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Thread: Ideal Mate: Characters to Wed

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    No one pick Duan Zheng Chun?? I thought he is a good lover ..
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    Haha, if you are willing to share him with say 5 others?

    ZWJ and Xiao Zhao would make a good loving pair. They are both considerate and quite mellow.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ren Wo Xing
    What do you think that the ideal mate for the OTHER sex would be (ie, guys choose who they think girls would consider to be perfect, and vice versa for girls).

    Personally, I think the ideal husband for a girl would definitely be Huang Yao Shi. Extremely educated, very much refined, devoted to his wife and children, an excellent flute player, good at calligraphy, good martial arts, and, if we can use Huang Rong's cooking as a basis, an excellent chef as well. An all around perfect gentleman, who you would -never- even have to think about the possibility of infidelity.

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    true...and only his temper could be tamed by his wife. and he doesn't mind living a life of seclusion with only his family and servants...

    it'll be great to know what his character was like when he was younger though...but he seems like a catch.
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    Wong Yung for me. For women, I think they should think about Tuk Ko Hong (Tuk Ko Kau Pai).

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