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Thread: Little Li's Dagger Translation

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    Post Little Li's Dagger Translation

    I'm going to attempt to translate my favorite Gu Long novel, Duo Qing Jian Ke Wu Qing Jian, translated as Sentimental Swordsman Ruthless Sword. However, a more common title is probably "Xiao Li Fei Dao"(Little Li's Flying Dagger) that tv series seem to like.

    It's quite long, so hopefully I can finish it before I'm busy again, or maybe someone else can finish it for me. Also, I'm open to corrections of mistakes as well as suggestions on how I should make the translation. Should I keep Gu Long's unique writing style and it's horrible grammar. Or should I use a more conventional style? I'm not sure which is better.

    Sentimental Swordsman Ruthless Sword
    Written by Gu Long

    Chapter 1. Flying Dagger vs. Quick Sword

    The cold wind act as a knife, using the ground as the cutting board, and people as fish meat.

    The snowstorm extends for thousands of miles, making everything seem like bright white silver.

    In this cold winter snowstorm, a horse carriage came from the north. It's wheels shattered the snow on the ground, but cannot shatter loneliness in the world.

    Li Xun Huan yawned, trying to stretch his legs. The inside of the carriage might be quite comfortable, but this trip is just way too long, too lonely. He not only feel exhausted, but also irritated. He feels that loneliness is the biggest annoyance in his life, yet loneliness frequently accompanies him.

    A person's life is usually filled with contradictions. No one can do anything about this.

    Li Xun Huan sighed and took out a wine bottle. As he’s drinking the wine, he also begin to cough. His continuous coughing made his pale face appear very sick, as if fire from Hell is burning his flesh and soul.

    The wine bottle's empty now, so he grabbed a little dagger and start to carve a wooden human figure. The dagger's thin and sharp, his hand is long and powerful.

    The figure is that of a woman, so beautiful and warm under his masterful carving, looks so full of life.

    He not only gave her a striking look, but also gave her life and soul, only because his life and soul is already quietly disappearing under the tip of the dagger.

    He's no longer young.

    Wrinkles filled the corners of his eyes, every wrinkle filled with all the joy and sadness in his life. Only his eyes are young.

    This is a strange pair of eyes, a shade of green, similar to the Spring wind blowing on the Willow leaves, warm and flexible. Or similar to the sea water under the Summer sun's light, filled with energy.

    Maybe it's only because of this pair of eyes that allowed him to live til today.

    The wooden figure is finally finished. He mindlessly stared at this figure, not knowing for how long, and then pushed the carriage door open, jumping out.

    The carriage driver immediately stopped the horses.

    This carriage driver’s eyes are sharp like a eagle, but as those eyes looked at Li Xun Huan, they immediately became warm, filled with loyalty and sympathy. Like a beast looking at its master.

    Li Xun Huan dug a hole on the ground, burying the figure he just carved into that hole. Then he just mindlessly stared at the pile of snow where he buried the figure.

    His fingers have now been frozen, his face red from the cold, and snowflakes covered his whole body. Yet he does not feel the cold. The item buried under the snow is like the most important person in his life. As he buried "her", his own life also became filled with emptiness.

    Any other person would find this event to be quite strange, yet the carriage driver is already used to all this. He only said, "It's almost dark. We still have a long road ahead. Please come back onto the carriage, young master."

    Li Xun Huan turned around, finding that there is one set of footprints besides the carriage, coming alone from the far north, going ahead alone.

    The footprints are quite deep, showing that this person has walked very much, is very fatigued, yet still would not stop to rest.

    LI Xun Huan took a deep breath, said, "I can't believe there's someone who will travel in a place like this in this kind of weather. I think he must be a very lonely, very sorrowful person.

    The carriage driver didn't say anything, only sighing in his heart, thinking, "Aren't you also a very lonely, sorrowful person? Why do you only sympathize other people, but forget yourself?"

    There's a lot more Pine wood under the carriage seat, so Li Xun Huan begin to carve yet again. His technique is now excellent with so much practice, because what he's carving will forever be that one single person.

    This person not only filled all of his heart, but also all of his body.

    The snowstorm finally stopped, but the coldness only got heavier, the loneliness thicker. Good thing the wind also carried the sound of a person's footsteps.

    Although this sound is much softer than the horses, it is the sound Li Xun Huan has been searching for. So no matter how soft it is, it cannot escape Li Xun Huan’s ears.

    As he pulled up the drapes of the carriage's window, he saw the shadow of that lonely person walking in front.

    This person walks very slowly, yet does not stop. Although he heard the horses, he still does not turn around to look. He has neither an umbrella nor a hat. The melted ice and snow dropped from his face to his neck. He only has a single piece of thin clothing.

    Yet he still held his head high, as if he's made of steel. Snow, coldness, exhaustion, fatigue, hunger, all cannot conquer him.

    Nothing can conquer him.

    Its only as the carriage passed him that Li Xun Huan saw his face.

    His eyebrows are thick, eyes very big, thin tight lips made a line, a straight nose that also made his face look even thinner.

    This face reminds one very easily of stones in a flower pot, strong, rigid, cold, as if nothing matters, not even himself.

    (I'll continue with Chapter 1 later)

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    I like it as of now. Very nice, Meh. Keep it up. <IMG SRC="smilies/biggrin.gif" border="0"> <IMG SRC="smilies/thumbsup.gif" border="0"> <IMG SRC="smilies/clap.gif" border="0"> <IMG SRC="smilies/clap.gif" border="0">
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    Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!! <IMG SRC="smilies/twirl.gif" border="0">
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    Pretty good.

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    Yet this is also the most handsome face Li Xun Huan has ever seen in his life, although it’s a bit young, a bit immature, it also already contains a very magnetic personality.

    Within Li Xun Huan's eyes seems to exist a smile. He opened the carriage door, saying, "Come into the carriage. I'll take you on the next part of your journey."

    His words has always been short and simple, filled with energy, in this seemingly endless snowfield, no one in the world would reject his offer.

    Who could've possibly imagine that this youngster would not even look at him, his footsteps not even slowed down, as if he never even heard talking.

    Li Xun Huan asks, "Are you deaf?"

    The youngster's hand suddenly grabbed the sword from his waist. Although his hand is already frozen, his movement is still quick and fluid.

    Li Xun Huan laughed, saying, "I guess you're not deaf after all. Then come in and have a drink. A sip of wine will not hurt anyone!"

    The youngster quickly replied, "I can't afford it."

    He could actually say something like this! Even the wrinkles on the side of Li Xun Huan's eyes seem to have a smile on them, but he did not smile, instead said, "I'm inviting you for some wine, not selling you wine."

    The youngster responded, "If it's not something I bought with my own money, I'll never take it. If it's not wine that I bought with my own money, I'll never drink it. Have I made myself clear enough?"

    Li Xun Huan said, "Clear enough."

    The youngster said, "Good, you can go now."

    Li Xun Huan thought for a while, suddenly said with a smile, "Ok. I'll go, but when you can afford to buy wine, will you invite me for a drink?"

    The youngster stared at him a bit, then said, "Alright, I'll invite you."

    Li Xun Huan started to laugh as his horse carriage sped away, until it can no longer see the youngster. Li Xun Huan laughingly asked, "Have you see such a strange kid before? I thought he must be a wise person, yet his words are just so innocent, so honest."

    The carriage driver responded, "He's just a very strong-willed kid, that's all."

    Li Xun Huan asked, "Did you see that sword on his waist?

    A hint of a smile also appeared on the driver's face. "That can even be considered a sword?"

    In the strictest sense, that really cannot be considered a sword, it's just a one meter long strip of metal. It contains no sharp tip, no sword cover, just two pieces of wood nailed onto a metal, which can be considered the handle.

    The driver continued with a smile, "The way I see it, it's just a child's toy."

    This time not only did Li Xun Huan not smile, he even sighed, saying, "The way I see it, this toy is incredibly dangerous. It's best to not play with it."

    The hotel in this little town is not big, but is full of people trapped by the heavy snowstorm, making the place incredibly crowded.

    In the courtyard are numerous empty carriages of escort service. On the east side is the escort service's flag, flapping loudly as the wind whistles by, making people unable to make out whether the design is that of a tiger or a lion.

    At the little restaurant in the hotel, a big man with a sheepskin coat constantly went in and out. Sometimes after a few drinks, he'd take off his coat, showing that he's not afraid of the cold.

    As Li Xun Huan arrived, there are no more empty tables at the restaurant. Yet he's not anxious at all, because he knows that there aren't that many items in this world that can't be bought with money, so he was able to find a table on the corner of the restaurant, asked for some wine, and started to drink slowly.

    He does not drink very fast, but he can drink for several days and nights without stopping. He constantly drinks, constantly coughs, and the day gradually became dark.

    The driver came in, standing behind him saying, "The room on the south side is empty now, they've cleaned it up, young master can rest at any time now."

    Li Xun Huan just nodded. After a while, that driver suddenly added, "The Golden Lion Escort Agency also has people here, as if they are escorting something from the border area.

    Li Xun Huan asked, "Really! Who's the main escort?"

    The driver answered, "It's the 'Sudden Wind Sword' Zhu Ge Lei."

    Li Xun Huan raised his eyebrows, laughingly said, "This geezer can actually lived til today? Not bad at all."

    Although he kept talking about the man behind him, his eyes are staring at the front door, as if waiting for someone.

    The driver said, "That kid's not walking very fast. You probably have to wait until midnight before he arrives."

    Li Xun Huan laughed, saying, "I don't think it's that he's walking slowly, but rather wants to conserve energy. Have you seen a wolf walking around on the snowfield? If there's no prey in front and no enemies in the back, it's definitely not going to walk very fast. Because it feels that exhausting energy on the road is quite a waste."

    The driver also laughed, saying, "But that kid is not a wolf."

    Li Xun Huan did not say anything, because at this time, he started coughing again.

    Then, he saw three people coming in from the back door, all talking loudly about a story in the martial world, as if they're afraid people won't know they're important people in the Golden Lion Escort Agency.

    Li Xun Huan also recognizes that the red-faced fat guy is 'Sudden Wind Sword', but doesn't seem to want that person to recognize him, so he just lowered his head to carve that wooden figure.

    Good thing Zhu Ge Lei never looked closely at anybody in this little town. They quickly ordered some food and wine, and began to eat.

    Unfortunately, the food and the wine did not shut their mouths. After a few drinks, Zhu Ge Le became even more arrogant, laughing loudly. "Number two, do you remember that time under Tai Xing mountain when we met 'The Four Tigers of Tai Xing'?"

    The other guy smiled. "How can I forget? That time 'The Four Tigers of Tai Xing' were brave enough to come take our escorted items, even said something like 'If you Zhu Ge Lei just crawl on the floor, we'll let you pass. Otherwise not only do you leave the items, but also your head.' "

    The third person also laughed loudly. "Who would've thought that while their sabers haven't finished the strike, big brother you has already cut off their heads."

    The second person said, "He's not trying to brag. When it comes to the power of palms, the best is obviously the head of our agency, 'Golden Lion Palm'. But when it comes to sword skill, there's probably no one better than our big brother here."

