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Thread: Translation of Meteor, Butterfly, Sword

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    Holy cow...Gulong is unbelievable...

    The horse-head idea as well is completely lifted from the Godfather!

    I need to find a copy of this book, I want to see exactly how many scenes he copied/borrowed from the Godfather...

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    There was total darkness ahead.
    Xiao Die indeed went along this road. Unaware, Meng XingHun also went along this road.
    Although he himself would never admit, yet deep in his heart he had a secret wish, hoping to see that girl again.
    He did not see her.
    That girl disappeared into the darkness like a ghost.
    When Meng XingHun returned to the inn he lived in, it was very late into the night, and the little yard was completely quiet.
    His room of course had no light.
    He never burned a light. Because only in darkness did he feel relatively safe.
    The door was closed, and so was the window. When he left, he had firmly shut the door and window.
    Yet, he all of a sudden stopped before he even reached the door, as if he was a well-trained hunting dog, which suddenly sniffed warning from ahead.
    His body suddenly lifted, and he sped across into the backyard.
    The window at the back was also closed. He softly knocked on the window, and suddenly flew up again onto the rooftop. His movement was fast and light like the hawk and bat.
    Just now, a shadow already emerged from the front window.
    This person’s movements were also fast and strong: he positioned his body – prepared to take off. Suddenly, he realized that someone was half a feet close following him.
    When he jumped up, this person jumped up too. When he dropped down, this person also dropped down.
    During that rise and fall, cold sweat formed on his palms.

    He only heard this person behind him saying lightly, “If you weren’t Xiao He, you’d be dead ten times by now.”

    He deeply exhaled, already recognized this as Meng XingHun’s voice.
    He did not speak, forcefully pushed open Meng XingHun’s door, and walked inside.
    Meng XingHun stood outside the door, his face expressionless. Only when the room was lit up, he slowly walked inside and sat down.
    He sat across from Xiao He.
    He looked at Xiao He. However, Xiao He purposely did not look at him.
    He had known Xiao He for already twenty years, yet never understood this person, yet he also did not want to understand.
    Their relationship really should be like brothers, yet sometimes they just seemed like complete strangers.

    * * *

    Meng XingHun, Shi Qun, Ye Xiang, and Xiao He were all orphans. They survived the chaos of war and hunger famines only because of Gao LaoDa.
    Xiao He was the youngest among these four people. However, he was first to meet Gao LaoDa, he always believed that Gao LaoDao was his older sister.
    Hence, when Gao LaoDa took in the other three people, he was not only jealous, but also angry. He not only repelled them, but also created dissension.
    He always believed that these three people not only robbed him of food from Gao LaoDa’s hands, but also robbed her love. If these three people were not around, then he would be able to eat more, and live more comfortably.
    From the very beginning, he used every kind of method to make Gao LaoDa chase these three people away.
    Back then he was only six years old.
    When he was six years old, he was already very scheming.
    When he was six years old, his ideas were wicked.
    Once, Gao LaoDa told him to tell the other three to meet that the booth outside of the West Walls, but he had told them the meeting place was the East Walls.
    They waited outside of the East Walls for two days, and almost starved to death. If Gao LaoDa had given up and stopped searching, then they would not have survived until today.
    Another time, he told the patrolling bailiff that the three were thieves. And intentionally put the things he stole into their pockets.
    Back then, except for those with a death sentence, the other criminals – no matter how bad their crimes – were all released, because not even the government had enough food to feed the criminals.
    That time, the three of them were almost drowned. If Gao LaoDa had not somehow gave that bailiff some benefits, the three of them would not have survived until today.
    Back then, the method bailiffs used against thieves was not to give them a trial, but to throw them into rivers.
    Many other things like this happened. Afterwards, although Gao LaoDa scolded him, she did not chase him away, because she always thought that he was still young, and his motives behind doing something like this was because of her, and hence deserved forgiveness.
    Gao LaoDa did things using her own judgments, her concepts of good and bad was very muddled. Since no one ever told her what was wrong or right.
    Hence, she always thought that as long as one can survive, no matter what one did, it was right.
    Xiao He had not stopped doing these things all twenty years. His methods were more and more clever, and gave away less and less.
    His jealousy was stronger especially towards Meng XingHun. They began martial arts training at the same time, yet Meng XingHun’s martial arts was a lot better than his.
    The status of Meng XingHun in Gao LaoDa’s mind also gradually became more important.
    This made it more and more unbearable for him.

    * * *

    Meng XingHun stared at Xiao He’s pretty face.
    He was so pretty that he almost did not look like a man.
    Gao LaoDa often said that, if Xiao He was to wear women’s clothing and let down his hair, then most men would for sure have their souls taken away by him. Especially his skin, it as even whiter than women’s. Most people could not understand how someone like him who grew up under the scorching sun and sandstorms could have such white skin.
    However now his face turned green because of anger, his fine and smooth hand were also shaking non-stop. He was obviously trying hard to control himself from having a fit of anger.
    Suddenly, a feeling of remorse emerged from inside of Meng XingHun.
    No matter what, Xiao He was still his partner for many years, and was two years younger than him.
    He originally should treat him like his brother. He forced himself to smile, “I didn’t know you’d come. You should’ve told me first.”

    Xiao He suddenly smiled coldly, “Who did you think the person inside was?”

    Meng XingHun replied, “It could’ve been anyone. In this business, we have to be extra careful towards everything.”

    Xiao He’s face was rigid, “It could’ve been anyone? Except for Go LaoDa, who else knows that you’re here?”

    The smile suddenly disappeared from Meng XingHun’s face, “Gao LaoDa told you to come here?”

    Xiao He neither agreed, nor denied.
    This already meant that he agreed.
    Although Meng XingHun’s face was expressionless, a shadow already crossed in his eyes.
    When he went out for business, Gao LaoDa never interfered with his operations. She did not even ask about them.
    She tried everything to let him know how much she trusted him. But now, it seemed to be different.
    Meng XingHun could not help but think of that time Gao LaoDa told him to secretly follow Ye Xiang.
    That time when she told him to go already showed that she no longer trusted Ye Xiang, believed that Ye Xiang was incapable to fully complete the task.
    Xiao He secretly observed his expressions, a light suddenly appeared in his eyes.
    It seemed as if he had already guessed what Meng XingHun was thinking about. He purposely smiled, and lightly said, “Of course you know that it’s not because Gao LaoDa doesn’t trust you, she just wanted me to tell you some things.”

