!

    MARCO: [Marco stare at Annie closed eyes and sighed.] You better not remember...[he smile warmly at Annie as he saw her pretty closed eyes and softly] Annie, from now on I'm your Dei, you better remember that or you will regret it. [He glanced at Wun Yee body] I kept my promise, but I can't let her go back to your husband. I'm not that generous. But don't worry, I'll love her like my own. [he glance at Wun Yee one last time and sighed before he return to the kingdom with Annie in his arm.]


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    Chapter 5: Child of Heart

    (Back up a bit on the scene, this happen when Wun Yee, the twins, and Louis are spying on Marco and the guy.)

    [Gilbert is heading straight to the kingdom to search for his wife and daughters. His heart developed an unsettle feeling like something bad is going to happen to his wife and daughters, which made him more impatient and frustrated. All he know is that he must get to the kingdom to save Wun Yee before the king got his hand on her and if he need to, he will flatted the entire palace down to save his wife and daughters.]

    [He stepping out from the shadow of the tree and glanced over at the rolls of guards that are marching back and forth in front of the main gate of the palace. The rolls of guards return and he quickly stepped back behind the tree staring at them with his mind thinking of a plan to get in without disturbing the guards. It would be much easier to just charge in and kill them all, but he knows that his wife Wun Yee will not approve him doing so. Therefore a better and more civil plan is needed.]

    [After studying the guards he know exactly their routine march and just head the opposite direction once they split to march away again. He looked up and saw the empty roof, with one soft push of his Heng Gowng (flying skill) he was on the roof nice and sound. Gilbert grinned with his heart laughing at the rolls of guards and just thinks the palace protection system was just too low of a standard for him.]

    [He swiftly walked on the roof scanning for his wife, daughters, and Louis or the king room. After seeing the empty courtyard and stillness of the entire palace, it made him wonder what the matter is. Gilbert jumped off the roof and landed on the central garden that has a goldfish pond with huge decorative rocks and bridge. It worry him seeing how silent and eerie this palace has became, it so lifeless and empty. He was about to head to the king bedroom when he heard a voice came from behind so he quickly hide behind the huge garden decorative rock with his hand grabbing his knife handle getting ready to use it for the first time, after these five years. Two guards walked out to his view as they continue to talk about the incident with Wun Yee coming to visit.]

    GUARD1: Was that Princess Wun Yee that froze our pulse? [Gilbert eyes darted at them with his ears wide alert to listen. His hand was firmly holding the handle of his heavy iron knife ready for some action if it is necessary.] Aren't we supposed to capture her?

    GUARD2: [nod] Yeah it is Princess Wun Yee. She weren't suppose to get away that easily, Prince Marco will be furious if he know about general Stephen help Princess Wun Yee escape.

    GUARD1: We better report it to Prince Marco.

    GUARD2: Exactly! Come on! [Before he could head out of the garden he was stopped cause there is a heavy sharp knife on his neck moving back and forth playfully like a cat playing with it dinner. Gilbert slowly walked out of the shadow and glare at him with furious still eyes. The guard eyes widen immediately as he recognize Gilbert as the one that is on the warrant and also cause he is the leader of Tin Ming Sect. He knows that Gilbert is very powerful so he began to shake in fear. The other guard wanted to yell but Gilbert flashed his angry eyes at him, sending chill up his spine.]

    GILBERT: [running his sharp knife on the skin surface of guard2 neck causing him to bleed a bit. In a bitter cold voice, while his attention is on guard1] If I hear a peep out of you, he will be dead meat. [guard1 swallowed and didn't dare to scream. Gilbert laughed at the guard coward fear.] A bunch of dogs just like your master! [he paused guard1 pulse and smiled at guard2 slyly.] All I want to know is where are my wife and daughters. If you will bring me to them, you won't get harm. [guard2 stubbornly rolled his eyes up and didn't say anything. Gilbert chuckled at him.] Oh playing loyal now huh? [he slowly run his knife on his neck] Are you sure you want to keep silent? [Gilbert shrugged with a grin] Serve yourself then, why do I want to keep you if you can't help me? [he raise his hand and about to swiftly swing his knife toward guard2 neck.]

    GUARD2: [quickly begged in his trembling voice before the knife hit him] I willlll...I willl tell you...everything...

    GILBERT: [nod and lifted the guard upright and stare straight into his eyes with a wide grin. His grin quickly change into a furious stare.] Where is my wife?!

    GUARD2: [shakily] She left with the two girls and a boy already....[Gilbert knife was against his neck with pressure, and giving him a disbelief look. Guard2 quickly shake his head vigorously.] I'm not lying, I swear!! They did left already!!

    GILBERT: [yanked the guard in front of him by grabbing the front of his armor, his jerk causes the helmet of the guard wobbled to a side. In a cold empty threatening voice.] Don't try to trick me. I don't think you have more than one life. And I don't like trick.

    GUARD2: [swallowed his fear] It's the truth!! Princess Wun Yee left with General Stephen! General Stephen took her and the children that came with her away. I swear! I would never dare to play trick on you! [Gilbert eyes darted at him trying to figure out the guard facial expression, and it seem sincere. But something in his heart keep telling him it not right and something is extremely wrong. While he was thinking, Guard2 notice his attention shifted so he quickly stepped back and panicked as he scream out loud for help.] HELP ASSASSIN!!! IT GILBERT LA.....[before he could finish Gilbert has forcefully and swiftly run his knife along the guy throat, and quickly his sword is soaked with fresh blood for the first time in five years, the sun logo glowed a bit with the blood rushing to it.]

    GILBERT: [stare at the guy body.] I told you not to play trick!! [he was furious and thought that all the guy told him before is false. He unfroze the other guard and darted at him with eyes of a prey.] One last time! Where is my wife and daughters?!!

    GUARD1: [swallowed] He didn't lie they left already....

    GILBERT: [narrowed his eyes on him] WHERE ARE THEY?!!!

    GUARD1: [he know that Gilbert doesn't trust his word by the haunting face of Gilbert. His body trembled with fears with every words come out as a fumble.] I didn't...I didn't lie...she...she left already....

    [Gilbert quickly killed him off cause he heard the sound of guards rushing over. He was about to hop back up to the roof, but it was too late. Rolls after rolls of troops surrounded him creating a huge ring of troops with their sharp arrow bar pointing at him, but he was not in fear at all, cause they are just like a bunch of ants to him.]

    GILBERT: [darted at the thick crowd of troops] Is your general around?!

    CAPTAIN: You have no right to see our general!! Prepare to die!! [ordering his troops] The king has a warrant on his head so we must achieve his head for the king!! [the huge crowd of troop charging toward Gilbert with their arrow poking in all direction, Gilbert just stare at them in amuse with a confident smile.]

    GILBERT: [his eyes narrowed with flame as he use his Noy Gowng with his two palms and pushed out a force that causes the garden tile to expose down the roll of the force causing broken fragment of cement, dirt, or anything in the way to break into million of pieces and shattered everywhere. The first roll of troops were injured by the force and laying on the floor bleeding, while the rest stepped back a bit holding their weapon toward Gilbert, but none of them dare to charge over. Gilbert laughed out loud at the hopeless troop.] You want to play rough? I'll show you rough!!!

    [He has forgotten all about his civil plan of little disturbance. Nothing matters to him now, all he wanted was to get Wun Yee and his daughters safely home. He pulled his iron knife out again to show his Mo Gowng skill, he jumped up and swing his knife forcefully and swiftly causing the ground in front of him to crack up with dirt and sand spattering everywhere. And the pond water to splashed up high with goldfish flying everywhere.]

    [The captain was a bit stun by Gilbert Mo Gowng skill, but he must do his duty, so he summoned the troops to capture Gilbert. The troops obey loyally and charged over bravely with their weak Mo Gowng skill trying to poke Gilbert with their arrow bar. Gilbert fights with them and could easily kill them all with a blow of his Noy Gowng, but he didn't do so, cause deep down inside him he still respect the king as his father-in-law and didn't want to kill off all his men to cause more complication. He just used one tenth of his Noy Gowng to hurt them without killing any of them.]

    [Since he didn't kill any of them, it was hard for him to manage the incoming troops piling up and charging over to him, it was a challenge for Gilbert to not kill any of them, and a bit overwhelming to him. He quickly put his pair of hand together and used his full power Noy Gowng to collect force and rotated his hand so his palm is facing out ward and he forcefully pushed his arm outward with the palms creating a massive of destruction on anything that is in it way. The troops quickly backed away from it and that gave Gilbert a split second to rest and continue his fight with them.]

    [Near the courtyard that Gilbert is fighting with the troops, was a study room for the Princes to gain their education. A seven years old boy head was rolling off his hand as he drifted asleep with the mumbling teacher trying to teach him and his brother the history of China. Once his head rolled off and jerked him awake he notice the loud explosion and sound of sword being use right outside. His tired face quickly alerted as he run to the window and lifted it open to peek outside. He grinned with interest as he narrowed his eyes at Gilbert and the troops, who looked like little fighting cricket at his distance.]

    LO SI (teacher): [his Lo Si notice him walked off his desk and quickly looked at him.] Prince Raymond will you please recite the poem by Lee Bak about war?

    RAYMOND: [Raymond Lam= Raymond Chun, 7 years old, Marco eldest son. He was startled and turns to stare at his teacher. He grinned cheerfully with a sparkle in his eyes] I'll recite it when I come back! [he started to run out of the door totally ignoring his teacher. Before he step out he turn to his brother, which is only a few months younger than him.] Steven there is a great fight out side, come on!!

    STEVEN: [Steven Ma= Steven Chun, 7 years old, Marco second son, excitedly jumped up from his chair.] Really?! Was Dei (father) in it too?!! [he followed after his older brother. The teacher just stare at them with his head swinging in disappointment, this is not the first time that Raymond ignored his present, but what could he do? They are royalty.]

    [The two young prince rushed out of the study room and slowly walked like spy toward the little gate that separate the central courtyard from the north courtyard. They stand right behind the gate and kept watching the fight.]

    RAYMOND: [He grinned with interest as he saw the fighting of Gilbert and the palace armies.] Wow! That guy is so cool!!! [he watched with interest and his head was swinging side to side as if he was the one fighting with Gilbert.]

    STEVEN: [watched interestingly.] I bet Dei could beat him, if he is here! [Raymond nodded with his eyes glowing as he watch.]

    RAYMOND: [he stepped out of his hiding spot.] Let get a closer look at this guy! Come on!!

    STEVEN: Wong Heng! (royal older brother) Wait for me!! [right at that moment an elegantly dressed lady walked out with her servant and a little girl.]

    MELISSA: [Melissa Ng, 26 years old, Marco wife.] Steven hold it right there!! [Steven froze as he heard his mom shouting his name. He watches Raymond continue to run. Melissa saw the fight that is occurring and it doesn't look safe at all, she quickly ran up to Steven and grabs his hand and yelling for Raymond.] Raymond comes back now! It not safe!!! [of course Raymond didn't stop his curiosity, so he ran to hide behind the stone table which is very close up the fighting area, he could finally see every move nice and clear. His eyes peeked out of the edge of the stone table with sparkling interest at Gilbert while he enjoys watching Gilbert's Mo Gowng move. Melissa was panicking for his safety, she stare at her own son and daughter than at one of her servant.] Take Prince Steven and Princess Fannie in first, keep a close eyes at them and don't let them out until I say so, you got that?

    SERVANT: [nod] I understand Ng Leung Leung (how they call the wife or mistress of a prince). [She lifted Fannie up in her arm and hold on to Steven hand to walk them back into their room. Steven slumped his shoulder with a pouted lip as his head was kept on the fighting scene a distance away with his puppy dog eyes, where his half-brother Raymond is at now.]

    MELISSA: [she recognize the intruder is Gilbert and was confuse to why he came. She turn to one of the g-owng g-owng (male servant that work in the palace).] Listen to me closely, I want you to go find general....[she stopped once she heard one voice after another announcing the king has passed away. Ester has listened to Stephen words and waited this long before she announce the death of the king. Melissa was in shock and quickly turns to stare at the g-owng g-owng she was talking to.] Just help me keep an eye on Prince Raymond. Try to get to him and persuade him to step away. Don't cause any attention! [she quickly headed to the king bedroom to see what happen. The captain that is fighting with Gilbert heard the loud announcement of the king death too. Gilbert was surprise also and wondering if Wun Yee is with her father at this moment.]

    CAPTAIN: [darted at Gilbert furiously] You must be the assassin that killed Wong Surng (king)!! We must help Wong Surng seek revenge!!! [the troops was shouting angrily as they charge over toward Gilbert with their loyal brave heart.]

    GILBERT: [they were everywhere and Gilbert is getting tired from fighting, since he don't get to kill any of them, he stomped his knife on the ground and it shakes the ground with sparks coming from it hitting the troops, which injured them badly. He was confuse to the news about the king dying too, then Wun Yee should be around or even in the room right now. So he swiftly uses his Heng Gowng to step on the troops shoulders and heading straight to the sound of the announcing voices. The captain hopped up on his troops shoulders too and started to fight with Gilbert with his Mo Gowng. Gilbert knocked his own knife away with the palm of his hand causing it to fly out and swooped over to the captain and back into his hand again.]

    RAYMOND: [shouted excitedly and forgotten that he was suppose to hide. He popped up and clapping.] YES!! That is a great move!!

    G-OWNG G-OWNG: [he was up to Raymond and swiftly pulled him down and dragged him away.] Prince Raymond we must head in, it not safe here!

    RAYMOND: [swinging his hand trying to get the servant grip off of him.] HOW DARE YOU DRAG ME!!! LET GO OF ME NOW OR I'LL TELL DEI AND WONG AH YE TO HAVE YOUR HEAD CHOP OFF!!! (Wong Ah Ye= royal grandpa) [Gilbert grinned, he know that Raymond is his only chance out of this mess, he quickly use his Heng Gowng to hop over to Raymond. The Captain know exactly what Gilbert plan is so he try to stop Gilbert, but Gilbert was too fast for him. Gilbert forcefully yanked Raymond handsome royal garment from the back and lifted him in the air as he hopped up to the roof with him. Raymond jerked in fear.] Ahh!!

    CAPTAIN: Prince!

    RAYMOND: [turn to look at Gilbert and smiled at him without fear. In his sheepish voice] Can I get down now? I think my Lo Si is waiting for me, you know he get really hasty when I'm gone for too long....[Gilbert lifted him up and hold him out and he saw the floor being very far away. He swallowed.] Never mind, I think he could wait longer...

    GILBERT: [laughed at Raymond, seeing Raymond still acted really calm and fear free] You are quite brave. [he scanned Raymond and notice that he kind of resemble Louis in a way.] Is Marco your Dei?

    RAYMOND: [grinned proudly] YUP! You know him? His Mo Gowng is pretty good too! I bet he can win you!

    CAPTAIN: [staring up at the roof and saw Gilbert holding Raymond out, he didn't dare to do anything to endanger Raymond life. He signaled the troops to step away.] Release Prince Raymond now and we won't harm you!

    GILBERT: [laugh in surprise and stare at Raymond with a wide grin.] You are Raymond?

    RAYMOND: [nodded] Yeah, what is your name?

    GILBERT: [he has to admit that time do fly fast, the last time he saw Raymond, he was only two.] Aren't you afraid of me?

    RAYMOND: [smiled and shake his head] No, you needed me to escape. Why would you harm me? [he grinned slyly] Beside you could of kill me already if you wanted to [he grinned wisely] but you didn't. So why should I be scare?

    GILBERT: [shake his head with a laugh] You are just like your Leung! [Raymond forehead wrinkled and Gilbert give him a smile and turned back his attention at the captain.] Now do I have the right to see your general?! And step out of my way!!

    CAPTAIN: Our general is out in the city right now! Just drop our prince and we will let you go!

    GILBERT: [holding Raymond further out into the open space, Raymond cling to his arm.] Are you sure?!

    RAYMOND: [shake his head] No, no, no he is not sure at all!! Don't listen to him! I rather not go down!

    GILBERT: [laughed at Raymond and putted him on the roof tile. He stepped ahead and stares at the garden that is cover with armies.] All I want is to know where my wife and daughters are! I know they came, so you guy either release them or have your general come talk to me.

    ARMY: General Stephen has released them and takes them out of the city safely already.

    GILBERT: I won't trust any of you! Just do as I say!! I give you ten minutes to show me what I want!! [he sited down and Raymond sited next to him staring at the armies down there rushing around. Gilbert chuckled at Raymond amused eyes.]

    RAYMOND: [turn to Gilbert curiously.] Why are you looking for your wife at my home?

    GILBERT: [patted his head] Raymond how old are you now?

    RAYMOND: [stand up and proudly] Seven!

    GILBERT: [nod as he looked at Raymond feature, he mumbled softly.] Only if she would takes you along instead of leaving you with him.

    RAYMOND: [narrowed at him] Why are you mumbling? [Gilbert didn't answer him, all he did was darted at the troops. Raymond followed his glare.] Where did you learn your Mo Gowng?

    GILBERT: [chuckled at him] You are pretty nosy. [the corner of his eyes caught the image of Stephen walking in from the front gate of the palace. He quickly stands up and looked at Stephen way.] Stephen!!

    STEPHEN: [smile cheerfully and forgotten about his duty, it has been so long since he last saw Gilbert.] Lam daai gor!! [Gilbert jumped off the roof and forgot about Raymond who is still on top of the roof. The troops was charging over to Gilbert and Stephen held his hand up in the air.] No one come near him! [Stephen patted Gilbert shoulder firmly with a big smile] I haven't seen you for so long! Daai gor how have you been?

    GILBERT: [chuckled as he scanned at the bewildered eyes of the troops.] What do you think Stephen?

    STEPHEN: [laughed at the big mess Gilbert have cause and the worn out and injured troops.] Look like daai gor still have his touch! [The captain starting to head toward Gilbert with a couple troops. Stephen turns around and glared at them sternly.] What did I just say?!

    CAPTAIN: General! He is wanted by the Wong Shurng for many years! You can't let him go! How are we going to explain this to Prince Marco?

    STEPHEN: [annoyed by the captain.] I'll take all the responsibility! I want all of you to listen to me! Wong Shurng has resolved his problem with Princess Wun Yee, so the warrant is off!

    CAPTAIN: [confusedly] Where is the scroll for that?

    STEPHEN: [a bit irritated] There isn't any! Wong Shurng die before he could do so, you guy don't have to belief me, but who ever trying to block his way out, I'll help him get out!! Understand?! [most of the troops nodded respectfully cause they are extremely loyal to Stephen command while some other just moaned uncertainly and a bit jealous of Stephen powerful position.]

    CAPTAIN: [Suspiciously] How did you know Wong Shurng die? You just came back....

    STEPHEN: [darted his eyes furiously on the Captain, he know that the captain has never respected him as his superior. In a stern calm voice that it flat but full of annoyance anger.] Captain Joe, what do you mean by that?

    JOE: [Joe Ma= Captain Joe, his heart wanted to rebel against Stephen but he kept his tone as calm as possible.] I just want to say that he could be the one that killed Wong Shurng, so we can't let him go.

    STEPHEN: [sighed with his inflamed eyes on Joe.] I can assure you that Wong Shurng died cause of his disease and no one killed him! Go check for yourself if you don't believe me! You never believe me anymore any way right?! [he glared at Joe who looked down on the ground and in silent now. Stephen shakes his head at his follower captain Joe, with disappointment. Then he grinned at Gilbert.] Lam daai gor, are you here for Wun Yee?

    GILBERT: [nod urgently] Stephen, did you really took Wun Yee, my daughters, and student out safely?

    STEPHEN: [nod and patted his shoulder] Yeah, they should be heading home right at this moment, if you head north and walked along the Sky Bridge Mountain you could probably catch up with them, since she is walking with all the children, she shouldn't be too fast.

    GILBERT: [gratefully] Thanks. [he looked at the troops] Will I cause you trouble?

    STEPHEN: [shake his head] Don't worry about me, I know how to handle it.

    GILBERT: [nod and patted Stephen firmly.] Alright, I'll see you when I see you than!

    RAYMOND: [sited on the edge of the roof with his legs dangling loosely at the edge.] Hey! Can you get me down first?! I still need to recite Lee Bak stupid poem! [Gilbert laughed loudly and used his Noy Gowng with his pair of hand to create a force of wind that pulled Raymond down and landed him on the ground. Raymond are amazed by Gilbert.] Cool!!! [he ran up to Gilbert] Can you teach me that?

    GILBERT: [patted his head] Flora will love you so much if she see you again and notice how much you resemble her! You sure make her proud! [he swiftly hopped up to the roof and disappeared.]

    RAYMOND: [confusedly] Flora? Who is she?

    STEPHEN: [sighed and patted his head with a warm smile] Did you got scare Prince Raymond?

    RAYMOND: [shake his head] No way! He's so cool, I bet Dei will love to challenge him one day! [Stephen sighed and walked with Raymond heading to the king room with the rest to pay their respect.]

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    Chapter 6: Please Forgive Me...

    [Gilbert followed Stephen direction and got to Sky Bridge Mountain heading north hoping to catch up with his wife as soon as possible to make sure they are okay. He could sense the smell of blood around the area and his heart started to beat faster in concern for his wife, daughters, and Louis safety. He hurried and started to run up the mountain in a faster pace.]

    [Gilbert stopped right away when his leg kicked something that caught his attention, once he looked down his heart dropped with his eyes widen with fear shaking through his body like never before. It was his wife sword lay next to a small puddle of blood. He quickly looked around the area and it was empty, but he saw all the hard foot print imprinted on the dirt trail that is left by someone with high Noy Gowng power. A strong eerie feeling rushed through his body with fear and he is lost on his thought cause his mind is too messed up on the fear of losing his wife and daughters.]

    GILBERT: [his hand tightly clench onto his wife sword. He swiftly stands up to search and yelled for his wife.] WUN YEE!!! WUN YEE!!! Where are you?!![he called out loud with his hand making a tunnel in front of his mouth creating echo through out the mountain, but there was no reply at all, all he got was his own echo slowly moved away.
    Gilbert ran further ahead and kept turning back and forth in search of his wife and daughters.] Wun Yee! Annie!!! CHUNG HAN!!! Louis!! [he quieted for awhile to listen carefully hoping for some kind of response, but again nothing was heard, only the empty soundless mountain. Anger was mixed in with his fear and worry.] Wun Yee!! Where are you?!! [his voice trailed off] please be okay....

    [Worriedly, Gilbert scanned the mountain with his impatient eyes and he finally spotted a hand sticking out at a distance and he recognize the pattern of the sleeve to be Wun Yee. He quickly ran toward it with his heart beating against his ribcage as he denied it being the same fabric as Wun Yee garment. His eyes are glued to the hand as he purposely slowed down his pace not wanting it to be Wun Yee, cause the hand looked lifeless. His heart stopped with tear quickly flooded to his eyes and his face was gloomier then ever. He was shock that it really is his wife. Wun Yee was laying on the ground lifelessly with bloodstains on her garment and mouth.]

    [Gilbert wanted to scream out his pressure, but he felt like his voice been taken away and replace with a pressure that clotted his throat and stiffen his heart. Anger was rushing inside of him as he stared at his wife in disbelief with his aching heart. He quickly kneeled down next to Wun Yee body and pulled her into his arm and rocked her while he hugged her tightly. He pulled himself together and slowly released his wife to check on her, his hand was gently slapping Wun Yee face trying to wake her up.]

    GILBERT: [In a soft whispering voice with his eyes glued to his wife with fear that he has never experience before.] Wun Yee wake up...Wun Yee don't do this to me... Wun Yee come on! What happen to you?!! [tears were lingering in his eyes and he stubbornly not allowing them to fall, but his heart was dropping into despair and agony. He swallowed and hugged her tightly again. His watery vision was scanning around the surrounding for his daughters and Louis.] Where is Chung Han? Where is Annie? What happen you guy?! [frustration was boiling up in him] Answer me!!! You can't do this! YOU CAN'T!! WAKE UP NOW!!! [he shakes her and felt her limping body on him with her arm dropped to the ground.] WUN YEE!!!

    [His eyes are glued to Wun Yee which is shut peacefully, he slowly moved his finger to place under Wun Yee nose, he was afraid of the out come. His hand was shaky as it slowly approach Wun Yee. There was nothing, he sense no breath at all. He was scare to death with the fact and started to shake Wun Yee harder.]