    Zhu Ge Lei laughs as he raised his cup, but suddenly his laugh stopped, as the cover of the baggage besides him suddenly was blown by the wind.

    Two human shadows appeared.

    These two people both have bright read capes with a peculiar mask unique to people living outside the borders. The two people seem to have the same physic, the same height.

    The masses might not see their faces, but from their lightness kung fu and outfit, they all unintentionally began to stare at them.

    Only Li Xun Huan's eyes are still staring at the door, because as the wind starts to blow the door again, he saw that youngster.

    That youngster just stood outside the door, and seems as if he's stood there for a long time, as if he we're a savage beast. Although he is yearning for the warmth inside the hotel and does not want to leave, he's afraid of entering the world of man.

    Li Xun Huan gave a light sigh, and only now transferred his attention to those two men. Only to see that these two people have taken off their masks, revealing two ugly faces.

    Their ears are small, but noses are big, as if it covered one-third the face, making the eyes and ears seem really far apart.

    But their eyes revealed evil, like the eyes of a rattlesnake.

    Then, they took off their capes, revealing a black shirt. It seems as if their body also resembles that of a snake, thin and long, and can strike at any moment. Making people not only scared, but also disgusted.

    These two people looked very similar, except one face looks white, while the other looks black. Their movements are slow, taking off their cape, folding it, and walked slowly to the counter. Then they walked in front of Zhu Ge Lei.

    It became so quiet in the restaurant that people can even hear Li Xun Huan carving the figure.

    Zhu Ge Lei pretended that he didn't see these two people, but failed.

    Those two people also stared at him, those eyes like an oil brush, brushing Zhu Ge Lei from top to bottom.

    Zhu Ge Lei can only stand and ask, "May I ask the names of the two gentleman, please? Excuse me for not recognizing."

    The white faced man suddenly said, "So you're 'Sudden Wind Sword' Zhu Ge Lei?"

    His voice is sharp, and there seems to be a resonance, like that of a rattlesnake. Zhu Ge Lei is scared out of his wits just listening to the voices. "Y...yes."

    The black-faced man laughed coldly. "You deserve to be called 'Sudden Wind Sword'?"

    His hand shook, a long, thin, black sword suddenly appeared in his hand.

    As the sword pointed at Zhu Ge Lei, he said, "Just leave what you are carrying, and I'll spare your life."

    The second guy sitting there suddenly stood up, and said with a smile, "The two gentleman must've made a mistake. On this trip, we escorted our items out to the border, not back in. Our carriages are empty."

    Before he can even finish his speech, the sword in the black-faced man entered his neck. With a light flip, the head popped right off.

    Everyone is just plain shocked now. Their legs trembling under the tables.

    However, since Zhu Ge Lei can live til today, obviously has some real skills. He took out the package under his arms and put it on the table. "Your info is correct. We truly did bring something from the border. But the two of you, unfortunately, do not have the skills to take it away."

    The black-faced man laughed. "What do you want to do?"

    Zhu Ge Lei responded, "The two gentleman should at least leave some martial skills here, so I can have an excuse when I get back."

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    Even as he speaks, his foot has retreated seven steps. The sword came out. And everyone figured he's going to fight to the death.

    No one expected him to instead flip a table to his side. The dish is filled with shrimp balls, which went into the air.

    After only hearing the 'Si Si' sounds of the sword, seeing the bright light of the sword turning, over ten shrimp balls have all been cut in half.

    Zhu Ge Lei said, "If you can do the same thing, I'll immediately hand over the package. Otherwise, please leave."

    This sword skill is definitely quite excellent, the words are also very pretty, but Li Xun began to laugh silently. By doing this, his opponents can only slice shrimp balls, not his head. So no matter win or lose, he'll keep his life."

    The black-faced man started to laugh. "This can only be considered a chef's specialty. Do you really think it's also martial arts?"

    When he said this, he took a deep breath, made the sliced shrimp balls on the floor bounce up again. Then, with only the sight of a black light, the shrimp balls all suddenly disappeared. Apparently, they all got stuck on his sword. Even those with no kung fu realizes how hard it is to slice shrimp balls, but to capture them on a sword is much harder.

    Zhu Ge Lei's face suddenly went very pale, because he saw this sword skill, and quietly retreated a few more steps. Saying, "I assume that the two gentlemen are 'The Blood-Stained Twin Snakes'?"

    As he heard those words, the third person sitting at the table suddenly got scared out of his wits, quietly trying to crawl away.

    Even the carriage driver by Li Xun Huan raised his eyebrows, because he knows that in the past years, very few robbers in the yellow river area can match these two people in terms of skill or ruthlessness. It is rumored that their red capes were stained by the blood of their victims.

    But he still has not heard much. Because of the people who actually know what 'The Blood-Stained Twin Snakes' has done, 9 out of 10 had their heads relocated."

    Only to hear the black snake laughed, saying, "You can actually recognize us? At least your eyes aren't blind."

    Zhu Ge Lei bit his teeth, saying, "Since the two want this package, I guess I can't do anything about it. Just take it and leave."

    The white snake suddenly said, "If you're willing to crawl on the floor, we'll let your live. Otherwise, not only do you have to leave your package, but also your head."

    This just happens to be the words Zhu Ge Lei said ealier when he was gloating. This time as it comes out of the white-faced man's mouth, every word seem to be cutting like a knife.

    Zhu Ge Lei's face turned green, then turned white, then suddenly dropped onto the floor, crawling around his table once.

    It's at this moment that Li Xun Huan let out a deep sigh, saying to himself, "I see that this person's personality has changed, no wonder he can live this long.

    Although he spoke very softly, the Twin snakes still heard him and turned to look. Yet Li Xun Huan didn't seem to see this, instead concentrating on his human figure.

    White snake laughed, "Looks like there's a top kung fu expert here, my brother and I unfortunately did not see it." Black snake said, "This package was given to us out of his own free will. If there's someone whose sword is even faster than ours, we'll also freely give our package to that person."

    White snake's hand suddenly shook, and another sword appeared, except this sword is white, saying, "If there's someone sword faster than us, not only will we give up this package, but also our head."

    Their eyes are staring at Li Xun Huan as they spoke. Yet Li Xun Huan's simply concentrating on his carving. As if he heard nothing.

    Yet someone outside suddenly yelled, "How much is your head worth?"

    When he heard this, Li Xun Huan suddenly felt quite surprised, but also very happy. He raised his head, finally seeing the youngster walking into the room.

    His clothing are still not fully dry. Some areas even turned into ice, yet he's still standing straight as a spear.

    His eyes still look that lonely, that proud.

    His eyes contain that wild look which cannot be tamed, as if it can fight at any time, making it hard for people to get close to him.

    But everyone's attention is focused on that sword on his waist. When he saw this sword, the white snake suddenly began to laugh. "Were those words spoken by you?"

    The youngster responded, "Yes."

    White snake said, "You want to buy my head?"

    The youngster responded, "I just want to know how much it's worth, because I want to sell it to you."

    White snake gathered himself, saying, "Selling me my own head?"

    The youngster said, "Exactly, because not only do I not want this package, but I also do not want your head."

    White snake said, "It seems that you simply want to challenge me, then."


    White snaked looked closely at him, then looked at his sword, suddenly began to laugh hysterically. He's never seen anything so funny in his life.

    The youngster just stood there quietly, as if he has no idea what this person's laughing about. He just think that there's nothing funny about what he just said.

    The carriage driver sighed, as if he thought this child must be mad, Zhu Ge Lei also thinks that there's something wrong with the youngster's head.

    Only to hear white snake said, "Thousands taels of gold would have a hard time buying my head."

    The youngster said, "A thousand taels of gold is way too much, I'll only need 50 taels."

    White snake suddenly stopped laughing, because he found that the youngster's neither mad nor joking.

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    He then saw that sword again, and started to laugh uncontrollably again. "Ok, if you just do exactly as I do, I'll give you 50 taels."

    Within his laughs, he suddenly struck at the candle on the counter. Yet nothing happened to the candle. Everyone was surprised, wondering what's going on. It's at this time that white snake blew at the candle, only to see it split into seven pieces. The sword moved again yet again. Those 7 pieces thenl got caught up on his sword. Amazingly enough, the fire on the top piece didn't even go out!

    White snake arrogantly said, "So do you think my sword is fast enough?"

    The youngster's face seems to contain absolutely no emotions, answering, "Very fast."

    White snake laughed, "How about you?"

    The youngster responded, "My sword is not for cutting candles.

    "Then what is your piece of scrap metal for?"

    The youngster's hand held the sword, said one word at a time, "My Sword Is For Killing People."

    White snake smiled. "Killing people? Who can you kill?"

    The youngster said, "YOU!"

    Just as the word 'you' came out of his mouth, he struck with his sword!

    The sword was originally at the youngster's waist, everyone saw this sword.

    Yet in an instant, this sword has already entered the throat of white snake. Everyone saw that this meter long sword cut through white snake's throat.

    Yet no one saw just how his sword entered white snake's throat!

    There's no blood, because blood hasn't came out yet.

    The youngster stared at white snake, saying, "So is your sword faster, or my sword is faster?"

    White snake's gave out a 'ge ge' noise. The muscles on his face all trembling. Suddenly his mouth opened, his tongue came out.

    Blood came out of his mouth.

    Black snake raised his sword, yet dare not to strike. Sweat dropped from his head continuously. His hand trembling.

    Only to see the youngster suddenly took out the sword, and blood spilled from the throat of white snake. White snaked yelled loudly, "You...".

    Afterwards, he fell on the floor.

    The youngster turned to black snake, saying, "He lost. Where's my 50 taels?"

    He is still that serious. Serious like an innocent child.

    Yet this time no one dared to laugh at him.

    As he trembles, black snake said, "So you really killed him for 50 taels of silver?"

    "That's correct."

    Black snake doesn't know whether to laugh or cry. He suddenly grabbed his own hair, shredded his own cloths as silver came out. He then threw all that silver towards that youngster. "Here, take it. Take all of it!"

    He then ran out the door like a mad person.

    Not only did that youngster not follow him, he's not even mad. Instead he simply bent down to pick up the silvers, then took them to the manager of the hotel, asking, "Do you think this is 50 taels?"

    That manager was already crawling behind the table. Unable to speak. Only nodding his head furiously.

    It's only at this time that Li Xun Huan turned his head to the carriage driver, laughing. "I was correct, wasn't I?"

    The driver can only sigh. "You're definitely correct. That toy is way too dangerous."

    He saw that youngster walking towards them, but couldn't see Zhu Ge Lei. Zhu Ge Lei never got out from under the table.

    It's at this time that he finally came out, and he suddenly begin to strike at that youngster from the back!.

    His sword is not slow. The youngster also never figured Zhu Ge Lei would try to kill him. He killed white snake. Zhu Ge Lei should be thankful to him. Why kill him?

    Just as everyone thought this sword would penetrate the youngster's heart, Zhu Ge Lei suddenly give a loud yell, his sword left his hand, stuck on the ceiling.

    As the sword still springs back and forth on the ceiling, Zhu Ge Lei's hands are already grabbing his own throat. But his eyes are on Li Xun Huan, the eyeballs almost popping out.

