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Storm Riders II 2009

By on March 30th, 2008 | Hong Kong Movies

Storm Riders II

Ma Wing Shing’s popular Hong Kong manga “Fung Wan” (Wind and Cloud) was first translated to the big screen in 1998′s “The Storm Riders” movie which starred Ekin Cheng and Aaron Kwok in the lead roles of Wind and Cloud. The Pang Brothers are now slated to produce a budgeted $12 million 2009 sequel which will bring back Ekin and Aaron for the roles. Casting also includes Nicholas Tse to play Juet Sum, Simon Yam as Juet Mo Sun, Charlene Choi as Second Dream, and newcomer Tiffany T. as Chor Chor. “Storm Riders II” will be the first Asian movie to be shot almost entirely on blue screen so we can expect game-like sequences and backdrops like “300″.

From looking at the character list, it looks like we can expect the sequel to take place directly after the defeat of Fung Wan’s master Hong Ba (Conqueror) and the invasion of Japanese warriors like Juet Mo Sun and son Juet Sum. The only gripe I have is why Charlene Choi as Second Dream? I hope she won’t turn the character into a silly teenage girl. This portion of the manga has some of the most entertaining fight scenes as Wind will become evil and battle Cloud at the very end.

Character Artwork:

Storm Riders IIStorm Riders IIStorm Riders IIStorm Riders IIStorm Riders II

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