    GILBERT: YOU CAN'T LEAVE ME LIKE THIS!!! [Wun Yee head dropped and Gilbert quickly draws her body into his and embraced her tightly with his aching heart being crushed painfully. He held on to his wife head tightly against his and yelled out loud with anger] AHHHHH!!!!!!!!! [he panted after his stressful shout and swallowed his tears as he rubbed his head against Wun Yee.] Why didn't you listen to me? Why didn't you just listen to me?! [a soft whisper was heard and he quickly moved Wun Yee in front of him and stare at her with a hopeful heart. His eyes were still and didn't dare to blink as he watched Wun Yee closely, hoping that it was her that whispered into his ear.]

    WUN YEE: [she couldn't open her eyes and only a soft murmur was out of her weak body. It was so soft that Gilbert couldn't hear what she was saying, only her lip was moving slightly tracing the three words over and over] I'm...sorry....I'm sorry....[tears rolled out of her shuts eyes and slide down from the corner of her eyes to her ears.] I'm sorry.............[her head dropped again and she was silent. Gilbert face was dulled out with shock and disbelief, he shakes her vigorously but there is no reaction from Wun Yee anymore. Wun Yee body flopped onto her husband lifelessly.]

    GILBERT: [screamed so loud that the entire mountain echoed] NOOOO!!!! How could you?! Wun Yee, no!! Just wake up and I don't care!! I just want you!!! Please...please... [he pulled himself away and saw Wun Yee hand twitched, he quickly put Wun Yee flat on the ground and listened to her heart. It was so weak that it just like a faint thin beat of a pulse, but she is still not dead, but not too alive either.]

    [He swiftly pulled her in a sitting position and used his Noy Gowng to give her strength by placing his palms on her back. He felt his energy drained into Wun Yee like an empty well that never filled up. It was no use, Wun Yee is taking his energy but it didn't help her much, her body didn't strengthen. Faint smoke was starting to come out from the top of Wun Yee head as Gilbert continued giving her all his energy. He try to calm himself down as much as possible or he will endanger his own and Wun Yee life, if he lost his concentration.]

    [After about half an hour, Wun Yee spitted a large amount of dark purplish crimson blood out and dropped her body to the side. Gilbert was shock that she is getting worst and couldn't stand his strength that he is giving her anymore. He quickly draws her body into his and stare at her speechlessly with his soften sad eyes glued on her.]

    GILBERT: [In a soft whisper.] Wun Yee, is you hear me? How are you feeling? I'm sorry...I..

    WUN YEE: [she slowly opens her weak eyes and shut it again cause she felt her eyes lid being so heavy. Her breathing was slow and soft, she whispered.] I'm sorry...please forgive me......Gilbert...I'm sorry...Gilbert....[her tears rolled out when she think of her daughters.] please forgive me..sorry...sorry....

    GILBERT: [shake his head as he felt his wife soft face and wipe her tears away.] Shh..don't say that...I love you...please be my fault...I should protect you...

    WUN YEE: [mumbled as her eyes rolled under the eyelid] will you forgive me? The twins...[she pressed her lip together and regretful tears washes her face.] I'm the one that killed them...I'm sorry...will you forgive me? [she open her weak eyes and looked at the blurry vision of Gilbert who is nodding vigorously cause he is speechless with his clotted up throat. At this moment anything will be okay as long as his wife will be alright and at ease, he couldn't bare to see her suffer. Wun Yee sighed softly and nods slowly as she reached her arm up trying to reach for Gilbert face with her bloody hand.] It my fault...

    GILBERT: [quickly grab her hand and held it tightly, Wun Yee reaching it higher and he helped her place her hand on his own face. Gilbert could feel his wife soft finger running along his cheek gently with love.] Don't say that Wun Yee. Shh..I forgive you...I would never blame you... Is my fault...I'm the husband, I'm the one that should protect you....I'm the one that should protect our daughters and you...[Wun Yee eyes kept blinking.] Wun Yee...

    WUN YEE: [rolled her head over to the trail and she saw the thin red thread with a little jade charm on it, her hand reaching for it, but it was too far. In a soft weak voice.] The twins....

    [Gilbert saw her eyes darted at the necklace and quickly grab it for her. His hand was shaky as he recognized it was his daughter necklace. The necklace that Wun Yee and him put on them once they are born. Right on the charm was their name and date of birth engraved, the one he is holding has Annie name engraved. His body weakened as he darted his eyes on the green charm and anger was in him as his hand clenched tightly on the necklace with his hard eyes on it. He knows that something bad must has happened to his daughters to drop this necklace here.]

    WUN YEE: [slowly lifted her weak hand up toward Gilbert hand as her lip trembled and her eye focused on the engraving name of Annie.] It Annie...[she glance at Gilbert with her watery eyes] our Annie....

    GILBERT: [nod with his eyes shut and tears rolled off of his eyes and onto the necklace. Wun Yee hand was still trying to reach for the necklace, so Gilbert quickly grabs Wun Yee hand and show her the necklace. They were both holding on to it with their interlocked hands.] Here it is...

    WUN YEE: [swallowed and break into a cry as she held the necklace to her heart. Her breath was becoming rough and panted a bit.] Annie..... [Gilbert just nod as tear rushed out dripping onto his and his wife interlock hand that have their daughter necklace in it. The flash back of Marco holding to Annie neck was popped into Wun Yee mind and she cried with her broken heart] Annie is dead...dead...[Gilbert heart dropped and stare at Wun Yee with his confused mind and heart, he know something bad happen, but dead? He doesn't know what to say, all of this is too much of a shock. How could he accept his daughter being dead? She is only five.]

    GILBERT: [yelled] What happen?!!

    WUN YEE: [sobbed] sorry... [Wun Yee coughed out more blood and Gilbert quickly wipes it away but more blood oozing out uncontrollably. Wun Yee was in pain, but nothing hurts her more than her broken heart.] Annie is dead Gilbert...they killed her in front of me...she is dead..... she is only could could he...[her head rolled loosely to the side and she shut her eyes with her little guilty voice mumbling about Annie being dead.] Annie...Annie...

    GILBERT: [Hugged Wun Yee tightly with his head nodding and hitting her forehead. His hand was busy wiping the blood away from his wife mouth. He wanted to know who has done this to his wife and daughters but seeing Wun Yee suffering as she speak, all he wanted now was for Wun Yee to get better or at least decrease her pain to the minimal.] Shh...I know..Wun Yee don't think about it anymore...just rest... Please just rest will be fine, I know you will be fine...

    WUN YEE: [shake her head as she cried with her hand grabbing onto Gilbert arm tightly in pain and sorrow. How could she rest? She just lost both of her daughters. She yelled out frustratingly with all of her strength] She is dead! She is dead!!! They are dead Gilbert, they are dead!!! Both Chung Han and Annie are dead! It hurt Gilbert it hurt so much!!!

    [She coughed and choked on her blood. Gilbert rubbed her back to calm her down. He felt his entire body lightened cause of the news, both of his daughters are dead. This can't be true. He was too shock to speak up and his wife voice made him felt so much pain and sorrow.]

    WUN YEE: [Tearfully] I'm the one that let them come along....I'm the one that killed them! I saw them suffer in front of me and I can't do anything...I can't do anything Gilbert...I can't... they are only five...[she sobbed with her shaky voice] It hurt so hurt Gilbert...they die...they kill my daughters...our daughters...our twins....[she sniffed] My heart hurt so bad, it hurt Gilbert..

    GILBERT: [nod with tears] I know, I know, please don't talk Wun need to rest...shh...

    WUN YEE: [sniffing her tears as Gilbert wipe her bloody mouth.] I killed them...Leung killed them....I should listen to you....I kill them...Leung killed them!

    GILBERT: [shake his head and shouted] NO YOU DIDN'T!!! STOP TALKING!!! You need to rest!! I don't want to lose you too! [Wun Yee snuggled herself on her husband and sobbed with her body trembling, Gilbert garment was soaked with blood and tears. Gilbert in an angry voice.] WHO DONE THIS TO YOU?!!! WHO DONE THIS TO ALL OF YOU?!!! HOW DARE THEY TOUCH YOU?!!!

    GILBERT: [His hand angrily hit the ground creating a force that shakes the ground and exploded down the roll, he couldn't handle it anymore and it hurting him really badly to see his wife like this and to know that his twins are dead.] WHO?!!! [he looked at the necklace and tightened his fist] DEI WILL HELP YOU TWO SEEK REVENGE!!! THEY WILL PAY FOR ALL OF THIS!!! WUN YEE WHO KILL THEM?!!

    [Wun Yee swallowed and tries to speak up but her voice was weak now and she is starting to shiver even with the hot afternoon sun on her. Her eyes flashed open and close as the vision of her husband getting blurry and darker. She felt dizzy and her mind can't focus on Gilbert words. She was lost in her own world her own pain and sorrow.]

    WUN YEE: [swallowed and in a very soft faint voice that only barely audible.] I'm cold...cold... is Annie and Chung Han cold too?... [her eyes were on Gilbert confused look. Gilbert was lost to what she was talking about. She seems to be mumbling to herself than to talking to him. Wun Yee lifted her hand up and saw the necklace still hanging in her hand.] I....[she panted and wetted her lip, she felt pain in her chest like getting air became a labor.]

    GILBERT: [moved her sweaty hair back and hugged her tightly.] Wun Yee who done this to you?

    WUN YEE: [still whispering] I can to her...she love this did Chung Han...are they cold Gilbert? Are they cold?...[she let out a breath tiredly and shivered. Gilbert quickly hugged her tighter]...I'm sorry Chung Han...Leung couldn't protect you and Annie....they are cold....Gilbert they are cold....don't worry...Leung is coming...........[silent was hear and Gilbert heart drop and stiffen as he slowly moved Wun Yee away and saw her hand dropped to the side with the necklace slipped out of her grip and on the floor.]

    GILBERT: NO!!! Wun Yee!! Wun Yee please!! You need to be strong!!! [he pulled her upright again and use his Noy Gowng to give her strength again. He felt Wun Yee getting weaker than before and she is not responding much anymore. He whispered.] Wun Yee? [slapping her chilly face.] Wun Yee! [Wun Yee just opens her eyes and stare at him with her still eyes. Gilbert was relief that she woke up again but this time she is so much weaker, her face was pale and beaded with sweat and her entire body limped.] I'll take you home now okay? Just hang on... I could save you...I know I could..[Wun Yee shakes her head and her head dropped toward her husband chest.]

    WUN YEE: [her voice is faint and it hurt her to talk] no use....[her breathing became more harsh and loudly panting.]

    GILBERT: [stubbornly shook his head] I will not let anything happen to you!

    WUN YEE: [only her lip was moving and minimal sound was created.] I want to see them Gilbert....they need me.....

    GILBERT: [shake his head and stare at her angrily] NO! I won't let you go! I need you Wun Yee!! I need you! [he sighed and hammered his fist on the ground frustratingly.] Who hurt you Wun Yee?! Who killed our daughters?!! Where is Louis?!

    WUN YEE: [a drop of tears lingered in her eyes as she keep her eyes glued to her husband feature, her vision was dim and foggy now, only the outline of Gilbert is seen.] He fallen off the cliff too...[she coughed in pain and shut her eyes as she felt the sharp pain. She stops and her voice was lost cause it was too painful and she is too weak to force another word out.]

    GILBERT: [felt Wun Yee soft face and wiped away the blood] I'm sorry...I should be here earlier to protect you...[Wun Yee shake her head weakly] Wun Yee who kill our daughter? Who hurt you? [Wun Yee couldn't speak so she rolled to the side and wrote on the ground with her puddle of blood. She wrote the word Wong so slowly cause she starting to lose control of her own hand.]

    GILBERT: [he waited patiently as his eyes inflamed] Is it your Fu Wong?! [Wun Yee shake her head and tears rolled out cause she wanted to speak up but couldn't. Gilbert was confuse, who else would want to kill them other then the people from the kingdom?] Go on.

    WUN YEE: [took in a breath and slowly moved her finger on the dirt to write again. But her writing became scribble instead cause she couldn't control her hand and tears was streaming out as she notice that it not working out. Her lips moved as she tried to speak but nothing came out and Gilbert has no idea what she is saying or writing. And he couldn't figure out the name either from her broken scribble. Her lip moved to slowly saying a silent "I'm sorry".].........[but of course only her lip moved]

    GILBERT: [sniffed as he touch her face] Don't okay, I'll find out... just rest Wun Yee....I just want you to rest......

    WUN YEE: [nod and try to speak again.].............[nothing came out of her mouth, she sighed softly and gave up, all she could do is just looked at her husband before it was time for her to go. She has so much, she wanted to tell Gilbert, so she tries again.]..........[her lip were moving]...I......[it took her so long to squeeze out an "I" and she is panting now with pain in her chest and breathing was difficult. She pressed her lip together and just stared at Gilbert with her soft watery eyes. Slowly she moved her fragile weak hand to place on her own heart and than reaching her hand toward Gilbert heart and place it on his heart too. She smiled weakly as a drop of Gilbert tears rolled off his chin and hit her eyelid. She smiled warmly with tears glistering in her eyes cause she knows her husband got her message. Gilbert know exactly what she wanted to say and he nodded.]

    GILBERT: [hugged her tightly as he nod vigorously] Me too, me too! I love you Wun Yee!! I LOVE YOU!!! Please don't leave me...please don't leave me....[He looked at Wun Yee and she rolled her eyes up and shuts them as her head dropped to his chest. Her face still has her warm smile hanging sweetly on it. Gilbert heart crushed into a million of pieces as he held his wife body closely against his, his hand was tightly grabbing the back of Wun Yee garment with his knuckle whiten.]

    [Gilbert know that he couldn't do anything, no matter how much Noy Gowng he use it would still be nothing to Wun Yee. All it could do it make her suffer more of the reality. It painful to see his wife suffer and he couldn't do a thing about it to help. His face was stern and expressionless cause he is daunted that one morning he lost all of his family, today is certainly a day that he will never forget for the rest of his life. He has no idea where his daughters and Louis bodies are. He turned his head to look at his surrounding and spotted a wooden sword near by. The logo on the sword reminded him something, and a hopeful weak smile hung on his face immediately.]

    [Quickly, Gilbert froze some of Wun Yee pulse to drag her life as long as possible, until he found help. He swooped her up and walked over to the wooden sword and picked it up. The name engraved on the sword bring him tears as his hand tightened on it and he bend down to pick up the necklace too.]

    GILBERT: Annie, Dei will find the killer and seek revenge for you! [he glance at his wife] Don't worry, I'll get you to Daai gor (in this case is older god-brother)!! Dai Gor can save the dead, so he got to know how to save you! You will be just fine!! I won't let anything happen to you!! Wun Yee you heard me?!

    [He glanced at the motionless wife of his and quickly rushed toward Tin Ming Sect for the first time in five years. His heart was burning with anger at the person who done this but he don't know who it was. All he know is that it not Wun Yee Fu Wong, but who could it be if it weren't people from the kingdom? Could it be the Mo Lam Sect? They have always hated him. There is just so many possibilities since he is the leader of Tin Ming Sect, lot of people wanted to seek revenge from him.]


    [Gilbert rushed up to a remote mountain named "Blazing Sun". The mountain has thick luscious green trees everywhere giving the dark and mysterious look of this very important mountain of Tin Ming Sect. Tin Ming Sect was built right on top of this mountain facing the sun. Gilbert rushed up the mountain with Wun Yee in his arm. Within second he were surrounded by members of the Tin Ming Sect, but all of them are new members and didn't recognize him since he hasn't been there for five years.]

    MEMBER1: How dare you enter Tin Ming Sect territory?!! Leave now or you will be sorry! We don't welcome visitors so please leave as soon as possible!

    GILBERT: [looked at them with his impatient heart. He quickly draws his heavy knife out holding it toward them. All theirs eyes widen and they bowled down respectfully.] Everyone get up! I need Eddy!! Where is he?!

    MEMBER1: [looked at him] You are our Gao Chue(leader of a sect), Gilbert Lam?

    GILBERT: [nod impatiently] Where is Eddy?! [he started to charge toward the front door and enter the huge Tin Ming Sect palace.] EDDY!!! [he was running like a wild manic as the members stare at him curiously.]

    MEMBER1: Cheung Daai Fu (herbalist or doctor in the ancient time) hasn't come back since he last visited which is three years ago.

    GILBERT: [his eyes was still and in disbelief as his hope been stomped away] WHAT?!

    MEMBER1: Gao Chue, he left in search of new medicine and poison.

    GILBERT: [shake his head] This can't be! [he darted at the empty palace] Where is everyone?! [a lady walked out with her jaw dropped when she saw Gilbert. She rushed up to him and stared at him with tears in her eyes.]

    LADY: [yelled with excitement and shock] Yee Gor(second brother, in this case it's god-brother)!! [her expression sadden as she notice that Gilbert is carrying the lifeless Wun Yee.] What happen to Yee Shou(second sister-in-law)?!

    GILBERT: [sighed depressingly] She is hurts pretty badly, I must get Daai Gor. Flora do you know where I can get to him?! Daai gor is the only person that can save her!

    FLORA: [Flora Chan, Gilbert only Si Mui that learned martial art with him and basically grew up with him. She held a pretty high position at Tin Ming Sect also. And after they enter Tin Ming Sect together they also made god-sibling bond with two other members. Eddy was the oldest, than it Gilbert as the second god-brother, Michael is the third god-brother, and finally Flora is the fourth god-sister. Flora shakes her head sadly.] We can try sending our members out to search for him, but you know Daai Gor, he never stays at one place for long. Why don't we put Yee Shou down to rest first before we think of a way to reach him.

    GILBERT: [frustrated] She has no time to spare! She needed to get to Daai Gor right away!!

    FLORA: Yee Gor calm down! I'll try contacting Daai Gor!!

    GILBERT: [head back out] I'll go find him!

    FLORA: [hold his shoulder firmly] Si Hing (remember Gilbert is Flora Si Hing also) just calm down and I'll try to find Daai Gor as soon as possible. You looked tired and how are you supposed to find him by yourself. Yee Shou needed a place to stay and rest up until Daai Gor came back! Just listen to me for once! [a guy walked in from the back courtyard]

    GUY: [in a joking tone, he only hear Flora voice and didn't know that Gilbert was there also.] Who got our Say Mui (fourth god-sister in this case) mad?! [Flora stepped to the side and he was stunned too once he saw Gilbert.] Yee Gor! [he ran up to Gilbert and stare at him in amaze] You finally came back!!

    GILBERT: [sighed and looked around] Yeah, why is it so quiet now? [he give the guy a weak smile]

    GUY: [he saw Wun Yee too] What happen to Yee Shou?!

    GILBERT: It's a long story, I needed to find Daai gor first Michael, do you know where he is?

    MICHAEL: [shake his head] He was at Mount Snowbird two month ago digging up some kind of a roots, but I doubt he still there. What wrong with Yee Shou? Did you guys got in a fight with someone? Is it those Mo Lam Sect again?!

    GILBERT: I don't know, I really don't know. [sighed and told them what he know.] I froze her pulse to drag her life longer but she will die if I couldn't find Daai gor in time! She is weak and she won't last more than two days.

    MICHAEL: [an idea popped up] Don't worry, Daai gor brought back something three years ago that might help Yee Shou. Come with me! [Gilbert was curious and just followed him hopefully, Flora followed along too.] Daai Gor has digs up this big iceberg that has the power and force to keep the person who lay on it to increase their strength and power. It will also help prolong and stabilize life of the dead. Daai gor say something about it being able to keep the dead alive until a cure is found, it kind of like going into hibernation. He always has his patient laying on it for months before he cured them.

    [Michael leaded the way and walked out to the side of the mountain where there is a huge waterfall roaring at the opening to a huge cave that has a heavy iron door. Michael turned the rock nearby and the iron door slide open. He stepped in and held the lit candle to show the way to the iceberg bed. Gilbert was silent as he study the cave and notice it being really cold and emptily quiet. He remembered this cave being the spot he learn his Tin Ming Sect Noy Gowng from the last leader. They walked all the way in and there was a room with the iceberg bed that Michael was talking about.]

    MICHAEL: Here it is. Yee Gor why don't you put Yee Shou on the bed and let her rest?

    GILBERT: [he felt the bed and it was so cold that his hand numbed right away.] Are you sure?

    FLORA: [give him an assuring smile and nod.] Don't worry, we saw Daai gor done it to his patient before. All you need to do is come and give her some of your energy each day. Hopefully we can reach Daai gor soon and find a cure for Yee Shou.

    GILBERT: [nod and slowly place the lifeless Wun Yee on the ice cold bed. Gilbert sited at the edge and he felt to coldness of the bed. He slowly sweeps his hand on Wun Yee forehead.] Don't worry I'll find Daai gor to save you soon. [he turn to Flora.] Flora can you get me some water and wash cloth? [Flora nod understandingly and stepped out. Michael patted Gilbert shoulder. Gilbert nod] Don't worry I'm fine. I won't lose control cause I still have lots to do. [he smiled warmly at Wun Yee and felt her skin cooled down right away with a glow of white frost. He pecked her forehead and whispered.] I'm sorry that I have to leave you here for now, but don't worry you won't stay here long. I promise.

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    Chapter 7: I Want to go Home...

    [The bottom of Sky Bridge Mountain was a green grass valley full of herbs, flower, mushroom, roots, and other great medicine material. A perfect stop for most herbalist to stock up on their medicine. A little boy at the age of seven walked toward the beautiful blooming yellow flower that is at the east side of the valley. He was watching the butterfly fluttering in the still heat trying to find a shaded blossom to rest on.]

    [The sky was perfectly blue with no cloud, which created extreme heat causing the little boy to sweat horribly under the blazing sun. He is wearing a simple beige garment, which are made of rough durable fabric. His hair is tied up into two bundles one on each side of his head. His back was carrying his medicine basket with a little roof that hang above his head to shade him from the sun. He was joyful as usual and always curious with the new flowers and plants he found growing along the valley. He slowly followed the path of the wild flowers heading toward the other end in search of herbs that his Si Fu sends him to get.]

    [He has been to so many different places collecting herbs along with his Si Fu, which he doesn't mind since he has high interest in medicine. But not today though, cause the heat really worn him out and his luck weren't too good either, cause he still have a long list of herbs that he couldn't find on the other valleys. He stared up into the clear bright blue sky and sighed loudly.]

    BOY: [rolled his eyes on the sky] Can you just give me a break?! Come on give me some cloud! [he chuckled at himself and continue to search. He grinned happily as he saw the herb that he was looking for.] Yes! A Larkspur leaf!! Si Fu will be proud! [he pulled his little pocket knife out and cuts a bunch of the leafs and place them safely in his basket. Then he pulled his list out, his excited smile fade as his eyes going through the long list of herbs he still have to find. He sighed and slumped his shoulder with a pouted face.] One down and twenty-nine more to go....

    BOY: [He dragged himself up and continue to search. But the heat really bothered him, he stare at the bright sun with his disappointed look.] A little rest wouldn't hurt? I'm not lazy, just tired. Who could blame me right? [he grinned and sat himself down underneath a tree. Yawning with his hand patting his mouth.] A little nap won't hurt either, right? [he sniffed the fresh air and stretched a bit before he shut his eyes to sleep.]

    BOY: [The valley was silent cause it usually just him, but all of a sudden he hear a little soft moaning sound near by. At first he thought it was the wind, but he quickly popped his eyes open when the moaning sound continue and it sounded so spooky to him.] Wait a minute there is no wind today!

    [He turned his head side to side looking for the sound and it making him feel a bit nervous with his heart beating faster cause he notice that there is no one but himself, so where did the sad moaning sound come from? Only one thing popped into his mind. GHOST! His eyes keep rolling side to side as his heart's beat a bit faster and he swallowed his fear down.]

    BOY: [after a gulp of his fear, he shouted] Now, now I'm not scare of you so stop your moaning!! [the soft sound continue and he turned his ears toward the sound and it seem to be coming from above so he lifted his head up and saw a little girl dangling in between the tree that he was sited underneath. He was startle and jumped a bit when he saw Chung Han. He curiously turned his head to study Chung Han closely.]

    CHUNG HAN: [she was unconscious and moaning in her nightmare] Let go of my Leung....Leung....

    [The boy notice that she weren't awake, he was curious to why she is stuck in between the tree like that and why she have a veil on her face. It just too weird to him, he hardly ever met anyone up close, especially being a girl. His Si Fu and him go to many places but they are all in the wild out door and usually no one around. So he was curious of this new being right above him.]

