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    Default about Xiao Ao Jiang Hu


    I read this novel long time ago, I just want to know the name of a following charater

    Yue Buqun is Master of Huashan Sword School, and at the end of the novel, he fought against the master of the another school

    yue buqun stole a martial book, so he defeated his opponent, the master of the other school got his eyes wacked.

    he becomes blind, please give me his name

    Thanks in advance

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    His name is "Zuo Lengchan", the master of Songsan sect.

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    Oh I found some Vietnamese translated novels of XAJH, I wonder how many volumes is there for XAJH? Because One volume was like 700+ pages and at the library it had like four volumes. It's a newer reprint of XAJH that was reprinted in 2003. I'm tempted to check them out but not too sure if it's the best translation. There's also a newer reprint of TLBB. Heh..very thick books.
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    The new Vietnamese reprints of XAJH and TLBB suck. Do yourself a favour, downlooad the translations (in PDF) from and print them yourself. Firstly they are free , and secondly, they are much better translations. The TLBB one in particular is highly recommended. Nguyen Duy Chinh (he's a professor of Asian arts of Uni Calif, if memory serves) translated that one and it's simply the best wuxia translation I've ever read. He also wrote heaps of other articles on the background of those wuxia novels, such as martial arts, weapons, history, fine arts, etc. They are all highly recommended. NDC also translated the 2nd editions of HSDS, Sword of the Yue Maiden, Love Birds' Sabers (not sure about this translated name ) and he's currently translating Lu Ding Ji v2.0. also just uploaded the new translated ROCH (which confirms my impression that Yang Guo is a crybaby).

    XAJH has 40 chapters, I think. Most long JY novels have 40 chapters, except TLBB and LDJ, which have 50. Short ones have about 12~15.
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    (which confirms my impression that Yang Guo is a crybaby).
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