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Thread: A Yeun Nan Ping continuity problem

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    Default A Yeun Nan Ping continuity problem

    While discussing ROCH with Candide last night, we came across a continuity problem with the character Yeun Nan Ping.

    Yeun Nan Ping knew the Iron Palm martial art of Kau Cheen Yan. According to Candide, the first edition of ROCH said that she learned this from Kau Cheen Yan himself. This, however, seems highly unlikely.

    Kau Cheen Yan became the Buddhist disciple of South Emperor 1 Deng the Monk at the end of LOCH, renouncing violence and effectively giving up his status as Chief of the Iron Palm Union. The Iron Palm Union disbanded shortly thereafter, and no longer existed during the time of ROCH.

    Yeun Nan Ping was younger than Yeung Gor. During ROCH, Yeun Nan Ping refers to Yeung Gor as "Yeung dai gor" ("big brother Yeung"). At the end of LOCH, not long after Kau Cheen Yan became a monk, Yeung Gor was only a year old. Yeun Nan Ping could not have been more than a year old herself at the time if, indeed, she had even been born yet at all (unlikely based on what we know from ROCH).

    During Kau Cheen Yan's time as a Buddhist monk, he did not and would not accept a martial arts student and teach her his deadly Iron Palm Technique (he was trying to renounce violence, after all). The Iron Palm Union had disbanded, and even if it hadn't, it's doubtful that anyone outside of the Kau family knew the Iron Palm (but Kau Cheen Yan was a monk, Kau Cheen Jeung was dead, and Kau Cheen Chek was at Passionless Valley). Based on this information, there's simply no way Yeun Nan Ping could have learned the Iron Palm Technique.

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    Why couldn't she be taught by a Iron Palm Clan disciple? The name of the clan is named after the martial art. Obviously the palm has to have some significance in the clan's training. Did it actually say the martial art only stayed within the Kau family? If it is, it isn't right coz they weren't even the founders of the clan so the Iron Palm shouldn't be exclusive to them.

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