    His smile was very mysterious, very dark. Anyone could see that his smile contained no good intentions and contained a bit of schadenfreude. He indeed intentionally wanted Meng XingHun to feel this way.

    Meng XingHun was silent for a very long time, then slowly said, “What did she want you to tell me?”

    Xiao He lowered his voice, “Do you know that two of LaoBo’s most important people are on business elsewhere?”

    Meng XingHun said, “You mean Sun Jian and Lü XiangChuan?”

    Xiao He nodded, and said with a smile, “So you already knew. But Gao LaoDa was just afraid that you didn’t know.”

    “Afraid that you didn’t know” already meant that there was some mistrust.
    Meng XingHun of course figured out the underlying meaning of this. Xiao He also knew that he had figured it out, and continued, “Once these two people have left, it was as if LaoBo’s lost his arms. If a person’s lost his arms, then there’s nothing more terrifying than that.”

    He put his legs up, and contently said, “Therefore now is the best time for you to strike. If you already know, then why are you still not striking?”

    Meng XingHun looked at his legs put highly up, an anger suddenly rose, “Are you doing this? Or am I?”

    Xiao He responded, “Of course it’s you.”

    Meng XingHun said, “If it’s me, then I am making the decisions.”

    Xiao He responded, “Of course you’re making the decisions. I’m just asking, no other intentions implied.”

    He suddenly smiled again, “Gao LaoDa often said that you’re the calmest, didn’t imagine that you’re angered this easily.”

    Meng XingHun suddenly felt as if someone had just whipped him. He really should not have been angry. Anger was more frightening than poison to someone like him.
    He could even feel his fingertips gradually turn cold.

    Xiao He looked at him, frowned, “What’s wrong with you? Are you not feeling well?”

    Meng XingHun was silent again for a long time, only then slowly said, “I’m tired.”

    Xiao He was pondering, obviously looked very happy and said, “There’s something I’m not sure if I should say.”

    Meng XingHun replied, “Say it.”

    Xiao He looked even happier. Suddenly shook his head and said, “Maybe it’s better if I didn’t say it.”

    Meng XingHun responded, “Say it.”

    Only then Xiao He sighed and said, “These two years you really have been tired, really should nicely rest for a while. This task, if you didn’t want to do it … I could do it for you.”

    Meng XingHun slowly stood up, stared at him and slowly said, “Do you know what kind of person Sun YuBo is?”

    Xiao He did not answer. Suddenly he laughed coldly and asked, “You think I can’t kill him?”

    Meng XingHun said, “Maybe I can’t even kill him.”

    Xiao He coldly laughed, “So people that you can’t kill mean that I have a lesser chance of killing?” His face turned green again, and he continued, “Even if your martial arts was better than mine. But killing a person isn’t just relying on martial arts, but mainly relied on whether you have the heart. Speaking of martial arts, was Ye Xiang any less than you?”

    Meng XingHun was silent for a very long time, slowly sat down, “If you really want to go for me, then go!”

    He suddenly felt very weary, so weary that he did not want to debate, so weary that he did not want to do anything.
    But there was something that he had to say, no matter what.

    He slowly continued, “But before you go, you should realize how much danger this task contains.”

    Xiao He immediately said, “I realize. I’m not afraid.”

    Danger really could not scare him. He had long waited for this chance, nothing could make him abandon it.
    If he could accomplish this task, then he could replace Meng XingHun’s position.
    Meng XingHun obviously understood this point. But, he completely did not care.
    He only wanted to lie down and get a good night’s sleep.

    * * *

    He could not sleep. He could not sleep until the dawn broke.
    The dawn was breaking. He stood up and walked out. The morning mist was like smoke out of an old man’s mouth.
    When he walked out the city, the morning mist still did not disappear.

    “Walk until where? Walk until when?”

    He did not know. Did not even think about it.
    He thought too much, too random that they now already turned blank.
    The gentle wind brought sounds of a stream flowing. He walked towards it, unaware. And sat down next to the flowing water.
    He liked to listen to the sound of flowing water, liked flowing water.
    Flowing water could also dry, but never could stop. As if it never knew weariness. Its lively vitality was eternal and unchanged.

    “Maybe only humans felt weariness in the world!” Meng XingHun took a long sigh, and almost could not help but immediately throw his own life into and become one with the flowing water.

    Just then, he saw a person.

    End Of Chapter Five
    Because I'm somewhere in between,
    My love and my agony.

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    Chapter Six – Beauty On The Shore

    The mist gradually lightened.
    He suddenly realized that someone was next to him, not very far away. All along, he did not realize that this person existed, because this person was quietly sitting there the whole time, quiet like the soil on the shore.
    But now this person walked towards him.
    She was wearing a bright red cape, but her face was so pale it was scary.
    Her eyes still looked so bright even though there was still some blurry mist.
    She walked over and stared at him.
    The bright red cape flowed like the water, her black hair danced in the wind, her bright eyes contained an indescribable compassion and sympathy.
    She pitied people’s ignorance and sympathized people’s unawareness. Because she was not a person, but a goddess.
    Her beauty resembled a goddess who rose from the river. Meng XingHun’s throat suddenly felt stuffed. For some reason, when he saw her, immediately a rush of blood rose from his chest to his throat.
    He knew her, knew that she was not a goddess. Maybe she was more beautiful and more mysterious than a goddess. Yet she indeed was a person.
    She was Xiao Die.

    Xiao Die was still staring at him, suddenly asked, “You want to die?”

    This was the first time he heard her speak. Her voice was more pleasant to listen to than the flowing water in the spring.
    He wanted to speak, but could not.

    Xiao Die said, “If you want to die, then I won’t try to stop you. I only want to ask you something.”

    Meng XingHun nodded.

    Xiao Die’s eyes suddenly looked in the distance, the mist was hazy in the distance and blurred her eyes.

    She softly asked, “I only ask you, have you ever lived?”

    Meng XingHun did not answer, he could not respond.

    ”Have I ever lived? Does this count as living?”

    Meng XingHun turned his head, he was afraid that tears would drop.

