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Thread: Betrayal

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    Hi jeh!

    I'm your silent reader... no so silent though...

    Update soon, I want to know what happen next...
    Spring Summer Autumn Winter.
    Pair ducks nest fly together.
    Clemencies. Summer life, feather winter white.
    Green meadow in spring, before the autumn bite.
    Watching the red gown.
    And none else, alone.

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    Hey Eeyore!

    Yay, glad to see you have start to post comments. I was beginning to lost faith in this story. I hope you will continue to read and leave comments.

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    Chapter 21 Missing Eachother

    Duc Thang (Benny Chan) led Ngoc Bich (Kristy Yang) along a winding road leading to a cave. Ngoc Bich sniff the air and look at the surroundings.

    The plum flowers standing on either sides of the roads caught Ngoc Bich's attention.

    "Plum flowers...her favorite flowers" Ngoc Bich thought to herself.

    Duc Thang drag Ngoc Bich into the cave ahead of them. It was very dark inside.

    As she walk, Ngoc Bich notice the cave seem to get smaller and smaller as she walk deeper inside. She have to crawl through the cave instead.

    There was sunlight shining ahead of them. Duc Thang and Ngoc Bich crawl faster, wanting to get out of this dark and humid place.

    Duc Thang crawl to the sunlight and then jump out. He turn around and help Ngoc Bich.

    "This place hasn't changed one bit. It still the same as I remember it," Ngoc Bich said as she smile happily.

    The sun shine brightly onto the two as the wind shook the trees, causing dry leaves to fall down and the tree's trunks to sway a bit. It was getting close to winter so most of the animals usually seen around the big pine tree have already disappear. Some to gather foods for the winter, some to hibernate.

    There were still some birds left, though. They chirp and dance happily on the tree trunks.

    The lake with its clear blue water suddenly become wild as if to welcome Ngoc Bich back. The waves splash against the rocks, causing water to erupt in all directions.

    Ngoc Bich observe all of this with a wide smile on her pretty face. She was glad to be home. Beside the cave that she grew up in, this place was the only place that felt like home to her.

    This was where she met her two sworn brothers. They have a misunderstanding in the beginning but then it was all clear up and they became friends.

    Ngoc Bich look back at the lake one last time and then follow Duc Thang into the small house located beside the large pine tree.

    "Dai ca (first senior brother), look who's back!!!" Duc Thang shouted happily.

    As soon as she enter the house, Ngoc Bich have to gasp at the sight before her. The house was a mess. Several emptywine bottles lay on the ground. There were some more lying on the table. The strong smell of wine and something else envelope the whole house.

    Gia Minh (Ekin Cheng) sat in a dark corner of the house with a wine bottle in his hand and several empty wine bottles at his feet.

    Ngoc Bich angrily walk toward Gia Minh but have to back away. She couldn't stand the ugly smell coming from him. He look like he haven't taken a bath for weeks.

    The furious Ngoc Bich twisted Gia Minh's ear and shouted, "What have you done to my beautful house?! It was so clean before!!! Look at it now!!!"

    Gia Minh quickly snap out of his drunken state, "Oww, tieu muoi muoi (little sister)!!! Let go!!! That hurt!!! Oww!!!" he yell painfully as he try to get Ngoc Bich's hand off his left ear which had turned red.

    "I told you no more drinking but you wouldn't listen!!! I am not letting go!!!"

    "I'm sorry!!! I promise I won't drink anymore!!! Now let go!!!"

    "That's what you said last time!!!"

    "I swear this time, I'm serious!!!"

    "You promise you won't drink again?" Ngoc Bich ask.

    Gia Minh vigorously nod his head.

    Ngoc Bich slowly let go of his ear, "Now go take a bath, you stink!!!" she ordered.

    Gia Minh quickly follow the order. He ran out of the living room while rubbing his ear.

    Duc Thang, who have been watching the whole time, quickly burst out into laughter. Ngoc Bich shot a murderous look at him and he quickly stop.

    "What are you laughing at?! I'm not done with you yet!! Why didn't you clean up the house?! Why didn't you made dai ca (first senior brother) stop drinking?! Why didn't you do anything?!" Ngoc Bich shouted and advance toward Duc Thang who is backing away.

    Duc Thang force a smile, " see...he was....and know..." he stuttered.

    Ngoc Bich twisted his right ear as she yell, "You were too lazy!!! You men are so irresponsible and perverted..." Ngoc Bich let go of Duc Thang's ear when she said the word pervert. She suddenly miss Tuan Kiet (Louis Koo).

    "Hello!!!" Duc Thang yell as he wave his hand before Ngoc Bich's eyes.

    Ngoc Bich snap out of her daze and shove Duc Thang's hand away, "Come with me," she said and start to walk out the door.

