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Lee Byung-heon wins ‘Star of the Year’ award

By on November 30th, 2012 | Korean Dramas, Korean Entertainment, Korean Movies

Lee Byung-heon will be given ‘Star of the Year’ award.

On December 13th, Lee Byung-heon will be awarded ‘Star of the Year’ award during CineAsia 2012 Award.

Lee Byung-heon will be visiting Hong Kong to attend the event himself. Lee Byung-heon has been keeping himself busy by casting in ‘Gwang Hae’, ‘G.I.Joe’, and ‘Red 2′, and he will be recognized as the hottest star of Asia.

Lee Byung-heon said, “Lee Byung-heon is treating this as a great honor.”

During last three years, ‘Star of the Year’ awards have been given to Chinese actors/actresses, including Lee Bingbing(2011), Zhang ZiYi(2010), and Zhou Xun(2009). Back in 2007, Rain became the first Korean star to win the award, but Tang Wei also won the award with him.

CineAsia Award is an annual movie exhibition which takes place in Hong Kong every December, and it is a prestigious event where movie distributors and theater officials from all over the world attend.

On the other hand, CineAsia 2012 Award will take place from December 11th until 13th at Hong Kong Convention&Exhibition Centre.



Gillian Chung would not attend Edison Chen’s wedding

By on November 27th, 2012 | Hong Kong Entertainment

Things may have gone well for Edison Chen since his infamous sex scandals, but not all his ex-girlfriends are ecstatic about his newfound happiness.

As reported on Groove Asia website, singer Gillian Chung attended Metro Radio’s Original Music Hot Singing 2012 and expressed her hope for Twins to win the major accolades at this year’s Metro Radio Hits Music Awards.

During an interview with the media, the singer was then asked regarding the rumour surrounding former boyfriend, Edison Chen’s proposal to his new girlfriend, Angela Meng. Gillian retorted, “His proposal has nothing to do with me but I wish them all the best.”

Asked if she would attend his wedding if invited, the Twins member replied, “No, I won’t go. Please don’t link me to him ever again.”

In early 2008, Gillian Chung was named one of the celebrities whose sexually explicit pictures with Edison Chen were leaked online. The pictures tarnished Chung’s “squeaky-clean image”, and despite her apology for her naivety, she was dropped from many projects due to the scandal.

It took Gillian over a year before she was able to revive her career.


Edison Chen rumored to be engaged

By on November 27th, 2012 | Chinese Entertainment, Hong Kong Entertainment

Edison Chen began dating his new love interest, 22-year-old Taiwanese-Korean Angela Meng, in July this year. Angela has just completed her studies abroad and is working in Edison’s apparel store, JUICE, in Taipei.

The pair allegedly went on a holiday to the US and were spotted acting intimately on the streets of Hong Kong in September. Edison had previously expressed that Angela was “his true love” and he “was serious this time”.

Recently, rumour has it that the singer has already proposed to his girlfriend of five months. Edison reportedly divulged the secret while drunk during a friend’s gathering.

Edison’s friend revealed that the 32-year-old would “prepare for his wedding soon after he has cleared his current workload”.

An insider also revealed that Edison has not confirmed on any wedding details yet, but that the wedding will be held in Hong Kong.
Edison’s manager dismissed the wedding rumours and commented that it was “fabricated news”. He also refused to comment further on the matter.


Lin Chi-ling gets slammed for obscene behaviour at the 49th Golden Horse Awards

By on November 27th, 2012 | Hong Kong Entertainment

The 49th Golden Horse Awards, also known as the “Chinese Oscars,” were held last Saturday in Yilan, Taiwan. Many celebrities from Taiwan, Hong Kong and China attendedthe prestigious event.

Taiwanese top model Lin Chi-ling, who was one of the awards presenters, became the center of attention when she wore a revealing Versace white gown that showed off her cleavage.

When Chi-ling was presenting the “Best Director” award onstage, she mentioned that her dream was to have a kissing scene with Hong Kong veteran singer-actor, Andy Lau.

The 38-year-old then closed her eyes, leaned forward, and tried to kiss host Huang Bo on the lips.

The audience was appalled and Chi-ling immediately got slammed by netizens on her “inappropriate kissing scene”. They commented that her behaviour was “childish and obscene”.

Others even expressed their dissatisfaction, saying, “It’s an attempted sexual harassment [on Andy].”