    Li Xun Huan at this moment is no longer carving. Because the dagger he used to carve the figure is no longer in his hand.

    Blood trickled from Zhu Ge Lei's back.

    He stared at Li Xun Huan, his throat also giving off a 'ge ge' sound. It's only at this time that people began to understand that Li Xun Huan's carving dagger made its way to Zhu Ge Lei's throat.

    Yet no one saw how this dagger got to his throat.

    Sweat poured down from Zhu Ge Lei, his face full of pain. Suddenly he bit his teeth, and pulled that dagger out of his throat. Then stared at Li Xun Huan, yelling, "I should've recognized that it was you!"

    Li Xun Huan sighed. "Unfortunately, you only found out now, or you never would've attempted to do such a disgraceful act."

    Zhu Ge Lei did not hear these words. He'll never be able to hear ever again.

    The youngster also turned to take a look, his face full of wonder, as if he'd never understand why this person would to kill him.

    But he only looked for an instant, then walked up to Li Xun Huan. Beneath his wild and savage exterior seems to exist a hint of warmth and smile.

    He only said one sentence. "I want to invite you for a drink."

    End of Chapter 1

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    Chapter 2: A Close Friend Stored in the Seas

    The horse carriage is now filled with many bottles wine. These wine are bought by that youngster, so he drank them one after another, fully enjoying the taste.

    Li Xun Huan looked at him with eyes filled with joy. He rarely finds people he's interested in, but this youngster is incredibly interesting.

    The youngster suddenly put down the wine bottle, staring at Li Xun Huan. "Why must you invite me into your carriage for a drink?"

    Li Xun Huan laughed. "Because that hotel is not a place we should very long at."


    Li Xun Huan replied, "No matter who kills a person, he'll end up in some sort of trouble. While I am not afraid of killing, I despise trouble."

    The youngster thought for a moment, then started drinking again. Li Xun Huan smiled as he looked at the youngster, appreciating his look as he drinks.

    After a while, the youngster also sighed. "Killing is definitely not a happy thing. But there are people in this world that you just have to kill. So I must kill them!"

    Li Xun Huan laughed. "You really killed him for those 50 taels of silver?"

    The youngster replied, "Even without the money, I would've stilled killed him. But having 50 taels of silver is better."

    Li Xun Huan asked, "Why do you only ask for 50 taels?"

    The youngster responded, "Because that's how much he's worth."

    Li Xun Huan smiled. "There are many people in the martial world that should die. And some are worth even more than 50 taels of silver. So later maybe you'll become filthy rich."

    The youngster said, "Unfortunately, I'm too poor. Otherwise, I really should give you 50 taels.


    "Because you helped me killed that person."

    Li Xun Huan laughed heartily. "You're wrong. That person's not worth 50 taels. In fact, he's not even worth a single wen [the lowest form of ancient Chinese currency, like the penny today].

    He suddenly asked, "Do you know why he tried to kill you?"


    "Because although white snake did not kill him, he still made Zhu Ge Lei unable to keep his place in the martial world. You killed white snake. Only by killing you will he be able to regain his position. That's why he must kill you. People in the martial world are devious beyond your imagination."

    The youngster went deeply into his own thoughts. Then said, "Sometimes, a person's heart is much more vicious than that of a tiger. At least when a tiger wants to eat you, he'll let you know first."

    He drank another bottle of wine, then continued. "Yet I only hear people say that tigers are vicious, but never hear tigers say that humans are vicious. In reality, tigers only kill to survive. Yet humans can kill for any reason. And from what I know, humans kill a lot more humans than tigers do."

    Li Xun Huan looked at him. "That's why you'd rather make friends with a tiger, right?"

    The youngster thought a bit more, then suddenly laughed. "The only problem is, they can't drink."

    This is the first time Li Xun Huan saw the youngster smile. He never thought a smile could bring such a huge change to a person.

    The youngster's face used to be so lonely, so proud, making Li Xun Huan think he's like a wolf in the snow.

    Yet when he smiled, his person totally changed. He became so warm, so close, so cute.

    Li Xun Huan has never seen anyone's smile can be so charming.

    The youngster suddenly asked, "Are you a really famous person?"

    Li Xun Huan smiled. "Sometimes, being famous is not a good thing."

    "Yet I would wish to become famous. I want to be the most famous person in the world."

    The way he said this made him look so innocent.

    Li Xun Huan laughed again. "Everyone wants to be famous. You just happen to be a lot more honest than most people."

    That youngster said, "I'm different from others, I MUST be famous. If I'm not famous, I'll have to die!"

    Li Xun Huan was shocked at this statement. "Why?"

    The youngster did not answer this question. Yet one can see the look of incredible pain from his eyes.

    It's only at this time that Li Xun Huan sees that this innocent child also has many hidden secrets. His childhood must have brought him much pain and suffering.

    Li Xun Huan said in a warm voice, "If you want to be famous, you should at least tell me your name."

    The youngster thought for a long time, then responded, "People who know me all call me Ah Fei."

    "Ah Fei?"

    Li Xun Huan laughed. "So your last name is 'Ah'? There's no one in this world with that last name."

    The youngster replied, "I have NO last name!" Much fire appeared in his eyes. Li Xun Huan realizes that not even tears can put out this type of fire. He cannot bear to keep on asking. He never thought that the youngster would continue to talk. "When I become really famous, I might say my last name, until then..."

    Li Xun Huan said in a calm tone. "For now, I'll just call you Ah Fei." The youngster responded, "Very good, you can call me Ah Fei now. Quite frankly, you can call me by whatever name you want."

    Li Xun Huan said, "Ah Fei, let's toast."

    Just as he finished half a glass, Li Xun Huan started to cough again, his pale face revealed a serious illness. Yet he still finished the rest of the glass.

    Ah Fei stared at him strangely, as if wondering how a famous person like him can be in such bad health. Yet he said nothing, just finished his own glass.

    Li Xun Huan suddenly smiled. "Do you know why I like you as my friend?"

    Ah Fei did not respond, so Li Xun Huan continued. "Because of all my friends, you're the only person to see me cough, yet does not persuade me to stop drinking."

    Ah Fei said, "Should you not drink if you cough?"

    "In actuality, I shouldn't even touch alcohol."

    Ah Fei said, "Then why do you keep drinking? Do you have a very sad past?"

    Li Xun Huan's bright eyes dimmed, looking at Ah Fei. "Have I asked you anything you did not wish to answer? Did I ask who your parents were? Who taught you kung fu? Where you're from? Where you're going?"


    "Then why do you ask me?"

    Ah Fei quietly sat there. Then smiled. "I won't ask you."

    LI Xun Huan also smiled, he seems to want to toast again, but just as he picks up the glass, he started to cough again.

    Ah Fei opened the window for him, but suddenly the carriage stopped.

    "What happened," Li Xun Huan asked.

    The driver said, "There's someone blocking the street."


    "A snowman."

    They got off the carriage. Li Xun Huan simply just breathed slowly, yet Ah Fei kept staring at the snowman, as if he has never seen a snowman in his life before.

    Li Xun Huan looked at him and asked, "You've never seen a snowman before?"

    Ah Fei responded. "I just know that snow is terrible. Not only does it bring coldness to people, but also make plants die out, animals hide, people lonely, hungry."

    He made a snowball and threw it. The ball landed somewhere far away, broke apart, and disappeared. His eyesight is also looking at a faraway place. "To those who have enough to eat and enough to wear, snow might be very nice. Because not only can they make snowman, but also enjoy the scenery of a snowfield. But to people like me..."

    He suddenly stared at Li Xun Huan. "Do you realize that for a person growing up in the wild as I did, wind, snow, hail, and rain are my biggest enemies?"

    Li Xun Huan made a snowball too, saying, "I don't hate snow, but I hate others blocking my path."

    He threw that snowball at the snowman. Oddly enough, the snowman did not fall down. They only saw the snow break apart, revealing something beneath it.

    There's actually a real person inside the snow!

    A dead person.

    A dead person's face is never pretty, this face is incredibly hideous.

    "Black snake!" Ah Fei suddenly yelled.

    Why would black snake die here?

    Why would the person who killed him put him here as a snowman?

    The driver took his body from the snow, examining it closely, trying to find the strike that killed him.

    Li Xun Huan asked, "Do you know who killed him?"

    Ah Fei answered, "I don't know."

    Li Xun Huan said, "It's that package."


    Li Xun Huan continued, "That package was always on the table, so I did not notice it. But when black snake left, that package disappeared. Therefore I thought, he just pretended to be insane, to divert everyone's attention while he leave with the package."

    "Ok." Ah Fei said.

    "Yet he never would've thought that the package would cause his death. The person who killed him must did so for that package."

    No one knew when that dagger made its way back to his hand again. "I wonder what's in that baggage? Why would so many people be so interested in it? Maybe I should've taken a look."

    Ah Fei has been listening intently, but suddenly cut in, "If the person killed him for the package, why did they turn him into a snowman to block our paths?"

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    Li Xun Huan was very surprised. He found that while this youngster does not have much experience in society, innocent as a child. he does have an amazing intellect. Something many experienced people in the martial world cannot even compare.

    Ah Fei continued, “That person must've calculated that no one else will travel on this road. Only you. So the snowman here is to block your path."

    Li Xun Huan did not respond, but said, "Did you find the lethal wound?"

    But before the driver can respond, Li Xun Huan said, "Don't bother."

    Ah Fei added, "That's right. Those people are already here, why bother to keep looking?"

    Li Xun Huan's hearing and eyesight can be said to have no equal in the world. He really could not believe that this youngster's hearing is just as good.

    This youngster seems to have some natural beast-like abilities, to observe things others cannot. Li Xun Huan gave him a congratulatory laugh, said, "Since you're all here, why not come and have a drink?"

    The snow on the trees to the side of the road suddenly came down.

    A person laughed heartily. "It's been ten years since we last met. I never thought your precious dagger is still young. I must congratulate you."

    During the laugh, an one-armed man with a stare of an eagle appeared from the forest.

    Another person also appeared from the other side of the road. This person's thin and small. Looks like he has no more than a pound of meat on him, that light wind can probably blow him away."

    Ah Fei can see instantly that as this person appeared, there's no footprint in the snow.

    For a person to be able to leave no footprint, even if he has the advantage of being a bit light, still must have incredible inner power.

    Li Xun Huan smiled. "I only came back from the border area for half a month. Yet Golden Lion Escort Agency's head and 'Traveling Without Shadow' Mr. Yu Er both came to see me. My reputation must be pretty good."

    That short old man smiled deviously. "It seems that Little Li Tan Hua's* fame is not undeserved. Your memory is amazing. We only saw each other once thirteen years ago, yet you still recognize me, this old, useless man."

    *[Note: Putting the word 'little' in front of one's last name is sometimes used by elders to call a younger person. 'Tan Hua' is a title in ancient China. Given to the 3rd place tester in the imperial examinations as a method to determine future government officials. Kind of like calling someone a "Dr." today for those with a Ph.D. Li Xun Huan, of course, got 3rd place in the examination. That's why Yu Er called him by that title, as a sign of respect. Try to remember the term 'Tan Hua', as it will appear many more times later in the book]

    It's only now that Ah Fei saw that one of the old man’s legs is broken. He could not imagine how a broken-legged man be an expert in lightness kung fu.

