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    This is a short touching X-mas fanfic of Louis and Annie that should be only around ten chapters long. I’m trying to write as fast as possible and get it completed by Christmas Day or at least no longer than New Years Day.

    1940s in a cold state of the US, which claim to have the greatest snow on earth. The period should be during war time. *note: I’m not good with history at all, so don’t take the history event of this fanfic too seriously.

    Annie Man: A devoted twenty-five-years-old house wife and loving mother. Annie’s character is very passive, quiet, shy, and polite. She is very dependent on her husband for both physical and emotional matter. She is brought up in a very wealthy and well know family. But because of love, she and her husband has chosen to elope and leave everything behind them.

    Louis Koo: A protective and loving thirty-one-years-old husband and father. Louis’s character is understanding, smart, brave, caring, and protective. His love for his wife and daughter is greater than anything could describe. He would do anything to make sure that they are well taken care of, even if it meant it will break his heart.

    Jenny Shing= Annabelle Koo: A mischievous but sweet five-years-old daughter who had wishes for a warm happy Christmas with her parents. She is very proud of her father and had treated him as her hero. Annabelle is a very clever child, who believes that she could protect her mommy while her daddy has to serve the country.

    Chapter 1: A Promise to Keep

    ---June 23, 1940---

    A crank initiated propellers of a military aircraft to stir, causing loud violent force to dominate the background of voices. The crisp blue sky of the early summer became a dusty yellow haze within seconds. A young child of four gazed toward the gigantic aircraft with amaze. It was her first time coming along with her mommy to this military air force base named Municipal, to say goodbye to her father. She had never seen anything as huge and magnificent as this military aircraft before. Her eyes twinkled curiously as she watches uniformed men begin to go abroad this olive colored aircraft.

    “Wow,” she mouthed with no voice. Her small little feet turned her to get a better look at this loud machine that supposedly fly like an eagle. Her young mind was too fascinated with the aircraft to even hear any parting words of her parents.

    Longingly, a young wife’s eyes are kept at her husband’s face, not wanting to blink. She gently helps him straighten his uniform’s collar. “Be careful,” her voice was but a mutter. She had always hated to part from her husband, each time he have duty. There had been several times that she thought her husband wouldn’t safely return from war.

    He gave her a nod with eyes that follows hers. Tenderly, he reached out to sweep a tear from her cheek. “Don’t worry, Annie. We wouldn’t part for long this time, I promise,” he smiled so warmly that it made his wife shed more tears. Swallowed her tears, his wife leaned in to embrace him tightly with sniffle. “I’ll be home before you even notice,” his whisper soothed his wife sadness.

    Moved her head up to gaze into her husband deep brown eyes, Annie nod in silent. She wiped her own tears and stepped back a step. Her husbands two hands reach for her cheeks and brushed her last tears away with his thumbs. “I’m sorry Louis, I really had tried to not cry. I’m so weak. You must be disappointed,” she mumbled with her head dropped with a small little pout.

    Chuckled, Louis sincerely watch every gesture of his wife, whom is six years younger than him. With tender touch, Louis tilted Annie’s chin back up, in order to look her passionately in the eyes. Her eyes seem to cast the reflection of their past. He remember how much they had been through to be together. He understand her very well and know why she felt fear of losing him each time he had duty to guard the frontline. “No, you love me,” he corrected with his manly deep voice that understand her so much. He lean in to peck her thin bang. “I love you too,” he whispered.

    Sniffed, Annie nodded while her lips are tightly seal. From her pocket, she pulled out a valuable old fashion pocket watch, which is a symbol of their relationship. She opened his palm to place it in the center. “Louis, promise me you’ll be home by Christmas,” Annie requested, “Annabelle and me will wait for you to put up the Christmas tree.”

    “Don’t worry, we are schedule to be back by Thanksgiving. I won’t even miss her fifth birthday,” Louis assured and glanced at their only daughter. With a hearty smile, Louis squatted down and turned his daughter around to face him. “Belle, you remember what you promise daddy?” he asked with a big smile.

    Saluted proudly at her father, Annabelle nodded with no doubt. “I’ll take very good care of mommy!” the child joyfully promised. She had always been very proud of her father for being the youngest sergeant of the air force. Her father is a hero to her, especially when he is in his air force uniform.

    Chuckled as he nodded, Louis removed one of his pin from his uniform. “You be good to mommy and listen to her when I’m gone. Don’t you dare to be naughty and pick on her like how you always had, you hear me, young lady?” Louis warned playfully, while his daughter nodded with mischievous giggles. “I’ll give this to you now because I trust that you’ll be a good little girl to mommy and will protect mommy while daddy is away.” Annabelle was very happy and proud of herself to know that her daddy is pinning his silver pin on her shirt and trusted her to be a big girl.

    After the pin is securely on the child shirt, both father and daughter saluted to each other. Annie let out a chuckle while her eyes glistered with tears. Louis spread his arms wide open as a cue. Annabelle grinned widely and charged in to hug her father tightly. He pecked both side of her cheeks before he release her and stand back up. Annabelle pulled on her mommy wanting to be carried. Carrying her daughter, Annie‘s eyes hadn‘t left her husband. “It’s time for me to go,” he announce with a hint of sadness. Annie bravely nodded while holding her tears back. Louis gave them each one last kiss before he walked away. Both Annie and Annabelle waved to the big aircraft.

    ---December 2, 1940---

    “Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to Annabelle. Happy birthday to you,” Annie sweetly sang to her daughter who just turned five. Annabelle chuckled cheerfully as she took in one deep breath ready to blow the candle out. “Wait, sweetheart, let mommy take a picture of you and your cake so we could mail it to daddy,” Annie hurriedly rushed into her bedroom leaving her daughter to sit in the middle of the dark night with nothing but the five flickering candles on her birthday cake.

    “Mommy, when will daddy be home?” Annabelle asked with a pout. She is very unhappy to realize that her father is missing out on her birthday cake.

    Hearing what her daughter just ask, Annie frowned with sadness. She missed her husband dearly. Louis had send letter home telling them that he couldn’t make it back by Thanksgiving and that he don’t know how much longer he have to stay in the foreign land he was sent to. Annie had a strange feeling that he probably won’t even make it back by Christmas.

    Pulled an old fashion camera that was given to her by her grandpa, Annie could see her own sad reflection on the silvery trim. Deeply, Annie inhaled and painted a big smile on her face before she steps out of her room and head to the kitchen where her daughter is at. “Daddy will be home soon, Belle. We’ll send him a picture to show him how much we missed him okay?” Annie suggested while her daughter nodded repeatedly. “Alright don’t forget to make a wish before you blow the candles.”

    “I wish…”

    Annie chuckled, “Sweetheart, why don’t you put your hands together and close your eyes to make the wish. It’ll come true that way.”

    Annabelle do as she was told. She wishfully said, “I wish that daddy will be home for Christmas and bring me lots of toys!” She opened her eyes and with one big puff she tries to blow all of the flame out. Annie quickly snapped a few pictures as she happily laughed at her daughter having problem dealing with those candles that won’t die.

    ---December 10, 1940---

    In a military reservation of a foreign country, Louis excitedly walked in the cold heading to the main office to get his mail. His cheek instantly crimson due to the cold icy wind and dry atmosphere. The weather there in the winter is like a freezer. He rubbed his hands together and blown warm breath to keep his hands warm. After he retrieved his package, Louis immediately opened it.

    In the package he found a brand new hand knitted cream scarf. Louis smile with warmth knowing that it must be Annie’s work. He immediately swung it cozily around his neck. He then took out the enveloped letter out to open it. His eyes lingered with tears when he saw a black and white photo of his wife and daughter that was took in front of their rented house. They were standing next to a snowman that is wearing his coat, hat, scarf, and gloves. Louis heart warmth to see Annie’s sweet smile and eyes that tells him, she missed him deeply. He sighed causing a puff of steam to evaporate from his breath. Louis flipped to the next two photos. These two were photos of Annabelle making a wish and blowing out candles on her cake. He had wished so badly to go home for Annabelle birthday.

