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Edison wishes his exes happiness

By on February 11th, 2013 | Hong Kong Entertainment, Taiwanese Entertainment

Blissful with his current state of relationship, controversial actor Edison Chen has decided to spread the love and well-wishes all around, and hopes that his former lovers, Cecilia Cheung and Gillian Chung will have the same.
As reported on Jayne Stars website, speaking to the media at a promotional event recently, Edison Chen was asked about Cecilia and Gillian’s blooming relationships. The actor, who is currently dating his former JUICE employee, Ann Hong, clarified that he didn’t know about the news, saying, “I rarely read the news. I hope that each person, and not only the two of them, can happily find a person to love.”

Infatuated with his current love life, Edison added, “Finding someone to love mean more than money. I am not working in this industry caring about how much money I make. When I go home and there is someone there to accompany me, that is already a great joy.”

He expressed, “Money is only a figure. Happiness cannot be purchased with money.”

Having said that, the actor however, denied rumours of an upcoming wedding with his 22-year-old girlfriend. Asked if he considers Ann as a potential wife, the actor said, “I am not sure. It’s too early to tell and it’s unfair to ask me that.”
It has been five years since nude photos of Edison, Gillian and Cecilia rocked the entertainment world. Within the time span, Cecilia Cheung separated from husband, Nicholas Tse and currently has a new pursuer while Gillian Chung was able to make her comeback into the industry and is currently dating Korean movie producer, Kwon.


Linda Chung’s good girl image a problem for sponsors

By on December 21st, 2012 | Hong Kong Entertainment, Taiwanese Entertainment

Linda Chung‘s refusal to stay late and mingle with businessmen have caused her a little problem in Macau.

According to Popular Asians, the actress was recently filming in Macau for the new TVB drama, “Big Wheel”. Reportedly, several rich businessmen were attracted to the actress and invited her to have dinner, an offer that good girl Linda refused.

Her negative response however, allegedly upset the crew and other cast members, who complained, “She is so righteous, and her refusal of the dinner dates upset the sponsors. She made it very difficult for us to handle the situation.”

However, the situation was saved by Linda’s co-stars, Ruco Chan, Edwin Siu, Louis Yuen, and Kristal Tin, who had no problems mingling with these businessmen in order to establish a good relationship with the sponsors.

It was reported that after the incident, the others started to treat Linda coldly, causing the actress to avoid spending the night at Macau and returned to her home to Hong Kong in-between filming.


Ruby Lin Suing Hospital For Hymen Ad

By on October 28th, 2012 | Taiwanese Entertainment

Ruby Lin

Taiwanese actress and pop singer Ruby Lin has always prided herself on her marketing value as a spokesperson considering her popularity as an actress, however, she is horrified when her photo was used for advertising hymen repair surgery, so much so that she has filed a copyright infringement suit, according to Jayne Stars.

It is understandable that Ruby is upset, as the copyright infringement has already lasted for 2 years.
The suit for unauthorised use of Ruby Lin’s photo online for hymen repair surgery was mounted against Beijing Greene Hospital, and the trial began yesterday morning in the Court of Chaoyang.
Ruby is requesting damages for the use of her image without her consent as well as an apology. Based on accepted celebrity spokesperson fees, the lawyer said she will be suing for $500,000 RMB, plus $100,000 RMB for mental distress.
According to her lawyer, “Ruby will never appear in this kind [hymen repair surgery] of advertisement. Even if money is offered, Ruby will turn it down.”

In their defence, Beijing Greene Hospital claimed that although the website has their name on it, it is not affiliated with them. They claimed that they have never administered nor accessed the site.


Are Show Luo and Rainie Yang dating?

By on October 26th, 2012 | Taiwanese Entertainment

They were once said to be lovers when they filmed Taiwanese idol series, Hi My Sweetheart, in 2010.

Dating rumours between Show Luo and Rainie Yang made headlines again recently after the two Taiwanese artistes shot a commercial together.

Said to be in a four-month-long relationship, rumour has it sparks flew between the two again when they played a couple for the commercial shoot. According to reports, the couple displayed no sign of awkwardness and readily hammed it up for the cameras when the director requested for them to be affectionate.

Sources revealed the two singers-actors decided to keep their relationship under wraps and away from the media eye due to their “idol” statuses.

After Show and Rainie’s turn as an adorable couple in Hi My Sweetheart, they were suspected to be a real-life couple due to their good onscreen and off-camera chemistry. Seen as a publicity stunt by some fans, reps from both artistes denied the claims and emphasised that they are “very close friends”. Rainie and Show were romantically linked with different partners a couple of months later.

Before they became friends and “lovers”, the couple had a long-running misunderstanding between them. Rainie’s previous relationship with Show buddy’s Alien Huang, did not end on a good note and left the former a negative impression on Rainie. The couple resolved their issues and misunderstandings after collaborating in Hi My Sweetheart.