    BOY: [He yelled toward Chung Han.] Hey!! Are you okay?! [Chung Han just moaned. He sighed and knows that she is not responding.] I'll get you down. [he climbed up slowly and going toward the branch that Chung Han body is resting on. He reached the tips of his hand to push her gently.] Hey are you hurt? Can you wake up?

    [There was no response so he scooted closer to her and reaching for her hand and held it tightly interlocked with his. He looked down and it was pretty far up, he doesn't know how to get down, he doesn't know any Mo Gowng and he never trust his Heng Gowng either, even though it was quite good, but he always rather walk. He swallowed at the height and softly talked to himself as his hand hold onto Chung Han hand tightly.]

    BOY: [nervously] Oh boy, how am I going to get down with you? I wish Si Fu is here...hmm...[before he could say another word the branch broke off and he was falling down with Chung Han.] Ahhh!!! [He yelled with his heart dropped so quickly.]

    [Chung Han was falling faster than him and he didn't want to fall on top of her and injure her more, so he quickly jerked Chung Han closer to his body and hugged her tightly and shifted his own body so that he would be the one landed first. A big throb was heard when the two of them landed and rolled on the grass field a bit until it stop with him hitting his head on a rock.]

    BOY: Oww!!! Ai Ya! That is going to be a big bump for sure.......[he let out a breath of relief and his heart calmed down a bit. Chung Han was on top of him so he quickly rolled to the side and let her lay on the grass. He studies her curiously and poked her body.] Hey wake up! [he looked at her interestingly and has the urge to remove her veil.]

    [The veil just made him wanted to see her face more, is just too mysterious to him. He talked to the unconscious Chung Han, even though he knows she wouldn't response. It just a habit of his to talk to himself out loud, since he had no body to talk to him except for his Si Fu, and Si Fu don't talk much. Who else could he talk to but himself?]

    BOY: [asked curiously] Why do you have a veil on? Is something wrong with your face? [he slowly moved his hand on the veil and grab a corner of it.] Couldn't be too ugly right? [he grinned mischievously and slowly lifted the veil up to peek at Chung Han face. His brows wrinkled in confusion as he turned his head to look every single inch of Chung Han face trying to find the reason for the veil.] I don't see any scar or birthmark... You are not ugly at all, why do you have a veil? [he smiled sweetly] You are actually quite pretty. No need to hide it. [with a jerk of his hand he pulled the veil totally away from Chung Han. He grinned cheerfully when Chung Han eyes begin to move under her eyelid.]

    CHUNG HAN: [she slowly opened her eyes at the sound of boy mumbling] Louis?

    BOY: [grinned at her and stare straight into her eyes as he kind of squatted in front of her with his head close up to her face.] No. I'm not Louis, I'm Benny Chan, who are you?

    CHUNG HAN: [she was startle by the close face of a stranger in front of her and quickly pushed him away. She pulled her weak body to an upright position and limped to her left with her hand against the ground to balance her strength less body.] Who are you?!

    BENNY: [rolled his eyes] I just told you I'm Benny Chan! Weren't you listening? [curiously stare at her face, he kept thinking she look okay why do she have to cover such beautiful face? Excitedly with a friendly smile, it not an every day thing that he meet a new friend.] Or you could call me Ho Man or Ben! [he smiled] You haven't answer me yet! [Chung Han just stare at him with her confused look, Benny is just too weird to her. Benny chuckled.] I mean your name! [Chung Han eyes was kept on him with out a blink, Benny waved his hand back and forth in front of her.] Hello? I'm talking to you!

    CHUNG HAN: [she saw her blue veil in his hand and quickly touched her own face to feel for the veil, but she felt her skin instead of the silk veil. She darted at Benny angrily with her round furious eyes in disbelief. Benny saw those eyes and he was confused.] Give it back to me!!!

    BENNY: [narrowed his eyes] Give what back to you?

    CHUNG HAN: [pouted with tears in her eyes, she doesn't know why she has tears in her eyes, she just felt so emotional with all the things that happened to her. Her lips trembled as she stared at Benny who is holding to her veil not willing to hand it over.] I hate you!! You are picking on me!! [she darted her eyes at him and felt so emotionally sad, her father told her before that no one suppose to see her face no matter what or she will be punished and it just the rule that she must follow ever since she was three. She pouted angrily and kept her stern eyes on Benny.] I'm going to kill you!! Give it back now!!! [Benny just stared at her confusedly and studying her behavior with his usual curious smile. Chung Han thought he is making fun of her cause his goofy grin is on her at all time.] Stop it!!

    BENNY: [he was confuse] What? I didn't do anything! I save you!!

    CHUNG HAN: [her eyes were glued to her blue veil that Benny was holding to.] Give me back my veil now!

    BENNY: [he finally got the clue to what she been screaming for. He held the veil up and his eyes were narrowed on it.] Why do you need to cover your face? [Chung Han hand held out toward him, but he wouldn't give it back to her.] You tell me why first!

    [Chung Han eyes watered as she remembered what her father say and she felt like she dishonoring her father by not keeping her promise and following the rule. Once she thinks of her father she remembered her mom, Annie and Louis. She started to cry loudly as she scanned the valley with her watery eyes. She doesn't know why she feeling so weak inside today or why she cried so easily just like Annie would. But who wouldn't? She is only five but she experience more than she suppose to.]

    [The valley are surrounded by the high mountains so she couldn't see much anyway. She wanted to find her family; she wanted to go home. She felt scare and lost cause there is nothing except for this annoying nosy boy that just made her break her promise and continuing to pick on her, at least that how she felt inside. Chung Han continued to cry, and Benny didn't like that at all, cause he don't know how to comfort her.]

    BOY: [He swallowed and walked closer to her] Are you hurt? Why are you crying? [he moved his hand closer wanting to wipe Chung Han tears away with her blue veil.] Don't are turning really red now. [he giggled with his lips press together] Kind of like the angry blazing sun...

    CHUNG HAN: [yanked the veil back and punched him on the eye.] Jerk!

    BENNY: [Rubbing his eyes, lucky Chung Han strength was weakened cause of her fall or else he will get a black eye for sure.] Ouch! Why you do that for?! I was helping you dry your tears! Be more reasonable will you?!!

    CHUNG HAN: [pushed him away] You were laughing at me!! You were making fun of me!! I hate you! Why did you pull my veil off!

    BENNY: [confuse to what the big deal] You look pretty without...

    CHUNG HAN: [flattened her lip with her eyes dart at him hard] Shut up! You have no right to look at me! Do you want my Dei to kill you?!

    BENNY: [Rolled his eyes while Chung Han put her veil back on her face.] You are just so weird, I just complimented you. What your problem?! [he was a bit harsh cause he was starting to get annoyed by her.]

    CHUNG HAN: [sniffing her tears as she cried again when she hear his tone.] I don't need your compliment! You have no right to touch me!! I hate you! I hate all of you! Give me back my Leung!! And Annie!!! I want Annie!! [she sniffed and cried louder with her muffled voice] Annie!!

    CHUNG HAN: [Chung Han was traumatize, all she wanted was her family. Benny silently stared at her and felt saddened by her, but he was totally lost and confuse. She darted her teary eyes at Benny.] And you!! You pulled my veil off!! What did I do to you?!! Why are you picking on me?! I hate you!! Dei will be mad at me cause of you! [she cried louder and Benny eyes just narrowed on her feeling a bit guilty even though he has no idea what she is talking about.] I miss Dei!!! I want my Leung!! And Annie!!!! And daai gor gor!! [she stare at Benny and demanded] You give them back to me now!! [she cried with her head drop toward the ground.]

    BENNY: What are you talking about? [curiously as he lowed his head a bit trying to meet Chung Han eyes.] What happen to you? Where is your family?

    CHUNG HAN: [she remembered that Louis was hanging on the cliff with her so she quickly tried to get up and see if he is around too. But she quickly fallen back to the ground.] Ouch! [tears were streaming down her cheek and she frowned as her head continue to search.] Daai gor gor...[her eyes froze when she spotted the wooden knife of Louis. She shoot up again and quickly fallen back down.] It daai gor gor!! [Benny ran to her and pulled her back up. She grab on Benny garment and stare at him for the first time with soften hopeful eyes.] It Si Hing!! [she pointed her finger toward the wooden knife and her eyes were rounded with hope. She jerked Benny with her hand clinging to his garment.] It Si Hing weapon!! He must be around!!!

    BENNY: [he don't know what to do other than nod as Chung Han shake him] Okay, okay...stop the shaking! [Chung Han stopped and stared at him with pleading eyes. Benny stared at her confusedly to why her eyes were so still on him.] What do you want?

    CHUNG HAN: [Her eyes widen in disbelief that Benny still has no idea what she wanted. She yelled out loud and clear] I WANT MY DAAI GOR GOR! That is his knife! So he got to be around!

    BENNY: [Yelled back] You don't have to shout!

    CHUNG HAN: [swallowed her anger and say it as calmly as she could under her breath.] If I didn't shout you wouldn't get what I want. [Benny darted his eyes on her angrily. She sighed and looked up at him.] Forget it! [she slowly got herself up and hopped on one leg. Benny quickly holds her and dragged her down.] Do you have manner?! You not suppose to touch me! I'm a girl and you are a boy!!

    BENNY: [irritated] Yeah, yeah, yeah..can you just stop all the shouting? It's not good for your throat.

    CHUNG HAN: [narrowed her eyes at him, he is just so different and weird to her too. Her voice softened, she sense Benny being friendly even though he is a bit weird.] I need to go find Si Hing....

    BENNY: [he was satisfy that her voice finally calmed down.] I'll look for him. Just stay put, I think your leg is broken. [Chung Han nod and Benny ran off to the direction of the wooden knife and pick it up. Chung Han watches him closely wishing that he would find Louis soon. But Benny has no luck, he searched at the grass field for an hour already and there is still no sign of a different being other than him and Chung Han. Chung Han heart dropped little by little as she watches Benny and notice that Louis is not around. Benny returns to her and hand the wooden knife back to her.] Sorry. I don't think he is around.

    CHUNG HAN: [she grab the wooden knife and her face sadden into depression as she slowly run her hand on the engraved name of Louis.] Where could he be? [she looked up toward the high mountain with tear glistering in her eyes.] I want to go home.

    BENNY: [he kneeled down next to Chung Han and turned her leg to check on it.] You broke your right leg. Don't worry I'll help you fix it.

    CHUNG HAN: [looked at Benny with her teary pleading eyes.] I don't need it fix. I just want to go home. I want to go home... I want to see my Leung... I want to see Dei!! And Lok gor gor! And Annie!! I want to go home! They must be home now! Lok gor gor and mui mui (younger sister) must be waiting for me to play with them at home....[tears were in her eyes as she speak cause she know it not true, but that what she hoped for.]

    BENNY: [stare at the five years old in front of him and he felt sorry for her. He looked around and didn't know what to do or say to comfort her.] Where are they?

    CHUNG HAN: [tilted her head up and stare at the mountain top that is as high as the sky.] up there.

    BENNY: [widen his eyes] You fallen all the way from up there?! [Chung Han nod with her lip trembling and wanting to cry.] No, no don't you start crying again! I don't know how to stop you if you do! So please don't cry! [Chung Han bit her lower lip tightly trying to hold her tears in, her face was quickly redden and looking a bit purple. Benny sighed and rolled his eyes.] Alright you could cry...but not too long...[Chung Han cried loudly and hugged her own pair of legs as her whole body tremble and hiccup was hear. Benny sighed and felt sad for her, but other than that he don't know what else to do. Chung Han cry became more loud and she begin to pant with her entire body shaking, Benny turn and stare at her confusedly.] Are you okay?

    CHUNG HAN: [her breathing was harsh and she turns to look at Benny with her pale face and white lip. Benny was shocked.] I want to go home...can you take me home Ho Man gor g....[she fainted before she could finish her sentence.]

    BENNY: [Benny quickly pulled her up right again.] Hey!! [he nudged her but there was no reaction. He pulled his hand out which is on her back, wanting to slap Chung Han face to get her attention but he was shock to see his hand all bloody. He quickly turned Chung Han back to face him and he saw all the cut that she have on her back and they are still bleeding.] OMG! Calm down...I know first aid, yes I know first how does it go? Okay you have to lay down first.

    [He moved Chung Han to lay on her belly with the back up. And quickly ran to pick some herbs that will stop her bleeding. He mashed up the herbs together into a paste and applied it on Chung Han wound, which is visible cause her clothes are torn apart from the cut. His eyes narrowed at her right shoulder blade cause of the black sun logo with a fire flame underneath it.]

    BOY: [surprised] You are a Tin Ming Sect member? [he pulled his necklace out and compare the logo and it matched perfectly.] I better get you back to Si Fu! [he slides his hand under Chung Han back and leg and try to lift her up.] Oh boy you are heavier than I thought! [he lifted her up and wobbled back to his and Si Fu place.]

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    Chapter 8: Spirit of the Goddess

    [To the south side of Sky Bridge Mountain was a small straw house deep into the wood. The surrounding was filled with mushroom of different species and color, some extremely poisonous while other are the best medicine. Eddy was in front of his temporary house drying some leaves that are poisonous. He has spent his whole life studying poison and medicine in order to help other or to punish the unworthy.]

    [Eddy has never stayed at one place longer than three months so locating him is harder than bumping into him by coincident. Nothing could tie Eddy down at one spot, except for one thing, which is Tin Ming Sect, he is a loyal member that will devote his life to the sect if he needed to. He is also a very great friend and brother of his god-sibling, if anyone of them are in trouble, he will be the first one to stand up for them and help them with all his ability even if it risk his life. But that what all of them will do in return too.]

    EDDY: [spreading the leave apart to dry and picking a couple that is thoroughly dried and ready for use. Than he walked over to pick up a leech from a jar of his and walked into his little cozy straw house. A patient of his was on the wooden bench moaning cause he was shot with a poisonous arrow. He places the leech right over the wound. In his usual calm serious voice.] Just hold still. [the poison was quickly draw out of the guy.]

    [A loud noise was heard from out side so he walked out to see what happen. It was his student clumsily fallen over cause of a pail and knocked his tray of drying leave all over the dirt ground, he was not surprise cause it not the first time anyway.]

    EDDY: [In a stern authorize voice.] Benny can't you be more careful next time?

    BENNY: [his body was covering Chung Han when he fallen on her. He quickly got off her and Eddy notice that he bought company. Benny quickly straightened his garment and dusted the dirt away as his leg kicking trying to get the pail off. After he got the silly pail away he grinned at Eddy cheerfully.] Si Fu!

    EDDY: [he stare at Benny disappointed] No visitor Benny, get her out. And you owe me a tray of dry Pokeweed leafs. [Eddy turned and started to walk back in, not even giving Chung Han a split second of his attention. Benny quickly rushed up to Eddy and yanked on his sleeve. Eddy know exactly what he wanted.] Benny what is my first rule?

    BENNY: [smiled cheerfully] No one can stay with us or ask for cure if they are not a Tin Ming Sect member. [Eddy nod and continue walking in. Benny hopped in front of him and smiled slyly with excitement.] But she is a Tin Ming Sect member!

    EDDY: [turn to look at Chung Han who is still laying on the ground. He couldn't recognize her being a member.] She is a member? [Benny nodded excitedly and dragged Eddy over. Eddy walked over and lifted Chung Han up into his arm and his eyes were on her face that has a veil, he was curious to why, and the thought of her being the Goddess didn't enter his mind, since he know that Gilbert has remote himself and his family five years ago. His eye moved down to her neck in search of the Tin Ming Sect necklace that all members should have, but she doesn't.] Benny she is not a member.

    BENNY: [shake his head] No Si Fu she is! She has our logo on her shoulder blade! [Eddy was surprise, and the thought of the five years old in his arm being the Goddess is flashing in his mind like neon sign. He quickly placed Chung Han on his other wooden bench and turned her over. The logo was indeed on her shoulder blade, Eddy was confused now to why she is alone and hurt. Benny poked his finger on Chung Han shoulder right on the logo.] See, she is a member!

    EDDY: [he quickly pulled Benny finger away from Chung Han.] You not suppose to touch her! Where is your manner? [Benny sense Eddy respect for this young girl and it make him curious. Eddy eyed Chung Han confusedly.] Where did you find her Benny? Why is she hurt? What happen? [his heart was worry for his Yee Dai (second younger brother, in this case god-brother). He know something must be terribly wrong to have Gilbert daughter here alone and injured pretty badly.] Weren't they supposed to be at Twin Mountains? [he turn to Benny for an answer.] Benny where did you find her?

    BENNY: At the valley where I was picking herbs, right under Sky Bridge Mountain. Who is she, Si Fu?

    EDDY: [saw that Chung Han has many cut that been covered with herbs.] You touched her bare skin?

    BENNY: [nod and speak softly cause he sense his Si Fu voice of disapproval] Yeah, she was bleeding and I tried to stop the bleeding.

    EDDY: [sighed, no one was suppose to touch Chung Han or even look at her skin, cause she is the Goddess. (when I say her skin, I mean her body, not her hand.)] Benny, go in and grab a cape for her.

    BENNY: Who is she?

    EDDY: Go first, I'll explain to you after we take care of her. [he looked at Chung Han closely and study her wound. Benny return with his cape and Eddy wrap it around Chung Han to cover her up. Benny was totally lost by his si fu expression and he is extremely interested in Chung Han identity. Eddy held Chung Han wrist to feel her pulse. He then looked at her back where Benny has treated it already. He sighed as he looked at Benny.] Benny you shouldn't touch her or look at her skin again, you got that? [Benny nod with his confuse eyes.] I'll take her in the room to treat her. You stay out here and I'll talk to you later.

    BENNY: [nod] Okay.

    EDDY: [carried Chung Han into a small room and place her on the bed to treat her. He washed Chung Han wound carefully and applied new medicine. After he is done he walked out and looked at his student curious face. He softly patted Benny back and signaled Benny to follow him. They settle down on the stone table out side of the straw house right under a gazebo.] Benny can you tell me exactly how you find her?

    BENNY: [nod and told his Si Fu everything. Eddy started to get up to pace around as he listens to Benny story.] Then she started to cry loudly as she demanded me to take her home. [his expression change from an annoyed to a saddened face.] She really wanted to go home, but I don't know how to help her. Then she suddenly fainted.

    EDDY: [nod as he paced back and forth worried about Chung Han parents.] We need to take her back to Gou Chue(leader of the sect). [he turn to Benny with his disapprove eyes] So you saw her face? [Benny nod, Eddy sighed with his head shaking at Benny.] What did I told you about being nosy? [Benny sheepishly shifted his gaze at his pair of foot.] Remember phrase 9 in your lesson book? [Benny nod] Recite it to me.

    BENNY: [in a sad gloomy voice with his eyes slightly dulled.] If a problem doesn't concern one self, one self shouldn't concern for the problem.

    EDDY: [he nod] I want you to write that phrase for a thousand times before you sleep tonight.

    BENNY: [his mouth drop open] One thousand times!!

    EDDY: [warning tone] Benny.

    BENNY: [slumped his shoulder] I'm sorry. But can I at least do it tomorrow? I won't get to sleep...

    EDDY: [shake his head] No, at least this will help you remember your mistake.

    BENNY: [frowned with his puppy eyes, his heart is getting angry at Chung Han] But...

    EDDY: [saw his expression] No but. You make a big mistake Benny, no one was supposed to see her face. [give out a long sigh] Nor touch her. You did it to save her, so that is understandable and forgivable. But just to pull off her veil to satisfy your own curiosity is not acceptable.

    BENNY: [lost] Why? She looked okay, not like she is some kind of monster nor....

    EDDY: [whacked his head gently to stop him.] You can't talk bad about her.

    BENNY: [rubbing his head] I weren't talking bad about her, I was complimenting her.

    EDDY: [shake his head at him] You are not allow to talk about her in anyway. Even compliment, her look is not for us to compliment. She is the Goddess of Tin Ming Sect. The one that all of us members must paid respect to and even worship.

    BENNY: [Disbelief] Worship?! That annoying girl?! [he don't see what so special about that five years old.]

    EDDY: [his eyes were on Benny stilly and Benny got the cue to shut up.] Benny lowers your voice and pays your respect for her. I need you to remember that she is not for you to touch or look at, so keep your distance and treat her with respect. I don't want you to mention about her look or compare her to this and that. And don't ever pull her veil away again. You got that?

    BENNY: [nod] I know. But why does she need to cover her face? Not like she is very ugly. She not that pretty either and her temper...

    EDDY: [cleared his throat] What did I just say Benny? [Benny stared at his Si Fu with his lip press together.] Summarize what I just told you.

    BENNY: [sighed] Do not pull her veil off. But why?

    EDDY: [slightly hit Benny head] Does the problem of her not showing her face concern you?

    BENNY: [shake his head slowly] no.

    EDDY: [his eyes were straight at Benny.] What was the phrase again?

    BENNY: [speak up in a depressed chanting voice] If a problem doesn't concern one self, one self shouldn't concern for the problem.

    EDDY: [sit down next to Benny and stare at him with his disappointed eyes.] Why don't you make that two thousand times, that way you will remember it more.

    BENNY: [shocked with his jaw dropped and his eyes widen] What?!! I can't finish it in time to sleep!

    EDDY: [in a stern voice.] Do you want to make it three thousand?

    BENNY: [swallowed with his head shaking. He pouted a bit, he is mad at Chung Han now.] No. [softly] I'm just curious about Tin Ming Sect. Not that I'm interested in that meany cry baby.

    EDDY: [warning tone] Benny.

    BENNY: [quickly] Sorry.

    EDDY: [sighed] Why don't you continue to tell me what you shouldn't and should do in front of her.

    BENNY: [sighed softly and nod] I shouldn't pull her veil away. I shouldn't compliment her. I shouldn't say bad things about her. I shouldn't mention about her look. I shouldn't touch her. I shouldn't respect her. No, no, no that is not right. I mean I should respect her. [Eddy shaking his head as his eye rolled up slightly.] I should keep my distance. I should...[he looked up at his Si Fu] I think that is all.

    EDDY: [nod satisfied] Good, now why don't you write these seven rule a thousand time too.

    BENNY: [he was speechless as his eyes were on his Si Fu about to be in tears.] But...but..that is like a total of nine thousand sentences to write....and I can't sleep before it done? [the bridge of his nose wrinkle in disbelief.]

    EDDY: [looked at Benny puppy eyes with his narrowed brows.] Do you wanted me to round it up to ten thousand lines?

    BENNY: [shake his head and mumbling in his heart] Stupid girl. Stupid stupid brat. No stupid stupid me for bring her back!

    EDDY: [he know very well what Benny is doing by his student angry stern face and eyes darting at the square table.] Benny, remember the rule about not talking bad about her?

    BENNY: [a bit of anger was in his tone.] I wasn't. [he looked away sheepishly wondering how his si fu just read his mind like that.]

    EDDY: [he couldn't help himself for slightly laughed at his student as he patted his back.] It's a good way to practice your handwriting too. Did you want to know more about Tin Ming Sect and the Goddess?

    BENNY: [stand up with his head shaking] No, I better start on the writing or I won't even get to sleep tomorrow night. Si fu you can enjoy the dinner, I probably couldn't make it to join you.

    EDDY: [rolled his eyes and signaled Benny to sit back down, Benny obey as usual.] Are you not happy with my teaching?

    BENNY: [under his breath] I wouldn't dare. You are my Si Fu I'm supposed to respect you. You are the one that raise me too, so of course not.

    EDDY: [patted his shoulder] Good. Now do you want to listen to why I'm making you write all of this? [Benny nod sadly, he has no choice, might as well listen to the reason too. Eddy slightly grinned at his student.] That girl in there name is Chung Han Lam [he paused] she should be around five now.

    BENNY: [curiously] You know her?

    EDDY: [nod] Like I say before she is the goddess of our sect. She is also Yee Dai eldest daughter. [he sighed] I wonder what happen to her for her to get separated from her family. [he saw Benny round eyes on him and he brushed the thought of Gilbert away and started to explain the origin of his sect.] Tin Ming Sect is started about five hundreds years ago in India.

    BENNY: [curiously] India?

