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Edison Chan Back and Quits Showbiz

By on February 21st, 2008 | Hong Kong Entertainment

Edison Chan finally returned to Hong Kong today to face the media in person – his press release was all in English again. Like Gillian’s press release, he did not take any questions. He admits to taking the photos and that they were never intended to be shown to anyone. He apologizes to all the affected women and their families in the sex scandal. He also apologizes to the Hong Kong community and claimed that he failed as a role model. Edison announces that he will quit from Hong Kong entertainment to take time to heal. During that period, he will participate in community service work and hopes that everyone can learn to forgive him.


Edison Chan Not Back to Face Scandal Yet

By on February 21st, 2008 | Hong Kong Entertainment

Edison Chan

Despite media speculation and rumors that Edison Chan was supposed to fly back to Hong Kong last week to face the media and help police investigation in catching Kira, he has delayed his return.  Some news report that the reason may be due to Hong Kong police turning down his three terms: 1) guaranteed status as a ‘witness’ and not a ‘suspect’ in this case  2) 24 hour protection  3) arrangement to have a ‘safe house’ (heavily guarded?) for him to stay at.

If these terms are true, it may seem that Edison may have reason to be scared of linked triad relations between Albert Yeung of EEG and Cecilia Cheung’s daddy.  Or maybe his return was made up by the media, his lack of return made up too just to keep feeding us more news.

For the first time since the sex photos scandal exploded too, Edison Chan did not make the covers of tabloid magazines due to the unfortunate and sad departure of Lydia Shum on Tuesday.


Lydia Shum Passes Away

By on February 20th, 2008 | Hong Kong Entertainment

Lydia Shum

Lydia Shum passed away at the age of 62 yesterday at Hong Kong’s Queen Mary Hospital from a long fight against liver cancer. Lydia Shum was a veteran in TVB history since the 70′s. She was affectionately known by her nicknames “Fei Fei” and “Fei Je” for her big figure (‘fei’ is the Cantonese pronunciation for ‘fat’; ‘je’ is ‘elder sister’) and iconic cheerful disposition. Lydia Shum did not appear much in TVB dramas (or any that I recall) but was prominent in many TVB shows and events as hostess and entertainer. She was loved for her laughter and happy personality and dearly missed already.


Rigged News About Gillian Chung Exposed

By on February 14th, 2008 | Hong Kong Entertainment

Giilian Chung back to work

Ming Pao recently uncovered a false piece of news circulating on the web where someone reported that Gillian Chung attended a Christian event in 2006 promoting post-marital sex. Someone had apparently taken an original article written by Ming Pao and tacked on Gillian’s name to it before reposting the content. This rigged article was cited by many websites as a source, falsely stating Gillian as a hypocrite who didn’t practice what she preached.

It seems idol hatred can go a long way, or maybe there are just too many bored people out there. The most interesting question raised though from this incidence is how much can readers trust news reported on the web, especially when anyone, including a 6 year old, can be blogging nowadays? My opinion is that unless it’s cited as coming from a link from some established, news source, don’t take everything you read on the web at face value.  Even then, don’t be a mindless reader and let someone tell you what the truth is.  Google it.


Kira Returns With Two New Photos in Edison Sex Scandal

By on February 14th, 2008 | Hong Kong Entertainment

Just when we thought the Edison sex scandal was finally coming to an end, two new, never before seen, photos were released today, further implicating Rachel Ngan this time.  The pictures were posted earlier at the forums before moderators removed them and notified police.

Many netizens have speculated prior to this that Kira was either paid off or silently killed off since he/she did not post any new photos or videos since February 9th.


Edison Chan Sex Scandal Over?

By on February 13th, 2008 | Hong Kong Entertainment

 After Gillian Chung appeared before fans and press on Monday post-sex photos scandal, she was reported to have to went back to work today.  Gillian kept mum and only smiled as the media hounded her for comments.  EEG had announced at the end of the Twins fans event on Monday that they would no longer make any further comments related to the scandal.

News that Edison Chan will fly back to Hong Kong this week, either on Thursday or Friday, to face the HK public again was also reported.

