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Thread: Inserting a quote into a message

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    Default Inserting a quote into a message

    When I want to insert someone's quote into a message, I just copy and paste what they wrote into the text prompt. However, I've noticed that when I do this, I don't get the "originally posted by ___" in italics at the beginning of the quote box. How do I go about acknowledging other people's quotes when I incorporate them into my messages?

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    That only happens when you click on the quote button in the bottom right of their post.

    If you have more than one quote you want to insert, you can either push that button, right your message, select, copy, paste, go back, click on the quote button for the second quote, and paste what you had before into that window, it can be done.

    (Sorry, did I confuse you?)

    Or, if that was indeed confusing, you can manually add it in.
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    use this in front of any thing you want to quote from people

    (QUOTE)(i)Originally posted by Name(/i)
    (B)What you want to quote from them(/B)(/QUOTE)

    Replace the ( with an [
    and ) with an ]

    This will give you a nice italic name and bold quote from them.
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