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10-23-2011 10:53 PM


It was good...until the end :|



06-08-2011 07:35 AM


If you enjoy watching dramas with plenty of catfights and Jerry Springer style plots then this is the drama for you. :D


12-14-2010 11:17 PM


Great choice in casting. I liked the story and the chemistry between the characters. Tavia did good for her first time as a villain but I thought the ending was a bit too easy for her character. Other then that I liked the series.


11-17-2010 07:26 AM


first few episodes were good, then the drama quickly went down-hill from there. tavia did great as a maid (when she was hovering between the good and evil side), but after she became evil, she was totally a MAD WOMAN. over-the-top acting, but still must praise her for her determination to play her first villain role.

lau sam ho is too perfect to be true. she's supposedly a likeable character, but i really hated her character here. i pity charmaine who could have chosen better roles.

special mention to the villains of this drama, grand empress kwok and general ma yuen ji. susan tse and lee kwok lun for their fantastic performances as the main villains before tavia's character reigned supreme.

please, no more charmaine + kevin pairings. this pair IS PLAIN BORING! i'd rather see moses and charmain pair together.

super lousy script, decent acting... but still can't save this series from getting only 1/5 stars.

for better palace-themed dramas, watch war and beauty.


12-06-2009 06:50 AM


More Jewel in the Palace than Heart of Greed and/or War & Beauty. Interesting to see something set in the Tang imperial court.
Tavia's awesome here - certainly deserved her 2 awards - a close contenter to Sharon Tang's best actress imho. Michelle's better here than in Moonlight Reasonance; Selena improved a lot and Charmaine's very convincing as the goody-do-good. Lee Kwok Lun shone as the evil eunuch, consistent performance from Moses & Kevin.
Great overall except for the last 15 mins.


07-29-2009 07:08 AM


hi kevin you looks great


05-06-2009 05:28 AM


looks nice


04-11-2009 04:29 AM


ROFL i like how u put it "Heart of Greed meshed with War and Beauty" I can't wait tho since tavia, charmaine and susanna r in it.


03-24-2009 10:19 PM




03-06-2009 11:01 PM


Looks like Heart of Greed meshed with War and Beauty.

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