    "Where are you going?!" Duc Thang ask as he rub his ear, standing a safe distance away from Ngoc Bich.

    "I need to buy things to cook for you two guys. You do want to eat dinner, right?" Ngoc Bich reply.

    "Of course!!!"

    "Then, let's go!!!" Ngoc Bich shouted and walk off with Duc Thang follwing behind.


    Tuan Kiet slump down heavily, he had spend hours searching for Ngoc Bich but no avail. She was gone.

    As he sigh heavily, Tuan Kiet suddenly hear the sounds of water splashing coming from behind him. He quickly peer out of the bush and look down at the river below.

    A girl was swimming in the river and splashing water on herself. Her face was turn away from Tuan Kiet so he couldn't see who it was. However, her back seem really familiar to him.

    Tuan Kiet try to look at the girl's face but he fall down the low hil instead. The girl hear the noise and quickly wrap her clothes and put it on.

    All of this happen so fast that Tuan Kiet could only make out the familar face of the girl.

    "Ngoc, no...Thuy Nhi?" Tuan Kiet mutter as he try to take a closer look at the girl's face.

    "Take a closer look and I will kill you," the cold voice of Thuy Nhi rang out, loud and clear. She quickly put on her veil, not wanting Tuan Kiet to see her face. Her mentor had told her some weeks ago not to let any men see her face or she will have to kill them. The next leader of the Ice Dragon Palace have to have her face veiled until she become leader.

    Tuan Kiet have always been curious as to why the two girls, Ngoc Bich and Thuy Nhi, resemble eachother so much. However, he was reluctant to ask so as not to be view as nosy. It was noit his business after all.

    Thuy Nhi turn around with her face veiled save for her eyes. She take a look at Tuan Kiet who is still lying on the ground and then quietly walk away. Tuan Kiet stood up and follow her.

    Thuy Nhi quickly turn around and ask, "Why are you following me?!"

    "I'm not following you, I'm going this way too." Tuan Kiet answered innocently.

    Thuy Nhi said nothing and continue walking. Tuan Kiet trail behind her, smiling to himself.

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    Jeh, update please... waiting to know...
    Spring Summer Autumn Winter.
    Pair ducks nest fly together.
    Clemencies. Summer life, feather winter white.
    Green meadow in spring, before the autumn bite.
    Watching the red gown.
    And none else, alone.

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    Hey Eeyore, thank you for taking the time to read this story and comment Here's an update.

    Chapter 22 A Storm

    Thuy Nhi (Kristy Yang) wave her hand lightly, million of poisonous needles shoot out and flew toward the swordsman (Nick Cheung) in front of her.

    Instead of dodging, the swordsman just stood there, looking at the needles soaring at him. When the projectiles were merely inches from him, it suddenly changes directions and dash toward Thuy Nhi. The swordsman has used his internal energy to push the needles back to Thuy Nhi.

    Thuy Nhi was too shock to do anything. The needles continue soaring toward her at a fast pace. Tuan Kiet (Louis Koo) jumps out of nowhere and push Thuy Nhi away.

    The needles flew through a tree, leaving several holes on its trunk. The tree shook violently and its green leaves showered down. They twirled about in the wind before falling on the ground.

    The wind became violent as thunder roar and lightning cut through the sky. The sky darkens and its first drops of rain descend down on the three people. The violent breeze shook the trees, making its leaves flew in all directions.

    The swordsman watches his surroundings, “Consider yourself lucky, I don’t feel like killing today. Hope this will be the last time we meet, goodbye,” he said and somersaulted away.

    “Wait, Invincible Sword!! Come back here!!!” Thuy Nhi yelled.

    “No use yelling, he won’t come back. Let’s find somewhere to protect us from the rain. It look like there will be a storm,” Tuan Kiet suggested.

    Thuy Nhi turned around and glared at Tuan Kiet, “It’s your entire fault, stop getting in my way!! I need to kill Invincible Sword! For the last time, stop following me!” she said and stomped off.

    Tuan Kiet grinned and followed the furious Thuy Nhi.

    It rains harder and harder and the sky got darker and darker until you couldn’t see anything anymore.

    Thuy Nhi and Tuan Kiet smile when they saw an abandoned temple, they were glad to have something to take refuge in against this storm. They were soaked, cold and tired, they stumbled into the temple.

    Shivering, the two try to start a fire. The fire lit up, warming the two and brightening the whole room.
    Thuy Nhi and Tuan Kiet sat by the fire to dry themselves up. Wearily, Thuy Nhi lay down and after warning Tuan Kiet not to lift her veil up, went to sleep automatically. Tuan Kiet, though tired, couldn’t sleep. He lies down and tries to go to sleep but his eyes was opening wide.

    Tuan Kiet brought the butterfly hairpin out of his pocket and look at it. He suddenly misses Ngoc Bich (Kristy Yang) and her blabbering very much.

