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Pole dancing with Ris Low: Does she have talent?

By on September 30th, 2010 | Chinese Entertainment, newsfeed

Bad press courted her, fame captivated her, and pole dancing impressed her.

So, can Ris Low pole dance?

Yes, but apparently not good enough to impress the producers of Channel 5′s talent reality show One Moment of Glory (OMG!).

The controversial media darling was initially part of the talent show’s plan – to have her perform alongside two pole-dancing contestants in one of the upcoming episodes titled Collaborations!, where contenders will be paired with a personality to showcase their talents.

And from the performances, judges would then have to decide if the contestants make it through to the next level [of challenge] or get the boot.

Now, surely such a provocative dance sequence by the ex-beauty queen, gripping onto a 6-7 feet steel pole, would help boost TV ratings?

When contacted, the show’s producers commented that “like every audition in a talent show, Ris has to meet a certain standard” and given that the episode is about teamwork, “the contestants have to be comfortable with their collaborator”.

So now that we won’t get to see her pole dancing on TV, exactly how talented and qualified is she in this sport that is often associated with sleaze?

Xinmsn met with the ex-beauty queen recently where we found her sweating buckets away at Groove Dance School studio, going about her eleventh-hour preparation [to perform a pole dance sequence for our readers], smiling albeit showing signs of strain while trying to complete a Pole Climb with a Pole Sit move under the coaching of Renee, pole dancer and co-owner of Groove.

“It’d be really thick-skin for me to say this but I think I do have talent in pole dancing!” Ris announced in between giggles, seemingly embarrassed of her bold statement.

Defending her stance, Ris said, “I started dancing in 2005 when Groove was just established; I was one of the pioneer batches of students.”

“This is the place where I started my exotic dancing – lap dancing and all sorts of sleazy dancing.” (Laughs)

Would she consider joining OMG! to show off her talent?

Just when this reporter was expecting the controversial beauty queen to give a resounding yes, she does an about turn.

“I have no talent at all lah,” Ris declared matter-of-factly. “It’s like watching a clumsy person on the pole. And I’m very bad with remembering dance routines…so cannot lah!”

“Although I’m already at level 4 of pole dancing – equivalent of intermediate – actually I think I’m still a beginner because I just can’t seem to engage my ab muscles to do a Pole Invert,” Ris reiterated.

“I’m still very bad just that I refuse to admit it.”

So why pole-dancing and what attracted her to the sport?

“I think pole dancing is really sexy as it brings out the sexuality of the person,” Ris explained. “People may think that it’s sleazy but it gives you the self-confidence to dance in a sexy way where I used to think only strip dancers can do.”

According to the former beauty queen, to get herself into a sexy mood before she takes to the pole, she would “think of myself as the most beautiful woman”.

“I’d imagine myself with the biggest assets, like from an A cup to double C-cup.”

When asked how her boyfriend felt about her dancing passion, Ris said: “My boyfriend would say, “I don’t like you to pole-dance lah you look so sleazy”, yeah right, but you just have to bring them to a club with pole dancers, and they’ll be sitting there for hours, watching till their eyes pop out!”

One might think that Ris would almost certainly perform a pole dance sequence for her boyfriend in a bid to change his views on the sleaze factor but no. According to Ris, she “feels weird dancing for him”.

“It’d feel like he’s just another “dirty old man” who ogles at girls. I don’t know how others feel but I’m don’t like the idea of performing sexy dances for a man,” Ris replied, without missing a beat.

But isn’t that the same as being paid as a pole dancer to perform at a club?

“That’s different because that’d mean I’m good so that’s a compliment for me,” she explained.

“It’s like going topless. Topless is ok so long as it’s done artistically and not portray the wrong message to ah peks…and young men too!”

“But so far nobody has asked and I don’t think anyone would ask lor.”

Movie directors, are you reading this?

Catch One Moment of Glory (OMG!) every Wednesday, 8.30pm on Channel 5.



