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05-06-2008 01:49 PM


haha one word : funny


04-20-2007 05:26 PM


I agree with the review in general; I think TVB had something special until they blew it at the end. If you're somewhat versed in Chinese history and literature, Hong Kong style cantonese w/ the slangs and oblique references, then you'll really enjoy the wittiness of the script and dialog. I decided to rewatch this series because the recent TVB series are all rehashes of old ideas w/ no originality (eg. the same producer's 'Heart of Greed'), and I'm still marveled at the drama's great story telling, comedic timing, pacing, editing, and acting.


02-10-2007 12:00 AM


i am not a fan of moses, but he grew on me in this series. a must see, very must not quit because of the boring beginning.


11-03-2006 12:00 AM


i LOVE this series. totally hilarious...moses & niki were a funny couple..


10-26-2006 12:00 AM


this is 1 HILARIOUS movie. but i never got 2 c the end.


12-31-2005 12:00 AM


This is the most funny movie i ever saw i like it when Niki Chow Lai Kei says 'Everybody loves me and i love everybody'


10-18-2005 12:00 AM


This series right away captures my attention...throught the series, moses and niki did an excellent job...i think this is a very good comedy to watch and everyone should give it a try!

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