    But he didn't understand that just because this man was handicapped at birth, he practiced his lightness kung fu much more rigorously to make up for the deficiency.

    Ah Fei can't help but feel respect for this man.

    Li Xun Huan chuckled. "Since you also invited some friends, how come you're not going to introduce them to us?"

    Mr. Yu Er said coldly, "You're right, they also have heard of your fame, and would like to meet you."

    As he spoke, four people appeared from the forest. Although it's daytime, Li Xun Huan still could not help but feel a chill when seeing these four people.

    These four people all look mature, yet they still dress like kids, with brightly colored clothing with flowery designs. Their shoes are kids shoes with a tiger design in front. Apron tied to their waist. Although their eyesight showed their mature age, they still act as if they are kids. If people see them, they'd probably throw up.

    The most interesting thing is, they have bracelets with bells on their wrists and ankles. So they'd make a lot of noise when walking.

    When the driver saw these four people, he immediately said, "Black snake was not killed by someone."

    Li Xun Huan said, "Huh?"

    The driver said, "they're killed by a scorpion's poison."

    Li Xun Huan's mood was changed. "In that case, these four must be the disciples of the 5-Poison-Kid then."

    The 'kid' in the yellow clothes laughed. "You destroyed that snowman we spent so much effort making. You're going to pay." As the word 'pay' came out, he suddenly flew toward Li Xun Huan, yet the bells on him did not make any noise.

    Li Xun Huan just smiled at him, didn't even move.

    But Yu Er also flew, intercepting that yellow-clothed 'kid'. Pulling him to the side.

    'Golden Lion' suddenly stood up and laughed loudly. "Mr. Tan Hua here is incredibly rich. Forget a snowman, he can even afford to pay a 'gold man'. The four of you should not be so hasty. I want to introduce everyone."

    The 'kid' in red said, "I know him. His last name is Li, first name is Xun Huan."

    The other 'kid' in red added. "I also know he's an expert in eating, drinking, woman, and gambling. So I've always wanted him to help us go seek some pleasure*."

    *[Note: Li Xun Huan's first name, 'Xun Huan', means to 'seek pleasure'. The 'kid' in black used that exact term 'Xun Xun Huan', obviously as a play on words. I don’t know why I bother pointing this out, though.]

    The last 'kid' in green said, "I also know that he's quite a knowledgable person, was able to score a Tan Hua in the imperial examinations. I heard his dad, and his dad's dad, were all Tan Huas."

    The 'kid' in red giggled. "Unfortunately, this Little Li Tan Hua doesn't want to be a government official, but rather a thief."

    While others might not care too much about what they said, Ah Fei was spellbound by all this information. He had no idea his new friend had such a colorful life.

    He did not realize that they only picked some of the more spectacular aspects of Li Xun Huan's life. Li Xun Huan's whole life story can't be finished in three days and three nights.

    Ah Fei also did not see that while Li Xun Huan's smiling, his eyes revealed terrible pain, as if his heart will be broken when hearing others speak of his past.

    Suddenly, Yu Er said with a serious face, "You really do know a lot about Li Tan Hua. But have you evver heard? Little Li's Legendary Dagger, No equal under the Heavens, once leaving his hand, would NEVER miss!"

    [I would like some help here. The phrase “Li Bu Xu Fa” describing his dagger is one of my favorite phrases in the book. It would be nice if someone can come up with a better translation than the gay one I have up there.]

    The 'kid' in yellow laughed. "Once the dagger's thrown, it never misses. So you must've been afraid that I would have died under his dagger, and then won't be able to explain this to my master, right? That's why you stopped me."

    Li Xun Huan said with a smile, "But everyone can be rest assured, my second dagger is not really all that great. And my first dagger has absolutely no chance of killing six people."

    "So if everyone wants revenge for Zhu Ge Lei, just go ahead."

    'Golden Lion' laughed twice. "Zhu Ge Lei's doesn't deserve to live, why is brother Li's fault?"

    Li Xun Huan responded, "Since everyone's not here for revenge, are you all really here to have a drink?"

    Yu Er responded coldy, "We just want the package!"

    Li Xun Huan raised his eyebrows. "Package?"

    "Yes, that package needs to be sent by the escort agency. If there's any problems, the Golden Lion Escort Agency's reputation will be shot."

    Li Xun Huan looked at black snake's body. "You mean the package is not with him?"

    'Golden Lion' responded, "Brother Li really knows how to joke. With brother Li at the scene, how could black snake possibly get away with the package?"

    Li Xun Huan sighed. "The thing I hate most in my life is trouble. Why does trouble always seem to find me?"

    'Golden Lion' didn't seem to hear him, instead kep talking. "Brother Li just have to give up that package, I'll leave immediately, and give brother Li some wine too. "

    Li Xun Huan played around with the dagger in his hand. Suddenly smiled. "You're right, that package is with me. But I don't know whether I should give it to you or not. Give me some time to think.

    Yu Er asked, "How long will it take?"

    Li Xun Huan responded, "Just two hours. After two hours, we'll meet here again."

    Yu Er didn't even hesitate. Said immediately, "Fine!"

    He did not say another word before leaving.

    The 'kid' in yellow suddenly chuckled. "In just one hour, you can already disappear. Why need two hours?"

    Yu Er said, "Ever since Little Li Tan Hua entered the martial world and before retiring, had over 300 battles. He did not try to escape a single time."

    They came quickly and went quickly. Even as they speak, they had already disappeared deep into the woods.

    Ah Fei suddenly said, "You don't have the package."


    "Then why did you lie?"

    Li Xun Huan smiled a bit. "Although I did not take it, they would never have believed me. A battle was unavoidable. It's better for me to admit it, rather than having to talk more."

    "If a battle's unavoidable, why wait?"

    Li Xun Huan said, "We must find someone in these two hours."


    "The person who stole the package."

    Li Xun Huan continued, "That night three people were at the table. Two are dead. We must find the third one.

    Ah Fei thought deeply. "You're saying that guy in the purple coat, with a whip on his waist, and hair in his ears, right?"

    Li Xun Huan smiled. "You just saw him for an instant. Yet you remembered such extreme details!"

    "I did see him just for an instant. An instant is enough."

    "You're right. He's the person I'm talking about. Of the people at the restaurant that night, only he knows the true value of that package. He stayed to the side so no one would notice him. That's why he has the chance to take it. Because the package is so valuable, he wants to keep it for himself. Yet he's afraid that his boss will find out, so he pushed the blame on me."

    He smiled lightly, and continued. "Good thing this isn't the first time I'm wrongly blamed."

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    Ah Fei said, "The only reason those people know where you are must be because of him."


    "But in order for 'Golden Lion' not to be suspicious of him, he must still be around!"


    "That's why he must be with the 'Golden Lion' people. So all we need to do is find them to find him!"

    Li Xun Huan tapped his shoulders. "You just have to be around in the martial world for 3-5 years, and everybody else life will start to be miserable. Hopefully if we meet again, we're still friends."

    He laughed heartily as he continued. "Because I really do not want to be your enemy."

    Ah Fei looked at him silently. Then said, "You want me to leave now?"

    Li Xun Huan said, "This is my business. It has nothing to do with you. They weren't looking for you. Why shouldn't you leave?"

    Ah Fei said, "You don't want me get into this mess with you? Or do you simply not want me to travel with you?"

    Li Xun Huan let out a sad look, but still kept smiling. "There's no never-ending party under the Heavens. We'll part eventually. Why care whether it's soon or late?"

    Ah Fei has a heavy look on his face. Then got two glasses of wine from the carriage. "Let me toast you one more time."

    Li Xun Huan drank the wine quickly. He wanted to smile, but instead started to cough again.

    Ah Fei looked at him silently for a long time, then quickly turned around and left.

    It's at this time that it began to snow again. It's so quiet one can the snowflakes landing on the ground.

    Li Xun Huan stared at this youngster disappear into the snow and wind, stared at the ground's slow, lonely footprints.

    He immediately poured another glass of wine. Then said, "Youngster. I give you another toast.”

    “You do know that I don't really want you to leave. It's just that your future is too bright. By being with me will only lead you to trouble. I'm a person that has made friends with trouble, bad luck, danger and sadness. I can... no longer have any more friends."

    But Ah Fei can no longer hear those words.

    The driver still just stood there like a statue. He did not speak, and although filled with snow, will not move.

    Li Xun Huan drank again. Then turned towards him. "You wait here. It's best to bury this snake's body. I'll return in two hours."

    The driver lowered his head. "I know the Golden Lion's palm is very famous, but it's power is very exaggerated. You should need at most 40 moves to defeat him."

    Li Xun Huan said, "Maybe it won't even take 10 moves."

    "What about Yu Er?"

    "His lightness kung fu is quite good, and is an expert with the hidden weapons. But I should still have no trouble with him."

    The driver said, "I heard that the disciples of the 5-poison-kid knows some very strange kung fu. Based on what I saw, their kung fu is different from most."

    Li Xun Huan cut him off with a laugh. "Don't worry. I'm not afraid of these people. They do not pose a problem."

    The driver is still very serious. "You don't have to lie to me. I know this trip is very dangerous. Young master should not let Master Fei leave at this time."

    Li Xun Huan suddenly became a bit angry. "Since when did you began to like chattering?" he scolded.

    The driver stopped immediately, and lowered his head even more. By the time he raised his head again, Li Xun Huan is gone, leaving sounds of his coughs.

    Anyone that hears this continuous coughing sound in the middle of a snowfield could not help but feel sympathy. But the wind finally covered even the sound of his cough.

    Tears dropped down the side of the driver's face. Talking to himself, "Young master. We were living so peacefully at the borders. Why did you come back to this place of pain and sadness? Can you still not forget her after ten years? Do you still want to see her? But after you see her, you still would not talk to her. Why do you even bother and bring more suffering to yourself?"

    Once in the forest, Li Xun Huan's savvy, happy look suddenly changed, changing into that of a predator. His ears, eyes, nose, every ounce of muscle in his body searched the forest, leaving no trace missed. In the past twenty years, no one has escaped his pursuit.

    Although his movement is quick as a rabbit, he doesn't look like he's in a hurry. Like a great dancer, no matter under what conditions, he can still maintain his gracefulness and composure.

    Ten years ago, when he gave up everything he had and left for the borders, he also traveled on this road. At that time, spring flowers were just beginning to bloom.

    He remember that there's a small bar here. He would always stop there for drinks. Although the wine is not the best, the scenery is. The mountain on the other side, the waterfall. There are many tourists then. He looked at those couples while drinking his bitter wine cup by cup. Thinking he'll forever leave this place. This is a memory he'll never forget.

    Now, he can't believe he's back here again. Ten years. The people must all be new now. The little waitress now married. The married couple who loved each other deeply left this world. Even the peach trees, now trapped under the snow.

    Oh but how he yearned that the little bar would still be there.

    He thinks this way not because of old memories, but rather because he thinks the person he wants is here.

    Although the world in this snow is vastly different from the Spring winds, he still feel stabbing pain from it.