    EDDY: [nod] The original Tin Ming Sect was actually just a group of Prince Jusma followers. Prince Jusma is the third son of the king of India during that period. He has fallen in love with a beautiful Goddess that was sent down to help the neighboring country gain their power and strengthen their country against Prince Jusma Fu Wong. Therefore theirs love were never meant to happen, there is just too many issue involve, one is a Goddess while the other is a human. Not to mention that they are basically enemies at war.

    EDDY: Both of them loved each other deeply and vowed to never part. Prince Jusma told his Fu Wong that he wanted to married the Goddess, of course his Fu Wong will not heard of it. He sends people to lock and guard Prince Jusma in his own palace, to make sure he wouldn't see the Goddess again. The Goddess was punished also cause she wouldn't help the other country fight the country that her love one is in. She was sentenced to be punish by the burning flame of the sun for five hundreds years. She suffered the burning fire every second, but her heart was still on Prince Jusma and she didn't regret her decision.

    EDDY: Prince Jusma heart was only filled with love for the Goddess too, with both of their heart on each other they were able to hear each other thought. He could see the Goddess suffering every time he looked at the sun in the morning and he heard her soft voice at night. He wanted to go out to save her but he is stuck in his own palace. To protest against his Fu Wong hoping that he will weaken his heart and set him free, he wouldn't eat, drink, nor sleep, all he does is stare at the sun once dawn hit and watch it 'til it set. At night he would just shut his eyes and hummed the tone the Goddess is singing to him.

    EDDY: The king was harsh and stubborn, he wouldn't give in at all even seeing his son on the verge of dying. The citizen of the country begin to hear the moaning sound of the two parted lovebirds and theirs heart sadden too. The Prince and Goddess is both really kinds hearted person that has done many righteous things for the citizen, they were knows to be the hero in their heart that help them seek justice. The citizen couldn't bear seeing them suffer cause of the stubborn colds hearted king. Slowly their heart grew more rebellious against the king.

    EDDY: Other than the citizen the prince has many loyal followers that wanted to help him and the Goddess too, they started to organize a group of citizens that are willing to volunteer in the rescue of the Prince. And they named themselves the Tin Ming Sect, cause Prince Jusma palace is called Tin Ming G-owng (Tin Ming Palace), which also meant justice. They wanted justice for their Prince to repay for what the Prince and Goddess have did for them. They wanted the superior God to give the Goddess and the Prince a chance.

    BENNY: [his face was showing a disappointed look] So our sect developed cause of a love couple? [he thought Tin Ming Sect started cause of something cool like a heroic battle or something, well at least it suppose to be something much more interesting than a love of a couple.]

    EDDY: [nod sadly] In a way, but there is more to it. [Benny nod and give Eddy all his attention.] Tin Ming Sect started their plan to rebel against their king in order to free Prince Jusma, many people die during the rebellious war period. The country quickly weakened by the war of its own citizens, which give the chance of the neighboring countries to take advantage of them. Which causes more death and blood to stain the stream. The superior God of the heaven was angered by the ignorance fool that is killing each other cause of an unworthy reason.

    EDDY: No one was suppose to break the rule of Heaven, especially mortal. And all of the Tin Ming Sect members are breaking the rule by wanting Prince Jusma and the Goddess to end up together. He decided to punish all mortal until they truly understand their faults, so he cast a spell on all the mortal of the city in battle. The spell causing all the citizens to have a revengeful hearts that kept the war going and the death continue to increase. The common citizens were the one that suffered the most, seeing their family torn apart cause of the war, and living with fear that they too get killed. They start to hate and label Tin Ming Sect as an evil sect that started all of this bloody battle, without the rebellious war none of this would happen.

    EDDY: The Goddess was suffering from her own conscience cause she realize that the war started cause of her forbidden love of a mortal. She knows that God is behind all of this to punish her and the Prince. She couldn't bear seeing all the people dying because of her, hers mind was haunted by guilt and regrets. So she begged God to end all of this at once and to forgive her, she promise to obey and never break the rule again, all she asked for were the mercy of God to spare all the innocent live. God agreed to her plead and told her the way to break this blinded spell. After hearing the method the Goddess sadden but she know that she must do what is right. She was released from her sentence to do her duty and clear her sin.

    BENNY: [blurted out] What was the method? Did she when to save Prince Jusma?

    EDDY: Tin Ming Sect has killed many people to reach to Tin Ming Palace to rescue Prince Jusma. But he wouldn't leave cause he couldn't betray his own Fu Wong and seeing all the citizen of his country die cause of him, he know that it all his fault for having a forbidden love. He told Tin Ming Sect to end all of this and unite to protect the country against the other countries, he pointed out to what they has done wrong. Both him and the sect are regretting as they saw piles of dead body out in the middle of the street.

    EDDY: [sighed] Tin Ming Sect wanted to fix their mistake by fighting back the other countries and protect their country. But the Goddess wouldn't allow it to happen. She wouldn't allow anymore death to occur, cause she know it's a sin. But every country has lost so much men cause of the war that they are not willing to give up too easily, God are not willing to forgive to easily too unless things are set back to how they suppose to be. Most of the armies have a revengeful heart now cause their family been torn apart and most of them lost their family members cause of this war. They wouldn't listen to the Goddess pleading, so the bloody war continues with the death rate increasing as time pass.

    EDDY: The Goddess thought that she could settle this without the method God told her, but it seem like what God told her is the only solution. She know it will break her heart and Prince Jusma heart but she couldn't stand seeing the citizen suffer any longer, the method of God must be use. The method of breaking the spell involved her spiritual life as an angel. In order to show God her regret for breaking the rule of loving a mortal is to have the mortal that loved her shatter her spirit with his own hands. This is the only way to show that they understand their lesson and to break all bond between them in order to set thing back to normal.

    EDDY: Of course Prince Jusma wouldn't do so, how could he send her away himself? The Goddess didn't want to leave him too, but there is no choices the armies seem to be controlled by God to fight till the last one stand. She know that God wanted her to fix all of this herself. But Prince Jusma must be the one who send her away in order to show their regret, but he is not willing to, this leave the Goddess no choices but to shattered herself and hope that God will forgive her and have mercy on the common soul. She got herself up above the battlefield and shuts her eyes with one blow of her magic she ended her spiritual life.

    EDDY: Every single army froze when they saw her spirit shattered right in front of their eyes and sprinkling of her spirit spread like star dust onto them. But her spiritual dust doesn't calm the armies down cause she was not shattered by the mortal that loved her, which proof that the mortal still hasn't learn his lesson, and God will not have mercy on the people until the mortal know his fault.

    BENNY: So she kill herself for nothing?!

    EDDY: [nod] The war just kept going with people dying drastically. More and more citizen from all the countries that are at war begin to hate Tin Ming Sect and blamed everything on them cause they are the one that lit the unstoppable flame. Tin Ming Sect are starting to regret too but it was too late, their sin has been too deep. As for Prince Jusma he was in pain seeing his beloved risk her spirit of being a Goddess all because of him. He felt guilty that the war didn't stop because of him being selfish and not willing to break his bond with the Goddess. Prince Jusma really learned his lesson when he saw bodies everywhere and his own citizens are hating him and rebelling against him.

    EDDY: In order to repay them and show his regret, he wanted to kill himself and hopefully it not too late for God to spare the rest of the citizen life. But deep down in his heart he was hoping on joining the Goddess lost soul and to finish his vow of being with her forever. Right went he was about to commit suicide, a soft familiar voice came to him telling him that it no use for him to kill himself, cause his sin has deepen too much and his heart is not truly regretting about their love, she also told him that he will never find her again. She told him to forget her before it too late, she told him to clear his heart in the mercy of the common citizens. She also told him that the only way out of this cycle of death is for him to totally forget about her and in order for him to clear his sin is to lead Tin Ming Sect back to the right track.

    EDDY: With those few last words the voice of the Goddess was never heard of again. After realizing that she will never be back again, Prince Jusma decided to follow her last wish, so he left the kingdom and started leading Tin Ming Sect to do the honorable thing to wash their sin. But everyone was too afraid of Tin Ming Sect already to give them a second chance. Even with the hatred eyes of the society the sect kept their goal continuing to save people and do only righteous things. As years pass the love between the Prince and the Goddess slowly faded and the Prince was able to forget her totally, it is until then that God finally settle down the war. But millions of peoples have been killed cause of this mistake of forbidden love.

    BENNY: [confused] Than why do Tin Ming Sect have a Goddess if he wanted to forget about her?

    EDDY: [sighed] The entire Tin Ming Sect was grateful for what the Goddess has done for them to decrease their sin and to persuade Prince Jusma to lead them back to the right track, so they wanted to have a Goddess as their leader in honor of the real Goddess herself. Nothing more than honor and respect. The sect believes that a part of the spirit of the Goddess will be with the elected Goddess and she will help lead us to the righteous way. Therefore each new leader of Tin Ming Sect will have to elect out a Goddess, which is usually just their first borns daughter.

    BENNY: [starting to understand] So that girl in there is the first born of our Gou Chue?

    EDDY: [nod] Yes.

    BENNY: But why do she have to wear a veil?

    EDDY: Prince Jusma fallen in love at first sight when he saw the Goddess cause of her beauty, he sets this as the first rule of Tin Ming Sect so that it won't happen again. All the member believe that the chosen one must be chosen and blessed by the Goddess herself, so she must be beautiful and pure. And her beauty and purity must be kept as it is until she became the leader and reunite with the India Tin Ming Sect, before she could reveal herself.

    BENNY: [confusedly] Why don't they make her wear it her whole life than?

    EDDY: After she is eighteen she is consider as a leader of India Tin Ming Sect and she will be worshipped by members. And since she has reach her destination there is no need for her to cover herself up. Also because she is eighteen, which mean she has matured and know to follow the rule and not have the heart for others. She will get to learn all the Mo Gowng that been passed down for hundreds of years in order to became a powerful leader of Tin Ming Sect. But before she is reunited with the India Tin Ming Sect, her face must be kept pure and clean from the eyes of the common to respect the Goddess. Who ever saw her before then or ruin her purity, are suppose to die. [Benny swallowed with his eye widened and Eddy slightly chuckled at his fearful face.] But for you, I guess it would be okay since she is still young and you really didn't know her identity. But you must apologize to her and Gou Chue.

    BENNY: [curiously] But all of this occurs in India, how did it move to Zong Yuen?

    EDDY: Cause Tin Ming Sect been spreading quite fast. Even though the majority of the society didn't accept the sect, but there are also a minority group that starting to realize the sect being a righteous and honorable sect that save people and fight for honor. So more and more members join the sect, this is the point where Tin Ming Sect starts to gather heroic members that have high skill in Mo Gowng. About two hundred years ago, a historical hero of Zong Yuen name Man Ting heard about the sect and went to India to join them. He later married the second daughter of the sect leader and moved back to Zong Yuen with her to continue the spread of Tin Ming Sect. It was until than that Tin Ming Sect spread across Zong Yuen. Like in India there are some supporter and other that think we are evil, just because of rumors and fear.

    BENNY: Why is the Goddess elected in Zhong Yuen instead of India?

    EDDY: [with a bit of pride.] Gou Chue (sect leader) Man Ting is a very noble and honorable man. He is a great leader that expanded Tin Ming Sect to the fullest. During the period under his leadership, the society was at peace and Tin Ming Sect was honored. He also has a daughter that is extremely witty and clever. She was then been elected as the Goddess to replace the death of the Goddess that is in India. The India member was satisfy with their new Goddess and has decided from then on to elect Goddesses from Zhong Yuen Tin Ming Sect.

    EDDY: One of the reasons is that it united the Zong Yuen and India Tin Ming Sect more and created more interaction. The second reason is to honor Man Ting Gou Chue for being such a great leader. [he sighed] But too bad Tin Ming Sect is going down hill right after Man Ting Gou Chue passed away. We still try to live up the spirit of Tin Ming Sect the best we could. Well that the history of Tin Ming Sect. So Chung Han is the Goddess of our sect and you need to follow the rule to our sect and keep your respect. So don't remove her veil again unless you don't want your head anymore.

    BENNY: [mumbled] How sad, she have to wear the veil till she is eighteen? And never to get marry? Poor thing...

    EDDY: [warning tone] Benny. [Benny stopped and pressed his lip together.] Remember to keep yourself apart from her, she is not the ordinary child you can play with and talk about. You got that? [Benny nod] Her veil will be removed when the India Tin Ming Sect came for her and take her away to India to become the leader. Before than absolutely no one is allow to sees her face. If they do, they will get kill. Is that clear? [Benny nod, Eddy looked into his house toward Chung Han room] We will take her back to Tin Ming Sect once she gets a bit better. Then we can get more help to find her parents. [he looked at Benny] Did you find all the herbs I ask for?

    BENNY: [grinned sheepishly] I did save the Goddess!

    EDDY: [rolled his eyes] Go write your lines.

    BENNY: [sighed with his shoulder slumped] Do I really have to write them? Can I sleep first?

    EDDY: [walked back in with his calm warning tone.] Benny.

    BENNY: [walked into his room with his head dropped] I'm going, I'm going...[once he got into his room he pull a thick stack of paper and stirred a large amount of black ink. Choosing brush for his writing.] No, too small...[he grinned] perfect. [he got the biggest one and dipped it into the puddle of ink and wrote on the paper. The brush was holding a lot of ink so it transferred through couple of sheets of paper underneath it. He counted how many sheets it soaked in.] Not bad, ten sheets. Which mean nine thousand lines became nine hundreds. [he smiled widely as he admire his writing and idea] Benny Chan you are one smart boy! [he chuckled at himself and continue to write.]

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    Chapter 9: Separate Path

    [Very soon the huge glowing moon show it self clearly right above the Sky Bridge Mountain shining directly down into the steep cliff. The moonlight was dimmed out a bit as it reaches farther and farther down the canyon, until it minimal light faded away into indigo. The mountain was empty and soundless; no one was around other than Louis, who lied on the cliff that sticks out in the middle of the mountain. Louis finger twitched a bit as he slowly waked from his unconsciousness. His eyes slowly open and his vision was blurry and dim, since it was nighttime and only a minimal glow of the faint blue ray shined on him. He try to sit upright but his entire body was aching with numbness and dull pain, but he manage to drag himself to a sitting position and studying the area he is at. For a moment he forgot why he was here, but he quickly remembered what happen. His heart start to panic as his eyes swiftly turn in all direction in search of his Si Mui.]

    LOUIS: [his lip was dry and pale white as he weakly trembled out a couple words.] Chung Han....Chung Han where are you? [his eyes caught the fabric that is hanging on a branch that grew side way out toward the steep endless canyon below. He swallowed with his heart skipped as he recognized the pattern being Chung Han blue garment. He slowly reaches for the fabric with the tip of his finger and once he got a hold of it his grip tightly clenched onto the fabric winkling it as he held it close to his heart and let out a mournful drop of tear. His eyes stare straight down the cliff and he couldn't see the valley below, he know that Chung Han must be dead by now, if she fallen all the way down. He swallowed his tears and wetted his lip. His eyes glued on the fabric he is holding to with tears glistered in the way, making his vision blurry and watery again.]

    LOUIS: [He took in a deep breath and slowly release it with his eyes shuts tightly, it was one of his methods to relax himself. His heart was stiffens with anger and hatred toward the two powerful guys that shattered him and his Si Fu family. His knuckle got whiter and whiter as his grips on the fabric tighten forcefully wrinkling it badly. He was in pain and he doesn't know how else to release his stress and heartache. He panted with his eyes harden straight ahead fiercely with a revengeful heart, his usual eight years old innocent eyes has been suppressed forever.] Chung Han I'll kill them for you! I'll help you and Annie seek revenge! They won't get away from this!! I will never forget how they look like even if they turn into dust, and when I see them again, they will DIE! [He shouted loudly toward the valley below] I PROMISE YOU!!! LOK DAAI GOR WILL HELP YOU TWO SEEK REVENGE!!! I PROMISE!!! [after the shout he felt breathless. He rolled his eyes up tiredly and all he saw was the steep mountain above and below, he was stuck here in the middle and don't know how to get back up or down. He is strained in between the mountain with no way out, not even his Mo Gowng and Heng Gowng can help him, it just too steep.]

    LOUIS: [Louis slumped his shoulder tiredly and sighed with concern for himself. He lifted his right hand and his eyes started to soften sadly again, on the wedge between his right thumb and index finger was the imprinted mark of Chung Han teeth. He missed her a lot already, the feeling of suddenly losing someone that you see basically every minute of your life is just too hard to bear, the thought of never seeing Chung Han again made his heart ached. Louis eyes were glued to his scared hand with a sad sigh.] I hope you are happier know...[he swallowed and blinked his eyes to keep away the sadness.]

    LOUIS: [he than folded the torn fabric of Chung Han garment neatly and stuff it into his garment compartment. He felt a sharp pain on his finger and quickly pulled it out and shakes it.] Ow..oww Ooowwch!! [His eyes narrowed on the green monster that Annie was mentioning about early that is now biting the tip of his index finger and stubbornly not letting it go. Louis kept swinging it as he jumped in pain and pulled on the snake to get it off.] Let go of me!!

    [Luckily he knows that the snake is not poisonous or he will panic more, but it still hurt like heck to have it sharp pang pierced into his finger. With his forceful abuse on the snake it finally let go of him and dropped to the ground.]

    LOUIS: [narrowed his eyes on it angrily] That teach you to mess with me!! [he was rubbing his finger and sucking on it to stop the bleeding. His eyes followed the slithering monster, with the sight of the little green snake a warm smile glowed on his face as he remembered Annie, he bend over and pick it up with his eyes staring straight into the sneak eyes. His eyes watered a bit and he sniffed hard to keep those liquid out.]

    LOUIS: [blinking his eyes.] Be strong Louis! Man are suppose to bleed instead of crying. [but he is not a man, he is just an eight years old boy who never face anything like this before. His life was perfect and peaceful in the valley with his Si Fu family with cheerful laughter and joy, not in the middle of this empty mountain. He sighed with a weak smile at the snake.] You must missed Annie too huh? I missed her and Chung Han too. [he looked up in the sky and frowned, thinking that they are now angel in heaven.] Don't worry Annie I'll take care of it for you. [he looked at the snake] Little monster. [he grinned and place the snake into his pouch.]

    [He wondered around the small area looking for any way out or at least water and food. His eyes narrowed at the massive of dry tall grass to his left, it seems to be an opening right behind it. He quickly rushed to it and pushed the grass away, indeed it was an opening. Slowly he enters the small opening and followed it narrow path into a larger cave. It was so dark in there that he couldn't see a single thing. He pulled his roll of lighter and blows on it, the small flame burned and light was finally visible.]

    [A group of bats sensed his present and fearfully fled toward him, Louis was horrify by the sudden out burst of black flying creature, he fallen on the ground with widen eyes as his lighter show him millions of those bats are hanging upside down on the rocky ceiling. He swallowed at sight of the numerous of bats that give him goose bump, he never saw them before so it was a bit scary for him. He don't know if they are dangerous creature or not.]

    [He lied flat on the ground unmoved for a long while and he finally decide to ignore them since they didn't seem to be dangerous. He stood back up and continued his journey farther down the cave. Moonlight was visible at the other end of the cave where there seem to be sound of running water. Louis ran quickly toward it with hopefulness, it was a stream with mountain spring water emptying into it and there are fish too. He grinned joyfully as he drowned himself with water cause he was extremely thirsty. He smiled at the running water at least he knows he won't starve.]

    [His heart dropped when a squeaky noise was heard, he quickly shifted his head up toward the ceiling to stare at those bats, is it them? The spooky squeaky noise was audible again, he know is not the bats, but what is it? Isn't he alone with the bats? He swallowed and climbed out of the stream. His eyes were round with both fear and curiosity, but he was brave enough to go find out what causes the squeaky noise. He walked to the dark section again with his lighter and the creeping sound of little feet running was heard, he is definitely not alone. His heart pound loudly and he swear it echoed in the cave loudly along with droplets of his wet clothes dripping on the sandy dirt of the cave.]

    LOUIS: [without warning he falls down flat on his face right after he trip over something. He loosen his shoulder muscle and pulled himself upright again rubbing at his nose. Reaching for his lighter he notice that something stiff and long is just right under him, with his lighter moving close he stare at it puzzled and his mouth drop open in fear as he recognize it being a human leg, but it definitely no longer a human anymore cause of it coldness and stiffness. He wetted his lip and shakily moves his hand with the lighter following the leg to look at the body, and he quickly jerked back and dropped the lighter as a loud scream of his voice echoed the mountain so loudly that it loosed the sand of the cliff a bit.] AAAHAHAHAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

    LOUIS: [his entire body was shaking uncontrollable as he scooted himself away and pushing against the wall. He wetted his lip as his eyes bravely looked at the corpse again and his lip was pale and trembling a bit. In a very shaky voice.] I'm not afraid of are not that scary...[he shivered at the sight, who is he kidding? He was scare out of his pants. The squeaky sound that he heard was actually rats that is crawling around the corpse now and decomposing it to skeleton. Louis shuts his eyes tightly and shivered as he release his breath, his body kept pushing against the wall fearfully of the remain in front of him.]

    [To his surprise the wall caved in and he fallen back and when his eyes open he saw roll after roll of stone coffins. But he don't know what they are, they just looked like big stone boxes. He stands back up and walked toward it, this room was will lit by the moonlight and there are beautiful blooming trees around with fruits. He picked some and started to munch as he continue to explore the cave. He stopped at a wall of writing and picture engraved on it. It seems to be Mo Gowng and Noy Gowng manuscript, but they look odd and strange to him. His eyes followed the writing and turns, to his amazement the entire four walls of the cave were inscribed with these writing. He climbed himself on top of a coffin and his eyes were scanning through the writing curiously. Until he get to a section that interested him.]

    LOUIS: [Reading it out loud.] To those who are destined to be here, you are the chosen one to learn all of my Mo Gowng and Heng Gowng. These Mo Gowng and Noy Gowng manuscript are powerful enough to over rule Mo Lam, but beware it could even over rule you too, if you are not careful enough. [Louis wrinkled his brows with a cricket sarcastic chuckle] Over rule Mo Lam? If it that powerful why would it be in the middle of nowhere? [he continue to read.] The history of these Mo Gowng...boring.

    LOUIS: [Louis skipped it to the next section and grinned.] With theses Noy Gowng, your power will increase ten folds and climbing mountain would not be a problem. This is what I need! [he jumped off the coffin and followed the picture and started his learning of the first level. He used the coffin to test his strength and it didn't do anything to the coffin at all. So there must be something missing in these manuscripts.]

    LOUIS: [He walked back to climb on the coffin and read all of the manuscript to try figure out what the problem. Reading.] In order to bring out the strength of your Noy Gowng you will need to first free all of your pulse by acupuncture. [he rolled his eyes] I don't know acupuncture! Oh wait..[he continue to read] The manuscript for acupuncture is engraved on the third coffins named Moin See. [his eyes widened slowly moved down to the stone box that he was sited on and it the name was engraved on it. He quickly jumped off and stares at the coffin.] Coffin? All of these are coffins?

    LOUIS: [he started to pace around the cave, he is stuck in the middle of the mountain with death people, of course he is a bit lost and confuse. He finally stop and walked up to kneel down in front of the coffin he was sited on early and bowled three time.] I'm sorry, I didn't mean to be disrespectful, honestly if I know these are coffin I won't sit on you. I'm still a child please forgive me....please don't come out and haunt me okay?

    LOUIS: [he bowled his head to the floor three time again.] Sorry to bother you, but I have one more request. I need to get back up and seek revenge for my two Si Mui, so I'll need to learn all of this Mo Gowng and Noy Gowng. And in order to do so, I need to borrow your acupuncture manuscript. So can I open your coffin? If you don't mind me doing so than don't answer me. [he shuts his eyes and mumbled under his breath in his mind] Please don't reply and scare are are dead...[it was total silent so he open his eyes again and grinned.] So is yes?

    LOUIS: [He got himself off the floor and pushed the coffin lid off with his Noy Gowng. The coffin open and in it was a very white skeleton holding a sword. He removed the sword and it glowed with a blue tone. His eyes were still and captivated by the sword, he shakes it and quickly dropped it back into the coffin.] Something is evil about that sword. [he stepped away from the coffin and walked over to the lid and read the manuscript that is on it. At the bottom of the lid there is a fine engraved lines] There are a total of twelve coffins in here and each have it own manuscript and a weapon. But you must bowl three times to each dead master and became his or her student before you learn his or her skill. [Louis mouth dropped] Wow that is a lot of Si Fu. Who wrote all of these?

