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07-13-2009 04:53 AM


ONE OF THE BEST!!! THIS SHOW IS ON MY TOP TEN LIST!!! ONE OF MY FAVORITES!!! IT ACTUALLY TOP "METEOR GARDEN" FOR ME... this is the show where I FELL IN LOVE with MING DAO!!! He is soooooo HOT in here... He has a sweet side and a bad @ss side... I LOVE IT!


10-29-2008 12:44 AM


I love the episode so much that I cannot stop watching it. Ming Dao is my fan now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


10-03-2008 09:47 PM


One thing's for sure, Ming Dao is so cute! his eyes is so expressive, the other lead actors did great job in their roles, especially the funny ones.

Simple story but still it catch my interest to watch it with the flow of the story, the sound and visual effects (so funny!).

My least fave character is Yunxi, her fashion style especially the earings and the psycho thingy! dah!

favorite scenes

- when JH live as Tanggao, how he manage to live a simple life
- when TY call the radio station and tell about her love story not knowing that JH was also listening
-when JH & TY trapped in elevator and cave
-when TY paste the pieces of paper that was shred and the accidental kiss wid Zi Qian
-Episodes 21 LOL! & 30
-Zi Qian best moment when his mom died
-JH trying to get back to TY
-JH & TY date in roof top, when he said "wo ai ni..."

All in all, I fnd this series ok, not the best but still I still find it so interesting and funny and that's ok with me, story and chracter wise are also ok but less feeling of romance for the lead actors...


08-21-2008 05:46 AM


go go... mingdao and joe chen..... latest couple of my life.... love yah....

Bi's lover

06-22-2008 03:08 AM


Love it. I'm a Ming Dao and Joe Chen's fan now. =)


06-07-2008 11:59 PM


I hear a lot of good recommendation of this series never watch it yet. I can't find it anywhere.


03-29-2008 06:42 AM


its so cute and funny i love it


03-20-2008 06:22 AM


all taiwanese s so cute like mike and rainie,,,,,,,i love it


03-20-2008 06:16 AM


i love this frog prince so funny.....and romantic...........


03-06-2008 02:23 PM


want to watch it to.


11-10-2007 05:12 AM


I love this drama.

However the editing technique is horrible here.


09-28-2007 01:59 AM


this series is soooo cool!
i really enjoy watching it...
ming dao & qiao en make a perfect pair...
love them sooo much...
i hope i can watch it again....


09-08-2007 09:05 AM


HOPEFULLY "the prince who turns into a frog" ,PLEASE RELEASE " THE PRINCE WHO CHANGE INTO A FROG 2 "...I seriously wanna watch `em continuously...i bet every1 will love it


09-08-2007 08:43 AM


wow!! i extremely LOVE dis drama so so much! i fall in love wid MING DAO...da way he stared and sweet! i never once watch taiwan day,i was switching channels,den i watched "the prince who turns into a frog" .this title amazed me.. day by day i watched..den i was vy busy within da i immediately called up my dad to buy tat DVD,unfortunately my DVD there`s no ENGLISH SUBTITLE!!! zha dou!i cant understand wat they are least i know wat`s happening in that drama...i LOVE ming dao so much..i love tall,and fit guy like ming dao..

08-22-2007 12:37 AM


Its the best Taiwan series I've ever watched as I hardly watch Taiwan dramas. Will highly recommend this as this comedy drama is funny and memorable plus excellent cast and the script is well written but not without flaws though. The leads have great chemistry together. A good story worth keeping in your library of movies.


06-01-2007 11:17 PM


i love this story very much..


04-19-2007 11:24 PM


This series is very best!!!
Love Ming Dao and Qian En,both of them make a cute couple.Sam also getting better in acting.
Good jobs !!!!!

Bi's lover

04-16-2007 03:20 AM


i really, really, really love this series. :)


03-20-2007 08:50 PM


i really like this movie its really good


03-17-2007 11:15 PM


Well, I really like series. Heck, I will say this is my second best after Mars. I know it's more a fairytale-like drama but all the more, that's what entertainment is for. Sometimes, too much of what happens in real life is shown on t.v. can be a bit boring. NOt that it's the truthfullness of the story is not important but I think sometimes a drama with a touch of fantasy isn't bad either. Anyway, I love it. ^_^


03-06-2007 10:22 AM


This is good drama. Though some comments that the storyline copied from another Kdrama "Save the Last Dance for Me" but I find this is better as its funny and cute. I love both the leads lots. In comparison the Kdrama I only liked the lead actor and its much more sad not as enjoyable. Cheers


02-18-2007 05:24 PM


Good drama..I never get tired of it! Some part are very touching! Like when tianyu ask for a 10 sec. hug! WHOOOO! Go 183 club and 7 flowers!


02-06-2007 12:00 AM


i really enjoyed this series. though, i cannot watch it again. not to be rude, but i don't think Ming Dao is all that cute.


01-24-2007 12:00 AM


i've already watched this drama last 2006 and i can say that this is great!... ming dao is very handsome!lol..


12-31-2006 12:00 AM


It seem like a good drama.I want to see it too!Plus Ming Dao is in it!!!hehehehe...


12-21-2006 12:00 AM


i heart this drama! JunHao is so handsome, and TienYu is so pretty. TienYu's mum and her brother is so funny! i ROARED when they do all those funny actions! i love their songs. but i pity their ending,

ngoc anh

11-11-2006 12:00 AM


This drama is PERFECT. i´ve never seen the best one. I totally adore this drama but it was quite pity that Jun Hao (Ming Dao) hadn´t recall the days with Tienyu . And this drama is totally funny and the actors-great, i am really speechless at their acting in this drama. It´s the best drama ever!


10-10-2006 12:00 AM


I really liked this one although I had to say I started out iffy on it. The music is also really awesome and the characters are so dynamic. I give it two thumbs up! <=corny, I know


08-29-2006 12:00 AM


I've watched a lot of series ranging from TVB's, Chinese, Korean, Jap, Taiwanese and Thai but this is definitely the best romance one I've watched. The characters are realistic and the storyline is excellent. It doesn't drag on and it's so funny. It isn't a cliche (not that cliches are bad) and I love the chemistry between the leads. What more can I say, it's almost perfect. Definitely worth watching over and over again and don't bother borrowing it off a friend because it's so worth keeping.


08-25-2006 12:00 AM


I really enjoy this romantic drama, I agree, this is the best taiwan drama i ever watch. believe me I have watched alots of dramas! The reason I enjoyed this drama so much because it is a light, fun, home loving,unpredictable things occurs. Not to mentions the main characters are so cute and good looking! The music and soundtrack are so romantic too. So people believe is drama is base on the korean drama, 'save the last dance for me' I truelly disagree. the only thing that boths drama have common is the main actor hit by a car and lost his memory. 'Save the last dance for me' is a very serie and little sad, but I did not think the main couple 'gel' well together. With this taiwan drama, JH and TY look very much a couple and the acting is so realistic.

Lito Tang-Tang

08-18-2006 12:00 AM


i HEART this drama.


06-13-2006 12:00 AM


i really like this movie because the actor and actress did a good job also i like the romance part...


05-24-2006 12:00 AM


one thing i can say is THE BEST TAIWAN DRAMA I EVER WATCH. but the ending is too boring.


05-14-2006 12:00 AM


lol. i love thsi drama. it was funny and unexpected things happening. i really liked it. =]

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