Jerry Yan hopes to be a father

By on September 30th, 2010 | Chinese Entertainment, newsfeed

It seems like parental instincts are kicking in for Jerry Yan.

Obviously elated at being a new uncle to his sister’s son, the singer recently posted photos of his one-month-old nephew on his official webpage – a rare move for the fiercely private celebrity.

Calling himself “Little Sunshine Uncle”, the 33-year-old wrote: “I’ve been (feeling) good recently because I’ve become an uncle! Even though the entire family is at a loss with the current situation, our lives are filled with laughter because of this little new addition. There are new things (to talk about) every day, to think that taking care of kids can be so interesting and tiring! Everybody should be filial to your mother!”

The doting uncle and basketball enthusiast also added that he is looking forward to shooting hoops with his nephew.

“I hope he grows up quickly so I can bring him to play basketball, but my sister said that I’m crazy.”

Jerry added, “Little Uncle really hopes to bring you to play and to (let you) have a good look at this beautiful world!” Having previously expressed his wish for a child during his drama collaboration with child star Xiao Xiao Bin, is Jerry desire’s to be a daddy stronger now?

To which, the singer responded through his manager, “Yes!”



Big Four’s small quibble

By on September 30th, 2010 | Chinese Entertainment, newsfeed

When you’ve known someone for 20 years, it’s hard to keep things interesting – or so you think.

Not for the four dudes of Hong Kong superband Big Four.

The quartet – made up of veteran artistes Andy Hui, William So, Dicky Cheung and Edmond Leung – still bicker over petty things the way schoolboys do.

Speaking to reporters at a press conference last Saturday, Dicky revealed that he had once gotten upset with Andy for being too competitive during a game of pool.

The two were so focused on the game that they barely spoke five sentences to each other throughout the three hours.

The 45-year-old, who felt bothered by the incident after returning home, resorted to sending an email to Andy in the middle of the night, chiding him for being too serious.

“I was actually angry because I lost the (pool) game,” Dicky cheekily added.

The youngest member, 38-year-old Edmond Leung was quick to expose the band’s secrets.

“During our concert in August, William borrowed my shaver and so did Dicky. I didn’t mind it, only to find out later than Dicky had used it to shave his bald head!”

But when it comes to work, the foursome said that they talk it over like big boys.

“Our friendship was built over 20 years. There are no secrets among us. When we meet with problems at work, we’ll sit down for a meeting to discuss the best solution. Because of our friendship and faith, we are able to solve problems,” William explained.

And when it comes to relationship issues, the four respects each other’s privacy.

“We will not probe each other with questions about relationships. If the other party doesn’t want to talk about it, we will not take the initiative to ask. We will only initiate our concern when we feel that the situation calls for it,” said Dicky.

William agreed, sharing that “as relationship issues are private matters, it’s best to leave it up to the individual to ponder over it.”

Formed only a year ago, the dudes of Big Four got to know each other during their time in showbiz, and are already enjoying high success as a band.

The guy performed to many well-received concerts at the Hong Kong Coliseum and has since started a world tour.

Having previously performed at gigs in Macau and Malaysia, they will make a stop in Singapore on Oct 9.

When asked about what to expect at their Singapore concert, the band joked that they would be very impromptu and asked fans to “expect to see unexpected things.”

The Big Four World Tour will be held on October 9 at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. Tickets are available at all SISTIC outlets.



Marriage is a team sport for Priscelia and Alan

By on September 29th, 2010 | Chinese Entertainment, newsfeed

Actress Priscelia Chan likens marriage to a team sport.

“You need to play along really well together without even saying much,” she explained before adding, “You can’t force the person to play the way you want it.”

Echoing the missus’ response, Alan Tern added: “Marriage is really all about compromising and teamwork and it’s actually pretty effortless for us.

“Also, a man should learn to be a sponge,” Alan offered unexpectedly with a smirk on his face. “Take in all of your woman’s silliness and insecurities then go to the sink, squeeze everything out and stay dry.”

“You sound like you are so stressed. Are you saying I’m very demanding?!” Priscelia retorted in mock outrage.

