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Fala Chen won’t renew TVB contract despite 8 figure offer from TVB

By on April 8th, 2013 | Chinese Entertainment, Hong Kong Movies

It was reported that TVB actress Fala Chen will not renew her contract with the company, stating that she will be taking an acting class in New York instead.

According to Popular Asians, with her contract with TVB deemed to expire in May, rumour has it that TVB has offered her an 8-digit sum. However, the actress has determined not to renew her contract.

When asked whether she has set her sights outside of TVB once her contract expires, Fala declined to elaborate but stated, “At this stage, nothing is settled yet. I’ve been at TVB for 8 years, and I hope we will maintain a good relationship. There were no unhappy circumstances. It’s just that I’ve filmed so many dramas, and I want to use this time for a break.”

About her decision to take acting class, Fala revealed, “I hope to gain a new perspective in the acting field. In recent years, I discussed acting with co-workers and read many books. However, reading and actually filming are very different.”

“I’ve always wanted to leave the film set and watch different performance platforms to improve myself. I’ve mentioned this to the company before. I’ve planned this for several years and have mentioned this to the company before, so I want to take this chance to refresh myself,” the actress concluded.



Ada Choi welcomes new baby girl

By on March 28th, 2013 | Chinese Entertainment, Hong Kong Entertainment

Ada Choi and husband Max Zhang recently welcomed their second new-born, another baby girl, to the world.
According to Asianpopnews, on 26 March, the actor updated his Weibo with the news of Ada’s delivery, stating, “The Zhang family has a new member! My wife, Ada gave birth to a beautiful and healthy baby girl on 25 March 2013.”
“The Grandmaster” actor added, “It’s not easy for a woman to deal with 10 months pregnancy. Life is such a miracle. Thank God!”

Max also uploaded a photo together with the post, showing his two adorable daughters and lovely wife.
“The Legend Of Zhen Huan” actress later responded jokingly, “A family of three beauties. Max Zhang is the happiest man!”
Ada married Max in 2008 and had their first daughter in May 2011.


“Swordsman” for different audiences

By on March 7th, 2013 | Chinese Entertainment

Playing the role of Linghu Chong in the highly-criticised Yu Zheng-produced adaptation, “Swordsman”, actor Wallace Huo stated that he had been expecting the disapprovals since he first decided to take on the role.

As reported on Popular Asians, the Taiwanese actor, however, clarified that “Swordsman” is meant for a different audience, stating, “I am personally against adaptations that differed from the original, but despite its changes, I was quite impressed with the script. I believe that many younger audiences are not familiar with the original, so “Swordsman” is for them.”

When asked about the comments made by fans who wanted his character to choose Joe Chen’s Dongfang Bubai instead of Ren Yingying, Wallace stated, “I know many fans cannot understand why he doesn’t respond to Dongfang Bubai’s pursuits after everything she has done for him. But the ending is set, and nothing can change it.”
However, he agreed that Linghu Chong and Dongfang Bubai’s relationship was a fascinating one and that the two characters cannot have a simple ending.

The popularity of the Linghu Chong and Dongfang Bubai relationship also mirrored the relationship between the former lovers, Wallace Hu and Joe Chen, who became a couple through 2004′s Taiwanese drama, “100% Senorita”.
Wallace explained, “We were young back then. Many things have changed in the past few years. Both of us have experienced different setbacks and different matters, so we have both changed dramatically.”

When asked if Joe Chen remains to be his ideal type, he answered, “Not bad. She’s good, and a pretty girl,” but continued, “I like low-profile girls. I also like those who are forgiving, and someone who I can take out with and manage a house.”



“Bu Bu Jing Qing” filming has started

By on March 4th, 2013 | Chinese Entertainment, Hong Kong Entertainment

The sequel to 2011′s top drama, “Bu Bu Jing Xin”, entitled “Bu Bu Jing Qing” has begun filming in Tianjin since 2 March.
According to Jayne Stars website, its production company, Tangren recently confirmed the news after the release of “Bu Bu Jing Xin” alternate ending recently.

In a recent interview, Tangren producer Karen Tsai revealed, “Although the modern-day “Bu Bu Jing Qing” will integrate elements of business competition, the main plot will still revolve around love.”

Earlier, Nicky Wu, Cecilia Liu, Ye Zuxin, and Damian Lau were confirmed to appear in “Bu Bu Jing Qing”. However, actor Kevin Cheng has announced that he will not be returning for the drama due to conflicting schedules.

Meanwhile, no official news has been announced regarding Lin Gengxin’s participation in the sequel, as the actor is currently mired in a dispute with his management company, Tangren.

It was also rumoured that mainland Chinese actor Sun Yizhou – known for his role in the “iPartment” series, may be joining the team as well.

“Bu Bu Jing Xin” recently released an alternate ending, in which the modern version of “Fourth Prince” (Nicky Wu) is revealed to be the driver of the car that crashed into Zhang Xiao (Cecilia Liu) and sent her back to the Qing Dynasty as “Ruoxi”.



Grace Wong: “We slept in separate bedrooms!”

