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Linda Chung’s good girl image a problem for sponsors

By on December 21st, 2012 | Hong Kong Entertainment, Taiwanese Entertainment

Linda Chung‘s refusal to stay late and mingle with businessmen have caused her a little problem in Macau.

According to Popular Asians, the actress was recently filming in Macau for the new TVB drama, “Big Wheel”. Reportedly, several rich businessmen were attracted to the actress and invited her to have dinner, an offer that good girl Linda refused.

Her negative response however, allegedly upset the crew and other cast members, who complained, “She is so righteous, and her refusal of the dinner dates upset the sponsors. She made it very difficult for us to handle the situation.”

However, the situation was saved by Linda’s co-stars, Ruco Chan, Edwin Siu, Louis Yuen, and Kristal Tin, who had no problems mingling with these businessmen in order to establish a good relationship with the sponsors.

It was reported that after the incident, the others started to treat Linda coldly, causing the actress to avoid spending the night at Macau and returned to her home to Hong Kong in-between filming.

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