    LOUIS: [he turn and looked at the remain that he tripped over earlier] Could it be him? [he shrugged. And continue to read.] Each Mo Gowng and weapon has it own good and evil side. Only the beholder of the weapon determine it fate. Beware of letting them control you and changing you. But if your heart is righteous it will be powerful weapon to have. [pressed his lip together] Am I righteous? [debating in his head] I wanted to seek revenge, it a righteous thing. I never hurt anyone. [he grinned] I'm righteous.

    LOUIS: [With his satisfy conclusion about himself being righteous he started to bowl to each coffin and called them Si Fu before he open the coffin and see what inside. All the manuscript and weapon are odd and strange but like it stated it could be for evil or good. Louis got to the last coffin and open it. Instead of engraved manuscript on the coffin lid it was blank, and the Si Fu he just accepted wasn't holding any weapon at all. He was puzzled and studied it carefully.] How come? [he notice that this skeleton have long hair, it a lady? And it seem like this is a coffin for two. Where is her other half?

    LOUIS: [He sighed and stares at the skeleton.] Sup Yee (twelfth) Si Fu, where is your manuscript? [he saw a sparkling charm on the skeleton neck and looked at it carefully.] Forever Inseparable, Athena and Julian Cheung. [he stepped back from the coffin to read the inscribed name on it, it matches the name of the necklace.] So you are my Si Mo, where is Julian Si Fu? [he looked out at the corpse out in the hall] Could it be him? [he rushed out and looked at the corpse, this time he is not scare anymore. He saw the same necklace on him and respectfully he bowled to Julian remain.] Julian Si Fu, what happen to you? It must be you who wrote all of this. [He sighed] You must want to go back to Si Mo huh?

    [Louis shooed the rats away and slowly lift Julian remain up and carried it to the coffin, it was not too heavy since he is pretty much down to skeleton anyway. He carefully place Julian remain back in right next to Athena and smiled.]

    LOUIS: There you go, forever inseparable. [his eyes caught the manuscript that slipped out of Julian torn garment. Louis picked it up] Dragon Claw? So this is the manuscript that belongs in here. [He sighed at the sight of the two new Si Fu of his.] Goodbye Julian and Athena Si Fu. [with that he closed the coffin and stepped back away from all of the coffins and bowled to them. Than he walked back out and started on his Mo Gowng lesson.]
    Zong Yuen Palace:
    [Marco has taken his position of the throne right on the next day. The first thing he did was sends Stephen away to guard the boarder of the country as his punishment for letting Gilbert leave. Stephen didn't hesitate to leave anyway, since he wanted to be out in the battlefield, anything is better than seeing Marco at a daily base. If Marco didn't carry the last name of a Chun, Stephen will certainly not obey his order. He also sent Frankie to follow Stephen, which puzzled everyone, what could a council do in battlefield? Marco excuse was that Frankie is the only one with the best idea during battles, so it would be for the country good if he is right there to help Stephen when ever Stephen needed to fight.]

    [Most of the nobility aren't satisfy with the newly king excuse, but what could they say? He is the king now. Frankie was not satisfied with the king decision at all, he wanted to stay at the kingdom to help out with the plan of invasion not on a battlefield. But at least he will get to be with his god-brother Stephen and don't have to face this ruthless king. With Stephen and Frankie out of the way Marco felt more at ease to work out his plan on earning his follower hearts.]

    [After settled in as the ruler of Zhong Yuen, Marco has announce that he found his long lost daughter and has bought her back to reunite with him. Everyone was puzzle but other than that they nod and accepted the new princess. But rumors were stirred in the palaces stating that Annie is not his daughter cause a lot of the servant saw Annie came with Wun Yee. But Marco has warned everyone to keep their mouth shut and just believes him, if anyone say one word about Annie not being his, their head along with their entire family heads will be chopped off immediately without mercy. So none of them dare to speak another word about Annie identity.]

    [Marco has gathered with his queen and royal mistress at the east courtyard under the gazebo to talk about the present of Annie.]

    MARCO: [he sighed a bit and looked up at his queen with a small smile with uncertain eyes.] She is Wun Yee daughter.

    MELISSA: [surprised] Wun Yee? You seen her? So it was truth that she came by the palace to see Tai Wong (what they call the former king)? [Marco nodded. This is puzzling to Melissa. His other royal mistress was confused to who they were talking about and just keep silent to listen. They are new mistress that never seen or heard of Wun Yee.] But why is her daughter here?

    MARCO: [a bit of guilt burned inside him and image of Wun Yee lifeless body popped into his brainwave. He wetted his lip.] I found Wun Yee body along with her two daughters lied in the middle of the mountain motionlessly. [he stand up and turn to look toward the pond, not wanting to let Melissa look into his eyes.] Wun Yee and her other daughter are dead already, only Annie was unconscious, but she is injured pretty badly that she won't remember her past. I couldn't just leave her in the wild out door, so I decide to bring her back with me.

    MELISSA: [her face sadden right away and she looked at Marco back.] Dead? Did you say Wun Yee is dead? [Her face was shocked a bit expressionlessly with her eyes soften. Marco turns around and nodded at the queen as he held her hand and squeezed it. Melissa slowly place her hand to cup Marco face.] I'm sorry...[she know how much Marco loved Wun Yee. She know Wun Yee very well, so she is mourning for her too.]

    MARCO: [his heart missed Wun Yee too, but it came along with a guilty conscience. He smiled weakly at Melissa.] I'm fine. But I wanted Annie to be my daughter, will you agree to that?

    MELISSA: [nod] Of course. [Marco smiled gratefully at her, he felt so lucky to have an understanding wife like Melissa. The servant announced the present of another mistress entering the east courtyard.]

    MISTRESS: [mannerly do a curtsy with her close maid follow behind. In a soft sugarcoated voice.] Long live (it suppose to be long live the king million million of years and the queen would be thousand thousand of years, but I'm going to simplify it to long live, okay?) Wong Surng (king), Wong Hua (queen).

    MARCO: [smiled at his favored mistress of all. Melissa smiles and nodded elegantly with her wise eyes on the wells dressed mistress, her heart knows which is the bad apple of the bunch. Marco helping his mistress up.] Anne you can rise now, [he saw the tray her maid was holding.] what have you brought?

    ANNE: [signaled her maid to bring the tray up close] I thought Princess Annie will be needing a set of new clothing and shoes and hair accessories. But of course these wouldn't be enough, I have requested a tailor to come tomorrow to help our new Princess out. She will look like a princess in no time.

    MARCO: [cheerfully looked at Anne] You are always so thoughtful and considerate of other. [he turn toward Melissa] Right my queen?

    MELISSA: [nod with a smile] Anne Gwai Fay (royal mistress Anne) always know what make you happy my lord. [she stand up and walked over to Anne with her eyes stare straight into her eyes.] Right? [she grinned at her]

    ANNE: [her face was sweet and pure as ever when he looked at Marco and Melissa.] Of course not as much as Wong Hua knows about every little detail of Wong Surng needs. I'm not even one-tenth of how thoughtful Wong Hua is. Nor am I as thoughtful and caring as Kathy Gwai Fay Jie Jie is. [she turn and smiled at the mistress with the green garment which sat silently with her maid hammering her shoulder gently.] I could never compare, there is so much more I need to learn from all of my Jie Jie.

    KATHY: [Kathy Chow, smiled warmly at Anne.] Oh Anne Mui Mui, I'm sure you are very thoughtful yourself too. You are always the quick one. [her eyes glanced at the tray of princess garment and headpiece with a slight smirk. She know Anne too well too, they has never get along.]

    MELISSA: [she saw Kathy stare at Anne, and she slightly laughed at Anne and held her hand.] You silly girl, of course not, we are all equal in the eyes of Wong Surng, right Wong Surng? [she smiled at Marco]

    MARCO: [nod with his hand around both of them.] My Queen is always wise and correct. Now why don't both of you sit down and I need to settle down what I need all of you to know. [they sat down with their maid behind them. Marco sat down too facing his queen and five royals mistress that he loved most.] Alright I want all of you to be clear that Annie identity is not to be talk about ever again, who ever start rumor or gossip about her not being mine, I'll use the same punishment as for the nobility and servant, which is death. Alright?

    ANNE: [nodded] Of course we will treat Annie as yours daughter and our own daughter. [Melissa didn't say a word and just slightly rolled her eyes, Anne caught it and her face was a bit darken with a sweet smile painted on it.]

    MARCO: [satisfied] Good. The reason for that is because I don't want Annie to suffer from knowing that her entire family dead already. All she needs to know is that I'm her Dei and that her Leung Wun Yee passed away a long time ago. [they nodded to show their understanding. Marco smiled] Now Annie does need to have a Leung to take care of her at a regular base. I have...

    ANNE: [enthusiastically] Oh Wong Surng she look so adorable, can I have her as my daughter? Tavia will be so joyful to have a sister. I will treasure her like my own, I promise!

    KATHY: [softly looked at Marco with a warm smile] Wong Surng, you know I have always wanted a daughter. [all of them could tell that Annie would be Marco pride pearls from the way he has order to keep her identity down. Of course they wouldn't let this chance of having the secret weapon slip away.]

    ANNE: [stare at her] But Jie Jie dear you can't even keep an eyes on Prince Raymond. Prince Raymond is the eldest prince, he is most likely became the heir, you certainly need to put more of your time on Prince Raymond and get him to seriously learn his school work and battle idea. I don't think you should over work yourself with another child, my dear Jie Jie. (older sister, in this case for women married to the same husband.)

    KATHY: [smiled warmly] Anne, I never know you care so much about me. Don't worry about Prince Raymond, he is the one that got Lau Lo Si (teacher Lau) compliment as being the most clever and intelligent one out of all his students. But as for Tavia...[she sighed softly and grinned] But is alright, she is a girl, they don't need to know much. But at least need to know her manner.

    ANNE: [soften her eyes and pouted at Marco] Wong Surng ah, jie jie saying that our Tavia is not mannered, Wong Surng, you speak the truth! Tavia is wells mannered right?

    MELISSA: [Melissa has enough of this. She stands up and with her head shaking at both Kathy and Anne. She did a curtsy in front of Marco.] Wong Surng is almost high noon, I better get back to Steven and Fannie; please excuse my departure. [she stand back up straight mannerly and start walking slowly away.]

    MARCO: Wong Hua wait!

    MELISSA: [turned around to look at Marco wondering why he calling for her.] Yes Wong Surng?

    MARCO: [smiled warmly at Melissa] Wong Hua, I wanted you to take Annie in.

    ANNE: [shocked] But Wong Surng, Wong Hua have to take care of both Prince Steven and Princess Fannie already, she certainly have no hand to take in another Princess. [Kathy just grinned satisfyingly at the look of Anne disappointed state. Kathy has no problem with Annie being with the queen, anyone but Anne will be fine for her.]

    MARCO: [looked at Melissa] Wong Hua what do you say about this request? [he sighed] I wanted her to be raised by you cause you always know how to teach and you are Wong Hua, my lawful wife, Annie is the rightful granddaughter of Fu Wong. I want the best for her.

    MELISSA: [nod understandingly] Wong Surng, you know I always go along with your decision. I'm sure I'm capable of taking care of a five years old princess. Beside Steven and Fannie will love to have another sister to play with them.

    MARCO: [hugged Melissa cheerfully while Anne face turned red with anger. Kathy were happy with the settlement, she never has a heart to go against the queen, she has always respected the queens cause of her fairness.] I'm so happy you agreed with it. Now you are a Leung of three.

    MELISSA: [nodded] Yes, a Leung of three. [she smiled joyfully] I wanted to go see my youngest daughter now Wong Surng, would you be interested to go along with me?

    MARCO: [nod with laughter.] Yes, let go see our youngest daughter. [they walked toward the huge room that Annie is in. Kathy and Anne follow along while the other mistress excuse themselves.]
    Seui Wun Gong:
    [Annie room was named Seui Wun Gong (small cloud palace), it use to be Wun Yee room, and Marco purposely wanted Annie to have her mom room, at least that the only thing he could give Annie to repay for separating them. He is hoping that this room will bring Annie some comfort of being close to Wun Yee. And this room remembered him so much of his childhood days with Wun Yee, and Annie also reminded him of Wun Yee too. To him this room fit perfectly for Annie.]

    [Annie lied on the soft cushioned comforter that covered the hard wood bed still asleep. She has been sleeping for a total of three days already, Marco knows that it normal causes what he did to her will cause her to be unconscious until her memories are totally gone.]

    [A very long twig was slowly inserted between the see through rosy pink curtain of her bed. The twig slowly moved toward the right causing the curtain to push to the right revealing the sleeping Annie from behind. At the opposite end of this long twig was Raymond narrowing his eyes on the so call sister of his. Raymond stare at Annie curiously along with Steven, Marco has told everyone not to disturb Annie rest, but Raymond is too interested to wait till she wake up herself. He walked toward Annie bed.]

    STEVEN: [pulling on Raymond garment] Wong Hing (royal elder brother) don't get too close, Fu Wong say not to wake her up.

    RAYMOND: [place his finger against his lips] want to cause attention? Stop being a chicken. What will Fu Wong do, even if he caught us? Don't you want to know where this sister of ours came from?

    STEVEN: [confusedly] Didn't Fu Wong say our Chut Wong Mui (seventh royal younger sister.) came from...

    RAYMOND: [rolled his eyes and poke the stick he was holding, at Steven belly causing him to rub it in pain.] She is not even our real sister. Fu Wong is making this all up!

    STEVEN: [his eyes widen with his hand covering Raymond mouth with his eyes slowly staring at Annie. Whispered.] Shhhh... You want to wake her up? [Raymond rolled his eyes and removed his brother hand. Steven looked at Raymond disbelievingly] That is not true, why would Fu Wong want to lie?

    RAYMOND: [nodded as he sat on the edge of the Annie bed and stare at her face curiously inspecting her.] That what my Wong ah Leung (royal mother) say, she never lie to me before. And Anne Gwai Fay Leung Leung say the same thing too, it all over the palace.

    STEVEN: [scratching his head] Why didn't I heard about it?

    RAYMOND: [shake his head at his ignorance brother] Cause yours Mo Hua always hide you away from reality.

    STEVEN: [shrugged] I guess. But why would Fu Wong want us to call her sister?

    RAYMOND: [shrugged, his eyes open wide with an excited grin] Steven come quick! She is waking up!! We can ask her those questions. [Steven rushed up to his brother and stand with his eyes glued on Annie soft face curiously. Raymond grinned joyfully at Annie.] Hey!

    STEVEN: [his heart was beating faster as he looked toward the door way.] Wong Hing, shouldn't we leave? We're going to be in deep trouble if anyone finds us in here.

    RAYMOND: [sighed loudly as he pushed Steven hand away from his garment.] We didn't wake her up, she is waking up herself. So stop chickening out! Fu Wong never yells or punished us anyway.

    STEVEN: [sighed] But he will punish our nanny.

    RAYMOND: Shhh..[he nudged Annie, who is struggling to wake up, her head slowly rolled side to side on the block pillow as she moaned.] Are you waking up? Open your eyes.

    STEVEN: [concernedly] Is she having a nightmare?

    Girl: [A little five years old girl ran in the room and yanked on Steven garment dragging him.] Yee Wong Hing, I need your help!!

    STEVEN: [shake his head] Not now Tavia, go play your self.

    TAVIA: [pouted as she leaned closer to see what they are doing, her eyes curiously looked at Annie.] You two are making her wake up! You're going to be in deep trouble when Fu Wong find out!

    RAYMOND: [turn over to dart at her] Who say Fu Wong going to find out? There is no rat in here running around tattletale to Fu Wong right? [Tavia quickly hide behind Steven and press her lip together, she has always been afraid of Raymond. Raymond gave her a mean face before he turn his attention back to Annie again.]

    TAVIA: [looked at Steven] Come on Yee Wong Hing, is not even fun in here! I need your help outside; my kite got stuck on top of the tree.

    STEVEN: [sighed] She is going to wake up soon, I'll get your kite later. [Another girl came in with her kitten. Steven saw his sister and signaled her to come over.] Fannie could you go play with Tavia? [he looked at Tavia] I'll be out to help you get the kite soon, just goes play with Fannie kitten with her. [Tavia pouted disappointedly that her two elder brothers are more interested in the new sister than helping her.]

    [Annie slowly blinked her eyes a couple time to focus to the light. The close up look of two strangers causes her body to shook and quickly sited upright to scoot against the wall of the bed. Her eyes are wide open on Raymond and Steven with confusion and lost.]

    RAYMOND: [smiled friendlily at her] Hi, I'm Raymond. Don't worry you are safe, how are you feeling?

    ANNIE: [shakily] Who are you? [her eyes darted at both of them.]

    RAYMOND: [narrowed his eyes on her] I'm Raymond, your Wong Hing. [he elbowed Steven. Both Fannie and Tavia gathered by Annie's bed causing her to sense fear and nervous with all these new faces.]

    STEVEN: [smiled] Oh I'm Steven, your Yee Wong Hing (second royal older brother.), [he pointed to Fannie] she is my sister, your Say Wong Jie (fourth royal older sister), and that is your Ng Wong Jie (fifth royal older sister). [Tavia eyes Annie with her stillness; they both studied each other.]

    FANNIE: [6 years old] Hi, don't worry, Fu Wong say you are injury pretty badly, so you might forgotten everything. [she place her fluffy white kitten on Annie bed.] She is my kitten Bo Bow. [the kitten walked toward Annie and Annie started to panic at the sight of the furry creature approaching her, she jumped up and started to cry.]

    ANNIE: [cried with stress and confusion] I don't know you guy! Get away from me!! Get away!! [she pushed Steven and Fannie away so she could jump off bed and ran toward the doorway. They quickly followed behind. She cried with her fearful heart as she turn and saw them still running after her, when she turn back to face the front she was stopped by a pair of hand picked her up. She looked into Marco eyes and silenced. She sniffed as she studies Marco. Something about him make her silent but she doesn't know what it was. She tries to think why he looked so familiar and the sense of him being someone that is important for her to remember.]

    MARCO: [smiled at her] Hi dear you finally woke up? Fu Wong has been waiting for you for three long days.

    ANNIE: [shook her head and started to struggle.] I don't know you! Put me down now!!

    MARCO: [put her on the bed and held her shoulder firmly.] I know this is hard for you, you just had an accident outside three days ago, and lost all of your memories. Of course you don't recognize anything. I'm your Dei or Fung Wong and all of us are your family. [Annie turned slowly to see all of the people surrounding her, she felt scare and confuse, they are all stranger to her. Her head started to hurt when she tries to concentrate. Marco saw her expression.] Annie calm down and don't force yourself.

    ANNIE: [looked at him] You're my Dei? Who's Annie?

    MARCO: [grinned, he know that she has totally forgotten everything] You are Annie sweetheart. And yes, I'm your Fu Wong. [he held out a hand to grab Melissa and she walked up to sat down on the bed along with Marco and Annie.] She is your Leung or Mo Hua. [he looked at the rest of his mistress to direct Annie attention toward them] All of them are your Leung too, and they are your Gor Gor and Jie Jie.

    ANNIE: [looked at them not knowing if she should trust them or not.] I'm Annie?

    MELISSA: [smiled sweetly with love as she carried Annie to sit on her lap] Yes dear.

    ANNIE: [sadly] How come I don't remember you?

    MELISSA: [swallowed with a soft sigh] You are hurt really badly and lost all of your memories.

    ANNIE: [turned to look at Marco] How?

    MARCO: You fall off of the tree outside. [he pointed to the huge tree outside, his other children stare at him strangely with confusion, why did their father just lie?] Anyway we are so grateful that you finally woke up.

    ANNIE: [looked at her huge room] Where is this place?

    MARCO: [patted her head] This is your room, Seui Wun Gong, and you are inside a palace. You my dear are a Princess.

    ANNIE: [narrowed her brows] Princess?

    RAYMOND: [blurted out] YUP! [he looked at Annie cheerfully] My new Chut Wong Mui!

    ANNIE: New?

    RAYMOND: [pressed his lip together] Hehe..I mean how you forgot everything like a new person...yeah that is right! [Steven giggled at Raymond trying to fix his mistake. He elbowed his brother.]

    ANNIE: [smiled] Than who are you?

    RAYMOND: [rolled his eyes] For the last three time, it Raymond! Your Wong Hing!

    ANNIE: [pouted with her puppy eyes and lower lip stuck out] You don't have to shout!

    MARCO: [Raymond and Steven chuckled at her expression and she got angrier. Marco laughed] Enough both of you. Annie why don't you rest more and we will tell you more later.

    ANNIE: [cling to Melissa] I want to hear more about me.

    MELISSA: [nod] Alright. I'll stay here and tell you everything.

    ANNIE: [looked at Melissa eyes and she felt warm.] Leung?

    MELISSA: Hmm?

    ANNIE: [grinned cheerfully and shake her head as she lean on Melissa chest] I missed you.

    MELISSA: [felt sorry for Annie, she brushed her hair and nod] Your Leung missed you too, my sweet dear.

    MARCO: [sighed softly and turn to look at the rest] Lets go out so Annie and Wong Hua get to bond. [the rest walked out with Marco. Raymond and Steven chuckled at the strange new sister they have now. She seem cute or unique unlike their others sister.]

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    Chapter 10: Return of the Goddess

    [Weeks passed by since the days of separation occurred. Chung Han has told Eddy the entire story about her separation with her mom and twin sibling. Ever since that day Chung Han get more and more gloomier; she missed her family and Louis. Each day is dreadful to her to take, the memories of that day keep haunting her and she grew into silent as days passed. Finally to a stage that she won't talk anymore and she would only nod or shake her head when Eddy tries to talk to her. Benny felt sympathy for the lifeless five years old to have experience so much suffering at such a young age. Eddy has decided to take her back to Tin Ming Sect to find help to search for Gilbert for her. They started their journey back to the sect, which take about a week of travel. They stopped their walk when the night sky fall in and stayed at a deserted temple for a night.]

    [Benny jerked up cause of his nightmare and sited upright panting. He turns to his left where Chung Han was supposed to sleep, but there is no sign of her. He saw his Si Fu to the right of him sleeping peacefully in an upright position. Benny turns his head to look around the sacked temple for Chung Han but she is not around at all. He heard soft sobbing sound and started to follow it. Benny walked out of the temple and the sound was louder. But Chung Han is not around at all.]

    BENNY: [softly not to wake his Si Fu up] Chung Han? Chung Han? [Chung Han pressed her lip together to not let him heard her sob, she been stubborn to not show her pain in front of anyone, but she couldn't take it anymore and needed to release it out tonight be herself. Nighttime has become a nightmare for her, cause her dream is haunted by the event on that horrible day. Benny was confused it sounded so close. He looked up and saw her sited on top of the temple roof hugging her pair of legs.] How did you get up there? [Chung Han wiped her tears away and turned to face elsewhere only letting Benny see her back. Benny sighed.] Don't worry, I'll get you down. [he looking for a ladder, but there is nothing high enough to reach the roof.] Chung Han how did you get yourself up there?

    Benny: [Chung Han didn't answer him and continue to sob as she thinks of Annie and Louis. They are gone forever, along with her Leung. Benny thought she was stuck on the roof and didn't know how to get down, that why she was crying.] Don't cry, is alright. I'll get you down. [He started to climb on the wall trying to reach the roof but it too high up and he never trusted his Heng Gowng to try. He fallen back on the ground landed on his bottom.] OW! That's a burse...[he stand back up to try again and failed again. Chung Han rolled her eyes at his sound of aching, it was pretty annoying, she just wanted some quiet time to cry, why do he have to bother her? Benny gave up; there is no way he could get up there.] Don't worry! I'll go get Si Fu to help you! [Benny ran toward Eddy, Chung Han didn't want to disturb Eddy so she quickly jumped down with her Heng Gowng and stand right in front of Benny with her eyes darted at him irritated. Benny grinned happily.] You know Mo Gowng?!

    [Chung Han just darted at him angrily and used her Heng Gowng to go back up the roof to sit. Benny looked at her with his sadden eyes, the sight of Chung Han was really depressing. She been like this for a couple weeks already, something must change, Benny think to himself. With an angry puff in him wanting to smack some sense into this depressing girl, he swiftly used his Heng Gowng to step up the wall in a swept of a wind and he flipped himself to land on the edge of the roof, almost tip over falling back down, but he was able to stable himself. He was surprise that his Heng Gowng work after all. He rushed over to Chung Han and tapped her shoulder. Chung Han knew it's was him and just ignore him, she is not in a mood to see him.]

