2004-09-29 02:01:25 Xinhua English

BEIJING, Sept.29(Xinhuanet)-- Hong Kong comedian king Stephen Chow is planning to star in television dramas.

The new TV drama will be chosen from his hits"Su Qi'er" and latest bunch"Hustle".

He is busying promote his latest epic"Kung Fu Hustle".

Chow has a unique comedic style, which come to be known as"moy len tau", a Cantonese term that can be roughly translated as"nonsense comedy", using physical moves and parody.

His movie the"Chinese Odyssey" films, gained great popularity on the Chinese mainland.(CRIENGLISH.com)
Source: http://english.sina.com/news/life/7152224.shtml

This seems strange. Why's he shifting back into TV series when he makes so much more with movies?