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MBLAQ leader SeungHo’s grandfather passed away

By on April 30th, 2010 | Korean Entertainment, newsfeed

Ahead of their comeback, MBLAQ leader Yang SeungHo’s Cyworld updates catches the attention of many fans.

His grand father had just passed away, and he wrote about his grandfather on his Cyworld Minihompy.

Go under the cut for the translations.

His Cyworld update :

Side bar update -.
I will get first place and send it to you up in the sky… Follow the angels and go up to Heaven..^^
I love you..

Diary update ..
2010.04.30 Fri 23:53

My grandfather who hated dyeing of hair…

My grandfather who hated earrings..

My grandfather who would switch channels if he saw dancing or singing programs..

My grandfather who hated pizza and hamburgers..

My grandfather who hated writing with left hand..

My grandfather who would always take me along mountain climbing at dawn even though I was tired to death..

My grandfather who was like that, when I became a singer and when we appeared on TV

my grandfather who would look for me and watched on TV

Finally even when he was in the ICU he couldn’t talk

Because I came my grandfather who talked and smiled. My grandmother changed his IV drip and my aunt who gathered all the allowances from a notebook carefully, my grandfather smiled shyly.. My grandfather who was tall and had a big built.. Thank you for smiling to me and told me for the last time to be strong when I went to see him.. If he was around a while longer I would have been able to show him, me getting the first place, and I’m working hard.. My family and grandmother, I will succeed so, don’t worry! I will get first place and I will send it up to the sky to you^^

I love you grandfather I believe you’ll follow the angels and go up to Heaven..

From the eldest son of the Yang family, Seungho

….. be strong, Seungho!

  • Please credit if taking out!
  • Source – Seungho’s cyworld
  • Translations – whatthecheryl @ absolute mblaq

My condolence to his family. Hwaiting SeungHo oppa!

Source: K-Bites


CUBE Producer Shinsadong Tiger draws 4minute

By on April 30th, 2010 | Korean Entertainment, newsfeed

4Minute’s producer, Tiger Shinsadong recently has posted a funny sketch of the girls on his Cyworld on 28th April, drawing a lot of attention.

He also left a caption which reads “I drew it myself while recording… hehehehe.” Label mate and leader of B2ST, DooJoon, also took note of the caricature, quoting it and reposting it on his own Cyworld.


Source: K-Bites


New album concept photos for SS501 revealed!

By on April 30th, 2010 | Korean Entertainment, newsfeed

SS501′s new album concept photos revealed!

It seems that the countdown to the comeback of another Kpop idol group has begun! On 1st May, DSP Entertainment released new concept photos for SS501. Not much news have been heard from DSP Entertainment about the exact date of comeback, but definitely, the concept photos are something new!

More photos under the cut!

S: Marinastory

Source: K-Bites


JiYoung version of KARA ‘We Are With You’ revealed!

By on April 30th, 2010 | Korean Entertainment, newsfeed

The 4th teaser for KARA world cup song ‘We are with you’ featuring member JiYoung has been revealed!

Earlier, we have seen the teasers featuring Park GyuRiGoo Hara and Han SeungYeon.

Source: K-Bites


SNSD TaeYeon gets caught by Chinese fans for her little belly

By on April 30th, 2010 | Korean Entertainment, newsfeed

Some fans from China has spotted So Nyeo Shi Dae TaeYeon’s little belly.

A netizen posted up photos of TaeYeon under a post ‘TaeYeon’s aegyo belly’ on an online community site recently. The photos were taken off So Nyeo Shi Dae’s Shanghai concert held on 17th April. The photos were taken by Chinese fans who attended the concert.

Back in December 2009 when the girls had their first concert in China, TaeYeon received some spotlight for her tiny waist shown during their conceprt performance. But time during their concert, her little belly revealed had caught the attention of many fans.

Netizens who saw the photos commented, “I thought only fans from our country will get those lens for their cameras to take such shots, it seems that the Chinese fans are also very serious fans”, “Her belly is nothing compared to mine”, “I guess she was concentrating on the song that the belly got shown”, “But still, she is an angel in my eyes” etc.


