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    I like the collection of video clips you have here on Spcnet under multimedia, and it says you can submit some. But I don't know how you take a video file, say an ep of a series, splice out a small chunk, and get it so compressed. Can someone give me some help?

    Edit: Basically I'm looking for some software that can take my video files, re-encode into something like .avi from .rm and compress them down really small (I use dial-up a lot) and I can contribute some clips. Also, is it possible to download a clip instead of just having it play on real media and then vanish?

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    There are different encoder out there.

    I have used RM converter, AVI converter DIVX convertor etc. (those are the name of the program). I also used Kinoma Producer but that is because I try to convert video to my PDA.

    And yes there is a way to safe the video before playing it or for future playing. I always assume they are in your temp folder.
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    Virtualdub mod is what I use to edit and cut videos. Give it a try. It's free
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    That would be great if SPCNET added some new media clips!!
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