    Xiao Die’s voice also seemed to be in the distance, “If a person’s never lived before, and already wants to die, isn’t it a bit foolish?” Meng XingHun almost wanted to ask, “Have you ever lived?”

    He did not ask, needed not to ask.
    She was so young, so beautiful. Of course she had lived.
    But then why did she also come to the cold river. Would she rather endure loneliness? Or did she come to indulge loneliness?
    Loneliness had a kind of light happiness to it anyway.
    After a long time, Meng XingHun finally slowly turned around, but already could not see her.
    She appeared like the mist, and disappeared like the mist. His meeting with her was so short.
    Yet for some reason, deep in his heart, he felt like he knew her for a long time. He felt as if he already knew her before he was born. And she was also waiting for him.
    It seemed that his purpose of living was to wait and see her once.

    “Is this the last time?”

    Meng XingHun did not know.
    No one knew where she came from, and also no one knew where she was going.
    She was untouchable, and was nowhere to be found.
    Meng XingHun stared into the distance, an indescribable dim ecstasy suddenly rose from his heart.
    The mist in the distance was even lighter.

    * * *

    After waiting for another few days, there still was no information about Xiao He.
    It was as if this person had suddenly disappeared off the earth.
    There was nothing from the chrysanthemum garden.
    What about Xiao Die?
    It was as if she never came to this world.
    Meng XingHun decided to first go back to “Pleasure Forest.”
    People in the “Pleasure Forest” were always happy.
    Gao LaoDa’s face always wore a sweet touching smile. Her smile was even more cheerful when she saw Meng XingHun returning.
    Yet she never closely looked at Meng XingHun once, obviously she was like Meng XingHun.
    Although she was determined to forget what happened in the cottage that day, it was really difficult to forget.
    Meng XingHun dropped his head.

    Gao LaoDa said, “You returned?”

    Of course Meng XingHun had returned, yet he shook his head.
    He knew that Gao LaoDa did not mean to ask whether he returned physically, but was asking whether he had accomplished the task, because before, he never returned before he had accomplished the task.

    Gao LaoDa frowned, “Why?”

    Meng XingHun was silent for a long time, suddenly said, “Where’s Xiao He?”

    Gao Lao Da said, “Xiao He? Who knows where he’s been off to? He had nothing to do the past few while.”

    She smiled, and continued, “We’re all like that. When we have nothing to do, then one can’t find us.”

    Meng XingHun’s heart was sinking, then slowly said after a long time, “I saw him.”

    Gao LaoDa replied, “You saw him? Where?”

    Meng XingHun said, “He went looking for me.”

    Gao LaoDa’s expressions changed, “Why did he go look for you?”

    Meng XingHun shut his mouth!

    Gao LaoDa asked, “Do you know where he went?”

    Meng XingHun still shut his mouth.
    Gao LaoDa’s expression changed, she looked terrible.
    She too understood Xiao He very well, and also knew how much he wanted to show off himself.
    Meng XingHun turned around and wanted to walk out, he needed not to ask anymore. Xiao He by chance came across where he was, and purposely went to look for him so he could break his confidence. This way, he could accomplish the task for him.
    Xiao He had done many things like this. Yet this time he made a mistake, a horrible mistake.

    He did not think about what kind of a terrifying person LaoBo was. Gao LaoDa suddenly said, “Wait … Let me ask you, did he want to go find Sun YuBo for you?”

    Finally, Meng XingHun nodded.

    Gao LaoDa asked, “You let him go?”

    Meng XingHun replied, “He already went.”

    Gao LaoDa’s faced looked angry, “You knew what kind of person Sun YuBo was. You only have about a sixty or seventy percent chance. Him going is like asking for death. Why did you let him go?”

    Meng XingHun suddenly turned around, his eyes showed signs of anger, “How did he know I was there?”

    Gao LaoDa felt as if a cat suddenly got her tongue.
    Meng XingHun always had the most secret tasks. No one knew about them besides her.
    How did Xiao He know?

    After a long while, Gao LaoDa sighed and said, “I’m not blaming you. I’m just worried about him. No matter which one of you were in danger, I’d be equally worried.”

    Meng XingHun’s head dropped again.
    He never dropped his head in front of others. But she was different.
    He could not forget her favours for them.

    Gao LaoDa said, “Where are you going?”

    Meng XingHun responded, “Where I’m supposed to go!”

    Gao LaDa shook her head and said, “You can’t go anymore now.”

    Meng XingHun asked, “Can’t go?”

    Gao LaoDa replied, “If Xiao He already found Sun YuBo, no matter whether he was alive or dead, Sun YuBo would be warned. If you go now, it’ll be too dangerous.”

    Meng XingHun smiled, “Which place I went to wasn’t dangerous?”

    Gao LaoDa replied, “This time’s different.”

    Meng XingHun said, “It isn’t any different. If it’s something I have to do, then I’ll do it.”

    Once he started, he would never quit midway through.

    Gao LaoDa pondered and said, “Even if you want to go, you’ll have to wait until things have cooled down.”

    Meng Xinghun said, “Xiao He would be cold too by then.”

    Gao LaoDa sighed again and responded, “Maybe he’s already cold now.”

    Meng XingHun replied, “At least I should go check.”

    Gao LaoDa replied, “No. You can’t take that risk. I can’t let you take that risk for anyone.”

    A strange expression showed from Meng XingHun’s eyes, “Not even for him?”

    Gao LaoDa said determined, “Not him, definitely not him. I can’t sacrifice a living person for a dead one.”

    Meng XingHun said, “But he’s our brother.”

    Gao LaoDa responded, “Brothers are brothers. Business is business. If we can’t distinguish these two things, then we’ll be the ones dead tomorrow!”

    Her pretty eyes turned very serene, and slowly continued, “If we died, there won’t even be anyone there to pick up after us.”

    Meng XingHun did not say anything again.
    He discovered that Gao LaoDa was gradually changing: changed to be more emotionless, more cruel.
    Ever since that thing with Ye Xiang, he had felt this way.

    ”But why wasn’t she afraid that Xiao He would tell their secrets?”

    Someone was knocking on the door. This was Gao LaoDa’s private chamber, no one dared to disturb unless it was something important.

    Gao LaoDa opened the little window on the door and said, “What is it?”