    Impatiently opening the letter, Louis read Annie’s handwriting that slowly warmth and melted his heart. It read:

    Dear Louis,
    I missed you very much. Both Annabelle and me had longed for your return. I had taught Annabelle to pray with me at night. We pray for your safety and for you to return as soon as possible. Have you gotten any news on whether you’ll be able to get released from duty for Christmas? I hope you could return soon, cause I missed the feeling of being in your arms. I missed your soft voice and loving words. Mostly, I just wanted you home safe and sound for the holiday season.
    Annabelle missed you too. Recently, she had always asked me about you. Also, she became very eager and always pleaded me to tell her story of our past or read those letters that you send us. Louis, what worried me was that I saw her cried to herself this morning as she held onto your photo. She told me she had a bad dream last night and in her dream she couldn’t see your face. She is afraid that she will forget how you looked like or how having a daddy was like. I don’t know how to comfort her other than keep telling her that you had promised to return for Christmas.
    I too had dream of you returned and how happy we were together, but once I stir, I had to face the fact that your side of the bed is still empty. Somehow the once small room felt so huge and cold without you. I know that we sounded weak and dependent upon you. I did thought of not telling you about Annabelle’s dream or how much I wishes you would be home. I really don‘t want to burden you, especially since you are at war. But I really wanted to let you know that both Annabelle and me loved you greatly and will always wait for your return. Please take good care of yourself and remind yourself you must safely return home for us. I know the weather there must be freezing at this time of the year. I hope the scarf I knit will keep you warm like we are there with you.
    Annie and Annabelle
    December 5, 1940

    ---December 17, 1940---

    Dear Annie,
    I have great news for you and Annabelle. Last Friday, sergeant major had announced to us that there will be a draft for five hundred soldiers, who must be either married or a father, to return home for Christmas. This morning, I just got the news that my ticket was drafted, so I’ll be one of the lucky five hundreds soldier that are among the list to return home. Annie I’ll be home on the early morning of the 24th. Tell Annabelle the great news and give her hugs and kisses for me. I had missed both of you very much too. I seriously can’t wait till Christmas day to come. I love you, Annie. I’ll keep my promise and see you home soon.
    December 11, 1940

    The corner of Annie’s lips carried a sweet smile as she finish reading her husband’s letter for the fifth times. With aspirating breath of happiness, Annie turns toward her bedroom’s window to look outside into the winter wonderland of white snow being everywhere. Snowflake after snowflakes continue to falls gently upon house, car, and road. Most of the house in her neighborhood had colorful lights trimming around trees, brushes, and the house itself, but her rented house had no decoration yet. She had been waiting for Louis to do the honor.

    “It’s time,” Annie joyfully say to herself. After realizing that her husband will be home next week, Annie felt so uplifted and spirited for this coming Christmas. She rushed to her daughter room and nudged on Annabelle. “Belle wake up. Lets do some Christmas shopping. We need lights, tree, ornaments, present, stocking,” Annie excitedly rambled on and on while Annabelle rubbed her eyes to the early morn.

    Annabelle smiled to see how happy her mommy is today. She hadn’t seen Annie this happy for months already. “Mommy lets buy the biggest star to put on top of the tree!” Annabelle cheerfully suggested, she too is getting into the Christmas spirit.

    “Yes, we need that. Come on, lets go wash up and have breakfast,” Annie hurried. “We’ll get this house light up with warmth to welcome daddy home!”

    Within one hour, Annie and Annabelle are already walking in downtown area shopping for Christmas. Annabelle laughed as she play with colorful strands of plastic pearls that were meant for the Christmas tree while Annie pick out what ornament she wanted to add on the tree along with her old one. They had to shop for hours to buy what they wanted at the lowest price possible, since Annie’s budget for the holiday aren’t that high. They had been living on Louis’s salary, which isn’t that much.

    Toppling bags, Annie tries to keep up with Annabelle before she lost her daughter. “Belle stay close to mommy!” Annie hollered when she saw her five-years-old daughter ran ahead toward a guy in Santa suit, who are ringing bells. “Belle!” Annie called as she run as fast as she could.

    Meanwhile, Annabelle is pulling on the furry white trim of the Santa’s costume from his back. The jolly old man with white shiny long bread turn to face her with a big smile and rosy round nose and cheeks. “Merry Christmas,” he kindly greeted with sparkling white teeth.

    “Santa, had you gotten my mail yet?” Annabelle asked impatiently.

    Finally caught up to her daughter, Annie quickly interlocked her hand with Annabelle. “I’m sorry,” Annie breathlessly said to the guy with the Santa costume, apologizing for bothering him. She looked down at her daughter warningly, “Annabelle, don’t run away from me like this again. I almost lost you.”

    Ignoring her mommy, Annabelle continue to yank on Santa’s sleeve. “Santa, Santa will you come visit me on Christmas Eve? Had you receive my letter?” anxiously asked Annabelle.

    Laughing with joy the old man with long white browse and white shiny beard nodded making the silver bells on his belt and hat to jingle. He bend down to Annabelle height with his warm smile, “Don’t worry, I won’t skip your home. I‘ll make sure you get what you wish for. But you be sure not to be naughty,” He winked.

    “Great! Mommy and I got daddy’s letter saying that he will be home for Christmas Eve. Thanks for granting me that wish, Santa. I’ll wait for you to bring daddy home with you when you come to visit,” Annabelle sweetly said.

    The Santa gave her a look of lost, he was expecting her to list some toys. “Oh, where is your daddy?” the jolly old man curiously ask.

    “Daddy is protecting all of us!” Annabelle proudly declared.

    Annie chuckled and clarify, “My husband is serving the air force. He will be home on early morning of Christmas Eve.”

    “Oh, I see. That is great news. May I ask what is his name, my dear?” smiled the old man with rosy cheek.

    Annie thought it’s odd that he asked, but being polite she answered, “His name is Louis Koo.”

    A split second of a frown hindered on the jolly old man. When he saw Annie eyes on him, he quickly smiled, “Keep your faith in him and he will return to you, like he promised. Remember to cherish every second of this winter season.” His smile and words made Annie’s heart felt a strange sensation. She had no idea what he meant, but it sounded meaningful. He then turn to Annabelle, “I could tell you had been a good little girl. Don’t worry child, your daddy will be home, I promise to make sure he return to you for this Christmas,” he winked at Annabelle with a twinkle in his eyes. Annie blinked cause she thought she saw something sparkled in that old man’s eyes. “Here is a candy cane for you,” said the jolly Santa, whom handed Annabelle the candy cane. He stood back up and smiled at Annie, “Merry Christmas. May God bless you and your family.” He walked off ringing his bells and disappeared into the crowd so quickly.

    “Where is Santa?” asked Annabelle with puzzle. Annie shrugged while looking around her surrounding. Both of them could no longer see the red suit or hear the sound of bells.

    “Annie?” a gentle female voice called from ahead, Annie looked up with her pair of eyes locked into her mother. With guilty eyes on her mom, Annie heart pounded with worry. Her mom show the most relieved smile as she continue to head closer toward her. “My child, I finally found you,” said her mom.

    “I’m sorry,” Annie muttered while she quickly pick up Annabelle and ran away. She don’t know how to face her parents, especially her father.

    “Annie!” hollered her mom over and over.
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    Yak, very emotional start. Hope to see more of your writings. Never can go wrong with Louis Koo as your lead male. I do have doubt about Annie Man though. However, love your writing style!

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    Mystery: Thanks for the comment, glad you like it so far. Yes, I love Louis too, he is my favorite actor. Which explain why he is in all of my fanfics Annie is my favorite actress, so of course I think she will fit perfectly with Louis. Have you seen any of Annie's ATV series? She is really good in drama (excellent crying skill), too bad TVB doesn't give her a chance to be in a good drama. Anyway, hope you continue to read

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    Chapter 2: Dear Santa

    ---December 23, 1940---

    Squatted in front of the toasty chimney, Annie pushed a dry log deeper into the burning flame with a metal rod. She than walked back to cozily settled herself lying on her sofa. Annabelle, who was lying on the carpet in front of the Christmas tree with sparkling lights, is writing a letter to thanks Santa. Her only problem was that she don’t know how to write other than scribble.

    Seeing her mom rested on the sofa with a small frown hung on her lips, Annabelle pushed herself off the carpet and climbed onto the sofa to sit on her mommy’s belly. “Mommy are you missing daddy?” Annabelle innocently asked. Annie just smiled at her while combing Annabelle’s smooth hair with her fingers. “Mommy, could you help me write a letter to Santa?” she sweetly requested while pushing her red crayon and paper toward Annie.

    Smile with a nod, Annie leaned forward to peck her daughter on the head. “Didn’t you sent him one in October already?” she reminded.

    “Yeah, but this one is to thanks him when he come tomorrow night. And I want something else too.”

    Laughed, Annie took the crayon and paper from Annabelle. “Alright, tell me what you want to write,” Annie said while getting ready to write. Her eyes glanced toward the twinkling lights of the Christmas tree that is flashing before her eyes. Right behind it was the window showing the heavy snow outside. The Christmas tree gave her a warm toasty feeling inside, but along with those warmth are flashback of times that Louis and her put up the tree together. This is the first year, that she had to do it alone.

    “Dear Santa,” started Annabelle as she comfily lies her head against her mother’s chest. “I think I had been a good little girl this year, you even say so. If it’s not too late, will you please grant me two more wishes? I wishes for a little puppy. I also wanted a dolly to befriend with Misy, my old dolly. Oh Santa don’t forget I really wish to see daddy tomorrow. He had already missed my birthday. If you forgot about it, will you please drop by daddy’s place now and tell him to not forget to return home?” Annie chuckled as she tucked a strand of Annabelle’s hair behind her ear. “Mommy are you writing? It’s very important,” pouted Annabelle.

    “I’m writing sweetheart, you can continue,” assured Annie.

    “Santa, if you think I’m asking for too much, than forget about the two new wishes, but please at least bring daddy home. I promise I’ll be a good girl next year to make up for it. I really had lots to tell daddy in person. He still hadn’t know that many people are picking on mommy and me. If he does, he will certainly stand up for us. So please help me remind him to come home tomorrow,” Annabelle sweet voice lingered into the cold air. A mischievous smile appear on her face as she imagine her daddy throwing snowballs at the bully next door.

