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Wang Lee Hom criticized for slamming Stephen Chow

By on October 15th, 2010 | Chinese Entertainment, newsfeed

Wang Lee Hom’s self-directed movie debut Love In Disguse failed to perform up to expectations despite the initial hype during its release and scored only one nomination for Best Original Film Song in the upcoming Golden Horse Awards.

In response to that, Lee Hom commented on famed Hong Kong director Stephen Chow’s failure to bag a Golden Horse award. He angered many netizens who in turn mocked him for comparing himself with the King of comedy.

The 34-year-old’s agent spoke on his behalf yesterday and explained, “Leehom merely said that it’s not easy for a comedy to win an award and he meant that Chow has never won an award for Best Actor.”

Chow had won himself Best Supporting Actor for Final Justice in 1987, as well as Best Director and Best Film award for his recent flick Kung Fu Hustle.

Before Love in Disguise was released in theatres, Wang commented that movie critics were in favour of writing negative feedback to attract viewership, in fear of bad ratings.



Kiki Sheung and Lau Ching-wan’s romantic past exposed

By on October 14th, 2010 | Chinese Entertainment, newsfeed

It was a rowdy class gathering as Kiki Sheung and husband Patrick Lee got hitched last Sunday in the presence of many TVB stars, most of which from her batch 12 training class back in 1982.

The fun began when Kiki invited her fellow classmates on stage, including Carina Lau, Margie Tsang, Lau Ching-wan, Michael Tao, Lawrence Ng and Sandra Ng.

Awkward silence followed when never been told before secrets were revealed and Margie announced that Kiki used to date one of the actors on stage.

The biggest suspect that night turned out to be Lau, after Kiki’s crush on him was exposed just before her wedding.

To fuel the flame, Eric Tsang, who was present that night, asked Kiki if she ever had a strong admiration for Johnny To. The bride firmly said, “yes”, much to the surprise of the guests.

Margie cleared the air when she disclosed that Kiki was referring to another classmate, who did not sign on with TVB.

Calling her crush on Lau as a “beautiful misunderstanding,” Kiki explained that they have been in contact with each other and used to be partners in acting class but never had a chance to be an onscreen couple after graduation.



Michelle Yeoh pries into co-star’s love life

By on October 14th, 2010 | Chinese Entertainment, newsfeed

Executive producer John Woo, director Chao-Bin Su and lead actress Michelle Yeoh were in Singapore over the weekend to promote their latest martial arts film Reign of Assassins.

Michelle was full of admiration and compliments for her fellow male lead and Korean actor, Jung Woo-sung, who plays her love interest in the movie.

The pair showed much chemistry during the Hong Kong premier of Reign of Assassins, where Jung publicly declared his love for the 48-year-old.

With all that emotions involved as a couple on set, Yeoh took the liberty to find out more about Jung’s love life and if he was dating anyone before filming began.

So is he in love at the moment?

“He only replied me with an “mm mm mm” and I don’t know what that means!” she said of her co-star, who was absent at the event.

Following the recent exposure of her brother, Bobby Yeoh’s extra-marital affairs with the buxomly actress Joey Choi Wai-mun, Yeoh remained tightlipped throughout the press conference and avoided questions unrelated to the movie.

Reign of Assassins tells the story of a retired highly-skilled assassin who falls in love and proposes to an ordinary man. Unbeknownst to her, the man she loves is secretly plotting revenge against her.

Yeoh expresses that in reality, she would definitely not take the initiative to speak to a man first, let alone propose.

Would she be worried if the person she loves turns out to be different person altogether?

The Bond girl added, “Love conquers all. If you have too many “what ifs” in your relationship, maybe he is not the one for you.”

When reporters asked if she will tie the knots with fiancé and FIA president, Jean Todt, the Malaysian-Chinese actress did not give a reply.

It has been 10 long years since Yeoh last participated in a martial arts film. Fond of doing her own stunts, the Hong Kong based artiste rejected using a stunt double during the set of Reign of Assassins.

Director John Woo, who is also good friends with Lee Ang, jokingly said that this might just be Michelle’s best performance to date, probably even outshining her role in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.

Commenting on her fellow actress, Barbie Hsu’s brazen flesh-baring scene in the movie, Michelle said, “I never did and I don’t think I need to add that to my portfolio,” when asked if she would ever bare it all on-screen.

Reign of Assassins is distributed by Clover Film and Golden Village Pictures, and debuts on Oct 7.