    A voice outside replied, “The Second Master Tu wants to invite you for a drink.”

    Gao LaoDa said, “Tu Cheng?”

    The voice outside said, “Yes.”

    Gao LaoDa slowly nodded, “Ok. I know. I’ll be over immediately.”

    She suddenly turned around, stared at Meng XingHun and asked, “Do you know who Tu Cheng is?” Meng XingHun shook his head.

    Although Gao LaoDa was staring at him, her eyes contained a thoughtful look and said, “Tu Cheng looks like a rich merchant on the outside. But really he’s a forum leader of the “Twelve Flying Roc Sect.” He’s also the number one goon for Thounsad Roc King.”

    Meng XingHun said, “He is Great Roc Peng?”

    Gao LaoDa said, “That’s him.”

    She suddenly asked again, “Do you know that recently Sun YuBo sent Lü XiangChuan to go to Thousand Roc King?”

    Meng XingHun responded, “I only knew that Lü XiangChuan left, but didn’t know where he went. I also didn’t bother finding out.”

    He never researched anything that had no direct relationships with his task.

    Gao LaoDa said, “Lü XiangChuan is Sun YuBo’s most important person. If it wasn’t for something important, he would never easily send him.”

    Meng XingHun nodded.
    He also felt that Lü XiangChuan was not someone to be looked down on.

    A smile suddenly appeared on Gao LaoDa’s face, “If there was a conflict between Sun YuBo and Thousand Roc King, then there’d be hope in our task. Maybe the reason Tu Cheng left Great Roc Forum was because for Sun YuBo.”

    She pulled open the door and walked out in a hurry. She said, “We’ll go find out more. It’ll be best if you waited here.”

    Her information was always the best, because her method of finding out information was very effective.
    Yet Meng XingHun did not wait here. Because he also had things to find out.

    End Of Chapter Six
    Because I'm somewhere in between,
    My love and my agony.

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    School started ... it'll be another month until I can translate.
    Because I'm somewhere in between,
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jaded WenEr
    School started ... it'll be another month until I can translate.

    We are very grateful and touched that you've spent your precious Christmas vacation translating for us. That is a very, very special and personal Christmas gift to us. We will cherish it.

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    Uh ... it looks like I won't be able to translate until the summer, since my Reading Week's gonna be full of lots of studying and reading.

    Sorry to keep you guys waiting.
    Because I'm somewhere in between,
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    Since the forum crashed ... here is it again:

    Chapter Seven – Intentions of Killing Everywhere

    Ye Xiang was lying on the grass, underneath the tree.
    The grass already withered. He tried his best to relax himself. He had never dared to relax before, not even for a split second. Now it was different.
    Now he had nothing to worry about.

    “Defeat also has its pleasures. At least successful people will never be able to indulge in this.”

    Ye Xiang smiled bitterly. Suddenly, he heard footsteps on the grass – very, very quiet footsteps, just like a cat.
    Ye Xiang neither got up nor looked up. He already knew who this was.
    No one else had such quiet footsteps besides Meng XingHun.

    Only when the footsteps came really close did he ask, “When did you come back?”

    Meng XingHun replied, “Just now.”

    Ye Xiang smiled, “You came to visit me right after you got back? I guess we’ve got a pretty good friendship, huh?”

    Meng XingHun suddenly felt a rush of shame and regret. During the past couple of years, everybody slowly distanced themselves from Ye Xiang. Only now did he realize that he was no exception.

    Ye Xiang patted the grass beside him, “Sit and have some wine. Then you can tell me what you want from me.”

    It was as if he already knew that if Meng XingHun did not have a favour to ask for, he would never come visit.
    Meng XingHuh sat down and took the wine from his hands. He made up his mind that as long as he could finish this mission and come back alive, he would for sure drink with Ye Xiang for several days.
    Recently, he has gradually distanced himself from Ye Xiang, not because he was being a snob, nor because he did not want to see Ye Xiang. But only because he was afraid to see his own fate reflected off of Ye Xiang.

    Ye Xiang asked, “Ok, now tell me, what’s wrong?”

    Meng XingHun slowly muttered, “You always said that there were two types of people in this world: ones that kill, and ones that get killed.”

    Ye Xiang laughed, “Everyone has different ways of grouping people, my way isn’t necessarily correct.”

    Meng XingHun replied, “You group people this way, because you’re the type that kills.”

    Ye Xiang sighed and smiled bitterly, “Most killers are often the ones to be killed.”

    Meng XingHun asked, “Are there exceptions?”

    Ye Xiang replied, “You mean, is there anyone who can kill forever and not be killed himself?”

    Meng XingHun replied, “Yes.”

    Ye Xiang said, “These people are rare … really rare.”

    Meng XingHun asked, “How many of them do you know?”

    Ye Xiang’s smile grew more bitter, “I’m one of them, because no one’s after my life now.”

    Meng XingHun pressed on, “Is there anyone else besides you?”

    Ye Xiang’s eyes twinkled, “You saw a really terrifying killer, didn’t you?”

    Meng XingHun slowly nodded.

    Ye Xiang suddenly sat up and stared at him, “What kind of person was he?”

    Meng XingHun thought deeply, “He’s a very normal person … neither tall nor short, neither fat nor skinny.”

    Ye Xiang asked, “You didn’t see his face?”

    Meng XingHun replied, “No.”

    Ye Xiang asked, “Does he always wear grey clothes when he kills?”

    Meng XingHun’s expressions changed, “You know him?”

    Ye Xiang did not reply, only asked, “After he kills, does he take the victim’s blood and smear it on his face?”

    Meng XingHun grabbed his hand, “Yes, that’s him.” Ye Xiang’s face stiffened, and slowly said, “I don’t know … no one knows who he is. It’s just that, the next time you see him, get as far away from him as possible. The farther the better.”

    Meng XingHun questioned, “Why?”

    Ye Xiang replied, “There are more people in this business than you’d ever imagine, it’s not just the two of us.”

    Meng XingHun said, “Oh?”

    Ye Xiang replied, “This is indeed a very strange occupation. Nie Zheng, Jing Ke, Zhuan Zhu are all of the same trade as us.”

