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Magic Power face unrequited love

By on September 29th, 2010 | Chinese Entertainment, newsfeed

Magic Power is certainly one lucky band.

Fresh from their debut, the six member boy band have already collaborated with female stars that many guys would be envious to hear of – Sugary sweet singer Amber Kuo, powerhouse singer Della Ding and Japanese porn star Aoi Sora.

However, the boys just don’t seem to have much luck in the love department.

For one, member Ga-ga had professed his love for singer Della Ding at a concert held in Taipei recently. But there hasn’t been much progress on their relationship since.

Was it awkward for the both of them after the confession?

“Now that you (reporters) are asking, I’m feeling more awkward! At that moment (of confession), I just felt that the mood was right,” Ga-ga shyly replied.

Even though the pair is currently still stuck on the “friends” status quo, the love-struck dude is not just pessimistically sitting around.

Ga-ga has secretly learned the steps to Della’s dance tune, and hopes for a chance to get closer to her by being her backup dancer.

And when reporters pointed out that Ga-ga was the most popular member amongst females, he jokingly expressed, “But I only have Della (in my eyes) now! I plan to make my move this time here (in Singapore)!”

In town for the first time last Saturday, hip-hop rock band Magic Power was here as guest performer for singer Della Ding’s music showcase at Dragonfly.

Speaking to reporters during their interview last week, Magic Power revealed that member Tingting has a crush on singer Amber Kuo. The band collaborated with the singer on their song “Zhuan Shu Mo Li”.

On his liking for Amber, Tingting explained that he was so nervous on seeing the singer that he could not bring himself to go too near her during MV filming, saying “I have a wall in my heart.”

Tingting also praised Amber for being cuter in real life than on television.

On the other hand, band leader Kaikai was accused of having feelings for Aoi Sora when the two starred in the music video “Shi Jian Dao Zhuan” together.

To which, Kaikai admitted that he had indeed requested for an additional scene during filming so that he could hold Aoi Sora’s hands.

Magic Power’s self-titled album is available at all major record stores now.


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