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Thread: Feng Cui Bian Kwan Review (Gao YuanYuan)

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    Default Feng Cui Bian Kwan Review (Gao YuanYuan)

    hey everyone, just wondering what everyone thought about this movie??
    out of 5 stars what would you give it??
    please rate, and y??
    thank you

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    only buy it if ure a gaoyuanyuan fan or if u like draggy shows. otherwise dont, cus its crap. very very draggy, poor plot, its a detective story but u basically know whats going on, like who killed so n so. its the characters that dont. so most of the time u feel like screaming at them

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    The show is okie, plot-wise is weak. Only watch it for the sake of 00~

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    There was someone that ripped the parts where gao yuan yuan was on and posted it up because the series was so draggy.

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    It was an average production. The good bits about this show is that GYY is quite beautiful. I think it's her first or second ancient series.

    Li Zonghan as Wu Guanlong is the best character in the show. Di Renjie and Empress Wu carried the show beautifully.

    The downside is Wu Sansi. I don't like the senior disciple that GYY's Pan Yu is attracted to. Also, the guy call Shi Tou who spends considerable time with GYY (Pan Yu) is quite boring.

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