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Brown Eyed Girls GaIn to fly to Australia for filming of solo song MV

By on August 31st, 2010 | Korean Entertainment, newsfeed

It is known that Brown Eyed Girls GaIn will be flying to Australia for her solo debut song.

According to an agency representative on 31st August, “GaIn will be the 2nd member from Brown Eyed Girls to have her solo album release. If fast enough, it will be released in end-September. It not it will be in October. The album will be released in the form of a minialbum. And for the solo album, she will be flying to Australia on 2nd September and will be staying there for about 1 week to film the MV for the solo album.”

Meanwhile, GaIn is still appearing on MBC We Got Married as make-believe couple with Jo Kwon, and member Narsha is promoting her solo song ‘Mama Mia’.


Source: K-Bites


SHINee Key expresses his unhappiness regarding MR-removed videos

By on August 31st, 2010 | Korean Entertainment, newsfeed

SHINee Key revealed that he felt bitter as a singer recently about ‘MR-removed videos’.

Key was on SBS Strong Heart aired on 31st August when he said, “When I hear the voice from MR-removed videos, I feel bitter. This is because it is like taking away the most important thing to singers, which is the music accompany, just to prove their capabilities.”

MR-removed videos are the hot topic amongst netizens recently where the music accompany of singers’ live performances are taken out and leaving just the singers’ voice. Key said, “As for idols, there are also bad stories about how we get very short parts in our songs. Different singers’ voices suits different songs, it is unfair that singers are judged in such a fragmented view.”

S: MTStarnews

Source: K-Bites


SISTAR Bora shows off her feet injuries during MV filming

By on August 31st, 2010 | Korean Entertainment, newsfeed

SISTAR member Bora reveals her feet injuries.

The director to SISTAR’s MV ‘Shady Girl’ Joo HeeSeon posted up photos taken during the girls’ rest time when filming the MV on her Twitter and said, “The girls have to continue to wear high heels even though their feet hurt during the MV filming. ㅠㅠ Praiseworthy of the girls. Bora ya, you have to smile no matter how tough it gets alright? Don’t be hurt kids, hwaiting!”

The photos posted up reveals Bora showing her feet injuries and with band aids pasted all over. Recently, Bora also suffered from finger injuries after falling down on stage during a live performance.

S: Maeilkyungjae

Source: K-Bites


2NE1 to perform triple title song for Inkigayo comeback stage on 12th

By on August 31st, 2010 | Korean Entertainment, newsfeed

Girlgroup 2NE1 will have their comeback stage on 12th September.

This is according to YG Entertainment on 31st August. 2NE1 will have their comeback stage on SBS Inkigayo on 12th August. And it is revealed that they will be performing all 3 of their triple title song for their upcoming 1st full length album.

Of the 3 songs, one is ‘Go Away’. The girls are set to release their 1st full length album on 9th September.


Source: K-Bites


Hong Hui Fang, Ann Kwok endures weird stares and abuse

By on August 30th, 2010 | Chinese Entertainment, newsfeed

It was a case of the lawyers versus the common folk.

Even their attires were conflicting.

At the press conference for The Family Court, when Tay Ping Hui, Qi Yu Wu, Eelyn Kok, Chris Tong and Yao Wen Long stepped out in spiffy suits and ties, Hong Hui Fang and Ann Kwok looked like misfits in their casual garb.

This is no wardrobe malfunction — the other artistes play lawyers the show while Hui Fang and Ann are the only ‘non-lawyers’ among them, hence the difference in the way they are dressed.

Hui Fang even brought her character to the press conference, talking and behaving like her character, an irresponsible mother who ends up a prostitute.

When interviewed, xinmsn told the two stars that they had really stolen the limelight from the lawyers.

“It’s really boring playing a lawyer; I acted as one before I would know. They’re only good in court; outside of it they can’t do anything!” joked Ann.

However, she denies that they have stolen their thunder.

For her part as a sex-trade worker, Hui Fang had to go down to famous red-light district, Geylang, where she had to endure stares from men looking for pleasure.

Ann thought that it was unfair for Hui Fang to take the role and that the role has vilified her. However, Hui Fang was not as concerned about that.

“Ai yo, if I don’t take the plunge then who will? I’m not young anymore; no one wants to look at me anyway.”

Hui Fang is not the only one with difficult scenes to film. In The Family Court Ann plays Ping Hui’s ex-girlfriend who goes berserk after being sexually abused by her her on-screen husband (played by Alan Tern).

She had to film a few scenes where Alan abuses her on the bed and also had several physical tussles with Ping Hui and Qi Yu Wu, leaving her with bruises on her arms.

“Given another chance, I probably wouldn’t have taken up the role; it’s too nerve-wrecking! In the span of one month I have to endure torture, beatings and going berserk, it’s really tiring.”

The Family Court debuts 1st September and airs every Monday to Friday at 9PM on Channel 8.



KARA releases new Korean song ’2ME’

By on August 30th, 2010 | Korean Entertainment, newsfeed

It has been known that KARA has been working on a Korean song even though they are in the midst of their Japanese promotions.

The girls recently released their Japanese debut single and the single is currently doing well up on Oricon and other Japanese music charts. And even though they are busy with their Japanese promotions, the girls have taken time out to record a new Korean number ’2ME’ and even filmed a MV for it. The song is said to be a present from composer Joo YeongHoon and is a lighthearted dance song.