Huang Xiaoming’s Wax Figure Unveiled

By on November 21st, 2012 | Chinese Entertainment

Huang Xiaoming Wax Figure

Actor Huang Xiaoming recently unveiled his wax figure that will be displayed at the Madame Tussauds Hong Kong.
As reported on Groove Asia, on 13 November, not only did Huang Xiaoming celebrated his birthday with “The Guillotines” director, Andrew Lau, the actor also received a very valuable birthday present, which was a wax figure of him in his costume in “The Guillotines”, being officially unveiled.
Huang Xiaoming is the first Mainland male actor to be on display in Hong Kong’s Madame Tussauds and the actor was ecstatic about the unveiling of his wax figure, stating, “It truly bares too much resemblance, like a twin brother.”
The actor also shared his measuring experience with the Madame Tussauds high-ranking London sculptor, John Cormican, which took seven hours.
“I didn’t have breakfast as I was afraid to mess up the measurements that day. I was afraid to even take a drink of water.”


Raymond Lam To Take A Break From the Concert Stage

By on November 21st, 2012 | Hong Kong Entertainment

Raymond Lam is holding his concert A TIME 4 YOU on January 26th and 27th. This will be his fourth consecutive year in HK Coliseum. Yesterday the press conference for the concert was held with TVB and EEG executives there to support him.

Raymond’s concert theme is time, although Raymond wanted to leave the audience with surprises, he revealed after he completes this concert, he will be taking a 1-2 year break from the stage. “Actually I already said I was going to take a break for two years already. also next year, I have several films I have to shoot and really can’t make the time on my schedule.” When asked if he’s already got Virgina Lok’s approval? Raymond laughed: “I just told Miss Lok backstage, she just laughed out loud ‘haha’ in response.”

Aside from the schedule conflicts, Raymond added: “I will continue to be in the music scene and release albums, but I hope I’ll be give more time to save up songs. Also, I want to take this opportunity to breathe and absorb some new knowledge.”

Raymond hopes after he takes his break and if he does get more opportunities to hold concerts in the future, he will definitely bring new elements to his music fans. When speaking of Wayne Lai being one of the hot favorites for TV King this year, it was rumored TVB plans to give both the “Asia-Pacific Most Popular Male Singer” and “Most Popular Male Singer” awards to Raymond as a way to comfort him on losing the TV King award. Raymond said he has not heard of this rumor, but he has heard the singer awards will be based on public vote.

Earlier Eliza Sam collaborated with Raymond on his mini film Love Charming One Minute was shown at the press conference. The director and Eliza personally attended the event to support him. Raymond said Eliza plays a female ghost in the mini film, but because she’s not considered the terrifying type, her cheerful personality really fits the role. As for Eliza, she expressed she is fortunate to have the opportunity to work with Raymond.


Park Si Yeon To Appear in Hollywood Film “The Last Knights”

By on November 20th, 2012 | Korean Entertainment

Park Si-yeon is headed to Hollywood to appear in the film “The Last Knights. The actress has recently risen to prominence in the Korean drama “The Innocent Man”. She will be acting amongst famous Hollywood stars such as Clive Owen and Morgan Freeman. The movie which follows a band of warriors seeking to avenge the death of their master will be directed by Kazuki Kiriya of Japan. Park’s role is to play a wealthy woman who symbolizes corruption. The film is scheduled to be released late next year.


Won Bin’s Face Smaller Than A Slice Of Bread

By on November 20th, 2012 | Korean Entertainment

This picture of Won Bin says it all…

Won Bin face smaller than bread


Kate Tsui attends Macau Grand Prix

By on November 15th, 2012 | Hong Kong Entertainment

Kate Tsui was seen attending the Macau Grand Prix looking very sexy in a sleek body hugging silver dress with knee high boots. Kate, who has always been into cars and racing, came to the race in a Ferrari escorted by Philip Ma. She was interviewed by reporters and mentioned that she finds guys who can race sexy. Reporters played along and told her to find a boyfriend at the race.


Linda Chung’s New Album Hopes To Bring Positive Energy

By on November 15th, 2012 | Hong Kong Entertainment

Linda Chung Album Love Love Love

Yesterday Linda Chung released her first album since joining record label Stars Shine. This time Linda is personally responsible for the costumes and album’s concept. She said: “The theme this time is happiness, so I especially painted my fingernails different colors and there is a large ‘heart’ drawn on my hand. I drew the heart myself!”

Linda frankly expressed she had gone through some changes in her mentality. She is much more active and laid back compared to the past. She said: “This change has increased my self-confidence, I’m now more proactive and positive. I hope this will be able to bring positive energy to everyone!” Her new album entitled Love Love Love continues to focus on love songs and the album title coincidentally came from the fact that Linda is used to writing the word “love” three times to end her letters.

“Love Love Love” Tracklist (Credit: YesAsia)

01. 你是我的一半
02. 預防針
03. Love Love Love
04. 最幸福的事 (TVB[護花危情]主題曲)
05. 原諒我是我
06. 落差
07. 就算沒有明天
08. 死症
09. 月亮代表我的心
10. 友愛是這麼簡單 (國)
11. 你是的我一半 (國)