    BENNY: [sited down next to her with his leg dangling off the roof. Excitedly] Hey look it a shooting star! [he pointed to the empty dark sky excitedly trying to trick her into giving him some reaction. But than he slumped down cause Chung Han didn't even move a tit bit. Benny glanced over at her and whispered.] Don't you want to make a wish? [Chung Han bit her lip tightly not letting herself cry cause Benny is next to her. Why can't he just leave her alone to cry? Why can't he just give her some space? She been hiding for so many days already, why can't he just let her let go of her sorrow? Her eyes were narrowed a bit trying to not let the flooding tears run loose. Benny saw her eyes and he felt horrible. He never saw anyone this sad before. He swallowed.] Maybe a wish can bring your Leung and sister back.

    BENNY: [Chung Han slowly turn to look at him wanting to belief too, she stare at Benny silently with her round teary eyes. Than she slowly shook her head, she couldn't believe it herself, it's impossible. Tears begin to slowly slide down her cheek and Benny quickly place both his index finger under her eyes to stop the tears.] Don't go soft on me now, I really don't know how to make you feel better. [Chung Han scooted away and wiped her tears away, why is she so weak? She asked herself feeling worthless. She sniffed and kept it all hidden inside again. Benny scooted to site next to her.] I know how you feel, my parents and sibling got kill in front of me too. [he looked at her] It kind of help to look at the stars and talk to them, I know they can heard me cause I heard them response. Try it; it will release the pressure. [he looked at her with a warm smile and point to the empty black sky.] Trust me, look up and you will see them.

    CHUNG HAN: [Chung Han slowly followed his finger and looked up into the sky, it was pitch black, not a single star was seen. There was only cloud, only gloomy cloud. Tears quickly welled out of her eyes as she turn to pout at Benny feeling hurt that he lie to her.] There are no stars...

    BENNY: [gasped] You know how to talk! [Chung Han quickly wiped her tears away and turn to let her back face him. He is lying, he is joking with her, why is he so cruel? She almost believed him! She swallowed as she totally shut him out. Benny tapped on her shoulder and she shrugged her shoulder to remove his hand. Benny looked back up into the sky.] I see lots of stars and even shooting stars of different color. [he turn to look at Chung Han] My Leung always told me to use my heart to see things instead of my eyes.

    BENNY: [he smiled warmly with a sense of missing his parents.] She once told me that everything have a positive side, you just have to use a different angle to see it, even the worse situation. At first I don't understand what she meant, but after that day where total darken arrive, I finally understand what she meant and search for the light myself. [he turned to Chung Han] No one can help you, you have to search for it yourself. My Leung also told me that wishes do come true. [he smiled at her back.] Just try and find your light, is out there somewhere. Trust me, I don't lie. [with that he walked away looking for a way down, he has always hate to get down. He slowly wrapped his arm around the thick rod that holds the roof up on the corner and slides down. He quickly ran out into the dark field searching for something with his straw knitted bag.]

    CHUNG HAN: [Chung Han slowly lifted her head back up to face the dark sky. Light? Where could it be? She thought it is really possible? Can wishes really come true? She softly shuts her eyes and tries to see it with her heart and when she opens her eyes she saw little sparkling glow surrounded her. They are everywhere and her eyes widen at them as she followed their movement. A glow shown up on her face as she smiles at them with tears in her eyes.] Lights. [she smiled and shut her eyes, Benny was standing underneath her with a cheerful smile as he shooed the little fireflies that he just caught out of the bag. He is so happy to see her smiled again with a glimpse of hope.]

    CHUNG HAN: [whispered.] All I ever wish is for my family to be reunited. Please bring back my Leung, Annie, and Lok gor gor. [Benny listened with a sweet smile, he is so glad to heard her soft voice again. Chung Han opened her eyes and stands up with her arms reaching out toward the glowing creatures, she never seen fireflies before, so she seriously believe it was stars. Stars that's come to grant her wishes. Benny watches her soft giggle with joy in his heart; she finally looked like a five year old.]

    [The next day they continue their trip and took a boat to cross the large lake. Chung Han like the last couples of weeks, nothing could make her talk. Even though she was a bit loosen up from last night, but she still didn't have the mood to talk. Benny was sited next to her as they ride. Eddy was the one paddling this small wooden boat. Benny saw the gloominess in Chung Han face and he really wanted to cheer her up, but from the past couple of experience of being ignored, he learn to shut up and use other method to make her happy. The other reason he silenced was that he really hate to ride on boat, it make him sick to the stomach. His face getting paler and greenish as he pressed his lip together with his eyes narrowed smaller showing a weak dull stare ahead.]

    [Chung Han saw his look and knows that there is something wrong with him. He held onto his stomach and his face wrinkled. Chung Han head tilted to studies Benny, she never saw anyone looked like the way Benny is, he look awful. Benny quickly turned to vomit out into the ocean and he felt his entire body weaken. Chung Han was a bit worry about him, seeing him throwing up constantly. She slowly approached him with her hand running up and down his back, Benny felt her warm touch and turn to look at her action.]

    BENNY: [smiled warmly] Thanks. [Chung Han gave him a weak smile and stopped. Benny frowned; he wanted her comfort. Giving her a puppy face and a weak voice] I'm still sick, can you continue? [she stare at him and know that he is lying. Her eyes harden on him seriously and paused a couple of his pause causing Benny to froze in place facing the ocean. She smiles pleasingly and walked to sit down on her spot, leaving the frozen position Benny stands still like a statue. He couldn't move at all] This is not funny!! [He screamed. Chung Han shrugged and grinned at him sternly. Showing him a "so?" look. Benny rolled his eyes at her and darted at her angrily. She didn't care. He sighed] Goddess can you please unfroze me?

    CHUNG HAN: [Chung Han turn to look at the big lake with a very soft.] no. [Benny hissed loudly with anger that Chung Han is doing this to him. But cause she frozen his pulse he is not feeling nauseated anymore, it suppressed his motion sickness, which is why she did it in the first place. But of course she wouldn't admit to this chatterbox that she did it for his good. Once the boat arrive at their destination Chung Han unfroze Benny and he dropped to the floor.]

    BENNY: [stretching and swinging his arms and legs.] aching body...[Chung Han ignore his complain and jumped off the boat following Eddy close behind. Benny pulled himself together and ran up to her curiously.] Who teach you all your Mo Gowng? You are really good! But I think you should learn so much, it's make you really grumpy. [Chung Han darted at him, what do he mean it make her grumpy? He is such an annoying chatterbox! She sighed and turn to speed up her pace to follow Eddy. Benny continue.] Hey! I really think you should consider my advice.

    EDDY: [he heard Benny bothering Chung Han] Benny remember your rule.

    BENNY: [pressed his lip together with his soften eyes.] Sorry. [Chung Han continue to walk and looked at all the stuff in the street market, she hasn't been anywhere like this place before. Benny ran up to a stand of masks and took some to try on. He grinned at Chung Han with a red mask on his face and his hand was holding a green one toward her.] Hey you could wear this instead of your veil!

    CHUNG HAN: [grinned at him] It look better on you. [she turn and walked away following Eddy.]

    BENNY: [rushed up to her] What does that suppose to mean?! [Chung Han ignored him and he getting really annoyed by her behavior, well Chung Han is not too happy with his talkative behavior either. If he weren't Eddy student, she sworn she will freeze his vocal core pulse, so she can have peace in mind. Benny stopped with a grin, when he just notice something.] Hey she talks!! [Chung Han rolled her eyes on him.]

    EDDY: [turned toward a restaurant with room rental.] One large room please. [the guy show him to the room. They entered the room and settle down their stuff. Benny rolled his eyes on Chung Han and she just treats Benny as invisible.] Chung Han, are you hungry yet? [Chung Han smiled at him and nod] I'll go down to order some dish; you stay put with Benny. [Chung Han nod.] Benny remembers your rule.

    BENNY: [sighed] Si Fu how could I forget? You reminded me for at least a thousand times already! [Eddy sighs and shakes his head at Benny before he stepped out. Chung Han pulled the wooden sword of Louis out along with hers as she looked at them with her soften eyes. Benny sighed as he pulled out his jade and started to talk to it.] Do you know what? Some people here in the city never learn any manner, mannered people know how to reply when people talk to them, is that right? [he rubbed the jade and Chung Han just rolled her eyes at him.]

    BENNY: [continue.] If I were them, I would smile more and relax more. [he turn over and saw Chung Han grinned at him sardonically. He than return to stare at his jade.] Some people really aren't grateful to what other has to do for them. Take me for an example I could be in my peaceful valley picking herbs, but nooOOoooo my kind hearted have to save them and help them out and make them happy, but what did I get in return? [a bun was stuffed into his mouth, he quickly snapped out and looked at Chung Han with bewildered eyes, she was grinning at him.]

    CHUNG HAN: There I responded. [Benny pulled the bun backs out and darted his eyes at her as he munched the bun down. He didn't even notice that Eddy was back with food already while he was mumbling on and on. Chung Han started to eat too as she kept an eye on Benny and narrowing it to warn him to back off. He sticks his tongue out at her and she did the same back to him, but under her veil. Eddy looked at them back and forth with a wrinkled forehead and a soft sigh.]

    EDDY: Benny stops it.

    BENNY: [beamed his eye toward his si fu with soft puppy face. He softly.] She started it first. [Chung Han pouted at Benny] It the truth, don't give me that look!

    EDDY: [cleared his throat] Benny how old are you? Stop picking on the younger one. Benny I want you to write those lines over again like last time.

    BENNY: [he quickly shoots up with his eyes widened] NINE THOUSANDS LINES?!! [Eddy stare at him warning him to calm down so he let out a breath to calm down and sit back on the wooden chair. He swallowed and held his right hand handing loose shaking.] Si Fu my hand hasn't recover from last time yet.... [Eddy ignored his whining and scooped some food to Chung Han bow, she smiled at Eddy and Eddy patted her head. Benny eyes were burning, how could his Si Fu be so unfair?! He is his student, not Chung Han! Benny pouted as he nudged his bow foreword.] Si Fu...

    EDDY: [sighed and rolled his eyes, he got some food into his bow too.] Why are you so childish lately? Now eat up and I don't want to hear you whine any longer, I want those lines done as soon as we get to Tin Ming Sect. [Benny pouted and poked his bowl of rice with his chopstick, while Chung Han ate happily in front of him.]

    [Night time fall again and Chung Han didn't dare to sleep, she walked out and got herself on the roof of the motel to sit gazing on the bright moon. Benny heard her walked out, he know the reason very well now. From the last couple weeks of studying Chung Han, he notice how she hesitate to sleep each night and she would sometime startled up with a loud scream cause of her nightmare, and beads of sweat is evidence on her face. He quickly gathered his straw bag again and rushed out, this time he will need to walk further to find a field full of fireflies to give Chung Han peaceful dream. From the roof Chung Han saw him hurried out into the dark street, she was curious to where he is going, so she jumped off and followed behind him.]

    [Benny finally got to an empty field that is about an hour walk away from the motel. Chung Han hide behind a tree staring at him curiously while he started to beat a large brush, she thought he has logo until a stream of glowing light started to scatter around him. Benny opened his bag and swooped it in the air trying to catch as many as he could. Chung Han watched him catches what she believe was stars, but now she know they weren't stars. She sighed with a small frown, she believed last night, she believed that her wish would come true, but it all a lie. Her head dropped hopelessly while she slowly turns back to head toward the motel. A loud scream of Benny voice was heard so she quickly turned around to look at his direction worriedly. She couldn't see him at all.]

    CHUNG HAN: [running toward where he was before, shouting for him] Benny!!! Benny gor gor!!! [she kept turning and turning with her messy heart and her head started to shake, hoping nothing happen to him.] Benny gor gor!!! Come out! Where are you?! Benny!! [fearful tears cascaded, she really don't want anymore death around her.] Come out! It not funny!! [she started to cry as she kept turning and turning in search of him, but she could see nothing but herself and the huge dry grass field.] Benny gor gor!! Please be okay! Where are you?! [she thought she heard something and quickly shifted her head to that direction.] This is not funny! Come out!! I don't like prank! [she sniffed her tears and her heart just wouldn't stop pounding in fear.] Don't scare me like this!! Benny Chan it not funny!!

    CHUNG HAN: [she softened her voice with her watery vision still searching. She swallowed and softly whispered.] Please be okay...please...[she slowly squatted down to huge her pair of legs sobbing with both her hands slightly cover her head. She hates this feeling she had inside, this feeling of losing another person she know. A gentle wet tap was on her shoulder, so she turns around and saw it's him holding a puffy bag full of glowing fireflies and his entire body was soaking wet. With the sight of Benny, she shoots up like a speed of light and throws her two arms around his waist and hugged him tightly sobbing gratefully that he was okay. Her sudden impact almost knocked Benny over, but he was able to steady himself and hers. Her garment was quickly soaked cause of his wet garment.] Why are you scaring me like that?! It not funny at all!!

    BENNY: [he was confused to why she is hugging him and why she is crying on his chest, is he not wet enough? He thought. He narrowed his eyes on the five years old who is sobbing on his chest. He swallowed, he hated when she cry, it just make him felt helpless and don't know how to handle it. He wetted his lip.] Umm...why are you here? I thought you were on the roof. When did you get here?

    CHUNG HAN: [sniffed and notice that she was hugging him, she quickly withdraw herself and darted at him with an obvious mad eyes that was filled with concern earlier.] Why did you scream?!!

    BENNY: [chuckled at his goofy mistake.] Oh that? I was whacking the fireflies out of the bush, but there was a beehive next to it so the bee came after me, of course I have to scream and run right? Lucky those bees are not too smart. [he looked at her concernedly and started to turn her around.] Did they come after you? Did you get stung? Is that why you were crying?

    CHUNG HAN: Why didn't you answer me when I called your name?!

    BENNY: [surprised] You actually called my name?! And I missed it?! Darn those stupid bees! [Chung Han eyes darted at him as she hissed a bit, is he making fun of her again! He saw her anger and quickly acted seriously] I couldn't hear you, probably because I was under the lake. [he pointed to the lake about fifty feet behind them.] To gets away from the bees. [he grinned sheepishly at her.] Are you mad at me? What did I do? [Chung Han sighed and shook her head, she turned around and headed toward the motel direction, feeling silly that she over reacted and thought Benny was in danger. Benny grabs her hand and pulled her back. She turns and looked at him, he was holding the puffy bag of glowing fireflies in front of her.] You want to lets your stars go and make wishes?

    CHUNG HAN: [pouted a bit] But they are not stars.

    BENNY: [positively] Yes they are! [Chung Han narrowed her eyes on him] Why can't they be stars? If you could pretend they are stars last night, why can't you pretend they are stars tonight? As long as you believe they are, than they are. And you can make as much wishes you like before bed! Than you wouldn't be scare of the night again. [he held the glowing bag toward her with a nudge.] Just use your heart.

    CHUNG HAN: [she grinned sweetly on the glowing bag with a spark in her eyes. Slowly she grabs the bag.] Thanks. [she looked at him and smiled sincerely for the first time.] Benny gor gor you want to release them with me?

    BENNY: [he chuckled joyfully] I like it!

    CHUNG HAN: [confusedly] Hmm?

    BENNY: The way you call me, this is the first time you really called me! [Chung Han chuckled at him, he sure is goofy and silly not to mention weird.] Come on let your stars out before they are too suffocated!

    [Chung Han nodded cheerfully and try to open the bag, she is struggling with the tight knot he had on the bag, Benny laughed at her and helped her opened it. Both of their hands slowly widen the opening of the bag and small little glow started to flutter out and fly around them like little sparkling stars twinkling around the two of them. Chung Han face lifted up and stare at them with joy, her eyes were full of curiosity and life for the first time in the last couple weeks. Benny smiled warmly and happily as he stare at her with the veil covering her face, but he still remember how she looked like. Pretty soon fireflies are everywhere dancing around them and Chung Han giggled with joy as she shuts her eyes and made her wish silently. Benny chuckled at her, and shut his eyes to make a wish too, wishing that the old depressed girl would never come back again.]

    Cave of Tin Ming Sect:
    [Gilbert like the past couple weeks, he always pay a visit to his wife each day. He sited on the ice bed next to Wun Yee, he held onto her hand and lifted to his face. A warm smile shown as he slowly rubbed her hand on his face warming it a bit. He has ordered all the members to look for Eddy, but there is no news from him yet. He was afraid that it would take forever to have him come save his wife. The sight of her lies on the ice bed lifeless was too hard to bear. He pressed his lip to create a firm weak smile as he stare at his wife.]

    GILBERT: [feeling her cold cheek.] I won't give up Wun Yee, not even with my last breath. I won't let you lies here forever....[a soft footstep sound was heard heading in from behind, he turned around with his expression blanked with disbelieve at the image in front of him.]

    CHUNG HAN: [she quickly ran over to her father.] DEEIII!!!!!! [Gilbert was surprised to see her he quickly stands up with his eyes widen still not sure is he dreaming again or is this really reality? Chung Han throws her small body against his pair of legs and hugged it so tightly with all of her strength, she snuggled her head on his leg with tears streamed out. She missed him so much for not being with him for several weeks; she never parted him before this. She is so glad to see her father again and to by his side again. She sobbed and cried as she tightly wrapped his legs.] Dei...dei! I missed you so much...[she sniffed as she rubbed her face on Gilbert garment. Gilbert felt her warm hug and he know is not a dream, she really returned to him. Slowly he squatted down with open arms and Chung Han gave him the biggest hug ever with her teary eyes.] DEI!

    GILBERT: [he felt his heart dropped softly like it was floating lightly with her calling him, he felt so good with her in his arm again. He hugged her tightly and rocked her with tears rolled out of his eyes in joy and grateful that she is back!] You came came back...Chung Han..[he pecked the side of her head repeatedly] I love you sweetheart! [Chung Han nodded repeatedly, her throat was clotted up with tears and she couldn't speak. Eddy, Benny, Flora, and Michael were standing at the cave opening watching their reunion; they felt touched by the scene and a warm smile hung on their face with soften eyes. Flora actually has tears lingering in her eyes as she watched them. Eddy hand wrapped in front of his student and Benny looked up at his Si Fu with a warm smile than he turn to look at Chung Han with a warm happy smile, he is so happy to see her found her father again. He know that his wish will come true.]

    CHUNG HAN: [sobbed and murmured] Dei, Annie is gone...she is gone...[she cried louder.] I want her back! Dei I want her back!! [Gilbert nodded and embraced her tighter to comfort her.] I'm sorry....[she snuggled her head on her father shoulder.] I'm my fault...

    GILBERT: [rubbed her back] Chung Han is not your fault. [Chung Han nodded repeatedly]

    CHUNG HAN: [cried] She and Lok gor gor came back cause of me! I'm sorry! I'm sorry!! Can I have them back? [she looked at her father with round wishful eyes.] I want them back...[Gilbert sighed and shut his eyes, all he could do is hug her, he can't bring them back either. Chung Han swallowed.] my fault...will you forgive me?

    GILBERT: [moved her back to look at her in the face, he cupped her cheek.] Chung Han tells me what happen to you guys. Who was it that did all of this?

    CHUNG HAN: [wiping her tears, Gilbert helped her. She leans in for a hug, and her father wrapped his arms around her warmly.] I don't of them is in black and his face was covered up with a black veil. But he have very brush browse. The other looks really mean, his eyes were huge and angry.

    GILBERT: [that description is just too broad.] Do you know their name? Did Leung call out his name? Were any name mentioned? [Chung Han pause to think, but she can't remember them addressing each other by name and her mother didn't call out their name either. She slowly shook her head but with a bit of uncertain. Gilbert looked at her seriously] Chung Han, I need you to think really clearly, try to remember. What did Leung call them? Are they dress like guard? [Chung Han shook her head, they definitely not guard, they dress like Stephen and his follower. Gilbert wanted a name so bad, he wanted revenge, he want that two person to pay! His eyes were darted at Chung Han disappointedly that she don't know their name.] Think clearly!

    CHUNG HAN: [Her body trembled at her father shout, he never sound like this before. She bit her lip and stares at her father with hard eyes full of tears, his tone made her felt worthless, and she senses his disappointment. She sniffed and her lip trembled.] I am!! I dream about it each night!! The same thing over and over!! I see it happen each night! I remember everything being say!! [she break out crying loudly with her body trembling and her eyes shut tightly.] I don't want to remember it! I don't want to see them!!!

    CHUNG HAN: [Gilbert gathered her into his arm and hugged her tightly.] I really try Dei! Leung didn't call his name! I don't know their name!! But I could remember how they look like forever!! [she sniffed as she sob] I don't want to be there again....[Eddy sighed softly along with his other god-sibling, they felt sympathy for the five years old, Benny just wish Gilbert would leave her alone, he has try so hard to bring the cheerful child back, he really don't want the depressing girl again.]

    GILBERT: [nod and rubbed Chung Han back] I'm sorry...I'm sorry Chung Han, Dei didn't mean to force you. Just don't think about it again, okay?

    CHUNG HAN: [sobbed] I tried, but I can't! I saw Leung with lots of blood, it was red everywhere...[she hiccupped] And I heard Annie cry, Annie kept crying...I tries to find her but she is nowhere...I only heard her crying to me for help!

    GILBERT: Shh...Chung Han listen to me, stop thinking about it. It's okay, is in the pass now. [he released her and wiped her eyes] I'm sorry sweetheart Dei weren't around to help. [Chung Han swallowed and sniffed as she stare at her father who is in front of her.] Dei promise not to have it ever happens again, okay?

    CHUNG HAN: [nodded with her eyes at her father, she felt secure and weakly forced a smile while she hugged her father again, she just want to be close to him.] You promise. [Gilbert nod] I missed Annie and Si Hing. [she pressed her lip together and Gilbert squeezed her hand.] It's my fault, we could run away but I have to go back...[she turn to look at Gilbert] Leung is hurt, she is bleeding, I can't just leave her...right? But I didn't want Annie to follow me...only if I stopped her.

    GILBERT: [sighed loudly] Chung Han is not your fault. It those two guys fault! I'm going to hunt them down, once I know who they are! They will know that messing with me is not a good idea!

    CHUNG HAN: [swallowed and dropped her head] I'm sorry, that I couldn't help.

    GILBERT: [tilted her head back up] All I needed was you to return to me. [he smiled warmly at her with tears lingering in his eyes. He looked at her eyes and it just reminded him of his other daughter, he swallowed the pain.] I'm just grateful that at least you are safe. [he softly whispered] Only if....

    CHUNG HAN: [finished off for him] Annie is here too. [Gilbert nodded. Chung Han lifted her eyes to stare toward the white ice bed.] Is that Leung? [Flora and Michael have told them their side of the story, so Chung Han know that her mother is not dead yet. Her eyes soften on the cold bed.]

    GILBERT: [sighed and nod, Chung Han quickly ran to the bed and her eyes welled up again as she saw her motionless mother on the bed. She softly felt her face and it was so cold that it shook her entire body with chills. Gilbert ran up to Eddy urgently and thankfully that he finally return.] Daai Gor! You got to save Wun Yee!

    EDDY: [patted Gilbert shoulder.] I'll go take a look at her now. [he walked over with the rest. Benny stands next to Chung Han staring at her mom with curiosity. Eddy felt her pulse and his forehead begin to wrinkled.] Benny why don't you take Chung Han out and wait with Flora Yee (aunt) and Michael Sok (uncle)? [Flora and Michael got the cue to leave so they nod understandingly. Flora grabs Chung Han hand and nudged her to follow. She removed her hand and wanted to stay with her mom.]

    BENNY: [he tried and grabbed her hand.] Come on Chung Han, Si Fu will know how to cure your Leung, lets go out so Si Fu can concentrate. [he smiled at her warmly and squeezed her hand.]

    CHUNG HAN: [frowned with a pout] But I wanted to be with Leung.

    GILBERT: [looked at her calmly] Chung Han go out for a while, be a good girl. [Benny nudged her and she hesitatingly nods and stepped out with them. Eddy rolled Wun Yee over and removed her clothing to study the dark palm print in her back. He sticks some needle in and it immediately turned black, he shakes his head with worry, which made Gilbert impatient as he stares at him with demanding eyes.] Is it bad?

