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Thread: Why did Qingqing's grandfather transfer his energy into Ding Peng?

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    Default Why did Qingqing's grandfather transfer his energy into Ding Peng?

    What was the reason for this? What was his name anyways (I want to see if he's in Tigerwongs Top 50 ranking). Judging from the way he manhandled Ding Peng, he should be rank pretty high I suppose.
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    Default Possible Spoilers!!!

    If I remember correctly, it was because he saw Ding Peng had the potential to bring the sabre technique to levels he could never have reached. He assumed that Ding Peng would have no match when he reached such a state and so he could use Ding Peng to ressurect his fallen 'Demon' Clan without any opposition.

    I don't think his name is mentioned but I don't think he's on the list, I can only find Xie XiaoFeng and Ding Peng from Full Moon Curved Sabre on Tiger's list. If I had to rank him in the novel, at his best he would be below Xie XiaoFeng, Ding Pang and Yin Shi San (not in the novel directly but can be concluded)

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    He's not on my list. If I ranked every minor powerful side-character w.o. a name, I'd have to increase it to accomodate popular figures like CLX, LSF, et al. I agree w. Noodles on his relative placement. He's probably around the younger Xie XiaoFeng's level as they were arch-rivals in the clashes between the orthodox and heretical sects, but I don't remember many details being given.

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