It is easy to tell, from my hour-long session with this adorable couple, that they are truly a match made in heaven. An aura of unspoken love peppered with interludes of playfulness and random teasing from each other.

But what is perhaps most distinctive about their union is their unassuming commitment to being happy together, and how their model for success has become a matter of routine.

“You have to be a happy wife for your man to be happy,” said Priscelia. “If you are not happy within then you won’t be able to share that happiness with anyone else.”

The couple who met in 2002 had a fairy-tale beginning which saw them start out as colleagues before their innocent friendship blossomed into “buddy-hood”. An email love confession from Alan one day ensued and sealed their fate with a fleeting interval of courtship that lasted only six months before they tied the knot in 2007.

Often, when the initial romance and excitement fizzles out gradually after marriage, everything seems humdrum and it is easy for couples to slip into the rut. So, how do Priscelia and Alan manage and overcome their disagreements?

“We’ve never raised our voice on each other, we just talk it out,” said Alan with his missus nodding in concurrence.

“It’s kind of natural for us to just walk away when we’ve said enough,” Priscelia added. “As long as we’ve understood each other’s point of views then “it’s ok already lor”.”

The couple whose “baby-making machine is fully operative now” is currently planning for their first child. Although their blissful journey as man and wife has not experienced any episodes of massive spat, admittedly both are aware the dynamics could change when the pitter patter of little feet comes along.

“So far we have no major issue when it comes to making compromises but we’ll see when we become parents, who knows? Being a parent is a joy but it could also work the opposite.”

At this moment, a spontaneous Alan chipped in: “Sometimes her way of ending a quarrel is just by telling me, “Aiya so easy, just hug me lah!” so maybe that’d help in future.”(Laughs)

Three years [and counting] into their nuptials, this pair of adorable couple believes the secret bond to their great relationship is all about “making a fool of ourselves” and that, according to Mrs Tern, apparently involves her “acting cute to entertain my husband”.

Ah, so the cat is out of the bag – an appetite for role-playing is the couple’s hush-hush ammo to keeping the marriage fires burning?

“Acting cute as in pretending to be his maid and serving him coffee when he comes home tired from work!” Priscelia revealed eagerly. “Maybe it’s our acting job that’s become deeply ingrained within us and Alan, though tired, would play along and then we’ll burst out laughing!”

Alan, on the other hand, gives side-splitting performance ala the Glee cast and sings out of synch to tickle his wifey’s funny bones.

“So you see, taking turns to role-play and making a fool of ourselves work for us…sounds kinky! (Laughs)

Indeed, the family that plays together stays together. Such is the adoring and exhilarating team sport of being Mr & Mrs Tern.



Wedding bells in March for Blackie Chen and Christine Fan

By on September 29th, 2010 | Chinese Entertainment, newsfeed

The road to happiness doesn’t come easy.

For Taiwanese host Blackie Chen and singer Christine Fan, it took ten long years.

Speaking to reporters on the set of his new movie,Amazing, in Shanghai yesterday, the 33-year-old host revealed that he will be officially getting engaged to Christine in November and will hold a wedding in March next year.

In February this year, Blackie had proposed to long-time girlfriend Christine with a Tiffany and Co. ring mid-way through watching an NBA match in New Jersey.

The gesture clearly touched the singer as she had immediately agreed to the proposal.

“We’ll still be continuing with our respective works after marriage. There won’t be any change,” he said, when reporters asked about the couple’s plans after getting hitched.

Currently busy with filming in China, Blackie couldn’t help but lament that Christine and him “have been apart for two months.”

With Christine stuck at work in Beijing and Blackie in Shanghai, the lovebirds maintains their relationship through facebook, blogs, and “the occasional meet up in Shanghai for hotpot.”



Magic Power face unrequited love

By on September 29th, 2010 | Chinese Entertainment, newsfeed

Magic Power is certainly one lucky band.