    EDDY: [nodded as he lay Wun Yee back down. He's trying to recall this kind of Mo Gowng that leaves a poisonous palm.] I haven't seen this kind of Mo Gowng palm being use for a very long time. This kind of Mo Gowng has been lost for two decade already, is strange how Yee Sewl (second sister-in-law) are injured by this. The Mo Gowng should call Tek Bing Jern (metal ice palm, I know it's lame, just bear with me), is a very weird Mo Gowng, that could be really evil and dangerous to learn.

    GILBERT: In other word, if I could find the person who knows this Tek Bing Jern, he is very likely to be the one that hurts her and killed my daughter! [Eddy nod, Gilbert fist tighten, he is determine to find this guy out even if it meant searching to the bottom of the world. Gilbert looked at Wun Yee worriedly.] Is there a cure for this? [Eddy sighed with his head shaking. Gilbert heart dropped as his eyes stare at Wun Yee with sorrow and disbelief.] There got to be a cure. Daai gor, you are the best herbalist out there! You got to know how to wake her!

    EDDY: [swallowed] Yee Dai (second younger brother), I'm sorry, but I haven't study anything like this yet. And it seem that Yee Sewl poison has spreads into her vital organs, probably because she used her Noy Gowng when she is injured already, causing the poison to spread with her bloodstream. There is only one hope that might work, but it depends on Yee Sewl. [Gilbert stares at him anxiously.] I could teach you a Noy Gowng that can help her rotate her bloodstream and hopefully force the poisoned blood out. You need to help her do it each night and can't skip or her condition will worsen, cause the poison will spread faster. But this method will take a very long process to get it all out, probably several years.

    GILBERT: [bewildered] Several years?

    EDDY: [nod] If she could hold that long. Like I say it depend on her will to live. That the only method I could think of now.

    GILBERT: Do she wake up if the poison is eliminated?

    EDDY: [shrugged slightly] Don't know, since her poison has spreads already is very hard to say. The poison could probably spread up to her brain already or it might not. It depends on her strength to pull herself through. If you could get all the poison out before it became fatal, than her life will be stable form then on, but she will remain unconscious until she wakes herself. [Eddy patted Gilbert shoulder] Talking to her about the past or just communicate and interact with her will help her recover consciousness faster too. [he sighed at Wun Yee, this is just a thin hope.] I'll teach you the Noy Gowng now, so you can start tonight. [Gilbert nod and Eddy showed him how to use the Noy Gowng to force the minimal amount of poisonous blood out each time from Wun Yee mouth.]

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    Chapter 11: New Friendship

    [Weeks has passed since Chung Han returned to Tin Ming Sect. She is knows to all the members that she is the Goddess, therefore she is respected by every single member and her words is an order. During this period of time Chung Han and Benny became closer friend, which worried Eddy. He could tell that Benny is not going to remember his rule and stick to them. And his fear of them being even more closer then friend has grew over the weeks.]

    [Eddy walked up the hill of Tin Ming Sect, he saw Chung Han and Benny playing together again. Part of him is relief that Chung Han spirit is more uplifted cause of Benny, but still she is a Goddess, they should be more distanced. He shakes his head at the sight and sighed, this can't go on like this, he could foreshadow that they will develop more than friendship feeling toward each other.]

    EDDY: [cleared his throat, Chung Han and Benny quickly turn to give him their attention.] Goddess.

    CHUNG HAN: [chuckled] Daai Bak (eldest uncle), I'm not use to that name, can you call me Chung Han instead?

    EDDY: [smiled at her.] Goddess you have returned back to the sect and must be respected by all the members including me. [he beamed his eyes on Benny] Benny I need a word with you, Goddess will you excuse us? [Chung Han nodded with her curious round eyes watching Eddy, he turned around and started to head down the trail. Chung Han looked at Benny with questioning eyes, Benny shrugged and started to run after his Si Fu leaving Chung Han behind. Chung Han return to practice her Mo Gowng (fighting skill).]

    BENNY: [he caught up with his Si Fu] Si Fu where are we going? What is it that you needed to talk to me about? [he saddened a bit with uncertainty.] Do we have to leave again? [his eyes softened looking at Eddy back hoping that he would reassure him that they are not leaving.]

    EDDY: [he stopped and turn to look at his seven years old student in the eyes.] Benny you never hesitate to leave with me before.

    BENNY: [dropped his head to the dirt trail] I..[he looked up at Eddy.] I'm not hesitating...but I just...

    EDDY: [sighed] I could heard it in your voice.

    BENNY: [swallowed] I swear I didn't mean it that way. I just..I just..

    EDDY: [shake his head at him] You don't want to leave Goddess. [Benny stare at him stilly, how did his Si Fu just know what in his mind at all time like this?!]

    BENNY: [slowly shake his head uncertainly.] No, well yes, cause Chung Han has became my friend. Can we bring her along? [he beamed his eyes on Eddy wishfully. And dropped his head when he saw the disappointed stare of his Si Fu.] No huh?

    EDDY: [sighed out loud] Benny, she is the Goddess, you can't call her by name like this unless. [he paused and looked at Benny with a grin.] Benny go back and get Goddess to come with you to Tin Ming Sect.

    BENNY: [confused] Why?

    EDDY: [calmly] Just go. [he turn and continue his path heading toward Tin Ming Sect. Benny shrugged and run back to Chung Han to get her.]

    CHUNG HAN: [saw him running back, she is happy and ran up to him with her eyes sparkled with charm. She grabs his hand and dragged him running toward the trail that lead down the mountain.] Benny, I have a place to take you!

    BENNY: [paused and pulled her back, she turn to look at him seriously with her round eyes.] Si Fu wanted us back to Tin Ming Sect now. [he jerked their interlock hand a bit.] Come on!

    CHUNG HAN: [let go of his hand and shake her head with a pout.] No! It's so boring at the sect. Dei is always busy and I don't know anyone. [she sighed] I don't want to go back yet, you could go back yourself. [she smiled joyfully and turned to head down the mountain herself.]

    BENNY: [followed after her] Where are you going?

    CHUNG HAN: [she pulled the wooden swords that is strapped on her back.] I have some business to take care of. Don't worry about me, I'll be back before it get dark! Bye!

    BENNY: [his hand firmly grab her shoulder and pulled her back.] Wait! You can't just leave yourself!

    CHUNG HAN: [grinned ear to ears.] I knew you wouldn't let me. [she smiled slyly with her two hand behind her back holding the three wooden swords of hers, Louis, and Annie.]

    BENNY: [pouted at her with his eyes narrowed.] What do you mean by that?

    CHUNG HAN: [raised her eyebrows and shrugged while she turn around and continue to walk.] Oh nothing. Don't worry about me, I know how to take care of myself.

    BENNY: [sighed and walked by her side.] Alright I'll go with you.

    CHUNG HAN: [chuckled and grab his hand pulling him along with her.] I know you would! Come on, we must hurry if we want to return by sunset! [she stopped and stare at him with a disappointed shake of her head while she walked around him looking at him from head to toes.] How could you not know Mo Gowng? You are a Tin Ming Sect member, what happen if people capture you? Don't expect me to come save you! [she sighed with her head shaking, Benny beamed at himself and thought that he is okay with being normal. She smiled brightly at him.] If you would bow to me three time, I'll think about accepting you as my Toa Dai (student)! Then I'll teach you Heng Gowng (flying skill), then it will be faster for us to get there.

    BENNY: [cracked up laughing.] You?! [he shake his head and sighed loudly at the five years old in front of him.] If I would have choose to learns Mo Gowng from Si Fu you would be my Toa Dai's Toa Dai! [he rolled his eyes at her.] My Si Fu? In your next life!

    CHUNG HAN: [pouted and forcefully directed her index finger and middle finger straight hitting Benny right chest causing him to froze in place. She dusting her two hands together happily with joy.] Fine if you are soOOoo good, unfroze yourself then! [she dashed off with her Heng Gowng.]

    BENNY: [shouting after her] Hey! You little brat!

    [Benny sniffed in a puff of breath and used his Noy Gowng (inner strength) to move the inner force around his body and up to his chest to unfroze what Chung Han has done. Lucky she is not too powerful so Benny frozen pulse immediately released. He dashed right after her, seeing her straight ahead. He grinned mischievously and used his family Heng Gowng specialty to speed his way down the trail and slapped the back of Chung Han head when he catch up to her. Chung Han turned around toward the breeze with her hand rubbing the back of her head and she couldn't see anything behind her. She turned back ahead and jerked back surprise to see Benny right in front of her with his folded arms. His eyes rolled toward the sky with a proud smile hung on his face.]

    CHUNG HAN: [she smiled brightly and shaking Benny arm with excitement.] That is so cool! How did you do that?! How did you unfroze your pulse? How did you catch up so fast?

    BENNY: [dusting his right chest.] Oh that? That is just nothing. Sui Mui Mui (little sister, little child) your Mo Gowng is just a child game, how hard could it be to unfroze your freezing skill? [his eyes beamed on Chung Han cockily, Chung Han pouted at him after seeing his look.] Last time I didn't unfroze my pulse on the boat cause I don't want to hurt your feeling.

    CHUNG HAN: [wrinkled the bridge of her nose with her eyes darted at him angrily, she stomped her foot on his right foot. Benny quickly grabbed his foot, jumping up and down. She sticks her tongue out at him under her veil and turned to use her Heng Gowng to take off rushing down the trail.] If you are that good try to catch me!

    [Benny chuckled and followed right after her with his Heng Gowng and dashed down the trail in high speed like a gust of wind rushing by causing Chung Han to twirl when he rushed by, his hand slide into her and interlock it dragging her along.]

    BENNY: [proudly] Now are you convince who is better?

    CHUNG HAN: [still being drag by him but she is really having fun running at this high speed. Stubbornly] It not fair, you are two years older than me! I bet I could do the same thing too two years later, or maybe only in one year! [Benny rolled his eyes with his head shaking at her as he continue. A tree is right in front of them, and he couldn't brake fast enough, so he turned and wrapped one arm around the tree while swinging around it 360 degree. Chung Han heart dropped when that tree was only a millimeter away from her face. She slapped his chest.] You trying to scare me to death!

    BENNY: [rolled his eyes.] Hush it Sui Mui Mui! So where are we heading? [Chung Han pointed toward Twin Mountain. Benny swiftly took her there within minutes.]

    [In the east courtyard of the palace a group of children running around playing tag with a little girl blindfolded. She is cheerful and playfully reaching her two arms ahead of her trying to locate and catch the next victim.]

    RAYMOND: [rushed by her right, she quickly turned to the right with her arms swinging toward it.] Annie, Annie over here! [the child laughed with joy as she turned toward him and rushing closer. He chuckled at her, who is heading toward a tree.] Wrong way! [It was too late, Annie has run herself right into a tree and bounced back falling on her behind. The rest rushed up to her but they stay away so she couldn't touch them.]

    ANNIE: [rubbing her forehead and trying to get off the ground. She pouted with her shoulder slumped.] This is not fun! [she shouted frustratingly] I'm dizzy! [Steven stepped up to her and pulled her upright again. She grinned mischievously and grab on to both of his arm firmly.] Got ya! [Raymond rolled his eyes at his brother for falling into Annie trick again. Annie slowly reaches her hand up to feel the face and grinned.] Must be Yee Wong Hing (second royal brother)!

    STEVEN: [frowned with his soft eyes dropped toward the ground.] Yeah is me.

    RAYMOND: [sighed loudly walked up to them and swing his arm around Steven.] How can you fall for her trick again? This is your third time! Gosh Steven!

    TAVIA: [whining.] This is not fun! It not fair either!

    ANNIE: [pulled the silk handkerchief off of her eyes and beamed at Tavia with her round sharp eyes.] What do you mean it not fair?!

    TAVIA: [rolled her eyes at her] How could it be fair for you to keep tricking Yee Wong Hing?! It so obvious that he wanted to be it for you!

    ANNIE: [walked up to Steven and looked at him straight in the eye with her pair of cute soft round eyes.] Yee Wong Hing you tell her it not true.

    STEVEN: [looked at his two sister back and forth, weakly] Of course it not true...

    TAVIA: [pouted] Lair.

    RAYMOND: [darted at Tavia] Enough already! If you don't like it then don't play with us! We didn't ask you to join our game.

    TAVIA: [stepped up to Raymond with anger] What wrong with you two? You guys always took her side and play with her all the time! I'm your Wong Mui too!

    FENNIE: [pulled Raymond back.] Wong Hing lets not get into another argument. Tavia we are just playing a game, no one is picking side.

    RAYMOND: [grab the handkerchief in Annie hand and started to blindfold Steven.] I'm saying this one last time if you don't like it than go back to the west courtyard and leave us alone.

    ANNIE: [grinned joyfully, she walked up to Raymond.] Wong Hing let me help with the knot!

    RAYMOND: [sighed at her with his soft murmur.] No more trick. [she giggled and nodded.]

    ANNIE: [waving her hand in front of Steven.] Yee Wong Hing how many fingers am I holding up?

    STEVEN: [chuckled at her.] You better run Annie. [Annie and the rest started to run around teasing Steven. They laughed as they play tag with each other.]

    RAYMOND: [poked Steven back.] Turn around!

    FENNIE: [shouted] This way! [she laughed as she duck from his arms.]

    ANNIE: [Raymond used his Heng Gowng to fly up sitting on the gazebo roof, Annie eyes opened widely with amazement.] I want to go up there too! Wong Hing!! [she smiled sweetly at him wishfully.]

    RAYMOND: [shouting through his tunneled hands.] Just tries out what Si Fu been teaching you!

    STEVEN: [laughed while he continue following Annie voice to get her.] Wong Hing you are wasting your breath. You know she didn't listen to Si Fu teaching.

    ANNIE: [saw him coming so she dashed off to the other direction.] Come on Wong Hing! Get me up there! [Steven turned his head to her voice and charging toward her. Tavia and Fennie stand still on the side, since obviously Steven is going after Annie and forgotten about them. Fennie laughed at them while Tavia pout feeling jealous that Annie has taken her place from her two brother cause she is no longer the baby of the group. Annie ran toward her two sisters and Tavia stick her foot out to trip her, Annie is about to fall but Raymond quickly swooped down and pulled her upright lifting her up to the roof. She grinned cheerfully at him.] This is so cool! [she shouted] Yee Wong Hing!! Yee Wong Hing come and gets me!! [Annie laughed at Steven who is turning in circle, she turned to look at Raymond and notice he is not laughing.] What is wrong?

    RAYMOND: [his face sternly stare at Tavia.] She need a lesson, she trip you on purpose.

    ANNIE: [beamed at Tavia] Really? [she grinned] How can we trick her?

    RAYMOND: [looked around and grab Annie hand] Come with me! [he landed with Annie by the lily pond while Steven are still playing tag with the other two. He bit his lower lip with an evil chuckle and sticks his hand down the pound.]

    ANNIE: [laughed at his silly chuckle.] What are you doing? [Raymond pulled a green water snake out causing Annie to jump back in fear and a flashback image of Louis holding the green snake rushed to her mind with her eyes stilled blankly.] Daai gor gor?

    RAYMOND: [waved his hand in front of the mesmerized Annie.] Annie! What did you say? [Annie shakes her head confusedly to where she saw Louis before. Raymond firmly patted her shoulder.] Don't worry it just a garden snake it not poisonous. You want to hold it?

    ANNIE: [she looked at the snake and at Raymond, the boy that she just saw in her mind say the same thing too.] Wong Hing have I been out of the palace before? [she felt a sharp pain on her left chest and quickly dropped to the ground with her hand grabbing garment where it hurt.]

    RAYMOND: [narrowed his eyes on her. He quickly bends down to her.] Annie what's wrong? [she struggle for a minute and the pain left, she panted with her face flushed a bit.]

    ANNIE: [she felt like normal again. In a weak confuse voice.] I'm okay now.

    RAYMOND: [pulled her upright.] Are you sure? [She nodded.] What just happen?

    ANNIE: [shrugged] I don't know, something just flashed back and I saw a gor gor holding a snake toward me just like you, he kind of look like you too.

    RAYMOND: [teasingly] Are you day dreaming? [he grab her hand] Come on let go scare Tavia! [A deep voice cleared his throat behind them. He turned around and quickly dropped the snake. Sheepishly] Fu Wong.

    MARCO: [shake his head at him and lifted Annie up into his arm.] Raymond what are you going to do with that snake?

    ANNIE: [smiled sweetly at her father.] Fu Wong! Are you going to take me hunting like you promise? [she smiled at Raymond] Wong Hing was just showing me how to hunt a snake to get us ready!

    MARCO: [laughed at her.] Really? [Annie nodded vigorously with Raymond starting to turn around trying to walk out, he knows that his father don't believe Annie story. Marco questioned him before he was able to take off.] Raymond is that true?

    RAYMOND: [pressed his lip together.] Umm..ah..

    ANNIE: [pouted at Marco and shaking him a bit] Fu Wong you don't believe me? [she give him her puppy round eyes demanding an answer from her father.]

    MARCO: [chuckled at her cute serious look and shake his head.] Of course, I do princess. [Annie grinned with Raymond chuckling, it nice to get off the hook. Marco in a warning tone.] Raymond leaves Tavia alone. I don't understand why you keep picking on her. [Raymond sticks the tip of his tongue out and sheepishly nodded. Marco looked over toward the courtyard where Steven and the rest are still playing tag.] Steven come over we are going hunting!

    ANNIE: [clapped her hand wildly] Really?! Yay!

    MARCO: [put her down on the floor.] You need to stay here, no girl allow to hunts.

    TAVIA: [rushed up with her other two sibling.] Fu Wong! [Marco nodded and patted her head. Both Fennie and Steven greeted their father too.]

    ANNIE: [pushing Marco trying to get things her way.] Fu Wong you promise you will take me!

    TAVIA: [rolled her eyes at Annie.] Annie princess are suppose to stay in the palace and learn their manner.

    FENNIE: [try to convince Annie. She grabs Annie hand.] Come on Annie lets go find Leung, she promise to read to us.

    ANNIE: [slipped her hand out of Fennie and stand in front of her Fu Wong tugging his royal garment.] It not fair! Why do girl have to stay in the palace listening to boring story when Wong Hing and Yee Wong Hing get to go out and hunt? [she pouted with her lip flattened] Fu Wong you are favoring them! [she turned around with her arms folded and an angry pout hung on her stern face, she mumbled] I want to go too.

    MARCO: [turned her over and looked at her seriously, she resemble Wun Yee so much that made his heart weaken.] Alright you can go with us, but you are not going to hunt just get to come along.

    ANNIE: [jumping up and down.] Yes! [she ran in front of her two brothers and joyfully jumped.] Wong Hing did you hear what Fu Wong say? I get to go!! You better hunt me a bunny! No no no, I want it alive!

    TAVIA: [pouted] I want to go too!

    ANNIE: [turned around and darted at her with a sly smile.] No princess like you are supposes to stay in the palace to learn your manners remember? [she grinned at her and looked up at her Fu Wong, while the other three children softly giggled.] Fu Wong, I'm ready to go.

    MARCO: [lifted her up] Tavia you don't like the out door much anyway. Go back to practice your music. [he walked away with Annie. Raymond and Steven followed close behind.]

    [Benny finally stopped and wiping his face with his sleeves while he follow closely behind Chung Han entering the valley where Chung Han grow up at. Chung Han frowned at the empty valley and the little bamboo house. She remembered how happy she uses to be playing with Annie and Louis by the hot spring pond. Benny is amaze by the heavenly scene around him.]

    BENNY: [curiously with his head beaming everywhere.] Chung Han what is this place?

    CHUNG HAN: [sighed depressingly] My home. [she squatted down and start digging on the dirt ground.]

    BENNY: [narrowed his eyes on her and squatted down next to her.] What are you doing?

    CHUNG HAN: [turn and smiled warmly at him.] I want to burry these three swords here and make a grave for my Si Hing and Annie. [Benny started to help her dig.] I hope they are happy now. [she beamed up into the sky with a glum.]

    BENNY: [comfortingly] Don't worry, I bet they are. [Chung Han nodded and both of them got all three swords buried. Then Chung Han stick a flap of wood on it with Annie and Louis name engraved on.]

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    Chapter 12: Lok Tin Koo

    [By the time Benny and Chung Han got back to Tin Ming Sect it was dark already. They cheerfully stepped into the main room and silenced their laughter after noticing something really important is going on. Chung Han walked up to stand next to her Dei (father) curious to what the meeting is about, there is some unfamiliar face that are present. Benny too silently stood by Eddy listening to the sect meeting.]

    GUY: [anger was in his tone seeking for justice.] Lam Gau Chue (sect leader) I know that you can say this doesn't concern Tin Ming Sect, but he is one of your member and he is using Tin Ming Sectís Mo Gowng (martial art) to kill a lot of innocent people of my sect and many other little sect of the area. I know all of us are no matches for Tin Ming Sect, but we must seek justice for all of our members that have lost their lives to this heartless beast.

    MICHAEL: [stood up to pace around with his stern face and folded arms.] How dare he use our sect Mo Gowng to kill?! Yee Gor (second eldest brother) we can't let him continue on like this, he will bring Tin Ming Sect....

    GILBERT: [he signaled Michael to stop with his sharp eyes darted at Michael. He then gazes at the guy with his stern smile.] You will get your fair justice Yeung Gau Chue, give me a weeks and I'll take care of it.

    GUY: [stood up and bowed slightly getting ready to leave] I trust you for this Lam Gau Chue. I hope you wonít favor your sect member like your former Gau Chue.

    GILBERT: [cleared his throat warningly] Nonsense. Our sect has never favor anyone before, especially traitor. And let me remind you that we donít take in outsider problem easily either. Lets not forget that you are the one that came for help.

    GUY: Iíll take back my word then, but donít make me misunderstood again. [he joined his fist to excuse himself.] Iíll leave you to your sect meeting now. [he turn and headed out the sect.]

    FLORA: [rolled her eyes at that guy] What kind of low life disrespecting scum is he? He sounds like we owe it to him to take care of his enemies. Everyone know that Francis been kick out of the sect for more then five years already.

    CHUNG HAN: [curiously nudged her Dei.] Dei who is he? Is something wrong with the sect?

    GILBERT: [he gave Chung Han a stern and disappointed look.] Where have you been? [Chung Han gnawed at her lower lip, she recognize the voice of her Dei disapproving tone. Gilbert with his disappointed eyes beamed at her.] I have matter to talk to you about Chung Han. I want you to head over to Leung and wait for me there.

    CHUNG HAN: But...

    GILBERT: [his eyes are kept stilly looking right into her eyes telling her that he is not too happy with her action.] Now. [Chung Han pouted a bit and walked her way toward Wun Yee cave obediently, Benny wanted to follow along but Eddy held him back.]

    MICHAEL: [his face show concern.] Yee Gor, Flora is right, what Francis has done, has nothing to do with our sect.

    GILBERT: He is using the sect Mo Gowng, Iíll just have to take that back from him forever. [his wise eyes speculating a plan to deal with the sect traitor.] Don't worry, no one can ever bring down Tin Ming Sect, I'll deal with him personally.

    EDDY: [calmly] Yee Dai (second younger brother), you better be careful, you know Francis. He is tricky and can't be trusted.

    GILBERT: I know exactly how to deal with him. I'm not going to have mercy on him this time. I'll get back the thing that doesnít belong to him. Iíll go on the trip tomorrow and get this straighten out. Daai Gor could you help me take care of Wun Yee and Chung Han? [Eddy nodded. Gilbert gaze lowered down on Benny and studying the young child in front of him. Benny was puzzle with the attention. Gilbert gave him a smile and patted his head. He looked toward Eddy] Daai Gor, I want the ceremony completed before I leave in the morning. Iíll probably take him along. [Eddy nodded] I'll be back with Chung Han. [he walked away.]

    BENNY: [looked at Eddy confusedly.] Is Gau Chue talking about me? What ceremony? Where is he taking me?

    EDDY: [smiled at him] You'll know. Go change into a clean white garment. [Benny kept his unsure eyes on him.] Go on. [he urged, Benny nodded obediently and headed to his room.]

    [Mean while Chung Han sadly walked over to her Leung at the ice bed and kneeled herself down on the side with her head rested on the edge of the ice bed staring at Wun Yee. She smiled at her Leung and brushed her cheek with her hand removing the thin layer of frost.]

