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Eternal Happiness
Eternal Happiness 2002

haha..its 2007 now and Raymond Lam is HUGGEE~! wildly popular and talented...its amazing how successful he has become. anyway i think i shall catch this show too just to see how he has improved over the years~!

My Girl
My Girl 2006

Park Si Yeon doesnt look that good in the drama i tink. in fact i think she looks like chae rim at times but not the prettier one.
Though i really hated what she was doing to Yoo rin

Warriors of the Yang Clan
Warriors of the Yang Clan 2004

this series might not score high in terms of like music, background, but its very touching.
i honestly adore alec and enjoyed those wonderous moments when u could practically feel his emotions through the screen - brilliant actor.
but wats truly amazing is the sacrifices made by the Yang family. though not entirely true in its historic facts, but watch and weep for the loss of such a loyal family..thumbs up and highly recommended!

Full House
Full House 2004

i thot the ending was abit too draggy as well.its as if they had a quote to reach and didnt haf anything else more to film But overall i liked this drama..great ups and downs in one nice plot.

Everybody Has Secrets
Everybody Has Secrets 2004

its a pretty enjoyable drama but please do not watch it if u haf issues regarding infedielity etc..cos there are absolutely no morals in this show.other then that..pretty good~!

Angels of Mission
Angels of Mission 2004

ive just started to watch this has great potential but i find that the way it is done is kinda b-grade...dunnoe y
will continue to watch though was not very impressed by first episode

Princess Xin Yue
Princess Xin Yue 1995

i dun think xin yue was being selfish since men at that time were allowed to have many wives. if i dun remember wrongly, xin yue and nu da hai met through some i assumed what the plot must have been was that she probably took very good care for him and hence love developed between both of them.
I remembered clearly that xin yue was the one that was suffering, not the first wife.
In one scene, xinyue had knelt down and was offering tea to the first wife, and she drank it and spat at her..totally humilated xin yue
Initailly when xin yue went to the residence, nu da hai's children hated her but they were slowly bought over by her kindness.
so i dun think that they were that selfish, rather things were difficult for them.

The Bali Story
The Bali Story 2004

hahaha im watching it now...only at the first few epsiodes, cant believer the turnout!! cant believe tt the story is SSSSSOOOOO twisted!!!

Triumph in the Skies
Triumph in the Skies 2003

actually im glad tt there was no villian in this series coz it makes the show more realitic..i mean this is a show abt pilots and real life..not all the time do we need to have mad characters running around killing pple and screwing up their friends lives. so yuh i do like it this way on the contrary

The Return of the Condor Heroes
The Return of the Condor Heroes 1995

actually i find that louis koo looked rather convincing as a young boy. On the contrary he looks terrible as the older Yang Guo after the 16 years. Whats with the hair? Terrible terrible hairstyle.
Note - Guo Xiang is very cute you'll love her.

The White Flame
The White Flame 2002

this show is highly recommendable. Not only is it informative regaridng the nursing profession that is often overshadowed by doctors, but it is vert heart-warming. Though i have only watched it once, it remains one of my personal favourites.

The King of Yesterday and Tomorrow
The King of Yesterday and Tomorrow 2003

I am sorely disappointed with the ending. This is a good show that is fresh, at least the part whereby that emperor goes forward in time, and the acting is good.
But the ending is badly done. It is as if the producers or scriptwriters had run out of ideas or time.
By making Rili become mad was just trying ot end things fast and Daxia and Siniang joining a tribe is just so wrong.
A good show has a good start good body and good ending, a pity that a bad ending ruined it all.

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