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Zoe Tay: I’m not afraid of pulling down Chen Hanwei!

By on December 31st, 2009 | Singaporean Entertainment

29 Dec, 2009

Local artistes Zoe Tay and Chen Hanwei will do their part for charity by painting a picture together at the upcoming Ren Ci Charity Show 2010. The actress said that while she is unafraid that she might drag Hanwei, she joked that Hanwei has to rely on her for expertise!

After 3 years, the Ren Ci Charity Show returns once more to Channel U. Due to telecast on the 24th of January 2010, the show returns with a full force of local and overseas artistes including Zoe Tay, Guo Liang, Kym Ng, Dasmond Koh, Michelle Chong, Michelle Chia and Constance Song.

Painting within Painting: Zoe Tay, Chen Hanwei and 4 other artistes

Following their Indian dance in the Tai Ho Guan Charity show in 2006, Zoe and Hanwei collaborate once again in this painting segment. Not only they are required to draw on a revolving…

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