    Annie pair of eyes redden a bit as she wrote what her daughter just say. She felt guilty that she aren’t able to defense her daughter when the mean ten-years-old next door kept calling Annabelle name and throwing snowball at her. Annie did tries to reason with his parents, but she was too passive compare to those aggressive parents of his, who use harsh unreasonable words to scold her. To mellow down problem, all Annie could do is tell Annabelle to avoid that bully. Of course Annabelle aren’t too happy about the suggestion. She know that if her daddy was home, the situation wouldn’t be like this. He will certainly help her make that bully sorry, instead of hiding like how she is now.

    “Mommy are we going to bake cookie tomorrow for Santa, Rudolph, and Rudolph‘s friends?” Annabelle asked wishfully.

    Nodded, Annie asks, “Are you mad that mommy told you to avoid Timothy instead of standing up for you in front of him?”

    Annabelle thought for awhile before she shook her head. “I’m not mad at you mommy. I know you tried already. It’s alright, because daddy will be back tomorrow.” Annabelle grinned brightly with excited mind on revenge. Annie laughed at her daughter expression. “Mommy, lets finish the letter,” urged Annabelle while Annie nodded. “Santa, both mommy and me had made lots of cookies for you and your reindeers to enjoy. There will be milk too. Thank you for making my wishes come true. Oh yes, I love you too,” finished Annabelle. “Mommy, I wanted to write Love Annabelle, myself. Could you teach me?”

    Touched by her daughter, Annie pecked her daughter cheek. “I love you, sweetheart,” Annie exclaim.

    “I love you too,” replied Annabelle.

    Patiently, Annie place the red crayon in Annabelle’s hand. She than held onto Annabelle’s hand to slowly write Love Annabelle on the letter. With a soft sigh, Annie pulled her daughter closer to warmly embrace her. She gently pecked the top of her daughter’s head. “Daddy will return. His last letter promised he will be back early next morning. Daddy had never break his promise to mommy before,” Annie whispered ever so softly. She smiled, “Lets head to bed now, so we could wake up early to go pick him up. While daddy put up the big star on the very top of our Christmas tree tomorrow, I‘ll bake lots of cookie for Santa and give him this thank you letter along with it.”

    ---Christmas Eve, December 24, 1940---

    “Annabelle, come put your coat on, sweetheart,” called Annie, who is excitedly rushing in and out of rooms. She is fixing herself up to make sure she looked perfect before she head out to pick up her husband. She is very anxious to finally reunite with her husband after half year of parting from him. While putting on makeup, Annie carries a sweet cheerful smile as she wonder if Louis gotten fatter, thinner, lighter, or darker. She chuckled in conclusion that her husband probably gotten thinner and darker.

    Annabelle happily skipped into her mommy and daddy’s room with the biggest smile. Annie quickly help her put her puffy coat on and also get her shoe on. Annie chuckled at her daughter over joy expression, “You sure are very excited to see daddy, huh?” Annabelle nodded joyfully making her mom laughed with happiness. Annie is very glad that her daughter and husband relationship is so closely bonded. But suddenly Annie purposely frowned and asked, “If one day, mommy is the one gone for a long time, would you be this excited to see me home?”

    With arms around her mom’s neck, Annabelle nodded repeatedly, “Of course! Mommy, I love you as much as I loved daddy.”

    Giggled, Annie said, “You sure know how to lie. When did you learn to sweet talk like your daddy?”

    “Mommy, you think daddy brought me toys?” Annabelle asked with eyes that carried curiousness and greed.

    Laughed, Annie pinched her daughter’s nose, “Belle, you are such a greedy girl. Sweetheart, stop swinging your leg, let mommy buckle your shoe.”

    The doorbell suddenly rung, both Annabelle and Annie pause with surprise. “I’ll go get it!” Annabelle immediately volunteered and rushed out of the room with only one shoe on.

    “Belle don’t open the door for stranger!” shouted Annie after her daughter. She had no idea who would be at the door, since they don’t have much friend. “Could it be Louis trying to surprise us?” she thought with a bright smile spreading and her pace became a run.

    Meanwhile, Annabelle had opened the door a crack, she glanced up at the stranger with her round curious eyes. He was dressed in the same uniform her father was wearing in that photo of his. “Hi,” Annabelle greeted, “Merry Christmas.”

    “Hi, you must be Annabelle. Is your mom home?” asked the firm serious voice.

    “Sweetheart, is it daddy?” Annie asked when she is just caught up to stand right behind her daughter.

    “No,” answered Annabelle while Annie opened the door wider.

    “Mrs. Koo?” the officer asked.

    Annie felt her heart dropped when she saw this uniformed soldier at her door. In his arms he is holding a neatly folded uniform that Annie could recoginaze. Weakly Annie nods as she pulled Annabelle toward her. “Yes, this is she. How could I help you?” Annie confusedly asked while her heart felt bothersome and dread for some odd reason.

    The guy slightly wet his lips before he continue, “I’m Moses, Louis teammate.” Annie nodded with steady eyes kept at this stranger. Moses continues, “I’m sorry to inform you that…”

    “Where is Louis?” Annie suddenly asked so softly that it was only a whisper. She cuts in because she had a bad feeling that she won’t like what Moses will inform her.

    Not knowing what to say, Moses tries to search for words that aren’t too hard to digest, but there isn’t any. “I’m sorry,” he finally spoke with his pair of arms bringing the uniform closer to Annie. “I’m sure you would want this back,” he solemnly state. Tears immediately rushed into Annie’s eyes while she refuse to accept the uniform that had Louis‘s name embroidered on the front pocket.

    Slowly, Annie return her gaze at the officer with harden eyes. Annie subconsciously nudged Annabelle behind her and sheltered her from being able to hear what this soldier is insisting. Moses calmly explain, “During our last mission to scan the perimeter of our enemies turf on December 16, there were unknown missiles launched. Somehow our radars didn’t pickup any signal of those missiles, therefore no one dispatched a warning to Louis. His radar probably didn’t detect the missiles too or else he wouldn’t… His jet was hit by two of the mis…”

    Shaking her head at the soilder, Annie denies while her eyes became watery as she speak, “This is not true. Louis is a great pilot, he had won many badges. No missile could ever come close to him. In his last letter, he told me he had completed his last duty and that the only flight he’ll be on is the one returning home. You must had the wrong person confused with my husband…”

    “It wasn’t Louis duty to scan the perimeter that day, but he had volunteer to help a soldier take flight, because that soldier was ill,” explained Moses. Carefully with respect, he place Louis’s uniform on Annie’s arm, “I’m sorry to bring you this bad news.”

    Squeezed herself out from the left side of Annie, Annabelle confusedly asked, “Mommy, what’s wrong? Aren’t we going to pick daddy up?” Curiously looking at Moses, Annabelle smiled, “Hi. Are you daddy’s friend?” Moses slightly nodded with sympathy eyes.

    Swallowed her tears, Annie is trying to stay focus on what she just heard. Her eyes slowly raise to look into the soldier’s eyes soullessly. “Louis isn’t dead, he will be home. He promise Annabelle and me that he will take good care of himself in order to safely return home to us. There is no way he would volunteer to take flight,” Annie calmly worded. Annabelle looked up at her mother when she heard something about dead and her father name being mentioned. Annie stepped back from the door and pulled Annabelle away from the door, so she can close it. She don’t want to see or talk to the soldier.

    Annabelle is very confuse to why her mom close the door when the guy is still outside. She had a feeling that something bad happened. “Mommy, who is dead?” Annabelle really wanted to know. Annie didn’t answer Annabelle’s question, instead she mindlessly walked, not knowing what to do or what to believe.

    Slightly shaking her head, Annie murmured to herself, “Louis promise he will be home. I’m late…I’m late, I need to go pick him up now… he is waiting for me at Municipal… Louis never, Louis never break his promise to me… He love us… he wouldn‘t just leave us behind like this…” Her knees weakened causing her to slide down to sit on the floor.

    “Mommy,” repeatedly called Annabelle as she nudged her mother’s lap. “Mommy, are you okay?” Looked into her daughter fearful but yet confused eyes, Annie is voiceless, she can’t scare Annabelle. Annabelle lips quivered as she softly asked, “Is daddy okay?” Annie didn’t answer Annabelle, because she don’t want to face the fact. Tears started to show on Annabelle’s eyes when she saw this look on her mom. “Is daddy dead…”

    “NO! Your daddy will be home!” yelled Annie ferociously, “Everything that Moses say is a lie! Your daddy wouldn’t be so stupid to volunteer to take flight when he know we are home waiting for him to return. He wouldn’t!”

    Annabelle’s little body tremble with fear, while her eyes kept on Annie every movement. She never witness her mom this angry before. Her mom had always been the passive and shy one that don’t know how to fight for her own right. Annabelle watches her mom stood back up and pointlessly wander around the living room with shaking head.

    “He wouldn’t risk himself like this… He love us, he will return to us…” Annie voice faded cause she had a feeling that her husband would volunteer, because he had always had the heart to help other, especially his teammate. “Why Louis, why? You know we are waiting for you,” Annie mumbled weakly. Paused with eyes gazed at the Christmas tree so stilly, Annie felt stiff pain from her heart, she felt it breaking and shattering her every dream of seeing her husband again.

