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It’s a battle of ratings between Jerry Yan and Vanness Wu

By on January 20th, 2010 | newsfeed, Taiwanese Dramas, Taiwanese Entertainment

Taiwanese idol drama series Down With Love which stars two mega idols, Jerry Yan from F4 and Ella Chen from S.H.E will be making its debut on television screens this weekend. To instill some hype amongst viewers, the production team aired a special episode which consisted of trailers and exclusive interviews with the cast last Sunday.

The ratings for the special trailer episode raked in a meager 0.59% as compared to Jerry’s fellow F4 band member Vanness Wu’s ongoing drama series, Next Stop Happiness, which pulled in a healthy number of 7.15% in ratings.

The four members of F4 have been separately participating in various drama productions lately with Vic Zhou starring in Black & White and The Late Night of Madam Chin, Ken Zhu in the recently-concluded Momo Love, Vanness Wu in the ongoing Next Stop Happiness and Jerry Yan’s soon-to-debut Down With Love.

Due to its…

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Ella gets complaints for spitting at Jerry Yan

By on January 14th, 2010 | newsfeed, Taiwanese Dramas, Taiwanese Entertainment

An act of thespian improvisation has unwittingly landed a TV show in trouble.

Down With Love, a idol drama production by CTV and GTV, will air on 24 January in Taiwan. In its recently released trailer, lead actress and S.H.E. member Ella Chen is seen spitting at her co-star Jerry Yan. This act has led to a warning from Taiwan’s National Communications Commission (NCC).

At around the 1-minute mark in the clip, the two lead characters run into an argument, and after Jerry shouts at Ella, she takes a good spit at him.

When interviewed, Ella said the spit was not scripted, but her own improvisation. She felt that it suited the character and the scene, while the whole production crew also liked it.

But some members of the public complained her action isn’t kids-friendly. NCC contacted CTV and requested the scene to be cut, or a fine…

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Joe Chen is not sick of working with Ming Dao for the third time

By on January 14th, 2010 | newsfeed, Taiwanese Dramas, Taiwanese Entertainment

The upcoming idol drama Let’s Dance may be their third time pairing up as a screen couple, but leading Taiwanese actress Joe Chen hasn’t grown weary of fellow actor Ming Dao.

In Let’s Dance, Joe is one half of two sisters who both fall in love with a rich man’s son (Ming Dao). For the show, she had to take intensive dance lessons in Korea (her character is a talented dancer), and also face the challenge of portraying a character who gradually becomes blind.

The two played lovers in 2005′s The Prince Who Turns Into a Frog and 2007′s My Best Pals, leading fans to dub them “Most Compatible Couple”, but both parties have repeatedly denied that they are an item.

While the 30-year-old said in a phone interview that she’s not sick of her co-star, she was quick to add that nothing was going on between them….

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Jerry Yan will not appear on Show Luo’s variety programme

By on January 8th, 2010 | newsfeed, Taiwanese Dramas, Taiwanese Entertainment

To promote his latest TV drama Down With Love, a GTV production also starring Ella Chen of S.H.E., Taiwanese hunk Jerry Yan has been busy making rounds of guest appearances on popular talkshows including Variety Big Brother and Kang Xi Lai Le – only his second time – except 100% Entertainment, which fellow singer-actor Show Luo hosts. It raises eyebrows because the daily entertainment variety show, which is also broadcast by GTV, would typically prioritize shows from its own station.

Show previously acted with Jerry in the 2008 basketball-themed idol drama Hot Shot, which first sparked the rumours of their mutual hostility. And with Jerry’s non-appearance on Show’s programme, the gossip mill is on overdrive. It also doesn’t help that Jerry’s past promotional work for Hot Shot was far less active – he appeared for only 15 minutes at the drama’s premiere two years ago.

A GTV spokesperson denied…

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Vanness Wu’s drama ratings are top amongst his F4 peers

By on January 6th, 2010 | newsfeed, Taiwanese Dramas, Taiwanese Entertainment

Vanness Wu has trumped the rest of his F4 peers… in the TV drama ratings. The F4 group, made of Jerry Yan, Vic Zhou, Ken Zhu and Vanness, first rose to fame in 2001 when all four singer-actors starred together in the Taiwanese idol drama Meteor Garden.

The ratings of Vanness’s current drama Next Stop Happiness recently escalated to a new high average of 7.76, with portions of its latest episode raking in as much as 8.86 (that’s approximately 3.2 million viewers turning in).

In last Sunday’s episode, Vanness Wu’s character regained his lost memory only to suffer an emotional meltdown as he uncovered the lies and betrayal by his own mother and girlfriend.

As the drama reaches its gripping climax, Vanness has not only won the ratings battle against Vic Zhou’s Black & White (4.8), Jerry Yan’s Hot Shot (4.2) and Ken Zhu’s Momo Love (3.38), but…

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