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Ruby Lin Suing Hospital For Hymen Ad

By on October 28th, 2012 | Taiwanese Entertainment

Ruby Lin

Taiwanese actress and pop singer Ruby Lin has always prided herself on her marketing value as a spokesperson considering her popularity as an actress, however, she is horrified when her photo was used for advertising hymen repair surgery, so much so that she has filed a copyright infringement suit, according to Jayne Stars.

It is understandable that Ruby is upset, as the copyright infringement has already lasted for 2 years.
The suit for unauthorised use of Ruby Lin’s photo online for hymen repair surgery was mounted against Beijing Greene Hospital, and the trial began yesterday morning in the Court of Chaoyang.
Ruby is requesting damages for the use of her image without her consent as well as an apology. Based on accepted celebrity spokesperson fees, the lawyer said she will be suing for $500,000 RMB, plus $100,000 RMB for mental distress.
According to her lawyer, “Ruby will never appear in this kind [hymen repair surgery] of advertisement. Even if money is offered, Ruby will turn it down.”

In their defence, Beijing Greene Hospital claimed that although the website has their name on it, it is not affiliated with them. They claimed that they have never administered nor accessed the site.

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