Cecilia Cheung, Nicholas Tse

Rumors are now flying that Cecilia Cheung and Nicholas Tse may have filed for divorce since some of the photos taken that implicated Cecilia were supposedly during the time that she got back together with Nicholas.

Has Kira been caught?  That is the question that many netizens are questioning now since Kira has kept silent after consequent promises of releasing the video tapes.


Gillian Chung Appears Before the Press Today

By on February 11th, 2008 | Hong Kong Entertainment

Gillian appeared before the press today for the first time since the sex photo scandal at the end of the Twins fans event today alongside bandmate Charlene Choi. In her brief statement to the press, she says:

“Hello everyone, Happy New Year. This incidence has caused me, and the people around me, a lot of conflict and hurt. I was very naive and silly but now I have grown up. Thank you to the company (EEG), thank you to my family, and thank you to my friends who’ve shown me concern and support. I am sorry for the effect this incidence has caused on the community. In the future days, I will work hard and diligently face my life. Thank you to the press’s concern and thank you to the unfaltering fans.”

Gillian walked away with Charlene after that while fans behind them chanted: “Supporting you forever!”

No video was released today as promised but a 9th suspect, a 24-year old man, was arrested by HK police today for his alleged involvement in spreading the pictures.


Kira to Strike During Gillian Chung Press Release

By on February 10th, 2008 | Hong Kong Entertainment

Kira’s message

Following the numerous conspiracy/triad/extortion theories and speculations spouting everywhere on the web on Kira’s motives for posting the sex photos, reports that a new message from someone posting on behalf of Kira appeared on the Chinese forum at We were not able to find the original post to get the full message, but from what we gather from the cropped image of the message by We found the original post at, the message roughly translates:

[--begin post--
To Tianya's forum friends:

Greetings. First, thank you to the netizens of Hong Kong and the Mainland for the support of 'xiao di' (male reference to self as 'younger brother') in these past few days. Here, I'd like to clarify a few things:

1) I have never used these photos or videos to exchange for money. What someone said of $50,000,000 (currency is unknown) is false.

2) Today's comments by 'Big Brother' (Jackie Chan's nickname in the HK entertainment circle) in an interview made me very upset. (Perhaps in reference to Jackie Chan's comments that the public should care more about the victims of the snow storms in Mainland China than the sex scandal) I can now tell everyone why, because the video's dialogues involves/affects 'Big Brother'.

3) Tomorrow when Miss G (reference to Gillian) makes her public appearance, I will at the same time release the video for everyone.


Prank by a bored forum member or from the real Kira? I guess we’ll find out.


Gillian Chung Makes First Public Appearance Since Sex Scandal

By on February 10th, 2008 | Hong Kong Entertainment

Gillian Chung makes first public appearance since scandal


Gillian Chung of Twins makes the first public appearance for upcoming Twins fans event since the explosion of the recent sex photos scandal. She is the first implicated female in this scandal to face the public. This move has garnered support and praise from many of Hong Kong’s celebrities, including from Lisa Wang and Joey Yung.

Lisa Wang was quoted: 「係囉!叫佢勇敢面對,咁大個人,都係要面對硇喇!總好過逃避。」
Roughly translated: “Yes, she (Gillian) should courageously face this, she’s a grown-up and should face it all! It’s better than avoiding.”

Charlene Choi of Twins also claimed that she would stand by Gillian no matter what. They’ve partnered for 6 years now and Charlene considers Gillian as her real sister and would support Gillian through thick and thin.


Edison Chan Tally Up Damages in Sex Scandal

By on February 9th, 2008 | Hong Kong Entertainment

Edison Chan

Since the sex photo scandal, Edison Chan was said to have flew to the United States to avoid the press. Many netizens and the general public have criticized him for being a coward and blamed him for this scandal. Edison was reportedly dropped from upcoming movie “Jump”, a joint Columbia and Star Overseas (a Stephen Chow company) production. The movie was slated to premiere in May but now pushed to October for re-casting. The lastest news is that the credit card company Manhattan Titanium has also dropped ad promos with Edison.

Edison’s movie career was picking up as he appeared in “The Grudge 2″ and also played a role in the upcoming Batman sequel “The Dark Knight” but this scandal has definitely taken its toll.