    {NOTE: Nie Zheng, Jing Ke, and Zhuan Zhu were all famous assassins of ancient China.}

    He suddenly smiled, “These people, even though they were famous, weren’t experts at this job.”
    Meng XingHun nodded, “You once said that to be in our business, one can’t be famous. If you’re famous, then you’re not an expert.”

    Ye Xiang said, “Yup. To be in this business, you need to sacrifice a lot: fame, family, status, children … you can’t have any of these.”

    He sighed again and smiled bitterly, “I bet that no one is in this business on his own will, unless he’s crazy.”

    Meng XingHun sighed gloomily, “Even if you’re not crazy to begin with, you’ll become crazy eventually.”

    Ye Xiang spoke, “But there are some people in this business who are crazy by nature. Only those people are the true experts, because only they can kill without feeling emotions. Therefore, they’ll never feel tired, and their hearts will never soften.”

    He stared at the wine cup in his hand and slowly said, “The one you were just talking about right now is the craziest of them all.”

    Meng XingHun’s expressions changed, “So, he’s also the best?”

    Ye Xiang replied, “Exactly. Based on what I know, there isn’t a second person who can match him.”

    He lifted his head up, and stared at Meng XingHun, “You can’t compare with him. Perhaps you’re calmer, smarter, maybe even faster than he is. But you can’t compare with him, because you’re not crazy.”

    Meng XingHun was silent for a very long time. Then he said, “You’ve seen him kill?”

    Ye Xiang nodded, “Unless one sees it with his own eyes, no one can describe the way he kills. It’s as if he never treats the opponent as a human being when he kills.”

    Meng XingHun said, “He’s not a human being himself then.”

    Ye Xiang said, “Legend has it that this person has retired for a long time, where did you see him?”

    Meng XingHun replied, “Sun YuBo’s garden.”

    Ye Xiang asked, “Who did he kill?”

    Meng XingHun replied, “The Three Friends of the Huang Mountains.”

    Ye Xiang asked, “Why?”

    Meng XingHun said, “Because they offended Sun YuBo.”

    Ye Xiang seemed to be in deep thought again, “I knew a long time ago that there had to be an instigator behind him, but I can’t believe it’s Sun YuBo.”

    He suddenly grasped Meng XingHun’s hands, “Forget this Su YuBo person as fast as you can. It’ll be best if you forgot entirely about him.”

    Meng XingHun replied, “I can’t forget.”

    Ye Xiang said, “Even if you can’t forget, you’ll still have to do so. Or else you’ll die, you’ll die very soon. Because even if you could kill Sun YuBo, this person will for sure also kill you.” Meng XingHun looked gloomy.

    Ye Xiang continued, “Others of course wouldn’t know who killed Sun YuBo, much less finding you. But he could for sure.”

    Meng XingHun suddenly stared at him, “Does he also know that someone like you exists in this world?”

    Ye Xiang’s face showed signs of pain. After a long time, he finally nodded and answered, “He knows. He already knew what kind of business I was in the first time he laid his eyes on me.”

    Others may not understand the meaning of this situation, yet Meng XingHun understood.
    They were all people, who not only looked no different than others, but seemed even more ordinary than others, because they knew to do their best to not attract attention.
    Yet they all had some sort of distinct character that was different than ordinary people. Other people may not sense this, but people within their circle could often tell immediately.

    Ye Xiang said, “He can see through you for sure.”

    Meng XingHun replied, “I didn’t let him see me, it’s just …”

    Ye Xiang asked, “It’s just what?”

    Meng XingHun slowly stated, “If he knows someone like you exists, then after Sun YuBo died, it’s imaginable that he’d trace back to here.”

    Ye Xiang replied, “I can’t forget.”

    He said the same sentence twice, each time with the same steadfastness.

    Ye Xiang continued, “You don’t believe that he can kill you?”

    Meng XingHun refused to answer.

    Ye Xiang went on, “Even if he can’t kill you, but if you knew that there was someone like that always secretly spying on you anytime, anywhere, waiting for you … would you still be able to continue living?”

    Meng XingHun was once again silent for a very long time. Suddenly he said, “Therefore, my only choice is to kill him first.”

    Ye Xiang’s expressions changed, “Kill him? You want to kill him?”
    Meng XingHun replied, “He’s only human.”

    Ye Xiang retorted, “You don’t even know what kind of person he is, how can you kill him?”

    Meng XingHun stared at him, slowly said, “Although I don’t, I’m sure that you know.”

    Painful expressions showed up on Ye Xiang’s face again. He slowly lied down, “I don’t know.”

    Meng XingHun gazed at him. He slowly stood up, turned around and walked away slowly. He already discovered that this person and Ye Xiang must have a mysterious yet special connection.
    Yet he did not want to force Ye Xiang to tell him.
    He never forced anyone. He knew deeply the pain of forcing someone to do something.

    Ye Xiang suddenly spoke, “Wait.”

    Meng XingHun waited.

    Only after a long time did Ye Xiang say, word for word, “He kills because he doesn’t like people, but he likes blood.”

    Meng XingHun asked, “Blood?”

    Ye Xiang continued, “It’s not that he likes to eat fish, but because there aren’t many people who farm fish.”

    Meng XingHun wanted to ask more, but Ye Xiang has already started to drink yet again, using the wine to fill his mouth.
    The setting sun shined from the tree branch onto his face – his face was distorted from pain.
    Meng XingHun looked at him, his heart filled with gratitude.
    Because he knew that no one could ever get Ye Xiang to tell things he did not want to tell.
    Only he could.
    He was his friend, and also his brother – nothing could ever take the place of this profound sentiment.

    * * *

    Gao LaoDa was already waiting by the time Meng XingHun returned to his cottage.

    Her facial expressions seemed very excited. But when she saw him, her face fell, “You didn’t wait for me there.”

    Meng XingHun replied, “Nor did I go anywhere.”

    Gao LaoDa observed, “You seem to have lots of things to say to Ye Xiang.”

    Meng XingHun did not reply. He really wanted to say, “We used to have lots of things to say, too. But recently, you’ve been so busy that you don’t even have time to talk to us anymore.”
    Of course, he would never say what he felt inside – during the recent few years, he has already learned to bury his concerns at the bottom of his heart.

    Gao LaoDa slowly turned around, and suddenly asked, “Did Ye Xiang talk about me?”

