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Ella gets complaints for spitting at Jerry Yan

By on January 14th, 2010 | newsfeed, Taiwanese Dramas, Taiwanese Entertainment

An act of thespian improvisation has unwittingly landed a TV show in trouble.

Down With Love, a idol drama production by CTV and GTV, will air on 24 January in Taiwan. In its recently released trailer, lead actress and S.H.E. member Ella Chen is seen spitting at her co-star Jerry Yan. This act has led to a warning from Taiwan’s National Communications Commission (NCC).

At around the 1-minute mark in the clip, the two lead characters run into an argument, and after Jerry shouts at Ella, she takes a good spit at him.

When interviewed, Ella said the spit was not scripted, but her own improvisation. She felt that it suited the character and the scene, while the whole production crew also liked it.

But some members of the public complained her action isn’t kids-friendly. NCC contacted CTV and requested the scene to be cut, or a fine…

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