    Money, power, fame, place in society are all easy to give up. But those great memories, those sweet memories, all act like locks, trapping him so he can never escape. Never break free.

    Li Xun Huan took out a wine bottle and drank the whole bottle. He only started moving again after he finished coughing.

    He really did see that little bar again.

    He remembered that in the Spring, a no-name mountain flower would grow everywhere. He would drink wine here and enjoy the flowers.

    Now everything has changed.

    But he saw a carriage, and heard the sound of horses in the back.

    Li Xun Huan knows that he did not guess wrong. They're really here! Because in this weather, in this area, cannot have any other tourists.

    He picked up his pace, became more careful, quietly listened for a while. No sound came from the little bar. He then dashed towards the bar.

    When he got really close, he found that this bar is quiet beyond belief. Other than some low horse sounds, everything's quiet.

    Just as Li Xun Huan stepped up to the door, the floor gave a creak. He immediately backed off.

    But still no sound.

    Li Xun Huan sneaked to the back, thinking, "Maybe they're not here."

    But he then saw 'Golden Lion',who's just staring at him. But there's no movement, like a statue.

    Li Xun Huan sighed. "I would've never thought!"

    He just said those three words before closing his mouth.

    Because he just then realized that the 'Golden Lion' will never ever hear another voice again.

    End of Chapter 2

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    Chapter 3: Treasure Sways People's Heart

    Li Xun Huan looked again. That Golden Lion's throat has already been stabbed!

    Plus, the body is still actually standing! This means that whoever killed
    him has an incredible sword skill. The lightness! The quickness!

    After the killer's sword penetrated Golden Lion's throat, he immediately
    pulled his sword, requiring not even a tiny bit of extra energy.

    The Golden Lion obviously had his guard up, yet even after this sword penetrated
    his throat, he still had not made a move. His body was still in a state
    of rest.

    What an incredibly quick sword move!

    Astonishment appeared on Li Xun Huan's face. He knows that the Golden Lion
    has been famous for more than twenty years, and never had any major problems
    during this time. His escort agency is also very famous. This showed that
    he's obviously very good. Yet before he can put up a defense, someone's
    sword is already in his throat.

    Even if he's just a wooden person, to penetrate a wooden person's throad,
    pull out and still leave it standing, is not an easy task.

    Li Xun Huan turned around and entered the bar. There's only one table with
    dishes on it. But they had not been touched. Neither were the wine.

    The 5-poison-kid's four disciples also turned into dead corpses!

    The heads of the dead corpses are facing outward, feet inward, like a cross.
    Their faces filled with happiness. And they also died from one sword through
    the throat!

    Then he saw Yu Er in a corner room. His hand holding a hidden weapon tightly.

    But before he can release the weapon, he also died from one sword through
    the throat.

    Li Xun Huan doesn't know to be astonished or happy. He just continuously
    say to himself, "What a really, really fast sword."

    If it were two days ago, he would've never thought there exist a person
    with such marvelous sword skill. There used to be a 'Snow Eagle' swordsman,
    considered to be the best in the martial world. Although he has the lightness
    and quickness, he definitely does not have the ruthlessness in his moves.
    Besides, this swordsman has since long retired, and would never come to
    this place today.

    As for the great experts of the past years, Shen Lang, Neng Xiong Er, Wang
    Ling Hua, are all said to be dead or retired. Besides, none of them used
    a sword!

    Other than these people, Li Xun Huan can't possibly think of any other swordsman
    with such skill, until now. Now he knows that there is still one person
    in this world.

    This person is that mysterious, lonely youngster Ah Fei!

    Li Xun Huan closed his eyes, as if to figure how he entered this room, how
    the four 'kids' would surround him. But before they can move, Ah Fei's sword,
    quick as lightning and deadly as a snake, has entered their throats.

    Yu Er stayed at the side, obviouisly wanting to release his hidden weapons.
    He became famous for his lightness kung fu and hidden weapons. Therefore
    his speed must be amazing. Yet just as he's about to release his weapons,
    the sword already flew towards him. One sword through the throat.

    Li Xun Huan sighed. "Toy. Someone actually said his sword is like a toy."

    He suddenly saw that there are words carved onto the wall.

    "You killed Zhu Ge Lei for me. I killed these people for you. I am no longer
    in your debt. I know a person can never ever be in debt!"

    "I only killed one person for you. Yet you killed six for me. You know that
    a person cannot have debts. So why did you make me be in your debt?" Li
    Xun Huan said. He then continued to read on.

    "Although I killed more people than you did, but the situation is different.
    Your one can be equal to my six. So you don't owe me anything either."

    Li Xun Huan can't help but laugh. "The way you make your calculations is
    definitely not very bright. Looks like you should not go into business in
    the future."

    Not only does the wall contain these words, it also has a spearhead. Li
    Xun Huan obviously went into the direction of the spearhead. As he went
    into the room, a sword suddenly came at him! A very bright sword, the tip
    point right at him!

    The person holding the sword is a very old person. Although his beard is
    not long, his faces is filled with wrinkles.

    As this old person holds the sword, he yelled, "Who are you?"

    Although he wants to speak louder, he can't raise his voice, which is just

    Li Xun Huan immediately saw who he is. He smiled. "You don't remember me?"

    The old man shook his head.

    Li Xun Huan said, "But I know you. You're the owner here. Ten years agao,
    I came here a few times for some wine.

    The old man's eyes lost much of its alertness, but he still held his sword
    at Li Xun Huan. "What's your last name?"

    "My last name is Li."

    It's only at this time that the old man let out a deep breath. His sword
    also fell to the ground. "So it's Li... Li Tan Hua. I have been waiting
    for you."

    "Waiting for me?"

    The old man said, "A heroic young man came here, kill many bad people, but
    kept me alive. Saying that a Li Tan Hua would pass by.

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    I have a question for those reading this. Is it too sloppy? I ask because I'm aiming for quickness rather than quality. Because I feel that most translations are done way too slowly, and I would like to finish this novel quickly. Then go back and clean up my problems.

    However, if the quality is so low that people have trouble reading or finding the translation enjoyable, then I will slow done.

    Also, I'm hardly great at English, especially since I'm in Engineering school and haven't touched an English book in years. If someone would like to help out with some editing(like correcting grammar or making certain sentences flow better), I'd love it. You don't even need to know Chinese. My e-mail address is [email protected]

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    meh, I like fast translation too. <IMG SRC="smilies/biggrin.gif" border="0">

    Your grammar is fine. I would suggest you to finish all then give it an all revise or have someone else doing it. Keep going. I think you are doing well following GL's style. <IMG SRC="smilies/thumbsup.gif" border="0">

    Just a little nitpicking here:
    [The other 'kid' in red added. "I also know he's an expert in eating, drinking, woman, and gambling. So I've always wanted him to help us go seek some pleasure*."]

    I think you mean the kid in black. <IMG SRC="smilies/tongue.gif" border="0">

    Anyhow, keep pointing out the pun and stuff, it's interesting and make the readers feel more into the story.

    <IMG SRC="smilies/rockband.gif" border="0"> <IMG SRC="smilies/wiggle.gif" border="0"> 3 cheers to you!!!!
    "History's third dimension is always fiction."
    -- The Glass Bead Game, Hermann Hesse

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    Way to go ! I'm loving your translation of Dagger Lee. I've only recently finished watching the series version of DL starring Vincent Jiao, Alyssa Chia, and Jason Wu. I must admit I was more the disappointed with the series. It's really a delight to read the novel translation because I find you can lose so much in the re-enactment of the written word. At least compared to the series, we see: (I) more of the dry humour characteristic of Lee, (I) more of a character development for Ah Fie and undoubtedly more of a consistent plot in the novel. Some of the inconsistencies in the series version were absolutely appalling. There were instances where they made or implied references to past events that weren't even accounted for in the series. Now your wonderful translation will provide an insight to those unanswered questions. Keep up the hard work!

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    "He wants me to give you this person. If there's any problems, he'll take my life.”

    "Where's this person?"

    "In the kitchen."

    The kitchen is not small. Plus it's very clean. And there really is a person here tied to the chair. He's very thin and short, plus there's hair coming out of his ear.

    Li Xun Huan had long figured out that Ah Fei would leave this person alive for him to interrogate. But this person could not possibly believe he would see Li Xun Huan. His face turned pale, unable to speak. Apparently, Ah Fei not only tied him very tightly, but also used a cloth to cover his mouth.

    He's obviously afraid that this person would try to scare or bribe the old man, so he even covered his mouth. It's at this time that Li Xun Huan realized that he's very attentive to details.

    But why couldn't he just seal this person's pressure points?

    Li Xun Huan's dagger glowed, taking off the cloth covering this person's mouth. The person is almost about to faint.

    He wants to beg for mercy, but his mouth is so dry he can't speak.

    Li Xun Huan didn't hurry him up either. He just sat there, and ask that old man to bring the best wine to him.

    "Your last name?"

    That person's face is now yellow, trying to wet his mouth using his tongue, then stuttered, "My name is Hong Han Min."

    LI Xun Huan said, "I know you can drink. Here, have a cup."

    He then actually cut off this person's ropes. And held out his hand to give this person the cup of wine. This person is just amazed beyond belief. He's afraid of taking this cup of wine, yet wouldn't dare not to.

    Li Xun Huan laughed. "If someone asked me to drink wine, I would never refuse."

    Hong Han Min can only take the cup, his hand still shaking, although finally drank half a cup, the other half spilled onto his shirt.

    Li Xun Huan sighed. "It's so unfortunate. If you simply imitate me and find a dagger to carve wood, your hand would not be shaking. Wood carving can make a person calm and stable. This is my little secret."

    He then poured another two cups, laughingly said, "One should always remember never to waste good wine."

    Hong Han Min this time took the cup with both hands. Afraid that he would spill it, he immediately drank it in one gulp.

    Li Xun Huan said, "Very good. I didn't learn much in my life, just these two things. Now that I've told you this information, how are you going to thank me?"

    Hong Han min responds, "I...I..."

    Li Xun Huan said, "You don't have to do anything else, just give me the package, and I'll be satisfied."

    Hong Han Min took a deep breath, "What package?"

    Li Xun Huan said, "You don't know?"

    Hong Han Min's face let out a forced smile, "I really do not know."

    Li Xun Huan shook his head. "I've always thought that people become more honest after drinking. But you truly disappointed me."

    Hong Han Min can only smile along. "Mr. Li...Li, there must be a misunderstanding. I truly do not"

    Li Xun Huan's face suddenly became more serious. "You drank my wine, then you lie to me? you should return my wine to me now."

    Hong Han Min said, "Yes. Yes I'll go buy some now."

    Li Xun Huan said, "I just want the two cups you drank, not the cups you can buy."

    Hong Han Min gathered himself, used his sleeves to wipe off his sweat. Then said in a stuttered manner, "But... but... the wine is already in my stomach. How do I return it?"

    Li Xun Huan said, "This is actually quite simple."

    The dagger glowed, and suddenly found its tip pointing at Hong Han Min's stomach.

    Li Xun Huan said coldly, "Since the wine is in you, I just need to open your stomach to get it back."