    Wobbled a bit, Annie walks toward the Christmas tree. She had totally forgotten about her daughter, who is trailing after her. When Annie reached the Christmas tree, she dropped down on her knees with blank eyes at the decorated tree. She felt numbed to the bone. She no longer know what to believe, but slowly her heart tell her that what Moses said was the truth. Her husband wouldn’t play this big of a joke on her. Annie eyes welled up with tears but it was locked and unable to freely release.

    Sensing her mother sadness, Annabelle tears just flows with fear. She stepped right in front of her mother, looking directly into her eyes, but she could tell her mom isn’t with her. “Mommy, you’re scarying me,” Annabelle teary voice loudly exclaim as she leaned right into Annie, hugging her from the necks with her arms and cried nonstop. She cried loudly cause she could sense horrible things had happened to her daddy and seeing her mommy like this really frightened her.

    With her daughter crying in the background, Annie tears slowly trickled down her dry cheek. She wrapped her arms around her daughter little body while her head snuggled on her daughter small shoulder. The cries of her daughter helped her release her emotion too, making her also cried in sorrow.
    Is Louis really dead? If so, what will happen to Annie and Annabelle without Louis to depend on? Stay tuned tomorrow for the next chapter of this Louis and Annie X-mas special!

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    I did follow Annie's career closely. First discovered her in a series with Nick Cheung. I was quite turned off that she chose to stay with the pathetic loser in the end instead of Nick. As she is your favorite actress, I don't want to do any bashing. Her acting has room for improvement so I won't judge too harshly as she has quite a number of fans that adore her, you for one.

    Your story is so emotional for a Christmas reading. All rootings for a happy ending as Santa Claus hinted at. Keep up the good work!
    Huang Xiao Ming

    "It's great to have a private jet. Anyone that tells you that having your own private jet isn't great is lying to you." - Oprah

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    Chapter 3: Silent Night

    Special thanks to cussieB for this wonderful poster! I love it very very much! I couldn’t help myself from keep staring at it, kekeke…

    ---Christmas Eve, December 24, 1940---

    Both mother and daughter had cried until they are exhausted. Annie no longer had the mood to celebrate the holiday season. That day, Annie just gave Annabelle cold cereal as her meals since she certainly had no mood to eat nor cook. Annie didn’t spoke a word the entire day, which made Annabelle scare because she thought her mom will be like this forever. Annabelle tries many time to talk to her mom, but each time she ended up crying herself because her mom had totally ignored her every questions, her every worries. Annie was too heartbroken to realize what she is doing to her daughter by being dead silent.

    All Annie’s mind carries are flashback after flashbacks of how she and Louis grew up together in the same mansion. How their supposedly sibling relationship became lovers. She remember the day her father bring the ten-years-old boy home and told her mom and her that the boy will be their adopted son, Annie’s lawfully brother. The reason for the adoption was because her mom was diagnose being infertile after Annie is born and that her father needed a son to carry out the family’s name and business.

    Annie shed more tears when she vividly recall how her husband had protected her throughout years of their live. He is the one who stand up for her when she is being tease in school. He is the one who had always been there to make her laugh when she was crying. He is the one who is there to kiss her pain away when she gotten hurt. He is the one who made her felt pride to marry to. To her, he is her only shelter and happiness.

    Vividly, Annie remember how angry her father was when Louis and her announce that they wanted to be lovers instead of siblings. Their parents were shock to heard that they wanted to get married, since by law, they are supposedly siblings. Plus, everyone who had know their family, view Louis and Annie as biological sibling, no one outside of the family know that Louis was adopted. It’s also because of that, that her father refuse to let them marry, because to him it’s a disgrace to the family name to have everyone think his son married his daughter or to let everyone know he had no son.

    In order to break them apart, her father even insisted in arranging Louis to marry his business partner’s daughter. After knowing this plan of their parents, both Louis and Annie had decided on eloping. They had chosen this town to settle down because they thought it was small enough to hide from their parents for the rest of their live and that no one around here care if they get married.

    Lying on her bed not able to fall asleep, Annie sobbed onto her husband’s pillow as she recalls sweet moments she had shared with her husband. She remember how excited they were to start a family of their own. There were lots of hard time at the beginning, since both of them never had to work or raise a family themselves before, but it was all worth it to them. Annie also recalled how thrill Louis was to learn that she was pregnant with Annabelle. It was because of knowing that there is a baby on the way, that made Louis join the air force. He know the air force is the best route that provide reliable income and benefit for Annie and their baby.

    While Annie is in her room, Annabelle had cried herself to sleep in her own room. She slept until she had a nightmare that startled her up. Her eyes slowly focus to the dark night while more tears drowned her. “Daddy,” she mumbled tearfully and cried louder until she begin to hiccup. Seeing that her mommy still hadn’t come over to comfort her cries, like she always does, Annabelle couldn’t help but think that her mommy don’t want her anymore. She believe that it was because she was naughty that Santa wouldn’t bring her daddy back. And since Annie hadn’t talk to her the entire day, Annabelle thought that her mommy blame her for her daddy coming home.

    Purposely cried louder with her little broken heart, Annabelle screamed mommy over and over, in search of her mother‘s love and comfort. In the master bedroom, Annie could hear her daughter cries for her, but her heart had been too numbed to answer. Heart achingly, Annie bit her lips tight as she tries to push her daughter’s crying out of her mind. She had trapped and cornered herself to believe that it was because of her and her daughter that her husband is dead. If it not because of them, her husband wouldn’t even join the air force at the beginning. If it not because of her fallen in love with him, he would still be the most loved son of the Man’s family, he would have all the power and wealth. Guiltily, Annie sobbed with regrets. If her husband can come back, she would give anything.

    After realizing that her mommy won’t come to her, Annabelle hushed into a quieter sob. With sniffles and hiccups, she climbed herself off of her bed to look for her mommy. “Mommy,” her hiccupping voice called over and over as she walked in the dark heading to her mommy and daddy’s room. “Mommy,” she cried louder when she reached the room and is now opening the door. She frowned with trembling lips when she saw her mom just lying there with redden eyes that are not looking at her. Annabelle stepped into the room and quickly ran to Annie. She nudged Annie as she speaks, “Mommy, I just had a nightmare. It was very scary. I dreamt that daddy is not coming back…” Her voice trailed off while her watery eyes fixed on her mommy with sadness. She saw her mom not reacting or care at all.

    Annabelle wiped her tears and swallowed. Her lips flatten and curved downward with tiny tremble and even her eyes seem to be frowning. “Mommy, you don’t love Annabelle anymore?” she whispered with broken heart. Finally, Annie looked into her daughter’s eyes. It break her heart even more to see how red and puffy Annabelle’s eyes had became. Swallowed the hard lump in her throat, Annie shook her head while she pulled Annabelle in to embrace tightly. Once her mommy finally hugs her again, Annabelle felt so relieves. She snuggled closer to her mom and cries, “I’m sorry mommy. I won’t be naughty again. I promise I won’t be naughty again, please don’t stay mad at me. Please love me mommy. I’ll be good, I promise.”

    Annie shakes her head as she rubbed Annabelle’s back soothingly, “It’s not your fault Belle, mommy is to be blame. If it aren’t for mommy, your daddy wouldn’t be in this situation.” Annie snuggles her head against her daughter, “I’m sorry, I had ignored you. Mommy do love you, mommy do love you very much, sweetheart.”

    “Mommy, I missed daddy. I want daddy to be home. Didn‘t he promise he will be home for Christmas? I want daddy home now,” demanded Annabelle as she cried loudly. Annie nodded with her eyes shuts feeling the heat from crying too much. “Is daddy really dead? Why did daddy die?” Annabelle suddenly asked with a sniffle. She had witness death before when her pet goldfish die last spring. Never in her life had she thought of her father dying.

    Wetted her lips, Annie replies, “Daddy is a hero. If it weren’t for him, his teammate would of be the one who die. He gave up his own life for other. You understand?” Annabelle nodded with tiny hiccups and sobbing sound.

    The doorbell suddenly ring. Both Annie and Annabelle are startled and stopped their cries. Annie glanced toward the clock seeing it being exactly twelve midnight. Both of them didn’t move an inches because they are lost to who would come at this late. The doorbell continue to rings. “Annie!” a loud familiar voice hollered from the front porch.

    “Louis?” Annie heart dropped with disbelieve to what she just heard. She quickly rushed to the window to look down, her eyes enlarged with shock to really see her husband standing there.

    After blinked a couple times and still saw what she saw, Annie smile spread with joy and disbelieves. With pounding heart that kept wishing over and over that what she saw is real, Annie rushed out her bedroom and running down the staircase. Annabelle followed right behind her mom and kept asking over and over, “It’s daddy?”

    All Annie could do is nod as she hurried to open the front door. Her hand nervously fumbled with the doorknob trying to unlock it as fast as her anxious mind allow her to. Once she got it unlock and swing the door open, her eyes stilly locked into her husband’s. It’s a miracle to her to see Louis standing in front of her with snow gently fallen upon him. The snowy background of houses trimmed with colorful Christmas’s lights seem to fade away, leaving just the two of them. The feeling of gladness overwhelm her soul tremendously giving her a sensation of tinkles. A thankful smile slowly spread on her while she silently gaze at her husband with warmth and love, telling him how much she had missed him. She don’t want to blink at all, fearing that everything in front of her will vanish.

