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Actor Park Si Hoo denies rape accusation

By on February 20th, 2013 | Korean Entertainment

Park Shi Hoo

Hallyu star Park Si Hoo issued an official statement this morning, denying allegations by a 22-year-old woman that the actor had sexually assaulted her.

He wrote: ‘There are misrepresentations in the reports regarding this incident. I hope to explain the truth to the media and to my fans.’

According to the alleged victim, she got to know Park through her friends and the two had a drink together on February 15. She lost consciousness under the influence of alcohol, only to discover when she woke up that she had been raped.

Though Park admitted to sexual intercourse with the woman, he insisted that they were both willing parties and that he did not forcibly have sex with her.

The Queen of Reversals actor added that he would fully cooperate with the police and that he plans to counter-sue the woman for slander and for damages to his reputation.

Park rose to fame after acting in popular drama series such as Prosecutor Princess, The Princess’ Man and Cheongdam-dong Alice.