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Thread: A curious thing Au Yeung Fung did at Iron Spear Temple

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    Default A curious thing Au Yeung Fung did at Iron Spear Temple

    Moments after Yeung Hong was mortally wounded at the Iron Spear Temple in LEGEND OF THE CONDOR HEROES, West Poison Au Yeung Fung did a very curious thing that seemed inconsistent with his character. Wong Yung asked Au Yeung Fung to remove Gong Nam Freak # 1 Ohr Jen Ngok from the premises so that he would not continue to annoy them, but she stipulated that Au Yeung Fung could not kill or seriously injure Ohr Jen Ngok. Surprisingly, Au Yeung Fung complied with her request. Why? Au Yeung Fung didn't owe Wong Yung any favors, and he did not like her (in fact, he hated her for constantly getting in the way of his plans). Au Yeung Fung wanted Wong Yung to recite and explain the 9 Yum Jen Ging to him, but he did not need to do her favors to get that (he could just bully her into it with his superior kung fu). Moreover, Au Yeung Fung had no reason to be merciful to Ohr Jen Ngok. Ohr was not his friend (in fact, having killed Ohr's comrades, Au Yeung Fung was Ohr Jen Ngok's mortal enemy). Given the discrepancy between their martial arts levels, it was probably harder for Au Yeung Fung to *not* kill Ohr Jen Ngok (AYF had to hold back *alot* to not harm OJN). Yet Au Yeung Fung complied with Wong Yung's request without question. That's curious behavior for him.

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    TVB bullshit ?

    Here's what happened:

    OYF was reciting the Sanskrit part of 9 Yin to Huang Rong. Huang Rong told him that he got this particular part wrong. OYF was very confused and was asked by her to hand over the manual so that she could have a look. Huang Rong immediately held the candle right next to it and told him that if he tried anything, she would burn the manual to ashes. He was very angry but complied, and was about to let her go when he found out that the #1 Freak was hiding there all along. OYF fought briefly with the Freak, and was going to kill him, but then Huang Rong intervened and offered to go with him and teach him 9 Yin if he let the Freak go.

    Nothing out of character there.
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    think OYF was obsessed with the 9yin tat's why he complied with HR

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