The reason behind the song is that KARA would not want to neglect their Korean fans even amidst their Japanese promotions


Source: K-Bites


Faye Wong rules the household?

By on August 30th, 2010 | Chinese Entertainment, newsfeed

Queen of pop Faye Wong proves that she rules – both on stage and at home.

At a charity press conference held at Beijing last week, hubby Li Yapeng told reporters that Faye had ‘punished’ him by making him keep the laundry when he returned home late the night before.

The press conference was held to announce plans for a charity run for the Smile Angel Foundation, a charity Faye and her hubby established in 2006 to provide poor children born with cleft lips with free surgery.

Faye and elder daughter from her previous marriage, Dou Jing Tong, was also present at the event.

True to her low profile ways, Faye opted not to speak at the event, but was visibly in high spirits as she smiled and waved to the audience in attendance throughout the press conference.

The singer, who has been busy with preparations for her comeback concert this October, has left household chores in the hands of her spouse.

But Li has no complaints.

“We work on a roster. She (Faye) has already been staying at home for six years, it’s a good thing her concert does not have complicated choreography, that saves time.”

When probed by reporters if he felt frustrated at having to answer questions about Faye all the time, he replied, “With a wife like her, I cannot just accept what I want to accept. That’s impossible, that’s why I understand.”

Yet, Li admits to having a chauvinistic side. The actor had rejected a suggestion on getting Faye to sing the theme song of his film Something about Love.

“It’s a matter of pride, even if Faye had initiated it, I would still reject,” he explains.

Li, together with step-daughter Jing Tong, then hopped onto an ambulance headed for Inner Mongolia and Heilongjiang immediately after the press conference ended.

It is reported that father and daughter would be embarking on a 10-day rescue operation for clefts sufferers in more than six cities.



Smooth sailing for Jolin Tsai

By on August 30th, 2010 | Chinese Entertainment, newsfeed

Life is looking good for Jolin Tsai.

The Taiwanese pop princess celebrated the success of her new album and even got a gold bracelet from the Warner Music’s head honcho Chen Ze Shan.

To top it off, Jolin happily told reporters that she has a prospective suitor wooing her.

When pressed for more details on this mysterious suitor, Jolin turned coy and refused to divulge anything, apparently afraid that the relationship might wither under the glaring spotlight from the media.

Seeing Jolin receive an expensive accessory as a present, reporters asked Jolin about another expensive accessory – a Cartier Love series white gold ring – which she reportedly received from Jay Chou.

“I can afford to buy these things for myself. If it’s a present from someone I like, anything will do; if it’s from someone I don’t like and overly expensive, I’ll just return it to them.”

On reports of Jay splurging at a casino in Singapore, Jolin appeared sceptical, saying, “This is unlike him to spend so much; should be over-sensationalizing by the media.”

Jolin has extended contract with her current company for another two years and is reportedly paid TWD120m(S$6m) to do so.

Chen Ze Shan confirms the signing.

“The contract is inked and signed. But what drew Jolin back to us is not the money but the understanding we have with each other.”



Richie Jen cancels Manila concert

By on August 30th, 2010 | Chinese Entertainment, newsfeed

In response to the Manila hostage crisis, which resulted in the deaths of eight Hong Kong tourists, Hong Kong singer Richie Jen will be cancelling his concert.

The singer announced this on a memorial event held by East Asia Records recently. Artistes under East Asia Records attended the event to mourn the unfortunate victims of the hostage crisis.

Richie revealed that he only heard the full account of the crisis a day before and despite the preparations already in place, he felt inappropriate to go on with the concert in Manila.

“Even thought the concert is meant to raise funds for local Chinese schools, I don’t think it’s appropriate in the current situation for me to go on so I would want to cancel it; we’ll find some other way to raise funds.”

Also present at the event was Shawn Yue, who felt indignant at how the hostage crisis was handled.

“I’m not criticizing how they do things but that was an emergency and I wished they could have worked faster. I was angry initially but after thinking about it, I might not have handled it better.”

Miriam Yeung, who was also at the event, did not comment much as she is still unclear on how the whole crisis unfolded; the star however, admitted that she feels “extremely unhappy and angry”.



Michelle Reis to give birth in Hong Kong

By on August 30th, 2010 | Chinese Entertainment, newsfeed

Reports of Michelle Reis’ pregnancy have been the talk of the town although the star has been avoiding the press since.

However, recent reports claim that Michelle is four months pregnant with a baby girl and the pregnancy was an accidental one, not via artificial insemination as previously suspected.

Michelle discovered that she was pregnant while touring in Europe with hubby Julian Hui and an overjoyed Julian immediately brought Michelle back to Hong Kong.

Although the family was hoping for a son to carry on the family name, the Hui family is reportedly equally excited about Michelle’s baby daughter. Julian even said that he preferred a daughter.

According to reports, Julian has hired nutritionists to ensure Michelle eats right and plans to keep Michelle in Hong Kong for delivery – it was previously said that Michelle could be flying to England to give birth.

However, the accidental pregnancy has caused losses amounting to over HKD30m(S$6m) for Michelle as all her work and product endorsements have to be put on hold.

Fortunately for her, most of the companies are willing to cooperate and wait for Michelle to return to work after giving birth.