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11-17-2009 02:42 AM


if anybody have the link to download this serial plz let me know...........thanks in advance........my email id is [email protected]

imran khan

09-13-2009 08:44 AM


Zu Mountain Saga Video Streaming


08-22-2009 11:33 PM


If any one has download site or online show site please let me know. I love this show,
my email is [email protected]
thanks in advance.


08-03-2009 12:01 PM


hi if anyone find the download site for this serial pls tell me i love this serial. i used to watch this serial in Home Tv in hindi version...if anyone find the hindi version...would be better thanks in adv.


10-02-2008 06:41 AM


can anybody tell me where can i download this series for free in any language cause i love these very much plzzzzzzzz. anybody with any information plesae mail to [email protected] or send any link plzz.


08-17-2008 11:50 PM


Its one of the coolest serials...


01-15-2008 03:07 AM


Hi! I love this series. I used to watch it in Hindi when I was a kid. Can somebody tell me what language it is originally?


01-06-2008 09:43 PM


i am crazy for this show,i used to watch it in indian language coz i dont understand chinese but i wish i can get the whole series in hindi,english,or lastchinese language as a dvd or vcd.anybody can help me out pls mail me
[email protected]
it will be a big favour pls contact me.mail me


12-28-2007 08:45 AM


my fav

maddy love

12-24-2007 10:33 AM


it reminds me of my old days when i use to see this show. i still remeber my childish experience i never ever missed a single episode. this show is gr8


07-15-2007 03:00 PM


It was way cooler when Ekin become the blood demon instead of Eddie.

Sovanary Lim

03-31-2005 12:00 AM


This series is a romatice history with first sad ends, but with Happy End.
The first series, which was translated in my language.I like Ekin Cheng and Nadia Chan.


02-28-2005 12:00 AM


I watched this drama when i was very young. when i watched it again few years later, i didn't find the martial arts in this drama that good,(i guess technlogy has a dramatic effect on our taste and demand), I like Nnadia's character, she is good at acting in almost every other drama, no exception to this one, except it's a bit sad that Ekin and her faced so many obstacles in this drama and still didn't get together at the end.

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