    Meng XingHun replied, “No, never.”

    After a long time, Gao LaoDa turned around. The smile returned to her face, “I now know why Sun YuBo sent Lü XiangChuan to see Thousand Roc King.”

    Meng XingHun asked, “Oh?”

    Gao LaoDa replied, “Sun YuBo has an old friend called Wu LaoDao. Wu LaoDao’s son fell in love with Thousand Roc King’s girl servant. Thousand Roc King does not approve of this, so Sun YuBo sent Lü XiangChuan to ask for the girl.”
    Even though she was a woman, she was concise and to the point when narrating matters.

    Meng XingHun asked, “And the result?”

    Gao LoaDa replied, “Thousand Roc King already gave the girl to Wu LaoDao, along with a very expensive dowry.”

    Meng XingHun said, “Then this affair has ended, right?”

    Gao LoaDa said, “Not yet ended, it has only just begun.”
    She smiled, “Think about it, is Thousand Roc King such an obedient person?”

    Meng XingHun did not answer – he did not know Thousand Roc King. He never made any comments on something he did not know.

    Gao LaoDa went on, “In my opinion, the only reason Thousand Roc King did this was so that Sun YuBo would let down his guard towards him. Only this way can he properly attack Sun YuBo.”

    Her lovely glance drifted, and she smiled again, “As long as he attacks, it’ll be a hard hit for sure.”

    Meng XingHun commented, “Which is why he recalled Tu DaPeng back.”

    Gao LaoDa said, “From what I know, along with Tu DaPeng, also Jin Peng and Nu Peng. These three leaders already left their sub-forums, and the path they took is exactly the one leading to the Twelve Flying Rocs Fortress.”

    Meng XingHun asked, “You think they’ll take action against Sun YuBo immediately?”

    Gao LaoDa said, “Exactly. So long as they act, then your opportunity will come.”

    Meng XingHun was deep in thought, “You want me to secretly follow Tu DaPeng, no?”

    Gao LoaDa nodded, “Exactly. Only after you find out their motives can you grasp the opportunity. But you cannot let the others start earlier than you, you must kill sun YuBo yourself.”

    Meng XingHun replied, “I understand.”

    Indeed he understood.
    Only if he killed Sun YuBo himself could Gao LaoDa then receive the reward for the assassination. Only then could she maintain her reputation for her outstanding credentials in this area.

    Meng XingHun asked, “How many people came including Tu Cheng?”

    Gao LaoDa replied, “Only three. From this, you can see that their course is very secretive this time.”

    Meng XingHun asked, “Who are the other two people?”

    Gao LaoDa replied, “One is Tu Cheng’s close subordinate called Wang ErDai. But I know that not only isn’t he a single bit dull-witted, but he’s an extremely potent character. He only pretends to be dull-witted to fool others.”

    {NOTE: Here, the “Dai” in Wang ErDai’s name means dull-witted in Chinese. Gao LaoDa’s comments are in a way, a play on words.}

    Meng XingHun nodded – he knew that Gao LaoDa would never misjudge someone.

    Gao LaoDa went on, “The other one’s called Night Owl Ye MaoZi – he’s a lowly thief. Although his martial arts isn’t worth paying attention to, he’s an expert at using incense narcotics. Obviously, Tu Cheng brought him back this time for special usage.”

    Meng XingHun asked, “When are they leaving?”

    Gao LaoDa smiled, “Even though Tu Cheng’s in a hurry this operation, he’s still reluctant to leave immediately. Jin ChaiEr’s keeping him company right now. I think that Jin ChaiEr can get him to stay for the night.”

    Meng XingHun was deep in thought.

    Gao LaoDa asked, “What are you thinking about?”

    Meng XingHun gently said, “I’m just thinking that someone whom Jin ChaiEr can get to stay the night, definitely can’t make it as the number one goon for the ‘Twelve Flying Rocs Sect.’”

    Gao LaoDa smiled again, “You seem to have learned a lot lately, and learned very fast, too.”

    Meng XingHun replied, “I have no choice but to learn.”

    * * *

    Although Wu LaoDao was a bit drunk, his heart was still filled with gratitude.
    Today was the day of his son’s wedding.
    He was hoping that LaoBo could come to drink the wedding wine, yet he also knew that LaoBo certainly could not come.
    Even though he was a little disappointed, he had no complaints.
    No matter what, he was able to get Lü XiangChuan to stay all the way until the banquet was over.
    Now, all the guests had left. The servants were drinking wine in the back kitchen. His dear son and daughter-in-law, of course, entered their bridal chamber a long time ago.
    Now, he was the only person left in the great hall, staring at the nearly burnt out red candle. Although he felt gratified, he still felt some sort of loneliness that came with the end of a celebration.
    He knew he was already getting old.

    “How can I not be old when my son has already married?”

    Wu LaoDao could not help but sigh, and decided that after this year, he’ll put an end to the armed escort company, and find a quiet place to mundanely pass his later years.
    Just then, he heard footsteps.
    A man staggered from the yard into the great hall.
    Not only was this man so drunk that it was funny, he was also dull-looking and uncouth. Among Wu LaoDao’s friends, there was not anyone this dull and this uncouth.
    Wu LaoDao did not know him, yet he was waving hello to Wu LaoDao.

    “This man is more drunk than I am.”

    Wu LaoDao frowned, but did not blame him.
    People who drink often sympathize with others who drink.

    Wu LaoDao asked, “Are you looking for Old Song? They’re outside drinking in the kitchen.”

    Old Song was the master chef – he was sure that this person was the servants’ friend.

    But this man shook his head, and responded between hiccups, “I … hic … I’m looking for you.”

    Wu LaoDao was puzzled, “Looking for me? What for?”

    This man wanted to speak, but he fell down before he could even finish one sentence. Although he was down, he was still waving at Wu LaoDao.

    Wu LaoDao asked, “You have something to talk to me about?”

    This person was nodding non-stop.

    Wu LaoDao had no choice but to walk over and bent down, “Say it!”

    ”I want to … ,” this person gasped.

    His voice was hoarse, plus he was gasping. Wu LaoDao could not hear him clearly at all. He could only lean lower, and moved his ears closer, “What do you want?”

    This man’s gasps grew worse, “I want to kill you!”