    Hong Han Min's face turned white, but forced himself to smile. "Mr. Li, why do joke with me?"

    Li Xun Huan said. "Do I look like I'm joking?"

    He applied just a bit of pressure, and took a light stab at Hong Han Min's stomach, so that blood would come out.

    Because only a coward lies, and when a coward sees his own blood, he'll start telling the truth. Li Xun Huan knows this logic better than everyone else.

    Who would've thought that when he stabbed Hong Han Min, it's like stabbing a stone. Hong Han Min's face is still smiling, as if he did not feel any pain at all.

    Li Xun Huan's eyes flickered, his hand stopped. This coward actually can't be penetrated by a knife, yet Li Xun Huan did not show any sign of surprise.

    Instead he smiled and said, "You've been around for quite a while now, right?"

    Hong Han Min couldn't believe he would ask this question. Gathered himself and answered with a smile, "Already 20 years in the martial world."

    Li Xun Huan said, "Then you must know that there are some treasures in this world that very few people have ever seen, but rumored to exist. One of them is..."

    He looked at Hong Han Min, then continued one word at a time, "is the Golden Thread Vest. Supposedly, it cannot be penetrated by weapons, and cannot be burned by fire. Since you've been around for 20 years, surely you know of such an item."

    Hong Han Min's face now looked like a wash-cloth. He jumped up and tried to escape.

    His speed is not slow, in an instant he arrived at the door. Yet just as he's about to leave the room, Li Xun Huan has already blocked his path.

    Hong Han Min bit his teeth, turned around and took out a silver-chained spear. Like a snake, the spear made its way to Li Xun Huan.

    It seems that he must have spent 20-30 years on practicing this spear technique. As he made this particular move, the chain actually became straight, carrying the wind with it as it aims for Li Xun Huan's throat.

    Only to hear a 'Dang' sound, Li Xun Huan simply raised his hand, the hand that still is holding a wine cup, and used the cup to block the spear point.

    For some reason, the spear did not break the cup.

    Li Xun Huan smiled and said, "If there's one more person that tries to convince me to stop drinking, I would tell him all the benefits of drinking, and that a wine cup once saved my life."

    Hong Han Min looked like a statue as he stood there. Sweat dropping down his face like rain.

    Li Xun Huan said, "If you don't want to fight anymore, take off the Golden Thread Vest. You can use it to pay for my two cups of wine."

    Hong Han Min asked, "You really want it?"

    Li Xun Huan said, "I don't particularly care for this item. You were able to steal it from under my eyes, which shows that you have some skills. But you should've never told others that I took the package. I don't like to be wrongfully blamed."

    "You're right. I took the package. And the package does indeed contains the Golden Thread Vest. However, however,"

    Not only was he so nervous he couldn't speak, even tears came out of his eyes.

    Li Xun Huan said, "Golden Thread Vest might be a treasure for protection. But what do you need it for? I can still kill you with one blow. Why do you waste so much effort trying to get it?"

    He continued, "This is not the type of item you should have. If you give it to me, maybe you can live for a few more years."

    Hong Han Min replied, "I also know that I'm not worthy of such an item, but I didn't steal it for myself."

    Li Xun Huan said, "So you took it to give to someone else? Who would that be?"

    Hong Han Min bit his lips, so hard blood came out.

    Li Xun Huan said calmly, "I have many ways to make someone tell the truth, but I do not like those methods. So I sincerely hope that you do not make me use them."

    Hong Han Min finally let out a breath. "Fine. I'll talk."

    Li Xun Huan said, "You better start from the beginning."

    Hong Han Min started. "Have you heard of 'Super Thief' Dai Wu? He's a nobody, so Mr. Li might not know him."

    Li Xun Huan laughed. "Not only do I know him, he's also an acquaintance. His lightness and fighting kung fu are both quite good. Plus he's a great drinker."

    Hong Han Min said, "This 'Golden Thread Vest', is something he stole from somewhere."

    "Really? So how did it end up with you?"

    Hong Han Min said, "He and Zhu Ge Lei were good friends. We met a while back and drank together. When he got really drunk, he took out the vest to show off. Zhu Ge Lei got jealous, and..."

    Li Xun Huan face became stern. "Since you people were able to do such a shameful act, why don't you have the guts to say it?"

    Hong Han Min lowered his head. "Dai Wu knows that this Golden Thread Vest is something everyone in the martial world wants. He therefore should not have been drinking."

    Li Xun Huan said coldly. "It's not that he shouldn't be drinking, but that he should not have made friends with the wrong people."

    Hong Han Min's pale face suddenly showed a hint of red.

    Li Xun Huan said, "This Golden Thread Vest is said to be one of the 'Three Treasures of the Martial World'. But it actually has very few practical uses. Because only when two top kung fu expert fight each other in a battle does it come in handy. A normal person would mostly likely die from having the item. So I don't seen why people like it so much. So there must be something else, right?"

    Hong Han Min replied. "Right, there is a secret. However, this secret probably should no longer be considered a secret any more, because..."

    When he got here, the owner of the bar brought in two bottles of wine. He said with a smile, "This is excellent wine. Official Tan Hua should first drink a cup before continue on."

    Li Xun Hua showed a bitter smile. "If you want me to come back here often, never call me by this title. Whenever I hear this title, I can't even drink anymore."

    The wine cup is still in his hand. He poured the cup full. As he smelled the sweetness from the wine, his mood became much better, complimenting, "Great wine."

    As he drink the wine, he began to cough again.

    The old man brought him a chair to sit down, then said, "Coughing's bad for your health. Be careful."

    The old man's face suddenly showed a smile, then continued, "However, this wine is perfect for curing coughs. If you drink this, I promise that you'll stop coughing."

    Li Xun Huan laughed, "If wine can cure cough, then that would be perfect. Why don't you have some too?"

    The old man said, "I don't drink."

    Li Xun Huan asked, "Why? People who sell dumplings would rather eat man tou(common Chinese food, basically bread w/o yeast) than dumplings. So people who sell wine would rather drink water?"

    The old man replied, "I would usually drink a cup or two. But I can't drink this particular wine."

    His eyes suddenly showed signs of treachery.

    Li Xun Huan acted as if he did not notice. He continued to smile as he asked, "Why?"

    The old man kept starring at the dagger in his hand, then said, "Because if I drink this and then use a bit of energy, I'll die from poisoning."

    Li Xun Huan seems tongue-tied.

    But Hong Han Min became really happy. "I never thought you'd help me. I'll reward you richly later."

    The old man said coldly, "You don't have to thank me."

    Hong Han Min's mood changed, but kept smiling. "Elder you really can hide your true nature. I guess you also want.."

    As he spoke, his silver-chained spear flew out again.

    The old man small, short body suddenly grew a foot, turned his left hand, and captured the spear point. Then spoke loudly, "You think you're good enough to fight me?"

    This cowardly old man in an instant seemed to have changed into another person. Even his face began to glow.

    Hong Han Min saw his strange look, then suddenly remembered a person. He immediately started to beg. "Elder please spare my life. I did not know that elder is..."

    His begging came too late. The old man's right fist is already aiming at him. After a 'bang'[reminds me of the old Batman series <IMG SRC="smilies/biggrin.gif" border="0">], Hong Han Min's body got hit into midair, the chain on his hands also broke into two. Blood came pouring out as his body hit the wall.

    This power of this fist is incredible.

    Li Xun Huan sighed and shook his head. "I told you, by have this Golden Thread Vest, you'll die quicker."

    The old man threw the half-spear on the floor, then looked at Hong Han Min's body, his wrinkles began to show once again.

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    Li Xun Huan said. "You haven't killed in twenty years, right?"

    The old man looked at him and said, "I did not forget how to kill, however."

    Li Xun Huan asked, "Do you think it's worth it to kill for this thing?"

    The old man replied, "Twenty years ago, I didn't need any reason to kill."

    Li Xun Huan said, "But twenty years have passed. Hiding for twenty years is not easy. Exposing your identity for this is not worth it."

    The old man said, "So you know who I am?"

    Li Xun Huan laughed. "You should not forget, Sun Kui twenty years ago was a very famous person. Yet he had the guts to run away with the wife of the head of the Southern 72 Docks. I really admire this type of courage."

    The old man said, "Even in this state, you still can say this type of stuff?"

    Li Xun Huan said, "Please don't think I'm trying to be witty here. A man, for the woman he loves, willing to risk his own life and fame and everything, this type of person can at least be considered to be a real man. I had really respected you, too. But now.."

    He shook his head. "Now I'm disappointed, because I did not think that you would be a devious person. You can only try to poison me rather than to challenge me to a real fight."

    Sun Kui looked at him, before he could speak, another person laughingly said, "You should not blame him for this. When it comes to poison techniques, he's terrible."

    This is a voice of a woman. It's sound very alluring.

    Li Xun Huan laughed. "You're right. I should've long guessed that is the result of Ms. Qiang Wei. Li Xun Huan is quite satisfied that he can die in the hands of the famous beauty of twenty years ago."

    That voice chuckled as she said, "Your mouth is so sweet. If I had met you twenty years ago, I probably would not have ran away with him."

    As she's laughing, she came out.

    After twenty years, she did not seem too old. Her eyes are still very attractive, her teeth very white, but her waist...

    Actually, she no longer has a waist. Her body is like a water bowl.

    Li Xun Huan's reaction is as if he just swallowed a whole egg.

    So this is Ms. Qiang Wei? He couldn't believe his eyes.

    Ms. Qiang Wei wears a red coat, her perfume can be smelled from a long distance away.

    She looked at Li Xun Huan and laughingly said, "What a charming Mr. Tan Hua, no wonder you're so famous. I haven't seen such a enchanting man in twenty years. But twenty years ago..."

    She sighed before continuing, "Twenty years ago I was living so well. At that time, so many young heroes would come beg to see me. If they can simply look at me and say some words, they would feel like being in heaven. If you don't believe me, just ask him."

    Sun Kui's face looked heavy, as if he would not say a word.

    Li Xun Huan looked at Ms. Qiang Wei's neck and the all the fat on it, then looked at Sun Kui, feeling a bit of pity on the inside.

    He saw that this old man's past twenty years have not been well.

    Ms. Qiang Wei sighed again. "But the past twenty years were so hard on me. I could only hide in my little room, afraid to come out. I really regret running away with this idiot."

    Sun Kui also took a deep breath. "Who doesn't regret it, who isn't a turtle egg [Heheh... bypassing sensors using Chinese cuss words. <IMG SRC="smilies/biggrin.gif" border="0">]."

    Ms. Qiang Wei stomped her foot and started to yell, "What are you saying? Say it again! Lady I gave up a relaxing life to come live in this crap place with you, a great beauty such as myself, being ruined to this point, and you have the guts to say you regret it?"

    Sun Kui's nose is full of steam, yet he shut his mouth.

    Ms. Qiang Wei said again, "Mr. Tan Hua, you say it, does this guy not have any heart? If I had known it would get to this point, I should've just died."

    She tried hard to keep blinking her eyes, but tears would not come out.

    Li Xun Huan smiled, "Good thing mistress did not die, or I would have regretted living this life."

    Ms. Qiang Wei proudly smiled, "You really wanted to see me that much?"