All things go wrong for Huang Jing Lun’s first hosting gig

By on October 13th, 2010 | Chinese Entertainment, newsfeed

The replacement host from 100% Entertainment is finally getting his own hosting segment in the Taiwanese variety programme, Super Taste.

Huang Jing Lun will be partnering Zeng Zi Yu for Super Taste and has sacrificed many “first times” for the show.

On the first day hosting his first gourmet show, the Singaporean singer-host had to soak half-naked in the cold springs in front of the camera.

That was not all. Apart from encountering a typhoon on the first day of filming, Huang’s streak of bad luck continued and he was struck with stomach flu after consuming food presented to him by the restaurant owner.

The Momo Love actor was admitted into the emergency ward and even received an injection on his bum.

Filming will take place every alternate week for three days two nights. The Warner Music artiste shared that he is definitely looking forward to going around Taiwan with his partner Zeng.



Jang Dong-gun and wife welcome first child

By on October 13th, 2010 | Chinese Entertainment, newsfeed

After 11 hours of labour pain that started from Sunday, Jang Dong-gun’s wife Ko So-young has safely given birth to a son through caesarean section (C-section) in the wee hours of Monday.

Earlier in May this year, Jang tied the knot with his then four months pregnant wife Ko, who stayed home most of the time after marriage.

Ko’s due date was originally on the 10th this month. But after 11 hours of labour the 37-year-old decided to opt for C-section and successfully gave birth to a son yesterday.

Her management revealed that Ko originally wanted a natural birth. However, due to the prolonged labour hours, the doctor felt that it was safer to do a C-section as Ko may not be able to withstand the long wait.

Jang reportedly spent NTD 380,000 (SGD 20,000) to admit his wife into a VIP ward in the hospital, where she will be staying for at least seven days. The actor has spent another NTD 100,000 (SGD 5000) to store his child’s umbilical cord.

The 38-year-old was with his wife throughout labour and made the official announcement that both mother and child are safe, thanking fans for their well-wishes.

According to a fortune teller, the baby’s arrival would definitely bring Jang some luck. The Hollywood premier of his new film, The Warrior’s Way, is scheduled for a Thursday release.



Andy Lau dismisses wife’s pregnancy rumours

By on October 13th, 2010 | Chinese Entertainment, newsfeed

At a press conference held yesterday for his upcoming concert tour which will kick off on Dec 20, Andy Lau addressed speculations of his wife, Carol Choo, being three months pregnant.

The Heavenly King said with a smile, “There’s really no such thing happening.”

Deannie Yip, a veteran actress in Hong Kong’s showbiz and Andy’s godmother, who was also invited to the press conference, did not hesitate to urge Andy to hurry for a child when he denied the rumours.

When the 49-year-old tried to dismiss the topic, host of the event, Eric Tsang, reminded him that he’d better listen to his mother.

When questioned on the need of hiring bodyguards for Carol, he explained that the entourage consisted of her chauffeur and assistants. Andy gave a non-committal reply when quizzed on the possibility of having a rabbit baby in 2011.



Han Geng is "really shy" when it comes to love

By on October 13th, 2010 | Chinese Entertainment, newsfeed

Since his departure from Korean pop group Super Junior, Han Geng is all ready to fly solo with his first appearance in Singapore last Friday. He officially left SuJu to break into the Mandopop industry as a “newcomer” and was in to town promote his first album Geng Xin launched in July.

During his meet-and-greet session with local fans in Singapore, Han Geng was in high spirits during the press conference as he talked about shopping and eating local food upon touching down on Thursday.

He also gleefully mentioned that the shirt he was wearing was bought on that day itself.

When asked about love during an exclusive interview with xinmsn, Han Geng revealed his shy nature and bashfully revealed that he is a “passive and unromantic person”.

“I’m really shy!

“I’m more of an introvert and am not very good with words,” he quipped.

How would he chase a girl then?

The adroit dancer replied, “Maybe I would send her messages and maybe ask her out for a dinner date. I am really shy!”

Known for his filial piety, Han Geng opened two dumpling shops to fulfill his mother’s lifelong dream.

So has he thought about starting a family to comply with his parents’ wish?

“There isn’t even a girl who wants to be with me! Besides, who would want a boyfriend who has no time for her?” he said with a smile.

With response to SuJu leader Lee Tuek’s wish to have all 13 of them perform together again before he enters army, Han expressed that he would definitely love for that to happen if the management and the law permits.

Due to the impending lawsuit with his Korean management company, hopes of Super Junior re-uniting will probably not take place in the near future.

As to why he left his management, 26-year-old Han said he simply wanted a happy environment to work in.