    Squeezed by her mom, Annabelle eyes sparked to actually seeing her dad again. “Daddy!” Annabelle hollered so loud that her voice echoed throughout the neighborhood. Excitedly, Annabelle quickly ran out into the snow to hug her daddy‘s legs. “Daddy, I missed you so much!” she happily exclaim while suddenly started to cry, “I thought I been naughty and Santa wouldn’t bring you back.”

    With gentle palm patting the top of his daughter’s head, Louis eyes still hadn’t left Annie at all. “Daddy missed you too, sweetheart,” said Louis while his eyes warmly glistered to witness how his wife is looking at him longingly. Louis genuine smile slowly spread with gratefulness. “Annie,” he gently called lingeringly. He had missed both of them so much.

    Hearing Louis calling her again, Annie eyes instantly watered up, blurring her vision. She could no longer find her voice to greet her husband, instead her lips tightly pressed as she too ran out into the snow to hug her husband as tight as she could. With head that lean against her husband’s chest listening to his heartbeat, Annie hands clenched to her husband’s coat in order to assure herself that he is real. Gently, Louis wrapped his arms around Annie and rubbed the side of his cheek against her. Sniffed with more tears freely flowing, Annie shuts her eyes to enjoy this warmth that she once again found in her husband.

    Even though it was freezing to stand out in the snow without a coat, both Annie and Annabelle felt nothing but coziness. Sandwiched warmly between her parents, Annabelle pierced up to look at her parents with her grin spreading ear to ear. She tightened her arms around her daddy’s legs giving him the biggest squeeze. Meanwhile Louis passionately whispered into Annie’s ear, “I love you so much Annie. I was so afraid when I thought I could never see you again.” His embrace tightened on Annie while Annie nodded as she sniffle and silently sobbed. “Don’t cry Annie, I’m back home now, like I promised,” Louis gently said.

    “I love you,” Annie tearfully murmured. She swallowed her tears and gazed up to look at her husband, “I hate you, why did you make me believe that you are dead? Do you know I had thought of suicide when I thought you are dead?” Sniffed, Annie snuggled closer to her husband, “I’m so scared and lost without you. How could you be so cruel to play such a joke on me like this?”

    “I’m sorry,” Louis apologized with tears sorrowfully glistered in his eyes. His heart became bothersome to hear that Annie thought of suicide to know he is dead. He tenderly press his lips on the side of Annie’s forehead to give her a warm peck. “I just wanted to surprise you so you won’t forget this Christmas,” his deep voice spoke.

    Pouted, Annie hammered her husband’s chest with her fist, “I wouldn’t call scaring Annabelle and me half to death as a good Christmas surprise, Louis Koo! I‘ll never forgive you if you do this to us again!”

    Holding her hand still, Louis apologize one again with a drop of his tears tumbled down his cheek and onto Annie’s forehead, “I‘m sorry. Please forgive me.” Tenderly, Louis sweeps Annie’s tears dry with his index fingers. “Annie, you know I never meant to make you cry.”

    Annie round beautiful eyes gaze up to look into her husband deep brown eyes. Smiling with faint dimples, Louis lean in to kiss his wife passionately. He had missed this loving feeling so much. They continue to romantically kisses under the snow until the mischievous giggling sound of Annabelle brought them back to reality. Annie’s cheek became a crimson shade from both the cold and the embarrassment of letting Annabelle witness them kissing so fervidly. It made Louis chuckle to be back to his shy wife again. To tease his wife, he purposely pulled her in to kiss again while Annabelle laughed louder with joy to see her parents reunited again.

    “Daddy is a naughty boy,” said Annabelle with clattering teeth and shivers.

    Giggled sweetly, Annie pushed her husband away a bit. “I’m so glad you are home again. Please don’t ever play this game of death with me again, I really can’t take it,” she seriously told him. Louis nodded with a hint of dread. Annie could felt Annabelle shivering, so she quickly squatted down to wrap her arms around her daughter quivering body. “Lets go in, she is freezing.”

    Happily, Louis picked Annabelle up to carry her. “Wow, you sure gain a lot of fat while I’m gone,” teased the father.

    “Yup, I’m five now!” proudly declared Annabelle as they headed into their cozy house.

    ---Christmas Day, December 25, 1940---

    Early next morning, Annie was startled up by her dream. She dreamt of witnessing Louis’s jet exploding. She panted with her head swiftly turned to her husband side of the bed. It was not until she saw Louis soundlessly asleep by her side that she allow her heart to settle. Annie took in a deep breath of the cold crisp morning air to calm her nerve down. She smiled thankfully to finally wake up with her husband by her side, she had been waiting for this day for six whole months. Wanting to feel secure, Annie scoot herself close to her husband. Than she sneakily snuck her arms around Louis to cozily hug him.

    Annie’s little movement causes Louis to stir. He glanced over to see Annie sweetly smiling at him, making him chuckle at her silliness. Warmly, Louis snuck his arms around Annie body too. Louis yawned tiredly with eyes pierced out their bedroom window seeing the sky bright pink with snow. He then glanced toward the clock. “It’s only five? Isn’t it too early to wake up considering how late we slept last night?” he yawningly asked.

    Nodded, Annie tilted her head up and pecked her husband’s angular jaw before she return to comfortably lean her head on her husband‘s chest with shuts eyes. Louis pecked the top of Annie head before he too shuts his eyes to catch some more sleep. “Louis, are you cold?” Annie voice suddenly rose. It kind of concern her to felt her husband’s body being so chilly. “Why is your body so cold? You want me to go turn the heater up?”

    Sleepily, Louis just shake his head, “No. I feel good this way.” His eyes opened a slit and sweetly exclaim, “With you around, it’s warm enough for me.”

    Chuckled, Annie rolled her eyes, “I knew Annabelle got it from you.” Yawned softly, Annie snuggled in to keep her husband warmer.

    “Talking about Annabelle, she had changed so much since I last seen her. What did you feed her? She gotten so much chubbier than I remember. If it weren’t for those photo you send me, I’ll probably can’t recognize her,” mumbled Louis. “But of course she is still cute as a button since she is our daughter,” Louis winked.

    Annie couldn‘t help but chuckle. Louis and Annabelle are always great in making her laugh. “At least she still remember you. She had missed you so much,” Annie replied.

    Louis nodded with a warm smile, “I could tell by how much she talked last night. She didn’t fall asleep until two in the morning. But she sure know much more stuff now. Don’t she sounded too mature for her age? Or too talkative?”

    Laughed with amuse, Annie pointed out, “Look who’s complaining. Well, one thing I’m certain is that she didn’t get it from me.”

    Grinned, Louis teased, “I’m not complaining. You are right, she got everything from me, except height wise.” Annie pouted while absentmindedly traced her finger on her husband’s chest. Louis chuckled than aspirated, “It so nice to be home. I sure do miss you and even this old house. And there are so much I wanted to do with Annabelle.” Louis sighed softly with his eyes looking around the room.

    Frowned, Annie asks, “How long do you have before you have to return to your position?”

    “Until the last snowflake melt,” Louis answered with a flat line.

    With a puzzled look, Annie questions, “You mean until Spring?” Louis nodded. Annie squeezed a hug on him with gladness, “I was so afraid that you would say right after Christmas or New Year. This is great, we still have months together before you have to be on duty again. But if it possible, I would like it better if you change career.” Annie titled her head up to look at her husband still eyes, “What are you thinking about?”

    Shaking his head, Louis simply lies, “Nothing. Just a bit sleepy.”

    “Lets sleep then,” Annie closed her eyes as she mumbled, “When you have to go on your next duty, promise me to take care of yourself and not volunteer to help other do their work…”

    “I’m sorry,” Louis suddenly apologize making Annie glance back at him again. He corrected, “For playing that joke on you.”

    Annie let out a breath, “Let just say, I’m so relieve that it was all fake.” She smiled at him lovingly, “Promise me, you won’t turn your joke into reality one day. I rather have a common passive husband that will return to me than one that is brave and die of honor. I know I sounded selfish but let me be selfish for this one time cause I can‘t imagine how life would be without you.”
    There, is everyone happy that Louis return? The next few chapter wouldn’t be sad like these last three chapters, I promise. It’s a Christmas fanfic =o) Well stay tune to find out more about what Louis is up to.

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    Something eeerriieee is going on and I don't really like to find out. Great suspence on the writer's part though.

    "The last snowflake" kinda reminds me of a movie featured Michael Keaton as Jack
    Huang Xiao Ming

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    Thanks for the comment Mystery. I too have watched Jack Frost, but don't remember much other than the main theme about him being a snowman Anyway thanks for your support.

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    Chapter 4: Daddy’s Snowman

    ---Christmas Day, December 25, 1940---

    The Koo’s resident was soundlessly asleep again until around eight when Annabelle slowly stir from her dream. She was dreaming of riding on Santa’s sled with her daddy. Rolled to the edge of her bed sleeping on her side, Annabelle mumbled in her sleep, “Daddy, mommy doesn’t know how to throw snowball…” Annabelle swings her arm and lost her balancing causing her to fall off her bed and startled herself awake. She rubbed on the pain that is on her arm as she looked around her room with confusion and forgotten about what she was dreaming or how she end up on the floor.

