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Thread: Hearts of Fencing review

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    Default Hearts of Fencing review

    I loved this series so I just had to comment on this review -- extremely well written by Bridget (practically put all my thoughts into words). The only thing wrong about the review is..

    "Shining Friends" (English version in the series) is sung by the three girls while Cookies sings the Cantonese version (Shallow Eyes) not featured in the series...and "My Pride" is sung in English by either 2R or Mathila Chan. And Race and Rosanne's group is called 2R..^_^

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    I agree this series was really good, the actors and actresses all did a great job considering that it's the first series for mostly all of them. I can't wait to see part 2.
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    is heart of fencing a chiense series?

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    i have all part of this series. but in vietnamese language. the actors and actresses are soooo cute. I love this series. it has short 11 episodes (originally 10, an extra episode was added due to high ratings)

    some pics for you:



    Race Wong Yuen Ling (from HK girlgroup R2) as Cheng Ka Lam (Rosanne Wong (from HK girlgroup R2, real-life older sister to Race) as a pregnant woman)

    Natalie Tong Si Wing as Ko Ching

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    Talking Hearts of Fencing =P

    I watched it and i loved it. but i can never seem to find the lyrics for Shining Friends. =( but anywayz it was great but it was sad to see 2 see 1 of the brothers die (sobs)

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    I watched it, and thought it was a grwat series nice and short but i never watched the prequel to it. Have any of u? becuase at the end of the 1st series it said to be continued. But on the whole i thought the series was good but a little bit on the cheesy side especially at the end when they're all walking out of the school a new generation of themselves

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    does anyone who were i can get teh lyrics for hearts of fencing themesong the englsih version?? i dled it.. i want the lyRICS!!!!
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    Default Hearts Of Fencing!

    Hearts of fencing was the BEST!! I Love DON LI!! But he had to die It was soo sad!! Well Sam Chan was there too Hearts of fencing was the best!! Sunshine heartbeat was awesome too, but I still think Hearts of fencing was way better! Hearts of fencing had everyone well not really everyone, just all the hot cute guys! Hehe, I don't only watch it because of hot guys, I also watch it because Its an awesome show!! :undefined

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    Quote Originally Posted by lil_mell
    does anyone who were i can get teh lyrics for hearts of fencing themesong the englsih version?? i dled it.. i want the lyRICS!!!!
    You can get the lyrics at youtube, and watch the video. Just type in hearts of fencing-- Video.

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    Default HOF Lyrics

    Happen to have this kicking around....

    "Shining Friends" - 2R

    A little faith, brightens a rainy day
    Life is difficult you can't go away
    Don't hide yourself in a corner
    You have my place to stay
    Sorry is gonna say goodbye
    Opens up you see the happy sunshine
    Keep going on with your dream
    Chasing tomorrow's sunrise
    The spirit can never die

    Sun will shine, my friend
    Won't let you cry, my dear
    Seeing you shed a tear
    Makes my world disappear
    You'll never be alone in darkness
    See my smile, my friend
    We are with you, holding hands
    You have got to believe
    You are my destiny
    We meant to be your friends
    That what a friend should be

    (It's gramatically incorrect throughout, but hey....)

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    He just likes watching dancing like Mr. Busbee the bee.

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    it is interesting

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