Meanwhile, here’s one sexy spoiler for those who have not seen it

Source: K-Bites


Camillo Lauricella’s response to Pledis’ refutation on accusation of choreography plagiarism

By on April 30th, 2010 | Korean Entertainment, newsfeed

Lately there has been all the hype caused by the media about how After School under Pledis Entertainment was accused of choreography plagiarism by choreographer Camillo Lauricella. And then Pledis came out to refute the accusations saying that it is common to have similar dance moves.

With that, Camillo Lauricella had came out with his response on Pledis’ statements. Will the case just stop here now?

Source: K-Bites


Infinite debut reality show Mnet ‘You Are My Oppa’ first episode Eng subbed!

By on April 30th, 2010 | Korean Entertainment, newsfeed

Awhile back, we reported that upcoming boyband Infinite groomed by hiphop group Epik High will be appearing for the first time on reality TV Mnet ‘You Are My Oppa’.

Until now, 3 episodes of the show has aired, and nolimitsubs has subbed the 1st episode in English. For those who are curious about the upcoming idol group, this reality show gave us a good introduction of the dorky members.

The rest of the episode cuts under the cut.

How do you find the group/show?

Thanks to Lucy for the headsup! ^^

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KBS Music Bank 30.04.2010 – Rain wins #1 with ‘Love Song’ for the 3rd consecutive week!

By on April 30th, 2010 | Korean Entertainment, newsfeed

Today on KBS Music Bank, resuming after being canceled for one month after the CheonAhn naval ship sinking, Rain is up #1 on KChart with the song ‘Love Song’. This is his 3rd week winning #1 on the chart.

Also, go under the cut for the rest of the performance cuts.

Comeback Stages

  • Secret “Magic”

  • 2PM “Don’t Stop Can’t Stop + Without U”

  • Rain “Love Song + Hip Song”

  • Lee Hyori “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang + Want me Back”

Today’s Music Bank

  • SNSD “Oh + Run Devil Run”

  • F.Cuz “No One”

  • Chung Lim “Face”

  • U-Kiss “What did you say?”

  • After School “Bang!”

  • ZE:A “All Day Long”

  • K-Will “Present”

  • Paige “Don’t Know Love”
  • Yoo SeungChan “Chemistry”
  • Jerry feat. Jewelry Ha JooYeon “Going to Love”
  • Norazo “Help Me”
  • 2AM “I Did Wrong”
  • Soya (Kim Jong Kook’s niece) N Sun “Smiling Goodbye”
  • JJ “More and More”
  • Gil HakMi “Super Soul”


Rain + Hyori waiting room interview

Source: K-Bites


Gummy ‘As A Man’ full MV revealed!

By on April 30th, 2010 | Korean Entertainment, newsfeed

The full version of Gummy’s new MV ‘As A Man’ starring SS501 Kim HyunJoong and actress Jung RyeoWon has been revealed.

After listening to the double title songs off Gummy’s minialbum, which is your favourite?

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Wing Fan confesses to be "mentally ill"

By on April 30th, 2010 | Chinese Entertainment, newsfeed

It was a joke gone wrong on April’s Fool day this year when Wing Fan decided to post up a series of intimate photographs taken seven years ago with his ex-lover Cyndi Wang. Following that, he proceeded to reveal that the sweet and innocent-looking singer was already not a virgin when she was 17.

The actor has been condemned and lambasted by netizens for his “despicable” treatment towards Cyndi, with many requesting for him to “leave showbiz.” In response to that, the 26-year-old expressed his passion for work and replied that he will continue to stay on in showbiz. He also said that he is willing to “bow before Cyndi and apologise.”

“I really loved her. She really loved me too. When we decided to go our separate ways, we hugged each other while crying,” Wing added.

After apologizing to both fans and ex-girlfriend, the actor revealed that he has been diagnosed with a mental condition for the past six months. He is currently on medication and has been seeing a psychiatrist for his illness.

On the other hand, Cyndi, who reportedly stayed home for more than two days before leaving for her mother’s place with her dog, decided to express her feelings on her blog.

“I thought that everything will come to pass if I took away some of the beautiful memories to escape an unhappy relationship. However, there is a need to face the good and bad in a relationship. You won’t be let off just by saying you’ll forget about it,” she wrote.

The petite one did not blame anyone and optimistically shared, “I cried, had a meal, and played with my dog. A new day begins.

“We will all meet right and wrong people. We have to learn how to accept the joys and sorrows brought by love.”