By on February 19th, 2013 | Chinese Entertainment, Hong Kong Entertainment

“Friendly Fire” actress Grace Wong recently denied claims of her supposedly ‘losing her virginity’ to her boyfriend during a vacation in Taiwan.

According to Jayne Stars website, the actress, who attended a wedding exhibition on 17 February, explained that she and her boyfriend had stayed in separate rooms during their trip, and denied reports of them sleeping together.

Grace also dismissed claims that she had reunited with her ex-boyfriend, stating that the man in question is someone she had known for quite a while.

The actress stated, “We just started dating, and we both share the same religion. God has helped us a lot.”
Speaking about her new found love, Grace revealed, “We’ve known each other ever since we were in the United States. We kept in contact through emails and telephone calls to ask about each other’s well-being. Ever since he became religious like me, we were able to further connect. He understands me a lot more.”

Asked if they were in Taiwan to meet his parents, Grace replied, “We went to meet his relatives and his priest. We slept in separate rooms, since both of us are against premarital sex. We take this very seriously.”
However, the 26-year-old revealed that she has no plans for marriage anytime soon, stating, “That is still far away. Right now, my priority is my career.”



Lin Gengxin not in “Bu Bu Jing Qin”

By on February 7th, 2013 | Chinese Entertainment, Hong Kong Entertainment

After Kevin Cheng turned down the drama due to his busy schedule, it was reported that another “Bu Bu Jing Xin” actor, Lin Gengxin will not be returning to the sequel as well.

As reported on Jayne Stars website, the drama’s big breakout star was rumoured to have been involved in a conflict with his management company, Chinese Entertainment Shanghai, which coincidentally, is also the production company for the drama.

However, while attending a press conference for GUESS in Nanjing recently, the actor dismissed the rumour, stating, “I’ve heard of the rumour, but aren’t I working now?”

The 24-year-old actor revealed the reason for his absence from the sequel, “Bu Bu Jing Qin”, saying that he has not received a script of the drama.

Lin stated, “I never read the storyboards, nor did I receive the script. I really don’t know if I will be filming it. If I was offered a role, I would very happy to be able to work with my old friends again.”

However, the actor seemed unfazed about the lack of offer. Even without the drama, Lin Gengxin is currently busy, starring as the second male lead in Ruby Lin’s latest drama, “Drama Go Go Go”, and will be playing a significant role in Tsui Hark’s upcoming action film, “Detective Dee the Prequel”


Raymond Lam’s father not happy with Raymond’s girlfriend, Karena Ng

By on February 4th, 2013 | Chinese Entertainment, Hong Kong Entertainment

Rumour has it that Raymond Lam’s wealthy old man, Lam Kwok Wah, is not happy with his son’s continuous spending for his rumoured girlfriend, Karena Ng.

As reported on Popular Asians, rumours are rife that the real-estate developer is doubtful about his son’s new relationship with the 19 year-old Karena, as he suspects that she is out for his money.

Raymond’s father was wary of Karena Ng’s romantic past, as the actress has reportedly cohabitated with Ellen Wong’s son, Derek Lim, and was also romantically linked to textile entrepreneur Lam Kin Ming’s son, among other wealthy elite men.
An insider revealed, “Raymond’s father realized that Karena has had many negative rumours despite her young age. She comes from a modest family and her academic achievements were also average. When Raymond’s father saw that his son was taking care of Karena’s entire family not long after dating, Mr. Lam was certain on what was truly happening.”
The source added, “Since Raymond realised his father had complaints, he has not yet arranged to have his girlfriend meet him.”

Last month, the paparazzi reported that Karena Ng has been living in a luxury apartment at the mid-level sections in Hong Kong. Speculating that the actress may not be able to afford the HKD 80,000 rent, rumours started to spread that Raymond has been living with her to pay half the cost.

Although Raymond has since denied the allegations, tabloids discovered that not only has Karena upgraded to luxurious living conditions, her father, Mr. Ng, who works at a roast pork stall, has moved from his previous Shatin residence to take up a 2,000 square feet apartment one block away, with a monthly rent of HKD 90,000 – a monthly cost that seemed irrational for the actress to bear.



Kevin Cheng backs out of Bu Bu Jing Xin 2

By on January 24th, 2013 | Chinese Entertainment, Hong Kong Entertainment

Kevin Cheng‘s popularity rose immensely with his portrayal of the Eighth Prince in the China drama Scarlet Heart (Bu Bu Jing Xin). His fellow cast members also gained widespread recognition for their roles and allowed all of them a steep increase in pay. Kevin’s earnings went from 100K per episode to 350K per episode. While everyone is anticipating the sequel to the successful BBXJ, Kevin confirmed yesterday that he would not be taking part in the drama as it would conflict with his filming schedule. Kevin expresses his regrets for not being able to film with the original cast and will not be able to reap in the earnings for the 40-episode drama.

