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Catch Qi Yuwu in his upcoming movie, and also on TV – as a movie star

By on January 6th, 2010 | newsfeed, Singaporean Entertainment

If you’ve been suffering withdrawal symptoms since Qi Yuwu last appeared on our TV screens in the 2008 hit drama Little Nyonya, you can officially stop sulking because you’ll be getting a double dose of the actor this month. Besides a new movie 14 Blades which opens in cinemas here later this month, he’s also back on TV with a brand new show, a telemovie series, to be exact.

It’s a guest appearance on the show but we’re sure no one’s complaining. Especially since Yuwu plays a dashing, foreign movie star – who comes to Singapore with his girlfriend (played by Jessica Tan) to get married in secret, while being hounded by an ex-lover (Apple Hong) who won’t give him up.

The man, however, says he “doesn’t know how to play a movie star.”

Really? We find that hard to believe, coming from someone who craved a successful…

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