    When he said the word “want,” Wu LaoDao already sensed something was wrong – “want” was a word which required one to open his mouth to pronounce – yet this drunkard had absolutely no smell of alcohol in his mouth.
    But he realized this too late.
    Suddenly, a noose appeared in this man’s hands. By the time he said the word “kill,” the noose was already around Wu LaoDao’s throat. He tightened his hands, and the knife-like noose cut into Wu LaoDao’s flesh and throat.
    Wu LaoDao’s breath immediately stopped, his bent body sprung into midair like a fish leaping out of the water.
    Then his body slowly straightened, and fell to the ground with a loud crash like a dead fish.

    This man stood up and looked at his corpse, his face full of silly laughter, “I told you I’ll kill you. I never lie.”

    * * *

    XiaoWu and DaiDai embraced each other. They embraced so tightly, as if it was their first time.
    They did have this feeling inside, both felt that they have never been this happy, this excited.
    But they were not in a hurry to vent. They want to wait to slowly enjoy this moment.
    Their futures were still bright, so bright that every time they thought about it, their hearts became filled with warmth and sweetness.

    XiaoWu gently said, “You’re mine forever, right?”

    DaiDai’s voice was even more gentle, even more sweet, “I was always yours!”

    XiaoWu closed his eyes, and was prepared to fully enjoy the greatest pleasure in this life.
    His breath was filled with her sweet scents.
    The scents grew stronger and stronger, so strong that they induced a dizzy sleep.
    XiaoWu realized something was wrong, and wanted to jump up. But his limbs suddenly felt weak – all his lust and strength miraculously disappeared in a blink of the eye!
    He tried to open his eyes with all his might, but could no longer see clearly.
    Dimly, he thought he saw a face, a demonic face with a demonic grin grinning at him, “Your bride is mine now!”
    XiaoWu blankly stared at him, as if he even forgot how to have a fit of anger.
    Then, he could not see anything anymore.

    * * *

    Meng XingHun was remained on the roof, staring at the armed escort company across from him.
    He saw Wang ErDai stupidly staggered inside.
    After a short time, he also saw Night Owl jump over the wall from the side.
    Although the two went one after the other, they came out at almost the same time.
    Wang ErDai still looked the same stupid way when he came out, except that he carried a dead body on his shoulders.
    Night Owl also carried a huge bundle with all his might. He seemed very strained, since the bundle really was too huge.
    Just then, a carriage sped along from around the corner, and slowly stopped as it neared the armed escort company.
    The carriage door opened, Wang ErDai and Night Owl immediately threw what they were carrying inside, and swiftly followed in themselves.
    The carriage left swiftly.
    All this happened only in a very short period of time.
    There was not a single bit of activities inside the armed escort company. It was as if nothing had happened.
    Yet Meng XingHun knew that they had already gave Sun YuBo a very hard hit!
    He also knew that Sun YuBo’s revenge definitely would not be light!

    * * *
    Because I'm somewhere in between,
    My love and my agony.

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    Back to translating this ... before I start putting a lot of time and effort into this, I just want to check, is anyone even reading or is interested in reading the translation for this novel? If yes, I'll continue.

    If no, I'll translate something else. I know people want the translation for Wu Lin Wai Shi, and I've started on that, also.

    Feedback would be appreciated.
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    Default please continue

    Hi Jaded,

    off course i will be very very very happy if you continue this excelent translation.

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    I read it and cannot wait for you to update or finish it.

    I purposedly bought the new Mainland adaptation of Meteor, Butterfly, Sword recently just because I can't wait for you to finish it and because of my Chinese reading skills suck really bad.

    But the adaptation dragged a lot in the middle, strecthing the tear-jerking romance between MXH and XD, even Yu Er is thrown to prolong the series.

    I am planning to buy Killer Clans, which is said to be very loyal to the novel, compared to the Meteor & Sword movie starring Tony Leung and Michelle Yeoh.

    So.. please continue, I want to know how the story actually ends in the novel.
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    I will read it.

    (Though I will read Wu Lin Wai Shi too, so either is good for me)
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    Thanks for translating. After waiting for a year, now I can finally read more of this thanks to you Jaded.

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    As always, I am reading constantly, including this translation, in eager anticipation of every word.

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    can anyone continue this great story ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by chickenfeet
    can anyone continue this great story ?

    The good news is: I will pick up as soon as Christmas break starts for me which is less than a month from now on, and I promise (this time, I will definitely keep the promise) that there will be more chapters from this novel during Christmas time.

    I mentioned this on a nother forum, but the idea was that, I have every intention on finishing this novel. But this term, I had a lot of schoolwork to do plus I had summer school, so I couldn't translate during the summer either.

    I suppose I felt a bit discouraged since I didn't think that people were actually interested in reading this. But, now that I know people want to read this, I'll definitely translate.

    It'll be like a Christmas present, hehe.
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    This is definitely one of my favorite Gu Long novel...along with the Third Young Master and Bian Cheng Lianzi. So I do hope that there'll be more to come.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jaded WenEr

    The good news is: I will pick up as soon as Christmas break starts for me which is less than a month from now on, and I promise (this time, I will definitely keep the promise) that there will be more chapters from this novel during Christmas time.

    I mentioned this on a nother forum, but the idea was that, I have every intention on finishing this novel. But this term, I had a lot of schoolwork to do plus I had summer school, so I couldn't translate during the summer either.

    I suppose I felt a bit discouraged since I didn't think that people were actually interested in reading this. But, now that I know people want to read this, I'll definitely translate.

    It'll be like a Christmas present, hehe.
    Great to know that you're still on it

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ren Wo Xing View Post

    Gulong almost -completely- ripped off from the first chapter Godfather, there.

    Indeed, it looks like exactly Godfather

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    Hi everyone,

    it has been a long while since I visited the forums. I have started to translate this novel again, and I hope to keep at it and finish it.

    I've just included a bit of the novel that I have finished translating, continuing Chapter 7.

    Chapter 7 Continued:

    LaoBo’s expressions suddenly became very grave after he finished listening to Lü XiangChuan’s narration.
    Lü XiangChuan didn’t understand.
    Not only had he completed this task successfully, it went so smoothly that it was a bit unexpected.
    According to his past experience, LaoBo should be praising him right now.