His arrival to Singapore saw over 500 fans, many of whom bearing flowers and gifts.

For someone who is so grounded and grew up through tough times, Han expressed his appreciation to fans but discouraged the gifts. “If everyone took out ten dollars, this money can be pooled for a charity and help others in need instead.”



Ethan Ruan nominated for Best Actor in Golden Horse Awards

By on October 12th, 2010 | Chinese Entertainment, newsfeed

Ethan Ruan has secured a Best Actor nomination for his role in Monga, while Mark Zhao’s lackluster performance cost him a nomination in the release of the 47th Golden Horse Awards nominations last Friday.

Director Chang Tso-chi’s When Love Comes is the hot-favourite with a total of 14 nominations including Best Director and Best Film. Bodyguards and Assassins is another heavyweight contender with nine nominations, including Best Supporting Actor nominee Nicholas Tse who is expected to turn up at the awards with his wife and kids.

Taiwan Box Office Champion Monga, with only four nominations, has failed to enter the Best Film and Best Director categories. Ethan Ruan’s nomination makes him the only Taiwan representative for the Best Actor category.

Based on his role in Black & White, Mark Zhao clinched the Best Actor during the 44th Golden Bell Awards, but failed to impress the judges this time for Monga.

Director Doze Niu assured fans not to get too frustrated over this matter as netizens felt that the movie did not get the credit it deserved as a whole.

Mark expressed that he did not feel disappointed over the nominations and thanked his fans for the support. Asked on Ethan’s nomination, the 26-year-old said that he is definitely rooting for him to win.

47th Golden Horse Awards Nominations:

Best Feature Film: 7 Days in Heaven Bodyguards and Assassins When Love Comes Judge The Forth Portrait

Best Director: Teddy Chan, Bodyguards and Assassins Chang Tso-chi, When Love Comes Liu Jie, Judge Qin Hao, Spring Fever

Best Leading Actor: Ethan Ruan, Monga Wang Xueqi, Bodyguards and Assasins Yi Da, Judge Qin Hao, Spring Fever

Best Leading Actress: Lu Liping, City Monkey Rebecca Tang, Crossing Hennessy Xu Fan, After Shock Sylvia Chang, Guan Yin Shan



Ronald Cheng removes Charlene Choi tattoo

By on October 12th, 2010 | Chinese Entertainment, newsfeed

In hopes to forget his ex-wife Charlene Choi, Ronald Cheng has covered up his “Charlene” tattoo with brand new ink.

According to Hong Kong publications, Ronald has gotten her name inked on his inner right arm back in 2005. But in order to keep the relationship under wraps, he would always be decked out in long sleeves, even in the summer.

However, he was spotted donning a short-sleeved top during his meet up with director Wong Jing at Kowloon Shangri-La last week, revealing three Ace poker cards and a goldfish tattoo.

His inner arm which used to bear the tattoo of Charlene’s name now sports a naked woman floating on clouds. He had no qualms of hiding his newly acquired ink even in the presence of paparazzi.

Ronald was said to have gone back and forth to Taiwan three times since May to get his cover-up ink done with a tattoo artist friend.

When asked during a phone interview if he removed the Charlene tattoo to forget a past he regretted, he said, “I don’t know how to answer you. But everyone has done something at some point in their lives where they felt was the right thing to do. Even if changes are made in future, it doesn’t mean that you have to regret what has been done. Plus, I never mentioned what tattoos I have before.”



Jolin Tsai acts young and drives cheap rental on her date

By on October 12th, 2010 | Chinese Entertainment, newsfeed

Jolin Tsai puts in much effort on her date with model boyfriend Vivian Dawson, dressing younger to bridge the age gap between them and driving a rental car to avoid the shutterbugs!

The Taiwanese pop princess was seen busy practicing her new MV ‘Black-Haired Beautiful Girl’ the night before while her assistant was taking care of her dog WhooHoo and bringing her meals from time to time.

Jolin was spotted leaving at around 10 at night with her assistant and WhooHoo following closely behind.

Decked in a white top with jeans, she also wore a cute ribbon accessory on her head. It was believed that the 30-year-old was trying to bridge the four-year age gap with her 26-year-old beau Vivian.

Instead of cruising around in her own Lexus, Jolin took reporters by surprise when she drove off in a white Mitsubishi rental that was parked outside her door.

Although her management has addressed that the rental vehicle belongs her assistant’s, it is speculated that Jolin decided to drive said vehicle instead to avoid the paparazzi during her meet-up with Vivian.