    Li Xun Huan said, "Of course. Where else can I find a beauty this fat?"

    Ms. Qiang Wei's face became all white, but Sun Kui could not hold down his laughter.

    LI Xun Huan said, "Actually, mistress does not really need this Golden Thread Vest either. Because even if I cut you in half, it would still not fit."

    Ms. Qian Wei bit her teeth, saying, "Looks like I better not let you die quickly."

    She pulled off a very thin needle from her hear, walking over to Li Xun Huan. Yet Li Xun Huan still simply sat there without moving.

    Sun Kui said, "Since we already have the vest, let's go on with our business. Why bother with him?"

    Ms. Qiang Wei replied, "You don't have the right to mind my business!"

    Li Xun Huan really can't move, and can only stare at her.

    Who would've thought that just as the needle was going to hit Li Xun Huan's eye, Sun Kui suddenly kicked from behind, sending her into the ceiling.

    By the time she got back down, she's already half-dead.

    Li Xun Huan's surprised beyond belief. He couldn't bear not to ask, "Did you kill her for me?"

    Sun Kui said angrily, "These twenty years, I already had enough of her temper, nearly had gone insane. If I don't kill her, I'd probably die in half a year."

    Li Xun Huan said, "Yet this is what you wanted, right? Don't forget, twenty years ago..."

    Sun Kui said, "You really think I was the one who seduced her?"

    "You didn't?"

    "When I met her, I had no idea she's Yang Da Hu's wife. That's why I would..."

    He sighed twice, then continued, "Who would've thought that she forced me to take her. By that time, Yang Da Hu has already sent 20 kung fu experts there. I had to go."

    Li Xun Huan said, "At least she loves you, or why else would she do this?"

    "Love me? Hei hei."

    He then bit his teeth while laughing. "Its only afterwards that I knew that I'm simply being used. It seems that when her husband left home for business, she found a little white face, and they had a child. She was afraid that she wouldn't be able to explain to her husband, so she took some money an they ran away.

    Li Xun Huan said, "Really? It seems that there are so much more to this story."

    Sun Kui said, "Who would've thought that that little white face stole the jewelry she took from home and left? She didn't get the man nor the money, but thankfully met me."

    "If you knew about all this, then why don't you explain?"

    Sun Kui laughed. "I only found out after she accidently said it when drunk. By that time, everything's already too late. I couldn't explain even if I wanted to."

    "Then what about the child?"

    Sun Kui would not say a word.

    Li Xun Huan sighed. "Since you knew this, you should've killed her. Why wait?"

    Sun Kui still would not say a word.

    Li Xun Huan said, "I'm about to die anyway, why don't you just tell me?"

    Sun Kui thought for a long time, then said, "There's one good thing about having a bar, and that's to be able to hear a lot of interesting things. Do you know what's the interesting thing these days?"

    Li Xun Huan said, "I don't have a bar."

    Sun Kui looked around, as if he's afraid someone will hear him, then said in a low voice, "Have you heard? From thirty years ago, without equal in the world, 'Plum Flower Bandit' has appeared again!"

    Li Xun Huan also could not help but be interested when the words 'Plum Flower Bandit' were said.

    Sun Kui said, "When Plum Flower Bandit dominated the martial world, you were still little. So maybe you don't know his power. But I can tell you, no one in the martial world knew who he is. Even the head of the Cang De sect, Number 1 sword in the world at that time, Wu Wen Tian died in his hands.

    "This person moves around frequently and mysteriously. Wu Wen Tian just sent out the message to kill him, and died the second day. Only..."

    When he got to this point, he stopped and looked around. As if he's afraid that Plum Flower Bandit would sneak up from behind.

    But there's no one. Even the snow falling on the roof can be heard. Only then did Sun Kui continued, "Only his chest suddenly added 50 holes in the shape of a plum flower. Each hole thin as a sewing needle hole. Everyone knows that this is the symbol of the Plum Flower Bandit. Yet no one knows what kind of hidden weapon he used. Because no one who fought him are still alive. The only thing people know is that he's a man."


    Sun Kui said, "Because not only does he like treasures, he's also a rapist. Everyone, good or evil, in the martial world hates his guts, but can't do anything about it. Every time some says to take care of him, that person would die in three days. Carrying that symbol on their chest"

    Li Xun Huan asked, "So everyone who died in his hands had that symbol on their chest?"

    "Yes, the front chest is suppose to be the best defensive spot of a person's body, yet that Plum Flower Bandit always attack there without exception. As if he didn't, no one would know his power."

    Li Xun Huan laughed. "That's why you think that by wearing this vest, you can handle Plum Flower Bandit. And by capturing him, you can be famous again. Everyone would be in your gratitude. No one would still care about your past."

    Sun Kui's eyes flickered, saying, "Everyone knows that if you can avoid his first move to the chest, you can win the fight."

    His face full of joy, then continued, "Because his first move has NEVER failed, so he does not need to worry about any follow-up moves. Making himself very vulnerable."

    Li Xun Huan said, "This sounds very logical."

    Sun Kui laughed heartily. "If it makes no sense, then people would not be vying so hard for this vest."

    Li Xun Huan said, "But you've been here living this quiet life for twenty years now. Why bother going back to the martial world?"

    End of Chapter 3

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    Keep up the good work, very fast update as well.
    I think you should ask for this translation to be archived in the Gu Long reading rooms
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    Chapter 4: Beauty Touches a Person's Soul

    Sun Kui said, "What do you know? If I can kill Plum Flower Bandit, not only do I get fame, but also many other great things."

    "What things?"

    Sun Kui said, "After Plum Flower Bandit left thirty years ago, everyone thought he’s gone forever. Who would've believed that he would come back? In 8 months, he did another eighty-some cases, even raped the Head of Hua Shan sect's daughter."

    Li Xun Huan said, "This person should be around seventy now. I didn't expect him to be still so interested in girls."

    Sun Kui said, "After he re-appeared, everyone who has anything of value, any girl of beauty, became restless. That's why more than ninety households have announced, whoever can kill the Plum Flower Bandit would receive part of all their ownings. One can imagine such a sum of money."

    Li Xun Huan said, "Which means this is no longer a secret."

    Sun Kui nodded. "In addition, the most beautiful woman in the martial world said she would marry whoever disposes of the Plum Flower Bandit."

    Li Xun Huan sighed. "Money and woman certainly moves people's heart. No wonder you would give up your life to get into this mess. Even killing your own wife. Looks like its my turn to die now."

    Sun Kui said, "Speaking from my heart, I feel that you should not die. But I have to kill you."

    Li Xun Huan suddenly laughed. “Speaking from your heart, do you really think you can kill me?”

    Sun Kui had already made his move, but he suddenly stopped upon hearing this. Staring at Li Xun Huan, then let out a flicker of a smile, saying, “For a person like you to live til today, it seems that you do not die easily. But now...”

    Suddenly a sound came from the outside.

    A person started to laugh. “Speaking from your heart, does he look like he’s been poisoned?

    Sun Kui was shocked. He did not realize when a person in green clothes suddenly appeared in the front door. This person’s face looks pale and bland, as if he’s perhaps wearing a mask, or maybe not.

    He put his hand behind his back, then walked in, saying, “If a person wants to put poison in an alcoholic’s wine, then that person must be able to do some really stupid things, do you think?”

    This last sentence is aimed at Li Xun Huan. Li Xun Huan suddenly realized that this person’s eyes are very alluring, completely different from his face.

    It’s like putting two pearls on a dead pig.

    Li Xun Huan looked at this pair of eyes, then smiled. “Cheating while betting money with a gambler, Putting poison in the wine of an alcoholic, saying that another woman is pretty in front of your own wife- No matter who does any one of the three will live to regret it.”

    The man in green said coldly, “Looks like when these people regret their decision, it’s too late.”

    Sun Kui stared at them, then checked the wine bottle in a hurry.

    Li Xun Huan smiled, “Don’t bother. The poison’s in there.”

    “Then you...”

    Li Xun Huan said, “Whether there’s poison in that wine, others might not know. But for a alcoholic like myself, the smell would give away the posion.

    He continued, “This is also the good thing about drinking so much. Those who don’t drink would never know.”

    “But I saw you drinking the wine!”

    Li Xun Huan said, “I did drink it, but threw it all back out when I coughed.”

    Sun Kui’s body shook, the wine bottle in his hand dropped to the ground.

    The man in green said, “Looks like he already regret his decision, but it’s too late.”

    Sun Kui yelled, then quickly attacked the man in green three times with his fists.

    These twenty years, his kung fu not only did not get worse, it got better. This fist has both incredible power and speed.

    Anyone can see that this fist can easily break someone’s skull.

    It seems that the man in green not only did not have the time to defend, he doesn’t even have the time dodge the punch.

    Who would’ve thought that he neither blocked nor dodged, but simply moved his hand.

    He obviously moved after Sun Kui, yet for some reason, while Sun Kui’s fist did not reach his shirt, this person’s palm already hit Sun Kui’s face.

    It seems as if this palm was very light, yet Sun Kui started to scream in pain, rolling on the floor.

    By the time he got up again, half his face looks horrible, there’s purple in red, transparent in purple. Even one of his eye got knocked to the side.

    The man in green said, “Speaking from the heart, I feel that you should not die. I didn’t intend on killing you, but my hands...”

    Sun Kui’s half-face that did not get hit looks unusually normal. Yet the part where he got hit looks like dead meat. This picture is not pretty at all.

    His remaining eye is filled with shock, looking at the man in green’s hand. “Your hand... your hand...”

    The man in green has a pair of green iron gloves. Looks very ugly.

    Sun Kui’s face shows that he has gave up hope. His voice weak, saying, “What did I do to deserve this? Why did I meet the Green Devil Hand. Li...Li Tan Hua. You’re a good person. I beg of you to kill me now.”

    LI Xun Huan just sat there without moving, looking that the man in green’s hands. Then he kicked the broken spear to Sun Kui.

    Sun Kui picked up the spear, saying, “Thank you. Thank you. I will never forget your gratitude even in death.”

    He then used all his force to plunge the spear into his throat, black blood pouring out as he died.

    Li Xun Huan looked up. “There are 7 major poisons in the martial world. The most poisonous is the Green Devil Hand. Looks like they’re not kidding.”

    The man in green also looked at his hand, saying, “Everyone else say that people who get hit by this hand would rather die than to endure the pain. Looks like they didn’t exaggerate.”

    Li Xun Huan’s eyes moved to his face, saying, “But you’re not the ‘Green Devil’ Yi Ku.”

    The man in green said, “How do you know that? Do you know him?”


    The man in green almost laughed. “I didn’t want to pretend to be him. I’m simply his...”

    Li Xun Huan said, “Yi Ku doesn’t have a disciple.”

    The man in green said, “Who said I’m his disciple? He’s not even worthy to be MY disciple.”


    “You think I’m kidding?”

    Li Xun Huan said, “I’m not interested in your past.”

    The man in green’s eyes suddenly glowed, starring at Li Xun Huan. “What are you interested in then? Golden Thread Vest?”

    Li Xun Huan did not respond. He just played with the little dagger in his hand.