    Her mind suddenly became fearful when she is confuse to whether her father has returned home or did she dream of that too. Quickly pushed herself off of the creamy carpet, Annabelle reached for her dolly before she hurriedly ran to her parent’s room. Anxiously she tries to turn the master bedroom’s doorknob while wishing over and over that her daddy is in there. But to her surprise the door was locked, Annabelle quickly cried while pounding on the door, “Mommy!” She is so confuse to what is dream and what is reality that she no longer could tell if her daddy had die or is her mom still ignoring her. Annabelle cried louder as she pound on the door, thinking her mom is locking her out.

    Sleepily, Louis foggy mindedly mumbled, “No mommy here…”

    Meanwhile, Annie was alerted to her daughter’s cries, she finally remember that Louis had locked the door last night. Quickly slipped into her slipper, Annie walked over to unlock the door for her daughter. “Sweetheart why are you crying? Don’t cry, you poor thing,” Annie squatted down to pamper her daughter. “Hush up now, you silly girl. What happen? You have another nightmare?”

    Sniffing, Annabelle shook her head while she search for her daddy. She was happy to see her daddy’s head sticking out from the lump of white comforter. “Daddy!” she greeted in between tears and giggle. Annie just giggled at her daughter silliness. Annabelle pouted and demanded for an answer, “Mommy, why did you lock the door? It was never lock!”

    Blushed, Annie avoided the question, “You had enough sleep already?” She carried Annabelle over to their full size bed. Annabelle nodded and easily forgotten what she was asking. She jumped on the bed joyfully. Annie yawned and lies back down on bed, she patted on the bed signaling Annabelle to sleep for awhile longer. “Shhh…let daddy sleep a bit longer,” Annie warned. “You only slept for six hours, aren’t you sleepy?”

    “But it’s Christmas!” Annabelle excitedly stated with big grin. She turned to push on her daddy’s body, “Daddy wake up! Lets go open presents! It’s Christmas, it’s Christmas!” Mischievously she loudly sang on purpose, “Rudolph the red nose reindeer!! Reindeer!”

    “Ahh…” moaned Louis while Annie chuckled with amuse. “Who created this mon…”

    “Louis,” warned Annie. Chuckling at her daughter, Annie aspirated and scooted over to lean her head on her husband’s body. “I don’t think anything can put her back to sleep again. It’s Christmas, lets wake up early,” suggested Annie with a soft yawn.

    “We didn’t sleep ’til three,” murmured Louis with closed eyes. He turned to cozily wrap his arms around his wife while opened his eyes to a thin slit to look at his daughter. With arm in the air, he gestured Annabelle to come into his arm, where Annie is. “Belle, it’s still very early. Lets all sleep for a hour or two more okay?” he bargained.

    “Noooo…” whined Annabelle with a disappointed frown. Annabelle nudged her father with greater force, “Daddy wake up! We still haven’t put the big star up on top of the Christmas tree yet! Mommy haven’t bake cookies for Santa. And I want to open presents…” Annabelle turned to flatten her lips on her mommy, she knew it will work, “Mommy, daddy is ignoring me.”

    “Of course not,” Annie exclaim, “He is just tired.”

    “From what?”

    “We chatted very late last night, daddy hadn‘t gotten enough sleep.”

    “But it’s Christmas,” Annabelle pointed out again with a pout. She turns to gently poke her daddy while softly called, “Daddy?”

    “Huh?” Louis replied sleepily.

    “Wake up?” Annabelle softly suggested. Louis nodded, Annabelle watches him and he is still not moving. With a mischievous grin, she started to tickles and laughed herself.

    Laughing joyfully, Annie helped her daughter with the tickles. “Alright, you two are asking for it!” Louis chuckling voice warn and darted at them with playful eyes. He lifted Annabelle up in the air and dropped her back on the bed tickling her nonstop making her laughed loudly as she wiggled. Annie laughed to see her husband and daughter interacted like how they use to be.

    While Annie is cooking up some breakfast, Louis and Annabelle are out in the front yard playing with the snow. Proudly, Annabelle pulled on her father hand and drags him to the snowman that Annie and her built three weeks ago. “Daddy look! This is you while you are gone,” explained Annabelle, “Mommy made the two bodies, I made the head.”

    “I could tell,” Louis laughed at the extremely out of proportion head compare to body. “Seem like daddy’s snowman lost some weight since the time it was built. Lets add more snow to it, so it won’t melt too soon.” A slight worries hover over Louis’s eyes.

    “Daddy!” Annabelle snapped Louis out of his thought. “Here is some snow,” she handed Louis her handful of fresh snow.

    “If we want to keep it not melting till spring, we’ll need more than that. Come on, lets get as much snow as we could,” Louis exclaimed.

    The father and daughter continue to add snow to the original snowman until it size doubled. Feeling a bit warm, Louis took off his coat and throw it toward the porch. A big smile shown on him while he fixed the eyes and nose of the snowman that represent him. Meanwhile, Annabelle had finally lost her patient and flopped down on the snow to make snow angel instead. “Daddy, look what I’m doing!” she excitedly trying to get her father attention. “Mommy taught me how to make snow angel,” Annabelle informed.

    With warmth in his eyes, Louis watches his daughter with bright smile. Annabelle reminded him so much about how Annie was like when he first met Annie. Louis stopped his packing of snow on the snowman, since he know no matter how much snow he added, eventually every drop of snow from the snowman will melt. He let out a sigh and it made him even more depressed to realize that his breath carry so little warmth, unlike how Annabelle keep making small puff of fog when she exhale. Sadly watching his daughter swinging her arms and legs in and out, Louis reached out to grab a handful of fresh snow to eat. It made him felt better when ever he have cold stuff.

    “Daddy, you’re eating snow. Mommy said it’s dirty,” Annabelle told her father while her eyes stilly watches her father action with interest but a bit disgust.

    “It’s not that dirty as long as you get it from fresh area where no one had step on yet,” Louis replied. “Here you want some?” he offered with a big grin.

    Since her father seem to enjoy it so much, Annabelle nodded excitedly thinking that it must taste good. Louis reached out to grab a handful of fresh clean snow and held it in front of his daughter. Annabelle curiously pinched a bit to taste it. “It taste like ice,” she stated while wondering what so good about it. Louis finished the snow that her daughter wouldn’t eat. “Daddy, lie down. Lets make two snow angels. A daddy angel and a baby angel,” requested Annabelle.

    Wanting to please his daughter wishes, Louis lies down and do as his daughter instructed. He recalled that he was the one who taught Annie how to make snow angel when they were young. But at this moment, he pretend he didn’t know how, just so Annabelle can enjoy teaching her daddy her new learned trick.

    In the mean time, Annie is inside the kitchen with a pot of boiling chicken noodle can soup on the stove. While her oven is baking her special banana nut’s bread. Retrieved a bottle of milk, Annie headed over to pour some into her beaten egg. She had planned to make Louis’s favorite ham egg omelet.

    While she is beating the egg and milk together, Louis had sneaked into the house and hugged her from behind. Annie let out a slight squeal to the sudden coldness that is hugging her. She sweetly giggled, when she realize it was her husband. Turned around to face him, Annie swings her arms around his neck and leaned in to softly peck his lips. “Why are you so cold and wet? Where is your coat?” she curiously asked.

    “It’s outside. It kind of hot after awhile,” his voice mumbled. He than chuckled, “Annabelle was teaching me how to make snow angel. She so clueless to who is the master of it.”

    Removed her arms from Louis neck, Annie removed Louis’s arms that was on her waist too. “I’ll go get you a dry towel before you catch a cold,” Annie said. Before she is able to walk off, Louis interlocked her hand and pulled her back into his arms. He grinned at her with eyes that show a twinkle. Annie giggled at the attention he is giving her. “I’m serious, aren’t you cold? You’re all wet.”

    With still eyes on his wife, Louis just shake his head. “I’m not cold as long as you are around,” he playfully stated. Annie just rolled her eyes at him and walked off, insisting her husband dry himself from the cold. While Annie headed to get him a towel, Louis beats the egg for her. “Annie, lets pay a visit home,” Louis seriously suggested.

    From the hallway closet, Annie paused her movement. She thought she hear her husband say visiting home. Is he suggesting to return home to her parents? But why? Walked back to her husband, Annie helped him dry his hair and shirt from kink of snow. “Why?” she asked in a sad but yet confuse tone.

    Louis turned to smile at her assuredly, “Nothing. I just thought it’s a holiday season. We did left for a long time. And last night, when you told me about seeing mom in the street, I thought it’s about time that we return to visit them. They are our family, plus Annabelle never get a chance to meet them.”

    “But daddy aren’t too happy with…”

    “Don’t worry. Not like dad can change anything anyway. Plus, no matter what happen, I’ll be there with you. We could leave if they don’t welcome. I know you missed your parents and felt guilty for running away from home, so am I. I don’t think they’ll be as angry as how they are then. It’s the holiday, if we are to return, today is the best day. If we drive at noon, we’ll be there in time for…”

    “This afternoon?!” Annie blurted with surprise. Louis nodded with hands holding hers and pulled her to sit down on the dinning chair next to his. Annie let out a worry sigh, “I don’t know if it’s such a good idea. And what is the sudden hurry to return home? Are you hiding something from me?” Annie suspiciously look into her husband deep genuine eyes.

