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Cecilia Cheung speaks up about Edison Chan photo scandal

By on March 3rd, 2009 | Hong Kong Entertainment

In an interview with I-Cable, Cecilia Cheung speaks up for the first time about the Edison Chan nude photo scandal involving herself and other Hong Kong female celebrities such as Gillian Chung and Karena Lam.  This is coming after the witness testimonial for the suspect of the photo scandal trial that Edison Chan gave in Vancouver and admitted to the identities of some of the female celebrities. After the trial, Edison said to the media that he hoped that all the involved women will be healthy and to stand up again and that they have endured enough already.

Cecilia Cheung says that initially she didn’t speak up because she felt that she had to take responsibility and punishment for her own mistakes but after seeing Edison’s interview on the news, Cecilia angrily decided to “stand up” and speak up for the first time. She called Edison’s wishes crocodile tears and says that what hurt the victimized women was not the media, but Edison. She says that Edison kept speaking about protecting the women using all his powers since the scandal, but has done nothing to do so – for instance, up to today, the photos are still circulating on the web. Cecilia claims that her agent tried to call Edison many times after the scandal exploded but was always brushed off. He has never apologized to any of the women personally, he has only apologized to the media publicly.

Cecilia’s message to Edison was to ask that he respect the affected women, to not hypocritically come out saying one thing and doing another, asking for apology to only get the public’s sympathy for himself. Please stop hurting the women and respect them!