Lately Kevin has been busy attending events in Mainland China and it seems like his rise in popularity has no end in sight. With his portrayal of the Eighth Prince, he also created a huge fan base in China. Kevin returned to Hong Kong yesterday to film an advertisement. He revealed that he will be taking part in a new series that will start filming in February, but it won’t be for BBJX2. “Originally BBJX2 was suppose to start in December, but because there were still revisions to the script, it was pushed back until March. I already accepted another project which will start filming in February, so I won’t be able to participate in the sequel. It’s a bit of a regret. But as far as I know, Nicky Wu and Cecilia Liu have already been confirmed for the project. With them leading the drama, I’m sure both the ratings and the reception will be great. If there is an interesting character, perhaps I will make a guest appearance.” As Kevin’s per episode earning is estimated at 350K and with BBJX2 being 40 episodes long, Kevin will likely lose out on a $14 million paycheck. Aside from that, there’s bound to be disappointment from his fans.

Although Lee Lik Chi has been accusing Kevin of speaking horrendous Mandarin and frequently making changes to scripts, Kevin says he hasn’t been paying too much attention to the news and has continued filming dramas. His new project will be another ancient series. After completing ‘Ip Man’, the drama has been slated for release in March. There are rumours that he’ll return to film the sequel with a fee of 500K per episode. Kevin says, “Actually the sequel hasn’t been confirmed yet. We’ll wait to see what the response is like when it is released in March. Even if we do film it will probably be in the summer, but nothing has been set in stone.” There have been reports comparing Kevin, Anthony Wong and Tony Leung’s portrayal of Yip Man. Many have said that Kevin’s portrayal is one that ‘looks good but can’t fight’. Kevin says, “The drama hasn’t even aired, so I hope everyone will watch it first before they make their judgement. I’ve been so busy lately that I haven’t even had time to watch ‘The Grandmaster’. I hope I will have to time to watch a production of that calibre.”

Kevin will be traveling to Korea at the end of the month to attend a joint event between TVB and a Korean television station. What does he think of the Korean wave with artists like SS501 and Sistar? Kevin laughs and says he won’t be comparing himself to them and will only be singing. Will he dance PSY’s Gangnam Style? “I won’t be dancing, I’ll stick to singing!”


“Bu Bu Jing Xin 2″ is on the way

By on January 15th, 2013 | Chinese Entertainment

Chinese Entertainment Shanghai, the production studio of the smash hit mainland Chinese television drama, “Bu Bu Jing Xin” has confirmed that a sequel to the drama is finally in the making.

However, as reported on Popular Asians website, rather than making a direct sequel of the drama, “Bu Bu Jing Xin 2″ is reported to be a reboot of the main characters in a new storyline, and was renamed “Bu Bu Jing Qing”.

In the new modern instalment, the drama revolves around the story of a white-collar worker Zhang Xiao who is hired to work at one of mainland China’s largest companies, the Zhentian Internet Group, in Shanghai. Zhang was then ostracised by her envious colleagues, but got the attention of her boss Yin Zheng. Zhang and Yin’s relationship are then tested when she meets the high executive, Kang Sihan.

Nonetheless, other than the main protagonist’s name, “Zhang Xiao”, linking the two productions together as one franchise, the plot in “Bu Bu Jing Qing” will not follow events that occurred in the final episode of “Bu Bu Jing Xin”.
Cecilia Liu is confirmed to reprise her role as Zhang Xiao while Nicky Wu also confirmed his starring appearance. However, another original cast, Kevin Cheng has yet to make his confirmation.

Chinese Entertainment Shanghai disclosed that if everything is settled, the drama is scheduled for filming after Chinese New Year.



Song Hye Kyo Shoots “The Grandmaster” for 1 Year, 6 Minutes Screen time in Return

By on January 11th, 2013 | Chinese Entertainment, Hong Kong Movies, Korean Dramas, Korean Entertainment

The 10 year production The Grandmaster finally released in Mainland. Lead actor Tony Leung and lead actress Zhang Ziyi were willing to sacrifice their time and lose several jobs to shoot this film from beginning to end. In 2010, it was rumored Korean actress Song Hye Kyo “fussed” and was unwilling to take up extra time to re-shoot some scenes. After spending a year shooting, she only had 6 minutes of screen time in the 130 minute film, lead actress Zhang Ziyi occupied 100 minutes!

Although Song Hye Kyo had little screen time and declined to participate in the promotions, lead actor Tony Leung still praised her professionalism despite having a language barrier with the crew and basically gave a lot of ‘face’. Tony said: “I totally understand her situation. In the past, I went to Taiwan to shoot Hou Hsiao-Hsien’s film not knowing any Mandarin. At the time, I felt as if I was mute and couldn’t speak. But, Song Hye Kyo was very professional, she was able to portray the elegant woman, she’s a very rare actress.” Wong Kar Wai’s production style is ‘patient work makes a good product’, and may not necessarily understand every artist. Tony works very closely with the director, asked if he tutored Song Hye Kyo? Tony laughed: “She’s very professional, not necessary.”

Tony Leung also praised Zhang Ziyi, he said: “I admire her. I don’t need to say much about her acting, but she trained her Kung Fu well. It’s amazing. I had a few action scenes with her, because we had to accommodate several things, I couldn’t hit her lightly. That night we were shooting the scene 50 times, so absolutely there was accidental hitting and stepping involved, I know she was in real pain due to her old injuries, but she held it all in. I really admire her, very rare!”