Fresh from their debut, the six member boy band have already collaborated with female stars that many guys would be envious to hear of – Sugary sweet singer Amber Kuo, powerhouse singer Della Ding and Japanese porn star Aoi Sora.

However, the boys just don’t seem to have much luck in the love department.

For one, member Ga-ga had professed his love for singer Della Ding at a concert held in Taipei recently. But there hasn’t been much progress on their relationship since.

Was it awkward for the both of them after the confession?

“Now that you (reporters) are asking, I’m feeling more awkward! At that moment (of confession), I just felt that the mood was right,” Ga-ga shyly replied.

Even though the pair is currently still stuck on the “friends” status quo, the love-struck dude is not just pessimistically sitting around.

Ga-ga has secretly learned the steps to Della’s dance tune, and hopes for a chance to get closer to her by being her backup dancer.

And when reporters pointed out that Ga-ga was the most popular member amongst females, he jokingly expressed, “But I only have Della (in my eyes) now! I plan to make my move this time here (in Singapore)!”

In town for the first time last Saturday, hip-hop rock band Magic Power was here as guest performer for singer Della Ding’s music showcase at Dragonfly.

Speaking to reporters during their interview last week, Magic Power revealed that member Tingting has a crush on singer Amber Kuo. The band collaborated with the singer on their song “Zhuan Shu Mo Li”.

On his liking for Amber, Tingting explained that he was so nervous on seeing the singer that he could not bring himself to go too near her during MV filming, saying “I have a wall in my heart.”

Tingting also praised Amber for being cuter in real life than on television.

On the other hand, band leader Kaikai was accused of having feelings for Aoi Sora when the two starred in the music video “Shi Jian Dao Zhuan” together.

To which, Kaikai admitted that he had indeed requested for an additional scene during filming so that he could hold Aoi Sora’s hands.

Magic Power’s self-titled album is available at all major record stores now.



Battle of the Queens: Shu Qi, Vicki Zhao, Zhou Xun

By on September 29th, 2010 | Chinese Entertainment, newsfeed

Competition is certainly heating up.

The nomination list for the upcoming 30th Hundred Flowers awards – one of China’s most prestigious award ceremony – has been released, and a fiery battle amongst top Chinese female stars are in store.

Taiwanese actress Shu Qi was nominated for her role in movie If You Are Not the One, and is fighting Vicki Zhao and Zhou Xun in a bid to accede the “Best Actress” throne.

To be held in Jiangsu from 12 to 16 Oct this year, the biennial Hundred Flowers Awards, is decided by public votes. With around 700,000 votes cast in recent years, it is the biggest film event in China.

For now, Vicki Zhao’s movie Mulan is in champion position with 14,000 votes, while Zhou Xun’s Painted Skin and Shu Qi’s If You Are Not the One trails in as second and third.

Other notable nominations in the Best Actor category include Donnie Yen’s IP Man, Huang Xiaoming The Message and Zhang Guoli’s The Founding of a Republic.



Miss A releases music video for “I Can’t Breathe”

By on September 28th, 2010 | Korean Entertainment, newsfeed

After teasing their fans with video teaser, girl group Miss A finally sets free their newest MV to the follow up single “I Can’t Breathe”.

Giving a different concept from their previous “Bad Girl, Good Girl” promotion, the girls hope to steal another attention with this follow up single concept.

Like it or not?

Source: K-Bites


SE7EN releases follow up hit “I’m Going Crazy” MV!

By on September 28th, 2010 | Korean Entertainment, newsfeed

Previously reported that singer Se7en will be promoting his follow up hit titled  ‘I’m Going Crazy’.

This is the 3rd song he’s promoting for his comeback album after the title song ‘Better Together’ and ‘Digital Bounce’.

Aside to that, his real girlfriend Park HanByul is also acting as his girlfriend for the MV.

Like it or not?

Source: K-Bites


BoA unleashes her “CopyPaste” MV!

By on September 28th, 2010 | Korean Entertainment, newsfeed

After few days delay from schedule, BoA finally releases her “Copy&Paste” MV !

Like it or not?

Source: K-Bites