    “What are you looking at?” Thuy Nhi suddenly spoke out.

    Startle, Tuan Kiet turn back to look at Thuy Nhi. She was fully awake and looking at him questionably.

    “Nothing,” Tuan Kiet lied and quickly put the hairpin back in his shirt pocket. Then, he changed the subject, “You can’t sleep?”

    “No…su huynh (senior martial brother) have to tell me story before I could go to sleep but he’s not here,” Thuy Nhi said sadly.

    Tuan Kiet was surprised to hear that, he always thought that Thuy Nhi was an emotionless person. Who would have thought she was just like a baby, wanting to hear a story before she could fall asleep.

    Thuy Nhi continued, “I was born with no parents so I never know how it feels like to have someone love you and care for you. Then, I got to know su huynh (senior martial brother); he treated me like I was his little sister. He said I remind him of his long lost sister,”

    “Oh…why are you telling me all this?” Tuan Kiet asked.

    Thuy Nhi look away and replied, “I don’t know,”

    There was silence between the two of them.

    Thuy Nhi was pondering about Tuan Kiet’s question. She didn’t know why she told him that. Maybe, she feels she could trust him and tell him everything.

    When she first met him and he helped her fend off those jerks, she felt a strange feeling inside of her. She brushed it off, thinking it was only a feeling of gratitude or maybe she just felt weird because he was the first man she was in friendly term with beside her senior martial brother.

    When they met again and she saw her with that annoying girl, a different feeling arose in her. It was a feeling of hatred and hurt. She didn’t hate him, though. The one she hated was the girl that keeps following him. However, she felt she couldn’t hate the girl either.
    The thunder roars loudly, followed by a flash of lightning which lighten up the whole sky.

    They were completely enveloped by darkness after that. The fire has long died out.

    “Are you scare, Thuy Nhi?” Tuan Kiet suddenly asked.

    Thuy Nhi scoffed and turned toward him, “Have you forgotten that I am a well known assassin? Why should I be scare?” she questioned him back.

    “I don’t know, I just thought you would be scare since all girls are,” Tuan Kiet shrugged.

    “Not me,”

    “Sometime I wonder if you are really a girl,”

    “What did you just say?!”


    Thuy Nhi shot a dangerous look at Tuan Kiet and then focuses her gaze on the entrance. The rain was still pouring down like crazy.


    Ngoc Bich looks out at the rain and sigh. She wonder did Tuan Kiet got wet and did he have any place to stay in. By the look of the storm, it will continue to rain tomorrow and the day after that.

    The door to Ngoc Bich’s room was burst open violently and Duc Thang (Benny Chan) steps in.

    “Watch out, tieu muoi muoi (little sister)! There might be a mouse hiding in your room. Don’t kill him, though! He’s my little friend! His name is umm…Mouse, yeah that’s it, Mouse!” Duc Thang said as he looks around the room, trying to find Mouse.

    “So you want to make friends with mice this time? What happens to Chicken?” Ngoc Bich inquired her voice full of sarcasm.

    Duc Thang continue to scanned the room while replying, “Well, I accidentally ate him,”

    “How can you “accidentally” ate a chicken?”

    “I don’t really know myself. Still trying to figure that out,” Duc Thang said seriously as he walk to the bed to examine it.


    Duc Thang has accidentally stepped on something. Lifting up his foot, Duc Thang look down, “Oh no, I accidentally kill Mouse! I’m a murderer! Oh no!” he cried out.

    Ngoc Bich sat down on a chair and rolled her eyes at Duc Thang.

    “I’ll go to bury him now. C’mon, little guy,” Duc Thang said and pick up the squish mouse much to the disgust of Ngoc Bich.

    “Wait a minute, you’re going to go outside in this weather?” Ngoc Bich exclaimed.

    Duc Thang stop walking and look outside at the storm, he smile and threw the mouse to one side, “Of course not, what if I got sick from the cold? No way, my safety always goes first. I’ll bury Mouse later,” he said and sat down next to Ngoc Bich.

    “What a good friend,” Ngoc Bich mocked and then shouted, “Eew, don’t leave the mouse in my room! It’ll stink up the whole place! Leave it in your room!”

    “I can’t, what if I suffocate from the smell. My safety always goes first,”

    Ngoc Bich kick Duc Thang out of her room, “…and take your mouse with you!” she yelled.


    Hong Hoa (Esther Kwan) collapses on the ground as the rain continue to pour down on her. She try to open her eyes but couldn’t. The last thing she saw before going unconscious was the face of her fiancée, Tran Van Long (Nick Cheung)….


    Hong Hoa opened her eyes and looks around weakly. Her face lit up when she saw the familiar face of the person she been searching for, Tran Van Long also know as Invincible Sword.

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