    Louis laughed, “What’s there for me to hide from you? Don’t be silly, I just have a sudden urge to return home for Christmas. I’m certain they’ll be thrill to see us and Annabelle for Christmas. How bad could it get?”

    “Louis,” Annie said with a frustrated tone. She stood up to pace a bit, “You know daddy, Louis. Faces is his life to him. For crying out loud, daddy favored you much more than me, when we grew up. Daddy had planned a great smooth path for you and make sure you’ll success in taking over his business. He totally went berserk when you told him that you love me. I’m sure daddy wanted to kill me when he found out that you had eloped with me. How bad could it get?! I could tell you how bad it could get! Daddy would yell at me for ruining his son! He wouldn’t accept Annabelle as his granddaughter and he probably suggest that we divorce…”

    “Annie,” Louis reached out to hold Annie’s hand and pulled her into his arms, he tries to calm her down. “Like you mention several times, he is your daddy. He does loved you he has always called you his princess. He has given you the best things or anything you ask for, remember?”

    “But he wouldn’t give me, you,” Annie aspirated with stress. “And I don’t know how to face him…” her voice faded with guilt.

    “Than we’ll face him together,” Louis supported.

    Closely, Annie examines her husband eyes trying to search for his thought. “Why do you wanted us to return so badly?” Annie gently ask with her hand reaching out to feel her husband’s cheek. It felt a bit cooler than her, but he seem to be okay. “Is something wrong with you?”

    Casually, Louis moved Annie’s hand from his cheek. “Of course not. Honey, I just wanted us to face them. Maybe they will accept us and we could take care of them. They are getting old. I’m sure that Annabelle would love to know that she have grandpa and grandma to love her too. Come on, lets go back today. It’s the best time of the year to return home,” Louis lured.

    “You seriously wanted to see them again? You won’t regret it? Daddy might say some awful things to scold us…”

    “No regret,” Louis confidently stated. He know he must take Annie and Annabelle home, it’s the best for them. With a sigh, Annie nodded to her husband suggestion. A big smile quickly appear on Louis. “Great! We’ll start driving after lunch. We’ll get there around five. Right on time for Christmas dinner. I bet Annabelle would be thrill!”

    Right at the moment of her name being mention, Annabelle just rushed into the house crying loudly. She ran to the kitchen for her parents. “Sweetheart, what happen?” Annie asked while squatted down to hug her daughter, who had redden face like tomatoes.

    “Timothy throw my hat up the tree!” she tattletales to her mom while crying louder, “And he step all over my snow angel! He is a meany!”

    “Shhh… Did you get hurt? Did he throw snowball at you this time?” Annie asked while checking out on her daughter.

    Annabelle shook her head and snuggled into her mom. “I want my hat,” she murmured tearfully.

    “Who is Timothy?” Louis finally asked.

    A sudden idea quickly strike Annabelle, she had forgotten that her daddy is home to protect her now. Quickly she released Annie’s hug and hurried over to grab Louis’s hand to drag him back outside. “Timothy is the bully next door. Daddy, he is huge and mean to me all the time. And he always throw snowball at me, when I’m not looking. He even throw snowball at mommy once! Daddy, help me teach him a lesson now! Come on daddy hurry before he went back into his house!” Annabelle dragged Louis all the way out to the front yard. Annie followed along too.

    Once they stepped out to their front yard, Annabelle pointed at a fat ten-years-old boy. “He is Timothy, daddy!” Annabelle darted at that boy with her eyes showing a bit of revenge. The boy stopped stomping on the snow angel on the snow, he looked up toward Annabelle and was surprise to see an adult male. Feeling out numbered, he quickly turned to head home. “Timothy Chan, you stand still right there! My daddy is here to punish you!” Annabelle declared, but her bully just ran faster. Both Annie and Louis laughed at the boy. Annabelle yanked on Louis, “Daddy, make a snowball and throw at him now!”

    Laughed with amuse, Louis picked Annabelle up to carry her. “Belle, you scared him enough already. It’s Christmas today, lets not start any war,” Louis exclaim.

    “But he been picking on me for a long time. And he threw my hat up there,” Annabelle pointed to the pine tree with an angry pout of unjustness.

    “Daddy, will get your hat for you, if you stop pouting,” Louis walked over to yank Annabelle’s knitted hat from the tree.

    Annie help her daughter put the hat back on. She pecked her daughter chubby pouting cheek. “Come on sweetheart, daddy is right. Christmas is a holiday for forgiveness.”

    “Yes, exactly,” Louis smiled at Annie. Annie sense that he meant their parents. Louis carried Annabelle back into their home. “We’ll take you to grandpa and grandma for dinner tonight. So lets wash those tears away so you could look cute as a button to them.”

    “Grandpa and grandma?” Annabelle arched her browse, “I have grandpa and grandma too?”
    What will happen when Annie, Louis, and their daughter suddenly show up on their parent’s mansion? Will their father still be angry with them? What will Annabelle discover when she is there? Why is Louis so anxious to return home? Please stay tuned to find out more! Thanks for reading by the way.

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    Chapter 5: Merry Merry Christmas

    ---Christmas Day, December 1940---

    During the long drive, Annabelle had been the main entertainment for half the road trip. She kept singing one Christmas song after another until she got bored out of her mind and fallen asleep leaving her parents some peaceful silent again. Annie used the quiet opportunity to chat with her husband. She couldn’t help herself from wanting to know more about what her husband had been through during the six months away.

    Slowly stir, Annabelle blurred vision focus to look at her surrounding. Seated in the back with safety belt on her, she gazed out the car’s window at row after row of tall pine trees that seem to reach all the way up to the sky. Thick coat of snow causes theirs branches to sway downward. “Mommy, where are we going?” her soft voice questioned. If she wouldn’t of asked her parents didn’t even know that she was awake.

    “We’re going to visit grandma and grandpa, they live up in the mountain,” answered Annie from the front passenger seat. She reached back to straighten out her daughter’s crooked winter hat. “We’re almost there. You remember what mommy taught you to say when you saw them?” Annie tested.

    Yawned, Annabelle mumbled, “Merry merry Christmas.” With interest Annabelle gaze out into the snowy mountain view of her surrounding as the car continue to head uphill. Her father old car finally pulled up toward a huge mansion. Annabelle eyes widen with amaze to the size. “Woah, it’s a castle,” she exclaim with excitement and mind that are ready to explore. Comparing to the old worn rental house where she grow up, this is a castle to Annabelle.

    Louis glanced over to his wife and notice Annie little frown of worry. His hand reached over to gently pat Annie’s hand. When Annie turned to give him attention, all he did was gave her an assured smile, which made Annie softly smiled too. Slowly, Louis’s car drove pass the gate and heading right into the big driveway leading them to the mansion.

    Anxiously, Annie sit with worry thinking that it’s a horrible idea to return home. She twisted on her coat to relief her nervousness. When the car engine died down, Annie gulped knowing that it’s time to face her greatest fear. Unlike Annie, Annabelle cheerfully grinned as she impatiently tries to unbuckle herself. “We’re here,” Louis told his wife with another pat. “Don’t worry, everything will be alright. Come on, lets go out.” Annie nodded.

    Once she is out of the car, Annie looked up at the huge mansion staring at her old bedroom’s window. Memories of her childhood flooded her mind. Louis smiled to recall how much he use to love and adore this mansion, since he was not born to a rich family, but lucky enough to be adopted into one.

    A click of the safety belt was sounded when Annabelle finally manipulated it to unfasten. She excitedly opened the door and hopped out. Her head tilted further and further back as she study this large giant house that she consider as an castle. Her round precious eyes closely observe her surrounding with interest. The beauty of this mansion is very compatible with the beauty of nature that is surrounding it. There are huge trees, rock, and even trail that lead to a nature walk.

    Seeing a furry creature just dashed by, Annabelle turned around with puzzle to what she just saw. Finally, she found the creature standing by her daddy car’s rear tire munching on a piece of cookies that probably fallen out of her bag of snack. “Mommy look! It’s a squirrel!” she happily shouted causing the squirrel to quickly dug under the car for protection.

    Annie walked over to Annabelle and held onto her hand. “Belle, remember to be a good little girl for these few days, alright?” Annie reminded.

    “Mommy, could we go on a walk later on?” Annabelle requested, while her mom is leading her to walk toward the front door. Louis swing his arm around Annie when they caught up to him. “Daddy, could we?”

    “Not today, it’s getting dark. And once it’s dark, it’s get extremely cold up here in the mountain,” explained her father. Louis squatted down to fix Annabelle’s coat and hat. He smiled at her with a wink, “If you’re a good little girl the entire night, daddy will probably take you on a walk tomorrow. Deal?” Annabelle nodded vigorously. “Remember to listen and be nice to grandpa and grandma, okay?” Annabelle nodded again and it’s very anxious to finally meet her grandparents that she never know she had.

    Walked to the grand front porch, Annie paused to take a deep breath before her index finger reach out to press the doorbell. A smile painted her face while deep down she is a nervous wreck. All three pairs of anxious eyes are at the large white door while theirs ears listen to the footstep that is walking toward them. “Ms White, I got the door, continue with what you were doing,” they heard an unfamiliar male voice from the other side of the door. Within second the door opened and a handsome young male warmly smiled at them. “Merry Christmas,” he greeted while studying the three that are at the door.

