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Thread: Xia Ke Xing adaptations

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    Default Xia Ke Xing adaptations

    Among these 3 adaptations, which the most faithul and which is the best (as in how well made, how much u like/enjoy it)?

    1. TVB version (with Tony Leung)
    2. Mainland version (with Wu Jian)
    3. Taiwan version (with Max Mok)

    BTW, where can I get the Taiwan version? And what other series/movies has Wu Jian starred in.

    Note: Sorry mod, for putting this thread here instead of in 'General Series Comments' section. But here is where all the wuxia fanatics assemble. So, I thought I would get better responses here. You are free to kick it to 'General Series Comments' section if you want.

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    I have not seen the Taiwanese version, but the Mainland adaptation is a lot more true to the novel. Although it does add quite a number of extraneous scenes.
    I also enjoyed the mainland version a lot more despite being a huge Tony Leung Fan. The fight scenes in the Mainland version are very well done (i.e. no excessive cgi, excellent choreography)
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