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Thread: What connections did Ying Gu had to Peach Blossom Island?

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    Default What connections did Ying Gu had to Peach Blossom Island?

    I was just watching LOCH '82 by TVB.

    When HR was injured by KCY Iron Sand Palm, she and GJ went to Ying gu's garden.
    The garden looked like the one on the Peach Blossom Island.

    What connections did Ying Gu had to Peach Blossom Island?

    Or is this just something TVB made up?

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    She tried to break through the Peach Blossom maze to rescue Zhou Bo Tong, but lost her way and almost died, had HYS not told one of his servants to show her the way out. After that, she tried to study the maze to find her way through it. Hence she built one herself, but still it was way inferior to HYS's.
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    The Main point of her being at Peach Blossom Island is because she's trying to rescue her love, ZBT, when he was trapped in the cave because he didn't want to get killed by HYS? because he wanted 9yin manual, to burn it for his wife since she died bc of it.

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    ZBT was trapped there for a decade and a half yet Ying Gu could not figure out a way past the maze in that time. If she did, I wonder how many stances from WYS she can take. I like the way Regina Tsang played Ying Gu in '82 version.

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