Maggie Wu fame soars post nude photo scandal

By on October 8th, 2012 | Taiwanese Entertainment

Maybe having a nude photos of yourself distributed around the internet is not the kiss of death. After Maggie Wu‘s scandal with Justin Lee, the public seems to have forgiven her for being involved. It seems that Maggie’s fame has risen with the scandal and her role in the Heaven show seems to have propelled the actress into a more postive light.

In Heaven Show, Maggie portrays a CEO that’s mature and very sister like. Maggie’s performance has been viewed as close to perfection when switching from one personality to another.


Linda Chung and Wu Chun look a like

By on October 5th, 2012 | Hong Kong Entertainment, Taiwanese Entertainment

This has been discussed quite a bit in the past few years, but yesterday, Linda Chung and Wu Chun met and stood side by side for the first time at the MARC BY MARC JACOBS store opening ceremony.

Linda and Wu Chun seem to be having fun with the idea. Linda was quoted as saying “When I was shooting A Watchdog’s Tale, I had a short hair wig on, and when I was out on the street, people mistaken me for Wu Chun! I’ve thought of cutting my hair short too, but I was afraid I may look too much like him, so I didn’t get it. Friends also think we look very much alike, even for myself, I am starting to wonder if Wu Chun’s really is my long lost brother. I have to go back and ask my mom.” Wu Chun also said “We do kinda look alike. Before when I was shooting with Raymond Lam, he said we really looked alike. Ekin Cheng said the same thing. If we could play brother and sister in a movie/series in the future, that wouldn’t be too bad.”


It’s a battle of ratings between Jerry Yan and Vanness Wu

By on January 20th, 2010 | newsfeed, Taiwanese Dramas, Taiwanese Entertainment

Taiwanese idol drama series Down With Love which stars two mega idols, Jerry Yan from F4 and Ella Chen from S.H.E will be making its debut on television screens this weekend. To instill some hype amongst viewers, the production team aired a special episode which consisted of trailers and exclusive interviews with the cast last Sunday.

The ratings for the special trailer episode raked in a meager 0.59% as compared to Jerry’s fellow F4 band member Vanness Wu’s ongoing drama series, Next Stop Happiness, which pulled in a healthy number of 7.15% in ratings.

The four members of F4 have been separately participating in various drama productions lately with Vic Zhou starring in Black & White and The Late Night of Madam Chin, Ken Zhu in the recently-concluded Momo Love, Vanness Wu in the ongoing Next Stop Happiness and Jerry Yan’s soon-to-debut Down With Love.

Due to its…

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Mayday’s Singapore concert will be same day as S.H.E’s

By on January 19th, 2010 | newsfeed, Taiwanese Entertainment

Fans are in for a dilemma this April.

Two of the biggest Taiwanese groups have chosen the same night to hold their concerts here, promising to set off a series of unfortunate events.

The trio of S.H.E is slated to perform at the Singapore Indoor Stadium on 17 Apr for their S.H.E is the One World Tour. News arrived yesterday morning that rock band Mayday will have their Singapore stop of their DNA World Tour on the same date, at the Padang.

Since their successful and unprecedented two shows here last August, which attracted 14,000 people in total, there has been talk that Mayday will be back soon. 17 Apr will be the group’s first priced outdoor concert in Singapore.

The concert is believed to be similar to DNA’s Kaohsiung stop, although their company Rock Records said they are still in the midst of planning. The 18-metre-tall stage…

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Wu Chun honoured by Lee Byung-hun’s gesture

By on January 19th, 2010 | Korean Entertainment, newsfeed, Taiwanese Entertainment

The muscles of Taiwan meet the muscles of Korea. And they seemed to have rubbed off each other the right way.

Wu Chun and Lee Byung-hun were at the 2010 Asia Model Awards last Friday. Both won for their respective countries. Wu was also taken aback and pleasantly surprised when the Korean superstar proposed that they work together in the future.

It was the two’s first meeting, but due to a common passion for hitting the gym, the musclemen continued chatting after leaving the stage.

Wu said that when it comes to acting and experience, he has a lot to learn from his counterpart, but when the topic came to their physique, the member of Taiwanese boyband Farenheit assumed more confidence.

“His figure is quite good, but we’re different. He’s toned, while I’m bulky.”

Lee, who showcased his six-pack in his Hollywood debut G.I. Joe: The Rise of…

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Ming Dao leaves J-Star

By on January 19th, 2010 | newsfeed, Taiwanese Entertainment

Top Taiwanese idol drama leading man Ming Dao has followed his screen lover Joe Chen’s footsteps and left the illustrious J-Star.

The management company is headed by its infamously fearsome boss, industry veteran Sun De-rong, who has scouted and groomed a whole host of Taiwanese celebrities, including Show Luo, 5566, Cyndi Wang and Matilda Tao. Both Ming Dao and Joe, who have played romantic partners thrice, learnt their ropes under Mr Sun.

Speaking through his agent, Ming Dao said he considered and also struggled for a long time to reach this decision. He added that he will never forget everything Mr Sun has given him.

On the news, his ex-boss responded, “This is the sad fate of an artiste manager. When he’s not famous yet, we have to find opportunities for him. When he is, we need him to give us opportunities.”

Following Joe’s earlier exit from J-Star,…

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