    CHUNG HAN: [sighed worriedly] Leung who do you think the traitor is? [she lifted her Leung left arm and sneak her head under it to lies on her Leung chest and place her Leung arm over her shoulder.] I wanted to help Dei find and punish the traitor. [she rolled her head to the side and beam at her Leung.] I've been really good lately and been busy practicing my Mo Gowng, I promise that I'll help Dei with Tin Ming Sect and also help seek revenge for Annie and Si Hing. Don't worry Leung, I'll know how to take care of myself. Leung, I'm sorry about Annie. [she felt tear started to grew so she sniffed them back in. And quickly changed the subject so she won't cry. She softly sighed and didn't notice that Gilbert has just stepped into the room.] Leung, I just want to help Dei with the traitor, do you think he will bring me along?

    GILBERT: [flatly] No. [Chung Han startled by her Dei voice and turned over to look at him with her round eyes. Gilbert could see the redness of her beautiful eyes that resemble Wun Yee and Annie so much. He sighed at the sight of the veil covering her young face, sometime he wish that Chung Han don't have to wear it, cause he fear that he will forget how Annie looked like soon.]

    CHUNG HAN: [soft respectful tone] Dei.

    GILBERT: [nodded and patted her head. He sited on the ice bed and lifted Wun Yee upright to give his energy to Wun Yee like every night. Chung Han silently sited at the edge with her pout and eyes getting teary again seeing her mom suffering. In a warm caring voice.] Wipe off your tears. Chung Han, you need to be strong and learn how to control your emotion more. You'll be the leader of Tin Ming Sect when you are eighteen, you must learn to think clearly before you act. And don't ever let anything interfere your decision, especially emotional feeling. You understand what I'm telling you?

    CHUNG HAN: [she nodded sadly and wipe of her tears.] Why do I have to be the Goddess?

    GILBERT: [he looked at her, seeing her fearful round eyes.] It's your chosen destiny since the minute you are born. Don't be fearful to take responsibility, I have fate in you. Chung Han, I hope you know that being the Goddess of Tin Ming Sect is an honorable position to uphold.

    CHUNG HAN: [nodded again, with her weak voice.] I know. [she beamed at her Dei.] Dei, I really wanted to help you out. Can't I go with you tomorrow?

    GILBERT: [his eyes is closed to concentrate on Wun Yee while he spoke to his daughter.] You can help by staying here to take care of your Leung while I'm gone.

    CHUNG HAN: [looked at Wun Yee with the frosted face turned into beads of sweat.] Daai Bak is taking care of Leung anyway. [she grinned sweetly] I can take care of Dei on the way.

    [Gilbert gained his Noy Gowng (inner energy) force on the palm and swiftly hits the side of Wun left arm turning her over to face him and he pointed his index and middle finger of his right hand to press her two pulse on the heart and front left shoulder blade. Bringing Wun Yee two hands up and pressed his palm against her palms. Wun Yee face glowed with a red tone with drift of vapor coming out of the top of her head. After stabling his wife, he opened his eyes slightly to peek at his daughter and saw her still pouting disappointedly as she sited at the edge of the bed with her legs absentmindedly hitting the side of the ice bed.]

    GILBERT: [sighed at her disappointedly] I say no already Chung Han. There are plenty of things you need to learn here at the sect. Flora Yi (aunty Flora) will teach you the rule and history of our sect while I'm gone. And you'll also need to learn Mo Gowng from Saam Sok (third uncle=Michael) and herbal medicine from Daai Baak (eldest uncle=Eddy). I'll be back to test you on them.

    CHUNG HAN: [frowned with her head dropped.] Dei, you not going to teach me anymore?

    GILBERT: [opened his eyes seeing his daughter sad one. In assure tone.] Of course I am, but learning Daai Baak herbal medicine and poison will be a great use when you are in trouble. Your Saam Sok's Mo Gowng is quite unique and useful. He will also teach you the basic of Tin Ming Sect's Noy Gowng, so I could start teaching you about Tin Ming Sect most valuable Noy Gowng and Mo Gowng technique. [he saw Chung Han eyes still frowning sadly.] I'm only going to be gone for several days, at most it'll be only a week. It's the best time for you to learn about being independent and making your own decision. [he sighed and remembered his purpose of having her come in here.] Why did you left with Benny without a word? You know better then that.

    CHUNG HAN: [plainly] I just went back to Twin Mountain. I know how to take care of myself.

    GILBERT: [continue with his Noy Gowng helping Wun Yee.] I need you to remember your position in Tin Ming Sect. Don't disappoint me, Chung Han. [he shut his eyes again to concentrate on Wun Yee.] I've discussed over with your Daai Baak about Benny and you...

    CHUNG HAN: [curiously] What about us?

    GILBERT: We see that both of you are very close friend. Would you like to have Benny as your brother?

    CHUNG HAN: [curiously] Why? We are friend already.

    GILBERT: [his right palm swiftly hit Wun Yee at an angle making her turned to have her back face him. He forcefully palmed her back with his two palms making Wun Yee spitted out a tiny bit of dark black blood. He summons up his strength and continues to give Wun Yee more of his energy.] Chung Han, you are the Goddess of the sect, you can't be close to another male or have any loving feeling for any of them. You need to remember that you are the Goddess, which mean falling in love is not an option for you.

    CHUNG HAN: [puzzlingly] What is falling in love?

    GILBERT: [he didn't know how to explain these stuff. Usually Wun Yee will do the job. He sighed.] You'll know what I mean when you grew up. Just keep it in mind. I don't want any rumor of you having feeling for Benny to exist. I have decided to adopt Benny as my son, so he will be your older brother. I know you missed Annie and Louis, but now you can treat Benny as your brother and go to him with your problem. But remember that he is only your brother and nothing more.

    CHUNG HAN: [nodded] So he don't have to call me Goddess anymore? [Gilbert nodded making Chung Han smile, she don't like how everyone call her Goddess.] Did Benny know about this yet? I'm going to tell him!

    GILBERT: Hold on. Go change into the new white garment that is on your bed first then head out to the main meeting hall.

    CHUNG HAN: [in her sweet soft tone.] Aren't you coming Dei?

    GILBERT: [in a warm voice.] Go out first Chung Han, I have to concentrate on your Leung. I'll be out.

    [Chung Han nodded and jumped off the ice bed. She headed out, but turned back to see her Dei lowering her Leung on the bed. She silently stood at the entrance of the cave peeking at her Dei. She could tell that her Dei loved her Leung very much.]

    GILBERT: [sighed with a dread expression as he settles Wun Yee back down. His hand softly felt her cheek.] I miss you. Wun Yee, I'll have to temporary leaves you for a few days. There is one important business that I must take care of it myself. Daai Gor has promise me, he will take good care of you and Chung Han.

    [Chung Han listened to her father at the entrance with round eyes that don't want her father to leave too. She don't know anyone else well enough, other than Benny and her father.]

    GILBERT: [a warm smile curved up Gilbert lip while his eyes are lovingly on his wife.] We're adopting a son tonight. His name is Benny, you'll like him too if you get a chance to see him. I know, it not right for me to adopt him only to make sure that they won't develop any other feeling other than the care of sibling. But it's for theirs own good. But don't worry, of course I'll treat Benny as my own son and teach him well after I adopted him. You know, I have always wanted a son too. [he brushed Wun Yee forehead.] I better go out to start the ceremony. I'll be back to visit you later. [he gently kissed Wun Yee icy lip and a drop of tear released from his eye.] I miss you so much. [he sighed and turned around to head out.]

    CHUNG HAN: [walked up to her Dei when he gotten close to her, she immediately grab her Dei large hand and smiled sweetly at him. Gilbert could see the little grin under her veil and the sparkle in her eyes.] I'll take good care of Leung, when you are gone. [Gilbert nodded and patted her head.]

    [A small wooden boat slowly drifted through the calm current of the lake with a seventy years old man slowly paddling it toward the opposite side of the lake. Wrinkles are creased at the edge of his aged eyes along with white eyes brows that grew down to the side of his cheek showing his wisdom and awareness to the Mo Lam world. Both his hand gently moved the paddle to urge the boat ahead while his long white beard slightly drift back and forth along the rocking boat. His peaceful calm eyes gazed toward the youthful female with the most fairies-like garment that is made of the finest silk.]

    [The youthful girl is at the age of seventeen. She silently sat with the wind gently waved the hem of her faint blue garment. With her calm fearless expression, she sat at the edge of the small boat. Her beautiful vivid dark eyes gazed toward the lake absentmindedly observing the tiny ring of ripple that is created by the paddle movement. Her long wavy black hair drifted down her back with elegant but yet simple stylish hair accessory that shows her purity. Her soft creamy face is covered up with a see through sparkling veil that only revealed her magnificently sharp captivating eyes. Her thin rosy lip sadly curved downward from behind the veil as her mind conjuring up a plan to solve her problem.]

    [The boat suddenly jerked and rocked when a female in black durable garment with red trim jumped on broad from a distance boat. The girl in black quickly kneeled down on one knee and respectfully jointed her fist to greet her master. In her enclosed fist she held a flute that is made from bamboo.]

    GIRL: [in a firm voice] Goddess, we had leaded him into the zone already.

    [Chung Han, the Goddess, turned to face the girl with her pleased pair of sparkling deep eyes. She nodded to her approvingly and turned to gaze at the shore ahead with blazing eyes.]

    CHUNG HAN: [her voice hid a mischievous grin from under her veil. Her voice was steady and calm.] No one ever gets away easily from betraying Tin Ming Sect. They will never escape from their punishment either. I'll let him know how wrong he is to even think that he could escape from his punishment. [she smiled with her brighten eyes on the girl with an idea in mind.] Michelle how many of our members is guarding?

    MICHELLE: [she is still kneeling respectfully] There are twenty of us, Goddess. I have sends a member back to recruit more. There is no way he could escape our staged zone.

    CHUNG HAN: [she shake her head at Michelle.] There is no need for this many members. Don't forget Dei has given him a poison to suppress his Mo Gowng twelve years ago. He is now just a useless traitor. [her eyes sharpened with a glimpse of victory.] I'll bring him back to see Dei before the sun ceremony begin. [she grinned mischievously and stood up.]

    MICHELLE: [worriedly] But Goddess, he is a tricky old fox. He has stolen lot of poison from Cheung Daai Fu (herbalist Cheung) herbal house.

    CHUNG HAN: No need to worry, I'll beat him at his own game. I'll let him taste a dose of his own medicine. [she patted on a pouch hanging from her waist band.] I'll be fair and give him a chance to go one on one with me. Michelle helps me pass an order down, telling all members in the forest to retrieve.

    MICHELLE: [her eyes widen with fear and uncertainty] But the forest is not safe enough and protective enough to have all members excused, especially with Francis on the loose. Goddess, even though his Mo Gowng is suppressed, but he still very tricky and has many poison in hand...

    CHUNG HAN: [turned with her eyes darted at Michelle.] Just do as I said. I'll know how to take care of him myself. There is still something that I wanted from him. [Michelle gulped concernedly and nodded obediently. Chung Han in a warning tone.] Don't tell Dei where I am and whose I'm seeing; you got that?

    MICHELLE: [nodded again.] Goddess, the ceremony of the sun will begin soon. You must be there.

    CHUNG HAN: [nodded] I know, Michelle go back to the sect and cover up for me. I'll capture him and bring him back to the sect. [she jumped off the boat and used her Heng Gowng to lightly step on the surface tension of the water to swiftly walk across the lake and did a flip, landing her on the shore.]

    MICHELLE: [looked after Chung Han concernedly, she turned over to the seventy years old man with troublesome eyes.] Wu Yeeh Yeeh (grandpa Wu) what should we do now? Shouldn't we get more help?

    WU YEEH YEEH: [his wise eyes beamed toward the shore with the thick forest background. His kind feature smiled confidently.] Michelle goes back to Tin Ming Sect as Goddess has ordered.

    MICHELLE: [concernedly] But...

    WU YEEH YEEH: [shake his head with a sly grin.] Not to worry, I'll stay guard for Goddess. It is a great chance for her to show the sect her ability. In one more year she will be our primary leader. What she needed most is to experience the Mo Lam world, this is a great practice for her. Go, [he nudged Michelle] the ceremony will start soon. You must drag the time and make sure no one know that Goddess is missing. Gau Chue (sect leader) must not know what Goddess is up to.

    MICHELLE: [nodded repeatedly] Alright. [she swiftly jumped off the boat and twirled in the air with her Heng Gowng and landed on the bigger boat. Michelle played a tone from her flute signaling the rest of the members to return to the boat.]

    [Chung Han ears twitched to the sound of Michelle flute and smiled confidently. Her sharp eyes gazed toward the large and thick forest ahead. She looked up toward the sky to note the sun, she know that she don't have much time left. Chung Han swiftly entered the forest with her alert eyes scanning the surrounding for the traitor.]

    [Her footstep stopped when she hear a soft moaning sound to her left. Chung Han swiftly lifted her self to hop up the tree and used her Heng Gowng to dashes passes tree after tree in mid-air following the sound of pain. After she has pinpointed the source her right arm hugged the trunk of the tree near by and swung herself to a stop. She gently settled herself on the high tree branch and beamed down on the mid forty years old man, that her father has captured twelve years ago and kept him locked in a dungeon.]

    [Chung Han beamed at the restless traitor with his torn garment, she could see the scrap and cuts on his body exposing his bleeding flesh. He is laying painfully on a flat rock moaning in pain to the cuts and exhaustion for the escape.]

    CHUNG HAN: [her legs are dangling from the branch. She shakes her head at him with pity.] Sok Sok (uncle), we meet again. [she grinned with her arm folded.]

    FRANCIS: [tilted his head toward the voice and beamed his blurry eyes toward Chung Han.] You witch...[he grumpily growled.] What do you want this time?! [Chung Han jumped down and landed in front of him, circling him as she giggled at him amusedly. Her hands are absentmindedly playing with the strand of her hair to her left. She carry a playful smile that made the man gazes gazed at her with hatred.] Both your Dei and you are fake people! Talk about upholding righteousness in Mo Lam and all, but actually all of your heart is darken with poison!

    CHUNG HAN: [she pouted at him angrily. Her eyes gazed down and saw a broken branch nearby. She used her foot to kick the branch up and catch it with her hand. Using the branch is poked Francis body.] Who are you calling fake people? [she asked with testing voice.] You are the one who has forgotten Tin Ming Sect rule, didn't you remember? You are the one who has killed thousand with our sect Mo Gowng. Talk about being fake, who is the one who lie to my Dei? [She used her Noy Gowng to firmly grab the branch and transferred her Noy Gowng down the branch, she poked him on the side pulse, making him start to wiggle like there is million of ants chewing on him.] That's for adding poison into our well and making hundred of our members suffer. Now hand out the antidote or I'll show you what the meaning of poison.

    FRANCIS: [rolled his eyes at her while he wiggled in discomfort] Kill me if you want, I'm not going to teach you my secret poison no matter how you torture me... [his eyes gazed at her with a hidden smile. While his fist start to clench in pain and his body trembled from the sensation of stinging ant bite.]

    CHUNG HAN: [she squatted down and poked his face with the stick.] Who said I must know your secret poison? All I need is the antidote. And in yours dream that I'll let you die that easy. I still remember how many of our members has die in your hands. [she place the stick on his neck and moving it back and forth playfully like she is using the stick as a saw.] So are you seriously not going to hand me the antidote?

    FRANCIS: In your dream witch!

    CHUNG HAN: Is alright then, you could keep it with you forever. Eventually my Daai Gor will know how to cure your poison anyway. Now what am I to do with someone that is no longer important? [she asked with an evil spark lit her vividly beautiful eyes.]

    FRANCIS: [he closed his mouth wanting to bite his tongue and commit suicide, but Chung Han quickly slipped the stick into his mouth.] I'm not going to beg...[he mumbled.]

    CHUNG HAN: Don't worry, I don't want to heard you beg either. But of course I can't let you die this easily right? How am I supposes to be a leader if I can't punish the one that poisoned my followers? Now what to do with you? [her eyes scanned down his body and grinned mischievously, she pulled out a needle and playfully hold it in hand.] At least you're still usable as a rat for me to test my poison. [she held the golden tone needle that is poisonous close to his face] But you don't have to get nervous, Daai Gor always know how to cure my poison. All you need to hope is that I could get you to him on time. [she grinned widely and removed the stick from him.]

    FRANCIS: [laughed loudly] Go ahead and poison me child. Lets more of your members die while I'm unconscious. [Chung Han stares at him confusedly but with sharp fearless eyes. He laughed at her.] I'm not afraid to tell you that I have also added some extra ingredient to all of the wine for the big sun ceremony. [he looked up toward the sky with the sun almost straight above, he chuckled evilly] Your Dei is probably enjoying it now. You know that no one can cure my poison, not even Eddy will be able to cure my creation. Let them all die along with me, it a great deal, if you ask me.

    CHUNG HAN: [squatted in front of him] Really? Why should I believe your words? [she chuckled at him confidently] I wouldn't believe that my Si Fu and Daai Gor couldn't figure out an antidote to your poison. [her eyes beamed at the needle] But, do you think you could cure my creation? [she grinned at him mischievously] Wonder how you look like with black polka-dot of poison blister all over your face and body. [she strengthening her fingers to poke the needle into his vein, but suddenly a glow of blue flashed pass her face, she quickly backed away from the sharp sword that flew by swiftly just a milliliter from her face.]

    [She turned to the direction where it came from and saw a guy darted at her with hard eyes. He seems like a caveman that has just woken up with his torn and dirty clothing. His hair is tied up with twig. The guy quickly helped Francis up with his left hand while his right hand turned in a circular motion sending his Noy Gowng to yank and retrieve his sword back from the tree. Chung Han was quite amazed by his unique sword and his strong Noy Gowng background.]

    GUY: [checking Francis out.] Daai Sok (uncle, a respectful way to address an old man), are you alright? [he asked with his caring tone.]

    [Chung Han swiftly throws three needles over toward him to test out more of his Mo Gowng trying to pin down what sect he is from. The guy swiftly palmed his hand on Francis to push him away from Chung Han incoming needles. He then controlled his sword to hit the needles and send it off track, hitting into the tree instead. The force was so great that all three needles had totally indented into the tree.]

    [Francis started to moan and scream in pain as his bloodstream boiled with poison and his body is trembling as blister begin to come in place. The guy swiftly squatted down to him and turned him over to face him, he was startled by the nasty looking blister being filled with dark black poisonous blood. Chung Han grinned with her arm folded, he deserves to suffer from the pain, but of course she did plan to cure him later. But for now, let him suffer.]

    GUY: [he paused the two shoulder blade pulse on Francis, Francis pain quickly minimize and his cry became soft. The guy settles Francis down first and darted at the girl with angry disbelief eyes. He never saw anyone being so cruel, especially being a girl.] Cure him now! [he commanded while Chung Han chuckled at him and stepped closer to look at Francis.]

    CHUNG HAN: [she smiled mischievously] Do you know, you just made the poison enter his organ by pausing his pulse? [she shakes her head and sighed with a long breath.] Too bad, I was just going to scare him, but you are the one that send him down the road to death. [she lies, of course she could cure any kind of poison, or at least she know two people that know how. But this is her creation, of course she know how to cure it. She just couldn't help herself from playing for a while longer.]

    GUY: [he gazed at her, for a moment seeing her with the veil, it reminded him of someone he know twelve years ago. Especially those large vivid eyes resemble her so much. He snapped out of his thought when Francis started to scream again and his face is turned black. The guy quickly stood up and grab Chung Han wrist tightly, he demanded with his hard voice.] Save him now!

    CHUNG HAN: [gazed down on her wrist and gazed back to him with cold eyes.] Let go or you'll be sorry. [she told the dark toned man in front of her. He quickly let go after realizing that he is holding onto a female wrist. Chung Han smiled amusedly at him, cause she could see the slightly change in color of his face. She playfully circled Francis and glance at the dark tone guy.] I'll save him if you tell me your name and which sect you are from. [Chung Han is very interested in his Mo Gowng, and wanted to know more.]

    GUY: I am Lo...[he stopped, he can't tell her his real name is Louis. He don't want to let anyone know his real name, it the best way to protect himself in the Mo Lam world. He cleared his throat.] My family name is Lok, Tin Koo is my name. [he flipped his name backward instead. He weakly smiled at the girl, who is quite beautiful to him. Well, she is the first person he sees after he has gotten himself out of the cave.] Now can you save him?

    CHUNG HAN: [shook her head, of course not, she is having fun.] You still haven't told me which sect you are from. [she reminded him]

    LOUIS: [frowned, he don't have a sect. He has been learning all of his Mo Gowng from the twelve coffins. He quickly made up a sect.] The Twelve Honorable. [He could see Chung Han forehead wrinkled in puzzle, he try to not chuckle and show his serious face.]

    CHUNG HAN: Twelve Honorable? [she never heard of such sect in her entire life. She stares at Louis with a bit of anger thinking that he must be lying. She really wanted to know what sect he really is, so she tested him. She suddenly darted three needles over, this time with her Noy Gowng. The needle moved in a speed of lighting, Louis quickly palmed his hands together and with his Noy Gowng he palmed out a big gust of wind making Chung Han slide back a couple of feet. The needles were hold in place it mid air for a few second before it shattered into metal dust.]

    LOUIS: [angrily] You have promise to cure him!

    CHUNG HAN: [her eyes are sharply stare at him with rage too.] Why should I when you lie? There is no such thing as the Twelve Honorable! And who is this traitor to you? Why are you here to rescue him?!

    LOUIS: [he don't know Francis at all. He just wants to save a worthless man that has no Mo Gowng from being kills so mercilessly.] I don't know him, but I'm not going to let you kill someone that can't even defense himself.

    CHUNG HAN: [she laughed with her eyes rolled.] Defenseless? Francis being defenseless, that the first time I heard this. Don't be surprise when he poisons you to death too. [she warned with a smile] Fine you could keep him, he won't last more then six more days anyway. And don't say I didn't warn you, he will look pretty nasty as the poison thicken. If I were you, I would just leave him alone. [she swiftly turned away and fled up to a tree. Louis chased after her cause he wanted her to save Francis. She turned back to look at him and shouted as she used her Heng Gown to pass tree after tree.] Hey! Tin Koo, if you would be my discipline I'll save him right away! [she teased as she swing around the tree, Louis hand was only a millimeter away from her veil.]

    LOUIS: In your dream! Don't make me use my power on you! [he warned]

    CHUNG HAN: [chuckled] If you could catch me first! [she landed on the floor and used what Benny has taught her to swiftly dash through the forest floor. Louis is amazed by the quickness of her Heng Gowng. Even from above, he couldn't follow her and she swiftly disappeared. Chung Han shouted back, only her voice is hear.] Bye Koo Jai (Koo boy)!! Have fun with that fox! I'll probably save him if you could find me again...[her voice trailed off.]

    [Louis has no idea where she is. He sighed, how is he going to find her again? He don't even know his way around. He has been lock up in that mountain for twelve years! He sighed and returns to Francis who has passed out from the corrosive poison. Francis body and face are covered with dark veins and black dot of poisonous blister. Louis lifted him up and carried the poor man in his arm as he walk and think of a way to find that girl with the blue veil within six days.]

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    Whoa, look like I have lot to read. I read to chapter 7 already, it's great. It was so sad how Wun Yee was saying sorry to Gilbert and how she couldn't mutter out the murderer's name. <IMG SRC="smilies/frown.gif" border="0"> <IMG SRC="smilies/bawling.gif" border="0">Please continue to update. <IMG SRC="smilies/wink.gif" border="0">

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    I hate Chung Han <IMG SRC="smilies/angrystick.gif" border="0"> She is just so mean. I have try to think of one good thing about her but all she do is being mean, stubborn, trying to be cute, etc. I already started hating her at the beginning of this story. I don't know why I hate her so much. I have never hated any character in a story before. I like Annie much better <IMG SRC="smilies/biggrin.gif" border="0"> Sorry, I just have release my anger <IMG SRC="smilies/redface.gif" border="0"> Anyway, great chapters. How can you type 12 very long chapters in a row. I can only type one chapter each day. Even though my chapters is like very short <IMG SRC="smilies/blush.gif" border="0"> Update more, please. I will try to not hate Chung Han so much and look on the positive side. At least, she still care about her family and friends <IMG SRC="smilies/smile.gif" border="0">

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    hey this was getting pretty interesting, it seems quite well developed - but is this the end??
    my right arm slams shut

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