    The man in green also looked at this dagger, saying, “Everyone claims that your dagger never misses once thrown, are they exaggerating?”

    Li Xun Huan replied, “A lot of people used to doubt this statement.”

    “What about now?”

    Li Xun Huan’s face seems to exhibit a hint of pride, saying, “Now those people are dead.”

    The man in green thought for a second, then burst out laughing.

    His laugh is so strange, as if its forced. Although he laughs loudly, his expression remains the same. “To tell the truth, I really want to try it too.”

    Li Xun Huan said, “I don’t think you want to try.”

    The man in green stopped laughing. Saying, “The vest is on that dead person, right?


    The man in green said, “So if I were to move that dead person, then...”

    Li Xun Huan cut him off. “Then I’m afraid you would become a dead person too!”

    The man in green laughed. “I’m not afraid of you. But I don’t have a habit of wanting to gamble. Nor do I like danger.”

    Li Xun Huan said, “These are good habits.”

    The man in green said, “But I have a way to make you hand over this vest.”


    The man in green said, “You should realize, this ‘Green Devil Hand’ is made with rare metals, mixed with hundreds of poisons, then used seven years to forge. Can be said to be the most dominating weapon in the martial world.”

    Li Xun Huan said, “Bai Xiao Sheng’s weapons list rank Green Devil Hand number nine. I can see why its so valuable.”

    The man in green said, “So if I give you this glove, would you give me the vest?”

    Li Xun Huan thought for a second. Then said, “My dagger is made by a regular blacksmith using 6 hours. Yet on Bai Xiao Sheng’s weapons list, it’s ranked number three!”

    The man in green sighed. “You’re trying to say that weapons aren’t important. What’s important is the person holding the weapon, right?”

    Li Xun Huan said, “You’re very smart.”

    The man in green said, “So you won’t make the exchange.”

    Li Xun Huan said, “If I wanted it, it would not be in your hands right now!”

    The man in green thought a bit more, then took out a box. When he opened the box, a shiny short sword appeared.

    The man in green said, “Precious sword is befitting of a hero. This ‘Fish Intestine Sword’[Don’t ask me why this nickname is suppose to be good] has no equal in the world. It should be good enough for you, right?”

    Li Xun Huan asked, “Are you ‘Hidden Sword Palace’ Hidden Dragon Elder’s disciple?


    “Then where did this sword come from?”

    The man in green said, “That old geezer’s dead. His son You Long Sheng gave it to me.”

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    Li Xun Huan said, “This sword is amazingly precious. ‘Hidden Sword Palace’ is only so famous only because of this sword. When the sword was stolen years ago, they spent an incredible amount of effort getting it back. How could You Long Sheng possibly give this away?”

    The man in green said, “Forget the sword, even if I ask for his head, he’d bring it to me on a silver platter. Do you believe me?”

    Li Xun Huan thought for a while, then said, “This sword’s value is way above that vest. Why make the trade?”

    The man in green said, “I have a strange habit. The harder an item is for me to get, the more I want it.”

    Li Xun Huan said, “You know, I also have this habit.”

    The man in green said, “So will you make the trade?”


    The man in green said, “Why do you want the vest so much?”

    Li Xun Huan said, “That’s none of your business.”

    The man in green chuckled, “I heard that Little Li Tan Hua neither cared for fame nor fortune. Ten years ago he gave up fame, all his valuables, and retired. I never thought that this type of person would be this interested in this vest.”

    Li Xun Huan said, “My reasons are probably similar to yours.”

    The man in green looked at him, “You mean you want the most beautiful woman in the world?”

    Li Xun Huan smiled. “Maybe.”

    The man in green also smiled, saying, “I have long heard that you have never rejected beautiful woman nor great wine.”

    Li Xun Huan said, “Unfortunately, you are not an incredible beauty.”

    The man in green smiled. “How do you know I’m not?”

    ‘His’ laughter suddenly changed. Changed to a very sexy laugh.

    During his laugh, he took off his gloves, revealing his hands.

    Li Xun Huan has never seen a pair of hands so beautiful.

    He’s been with countless beauties in his life. Even before he held a dagger and a wine cup, he’s already held many beauty’s hands.

    However, all of those hands have at least some problems. Even the woman of his dreams, the woman he could never ever forget, also has flaws on her hand.

    Yet the hands that appear before him are perfect in every way.

    The man in green asked, “Do you think my hands are prettier than the Green Devil Hand?”

    Her voice suddenly became that mesmerizing.

    Li Xun Huan sighed, saying, “Even if you use this pair of hands to kill people, they would gladly die in your hands. Why bother with the Green Devil Hand?”

    The man in green smiled so beautifully, saying, “Does my offer look more attractive now?”

    Li Xun Huan said, “Still not good enough.”

    The man in green chuckled, saying, “Men are always so greedy, especially powerful men. The more powerful they are, the greedier they get.”

    Her body twisted slightly, and her outer clothing fell off.

    Li Xun Huan poured a cup of the non-poisonous wine, then said, “One needs wine for watching beauty.”

    The man in green asked, “You don’t think its enough, do you?”

    Li Xun Huan answered, “Man tend to be quite greedy.”

    Her body is that amazing. Making any man feel that he’s not worthy of this body.

    She smiled as she took off her shoes.

    Her feet are that pretty, making people’s hearts pound. If someone says that many men would be willing to die from stomping by these feet, no one would doubt him.

    Then, she showed her long legs.

    At this moment, Li Xun Huan almost stopped breathing.

    The person in green said, “Is this enough yet?”

    Li Xun Huan said while drinking, “If I say it’s enough now, then I must be an idiot.”

    She then proceeded to take off the rest of her clothes.

    No one would feel that such a beauty could exist. Yet this beauty is now willing to show Li Xun Huan everything.

    The only thing left is her mask.

    She looked at Li Xun Huan, saying, “Now should be enough, right?”

    Li Xun Huan said, “Not yet. Just a bit more.”

    She said, “You should know when to be satisfied.”

    Li Xun Huan said, “Those easily satisfied usually miss out on a lot of good things.”

    She asks, “Why must you see my face? Why not leave some things to the imagination? That might be more interesting.”

    Li Xun Huan said, “Because I know that many women with great bodies have an ugly face.”

    “Do you think I look ugly?”


    She sighed, “Looks like you’ll never give up, but I still feel you still should not see my face.”


    She said, “After I exchange the Golden Thread Vest with you, I’ll leave immediately. You’ll never see me again. I give you your most satisfying moment in your life, so this is a fair trade. Its best that we never see each other again.”

    “That sounds logical.”

    “But once you see my face, you’re never forget me. And I might not be nice to you again. Then you can only dream of me, frustrating yourself.”

    Li Xun Huan smiled, “You’re pretty sure of yourself.”

    She said, “Why shouldn’t I be so sure of myself?”

    Li Xun Huan said, “Maybe I don’t want to make the deal.”

    “You don’t?”

    She finally raised her hand and took off the mask.

    “Now do want to make the deal?”

    Her face is just perfect. In addition to that body, absolutely no man on Earth can possibly resist her.

    Li Xun Huan sighed. “No wonder Yi Ku would willingly give you the Green Devil Hand, that Yu Long Sheng would give you his family treasure. Now I believe you.”

    This incredible beauty simply kept smiling, but did not speak.

    Because she feels that she no longer needs to speak.

    Her eyes can talk, her smile can talk, her hand, chest, legs, all can talk.

    She knows that this is enough. If a man still doesn’t know her feelings, that person must be retarded.

    So she just waited.

    Yet Li Xun Huan still did not get up. Instead he just poured another cup of wine, saying, “Thanks. My eyes haven’t been this satisfied for quite a long time now.”

    She bit her lips, saying, “I never thought a man like you needs wine to bring out courage.”

    Li Xun Huan said, “Because I know that beautiful woman are not easy to satisfy.”

    She then immediately threw herself into the arms of Li Xun Huan.

    The wine cup fell to the ground, breaking apart.

    One of his hand began to feel her back, yet the other is still holding that dagger, that small yet sharp dagger.

    The young woman said in a soothing manner, “When a man is doing something like this, he should not be holding a knife.”

    Li Xun Huan’s voice is also soothing. “When a man has a weapon, you should not be in his arms.”

    That young woman laughed, “You mean you could possibly bring yourself to kill me?”

    Li Xun Huan also laughed, “A young girl should never be so arrogant, nor should she take off all her clothes to seduce a man. She should instead wear her clothes tightly, waiting for the man to seduce her. Otherwise, the man would not feel satisfied.

    His hand now raised his dagger, its tip on her throat now, a bit of blood came out, falling on her pure white chest, like a plum flower in a middle of a snowfield.

    She’s fully shocked now, her soft body suddenly hard.

    Li Xun Huan laughs, “Are you still that sure of yourself now? Do you still think I can’t possibly kill you now?”

    The dagger’s tip continues to be on her neck.

    Her lips shaking, unable to speak.

    Li Xun Huan sighed, saying, “I hope you understand some things. One, men do not like to be passive. Two, you’re not as pretty as you think.”

    The young woman bit her lips tightly, saying, “I give up. I beg of you to please remove your dagger now.”

    Li Xun Huan said, “I want to ask you one more thing.”

    “Go ahead.”

    Li Xun Huan said, “Many man would give anything you want. That’s why you can’t possibly be interested in treasures. So why are you so intent on having this vest?”

    The young woman said, “I told you earlier, the harder to get, the more I want it.”

    Li Xun Huan thought for a moment, then said, “Even if I don’t take the dagger off your neck, do you think you can move your neck away from my dagger?”

    That young woman immediately left his arms, like a cat suddenly hurt.

    After a while, she smiled again, “I knew all along that you couldn’t bring yourself to kill me.”

    “Really? Why?”

    He’s still holding the dagger, saying, “If you don’t leave by the time I finish this sentence, I’ll kill you, do you believe me?”

    The young woman stopped talking.

    She picked up her cloths and dashed out.

    Only to hear her scream in a loathing manner, “Li Xun Huan, you’re not a man, you’re not even a human being! You’re useless, no wonder your fiancee ran away with your best friend. Now I know why!”

    Snow filled the land. Under the snowy light, the outside is beautiful. Yet this kitchen remains like a tomb, making people wish to leave immediately.

    Yet Li Xun Huan still sat there quietly, very still.

    His eyes filled with anguish and misery. That young woman’s words, are like needles, stabbing deeply into his heart.

    My fiancee.. My best friend...

    End of Chapter 4

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    Thanks for the compliments people. I think I'll keep translating the way I am now. The reason I'm going fast is because I don't have to do much on my summer job, so I have free time. However, when I'm done with the job in 6-7 weeks, I'll be on vacation for quite a while. And I want to finish a hefty chunck by that time. Maybe 30 chapters(out of 89 total).

    I will put this in a more permanent spot. Hopefully, this first draft is looks good enough.

    A note about chapter 4. The scenes with the young lady were much more descriptive in the book. Gu Long went, in my opinion, way overboard in describing her beauty. Plus its kind of 'R' rated too. I took out mayb 50% of the descriptions. Hopefully, readers can still get the impression that this young lady is really, really, really, really, really, really hot.

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