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Tony Leung recuperates from injuries

By on September 30th, 2009 | Chinese Entertainment, Hong Kong Entertainment

Tony Leung

Tony Leung, who had fractured his left arm during the filming for a new movie “Yi Dai Zong Shi”, is mostly healed after 2 months of rehabilitation although he didn’t rest much and insisted on exercising for 3 hours a day during this time. Recently, he restarted his martial arts training and the Wing Chun master as well as action guide, Wong Shun Lung, believes that he is ready for filming as soon as Director Wong Kar-Wei wants to start. Therefore, there are hopes that the filming will resume in one or two months.

Although Tony Leung describes these two months of resting as a long vacation, his work ethics didn’t allow him to rest. Despite the doctor’s instructions for him to avoid strenuous exercise and to rest for at least three months for a full recovery, he insisted upon two hours of single-hand training and one to two hours of jogging every day in order to keep his body in shape. He did remember to protect his injury from being affected by tying his arm to stabilize it. He has started to practice martial arts again as his injury has mostly healed with other fellow martial arts students. It can be seen that he hasn’t really fallen behind and is still rhythmic and flexible in his movements. He does admit that there’s still some psychological barriers to his restarting of martial arts and now he uses an arm-protector during his trainings to prevent further injuries.



Rain’s Ninja Assassin trailer…and then in LEGO

By on September 8th, 2009 | Korean Entertainment, Korean Movies

Korean star Rain (Bi) trained hard for his first starring role in a Hollywood film, Ninja Assassin. The trailer shows some very difficult stunts and action scenes so it looks like Rain put in a lot of effort, especially that upside-down push-up.

Watching it again in LEGO version makes me want to watch it though :)