    “Praising someone is a very unique experience – the more you praise someone, the more benefits you receive. There is almost no other experience in the world quite as interesting as this one.”

    That was also one of LaoBo’s proverbs.
    Lü XiangChuan didn’t understand how LaoBo could forget his own words.
    Of course, he dared not to ask.
    He realized that LaoBo’s hand was firmly twisting the button on his shirt, as if he was trying to crush a bug.
    Whenever LaoBo was twisting something so firmly, it meant that he in deep thought, and that he was furious. It meant that he was prepared to go to great lengths to deal with someone.
    Who is it now that he wanted to deal with?

    After a long time, LaoBo suddenly stood up and ordered the guards at the door, “Inform everyone in Team Pigeon that they are to leave their rotations immediately. They have to go find Sun Jian, and get him no matter what he’s doing.”

    A voice immediately answered, “Yes!”

    LaoBo then ordered, “Bring everyone from Team Eagle here immediately!”

    Team Pigeon served as messengers, and Team Eagle was guards. Other than LaoBo and Lü XiangChuan, there was not a third person that knew who they were or where they usually are.
    Unless it was absolutely necessary, LaoBo would never use these two teams. But when he did, then it meant that the situation was already extremely serious.
    But what was so serious now?

    Lü XiangChuan remembered another one of LaoBo’s proverbs, “Always think of ways to let your enemies underestimate you, but never underestimate your enemies.”

    “Did I underestimate Thousand Roc King?”

    This matter was taken care of so successfully, that it seemed too successful to be true.
    Thousand Roc King had struggled for decades, had faced death hundreds of times, and had fought with great difficulty to get to his status today, why would he so easily accept defeat this time?
    By the time he thought of this, Lü XiangChuan felt at once that his clothes had been soaked through with cold sweat.

    LaoBo was watching intently, and when he saw the expression on his face, said in a congratulatory tone, “You understand.”

    Lü XiangChuan nodded. The cold sweat dripped off his head.

    LaoBo said, “As long as you understand, then it’s ok.”

    He did not say another word of blame. He knew that people like Lü XiangChuan didn’t need others’ blame to know never to make the same kind of mistake again the next time.

    Lü XiangChuan was not only grateful, but was also ashamed. He suddenly stood up and said in a choked voice, “I’ll go immediately to see Wu LaoDao, maybe he’s in danger now already.”

    “There is no need,” LaoBo replied.

    Lü XiangChuan couldn’t help but ask, “Why?”

    LaoBo’s eyes showed a glimmer of peaceful sorrow and slowly said, “He’s already dead now."

    Lü XiangChuan felt a chill, “Maybe … .”

    LaoBo interrupted hum, “No maybes. Someone like Thousand Roc King would never let another feel danger. By the time that person feels danger, he won’t live for sure.”
    Lü XiangChuan slowly sat down, his heart sunk.

    He didn’t know how to make amends for this mistake, how to make reparations.

    Just now, a man staggered in from outside and fell down.
    This man was not only very young, but he was also very handsome. Unfortunately, his nose was now beaten crooked, his clothes were torn, and his left hand was fastened to his neck by a strip of cloth.
    He did not get up again after he fell. Anyone could tell that he had suffered much hardship.
    LaoBo has recently gradually stopped liking the use of violence. It looked like this time was an exception, and it was obvious that this man had made an unforgivable mistake.

    Lü XiangChuan couldn’t help but ask, “Who is this person?”

    “I don’t know,” LaoBo replied.

    Lü XiangChuan was even more confused. This man did not seem like a tough guy, but he could still take it after suffering through so much.

    “Maybe he’s afraid that if he confessed, there will be even harder suffering. There must be an even more fearful person operating behind him.”

    LaoBo seemed to understand what Lü XiangChuan was thinking and said, “He isn’t confessing, not because he’s afraid of anything else, but rather that every time we start to torture him, he’d just faint for no reason.”

    It was not easy to just faint randomly. He probably had a marvelous way of doing so. This not only let him suffer less, but it also made his lips tighter.
    Of course it was even more difficult to teach him this method.

    Lü XiangChuan inquired, “What did he do?”

    LaoBo replied, “He wanted to kill me.”

    Now Lü XiangChuan was truly surprised.
    Whoever wanted to kill LaoBo was either crazy or very audacious.

    LaoBo asked, “Why don’t you interrogate again, and see if you can get anything?”

    Lü XiangChuan slowly arose, chose the fiercest alcohol from LaoBo’s wines, forced open this man’s mouth and poured an entire bottle in.
    He knew that alcohol can often make someone tell the truth.
    Then he noticed this man’s pale face slowly starting to turn red, and blood shots were forming in his eyes.
    No matter how good one’s tolerance is, he cannot help but get drunk when this bottle of alcohol was forced down in such a short time.

    Thus, Lü XiangChuan asked, “What’s your name?”

    The man replied, “I am He.” [Note: “He” is a Chinese last name. It does not refer to a capitalized pronoun.]

    Lü XiangChuan persisted, “Your name?”

    The man replied, “I am He.”
    No matter what Lü XiangChuan asked, the man’s replies all had three words, “I am He.”

    It was as if he did not remember anything other than these three words.

    LaoBo suddenly said, “This man must have received very rigorous training. There aren’t many who train their subordinates this way.”

    Lü XiangChuan’s eyes twinkled, “You think it’s … .” LaoBo nodded.

    Lü XiangChuan did not reveal that person’s name, and neither did LaoBo, because both of them knew who the other was thinking of.

    Lü XiangChuan lowered his voice and asked, “Should we send him back?”

    LaoBo shook his head and replied sternly, “Let him back.”

    “Send him back” and “let him back” have very different connotations. If it was “send him back,” then he would already be a dead man, but if it was “let him back,” then he was let back alive.
    Lü XiangChuan thought hard, and suddenly understood LaoBo’s reasons.
    He could not help but feel a rush of admiration inside.
    LaoBo’s ways of handling things were, although different, often the most successful.

    * * *
    Because I'm somewhere in between,
    My love and my agony.

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    Thanks Jaded.

    Welcome back.

    Han Solo

    Quote Originally Posted by bliss
    I think they're probably at the same level as or one level below Ah Qing, which is about the level of a 2nd or 3rd generation Quan Zhen disciple.
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