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Thread: Need urgent help with transferring data from old pc to new one

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    Cool Need urgent help with transferring data from old pc to new one

    I have dilemma. the new laptop I have just got had no A drive available. So, I tried many ways to transfer data from old lap to new lap but ran to problems.

    1. I have handydrive that will work w/ new lap but not on old lap - somehow, it won't notice this device.

    2. there is wizard tool for transferring data in the new lap but the instruction didn't seem to make sense. First it asked if I have wizard cd - well, I don't.

    so, what is the best way to unmess this thing?

    (pulling my hair wildly!) I didn't expect things to be this hard.

    appreciate any suggestions
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    Can one (or both) of your laptop runs two hdd? Remove one into the other and copy from hdd to another.

    If you have cd burner, use cd-rw (or cd-r).

    Connect laptops to network with PCMCIA port.

    If only a small amount, upload to internet then download to new one.

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    How about using ZIP drives?
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    You can always do a direct connection between the 2 PCs using parallel cables. You're basically networking without the network, or you can always just connect both PCs to an existing network. (I found that most people can get easy access to one considering the broadband connection sharing.)

    If I'm right, the second PC runs XP, which comes with the wizard that transfers old data? In any case, if the program came with your PC, there's a matching CD for it. If there's no CD, you might want to call the company that made your PC (or even the store where you bought it).

    I personally don't know how to use the program since I just copied my stuff onto CDs. Of course, I now have an external drive, and I don't know how I managed to transfer data before it. It's a good, albeit slightly expensive, option.
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    1. Using infra red (if your laptop have one)
    2. Cables
    3. using external CD writer
    4. Upload to net or email em to yourself.
    5. USB memory key (have to buy it first)

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    go to the shop you got it from, go to customer service and tell them to do it for you. if they got one year free service, they'll do it foryou no prbs.

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    You can burn a data CD...or if you don't mind all the trouble, upload them somewhere onto the net and just dl them again from your new computer.
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    If you have Window XP, the Data Migration folders work best for this situation. You just put whatever datas you want in that folder, follow the step then you are done. No hassles or headaches
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    Make a system copy and upload somewhere on Dropbox or cloud space. Link other system with the same account and download the image. And restore data. The only issue is "this require a good and high speed internet connection. "

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    try to upload it somewhere? might work.

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    2003: We are talking about A drive, XP, CD, Zip, parallel cables.
    2017/2020: We are talking about Dropbox/cloud.
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