    Annie had lost her voice since she had no idea who this guy is that seem to live in her home. Is he a new hired servant? Louis greeted with a friendly smile, “Merry Christmas to you too. I’m Louis, this is my wife Annie, and our daughter Annabelle.”

    “Merry merry Christmas,” Annabelle murmured her line to this stranger. She turned to yank on her mommy’s coat and asked, “Mommy, isn’t he too little to be grandpa?”

    “We are here paying our parents Jane and David Man a visit,” finished Louis.

    Smiling ever so warmly with dimples wedge on each side of his cheek, the male welcomed, “Oh come on in. It’s getting cold outside. I’m so happy to finally meet you two. Mom always mention about you two to me. Let me go get her for you, I bet she will be so jolly to see you two.”

    “Mom?” Annie asked him with surprise and confusion. “Is this the Man resident?”

    “Of course. Ah sorry, I haven’t introduce myself. I’m Julian,” he kindly introduce and lead them into the living room.

    Just walked out of the dinning room, an elegantly dressed mid fifty years old female called in great surprise, “Annie?”

    “Mom,” Annie, Louis, and Julian spontaneously called at once than looked at each other with confusion.

    Jane quicken her pace to reach Annie and have a closer look. “Oh my dear. Annie, it’s you!” gladly said the mother with tears welled her eyes instantly as she leaned in to hug her only child warmly. “Child, why did you run away last time I saw you?”

    “I’m sorry. I just didn’t know how to…” Annie voice trailed off.

    Smiled with warmth, her mother nodded, “I understand. I’m just very happy and grateful that you finally decide to return home. Annie, I have been waiting for you to return home for seven whole years. How have you been for the past years?”

    With eyes that are still curiously on Julian, Annie asked, “Mom, who is he? He just called you mom.”

    Laughed, Jane nodded, “Julian is a great son that your father and I adopted over six years ago. Julian, this is Annie my daughter and her husband Louis.” Julian smiled at them while Annie and Louis slightly nodded. Louis was a bit taken back by the way his mom introduced him causing him to slightly felt gloom. It was a bit weird to hear the one he grew up calling mom addressing him as a husband of her daughter. But of course he understand, how else could Jane address him, since he did married Annie.

    Meanwhile, several feet below the rest, Annabelle gazed up at the lady with grayish white hair. She shyly stepped back and hide behind Louis legs. She whispered, “Daddy, who are they?”

    Annabelle voice pulled Jane to glance toward Louis direction. She gave Louis a very warm smile. “Louis, I’m glad you finally return home,” Jane stated and gave him a big hug. “I have missed you two tremendously. How have you been for the past year Louis?”

    “We been great mom. Both Annie and me missed you too,” replied Louis. “Not too late to return now, right?” he teased.

    Laughed with joy, the old mother cheerfully said, “Of course not. I really sure missed hearing your voice around the house.” Jane looked down at the soft round eyes that is staring back at her from behind Louis’s legs. “Ah I remember you, I saw you with Annie that day,” said the old mother, whom than looked up at Annie, “Annie, is she my granddaughter?”

    Happily smiled, Annie nodded and urged, “Annabelle, remember what you going to say to grandma?” Instead of replying, Annabelle just shyly hide further away. “Silly girl don’t be so shy. You were really excited during the drive. Come on.”

    Chuckled, Louis pulled his daughter away from him and nudged her to walk forward. Annabelle study her grandma with still round eyes. Something made her felt unease, she scooted back to stay really close to her father. “Merry Christmas,” she mumbled so softly, but it was enough to melt Jane’s heart.

    “This is a very merry Christmas indeed,” joyfully stated the old mother with big smile. “Come to the dinning room. Annie, Louis, you two came right in time for dinner. I was just helping the servants set the table.” Paused Jane turn to look at Annie and Louis seriously, “Both of you are planning to stay here from now on right? I have lots to talk to you two about. I won‘t allow you two to leave with no good reason this time.”

    Annie frowned to hear that tone of her mother. “Mom, are you still mad at Louis and I?” she flat out asked.

    With an elegant smile, Jane replied, “Which mother wouldn’t be angry to wake up noticing two children that she raise ran away from home? But it’s in the past, I’m just grateful you two finally decide to return. I hope you two won’t give me that same reason to be upset again. Now enough chit chatting, lets start dinner.”

    Annie just nodded while her eyes continue to search for a particular person. “Mom, where is daddy?” she finally couldn’t help but ask.

    “He out of town for business matter. He won’t be home for Christmas this year, so we can star.”

    “Daddy,” called Annabelle with arms that reaching toward her father gesturing him that she wanted to be carried.

    Louis lifted her up and shakes his head at her. “Why are you so shy all of a sudden?” he asked.

    “I want to go home. I don’t like it here,” Annabelle pouted.

    “Shhh… That is not a nice thing to say. Don’t say such things in front of grandma, you hear me?” Louis warned in a whisper. Followed behind the rest, Louis pecked Annabelle, “You’re just probably not use to everything suddenly changed around you. Don’t worry, daddy is here, okay?” Annabelle nodded.

    “Sweeties, come to sit by grandma,” Jane called than turn to Annie, “Annie, what is her name?”

    “Annabelle, Annabelle Koo,” Annie answered with a grateful smile that her mom is accepting her daughter.

    “Annabelle dear, come sit on this seat next to grandma,” Jane insisted. Annabelle just cling to Louis tighter. “Aww, she is so shy.”

    Annie stepped to her husband and Annabelle. “Annabelle, you’re never this shy. Why are you like this tonight? Come on be a good girl now, go to grandma,” Annie instructed. Annabelle pouted and ignored her mom. She leaned on her father’s shoulder. “Annabelle,” Annie warned.

    “Shh… Annie, she probably just didn’t sleep enough on the car,” Louis suggested and urged his wife to sit down. “Mom, don’t mind Annabelle behavior. She do get a bit fussy when she don’t have enough sleep.” His mother-in-law gave him a nod and urge everyone to start dinner.

    That night, Annie tugged Annabelle to sleep on her old bed. With eyes looked into her daughter eyes stilly, Annie didn’t say much. Annabelle frowned knowing that her mom isn’t too happy about how she reacted to her grandma. Feeling guilty and a bit angry, Annabelle turned away not facing her mommy as she pouted. Annie let out a sigh at her daughter with a shake of her head, thinking that she had spoiled Annabelle too much from the past. “Belle why didn’t you answer grandma’s questions when she asked you tonight?” Annie questioned. After a long silent and still get nothing back, Annie warned, “Belle?”

    “I‘m tired,” honestly mumbled Annabelle.

    “That’s nonsense,” Annie said. Annabelle pouted more to hear her mom tone sounding mad. Annie sighed, “I have no idea what gotten into you tonight. You had always been really good with meeting stranger and you were really excited to meet grandma this afternoon.”

    A knock came over the door, both mother and daughter attention glanced up toward the opened door. Seeing it was her father, Annabelle quickly stood up from her bed and reached her pair of arms out to her father. Louis smiled and walked in. “She is just a child, don’t get too serious with her. She just need sometime to know mom better. She’ll do better tomorrow, right Annabelle?” Louis asked while trying to ease his wife disappointment.

    Annabelle didn’t answer, instead she wanted to stay close to her father since her mom looked really angry with her tonight. “Daddy,” she called for attention.

    Lifted his daughter into his arms again, Louis asked, “Aren’t you a big girl now? Big girl don’t need people to carry her. Why are you frowning? Not happy?”

    “Mommy is mad with me,” Annabelle exclaim.

    “You had been a bit naughty tonight for ignoring grandma like that. Why don’t you go say sorry to mommy?” suggested Louis.

    Glanced toward her mother, Annabelle sincerely apologize, “Sorry.” Louis dropped Annabelle on Annie’s lap. Annabelle instantly dropped her head with guilt, “I don’t mean to be naughty.” Sighed, Annie pecked her daughter head. Annabelle glanced up at her mom, “I’ll be good tomorrow.”

    “You promised,” Annie said with a smile. “Alright, it’s your bedtime,” she stated and wanting to tug her in.

    “Mommy, could I sleep with you and daddy tonight? I don’t want to be in this big room myself.”

    “There is nothing to be afraid of, this is just mommy’s old room,” Annie told her daughter.

    “I don’t want to sleep alone tonight,” Annabelle said one more time.

    Easily given in, Louis helped, “It’s her first night here. Let her sleep with us until she get use to here first. Why don‘t all three of us sleep in here tonight?” Annie agreed. Louis tugged her daughter into the full size bed and lie next to her, “Alright close your eyes and sleep now, both mommy and daddy will sleep here with you.” Before she shuts her eyes, Annabelle held onto Louis hand securely.

    After hearing her daughter sound asleep, Annie asked, “Louis do you feel something different around here?”

    Louis nodded, “I thought I’m just too sensitive. Mom somehow seem different, but I can‘t exactly point out what is wrong.”

    Chuckled, Annie asked, “Are you just jealous that she like Julian more now?” Annie became serious again, “I know what you mean. She isn’t like how she is back then. Even Annabelle sense it. I wonder what happen. And daddy usually wouldn’t go out on business trip during the holiday, especially Christmas.”

    Louis smile and wrapped his arms around his wife, “It’s late, let sleep. We’ll eventually figure out what is going on.”

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