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Angels of Mission
Angels of Mission 2004

I found it entertaining. Not the perfect thing but it was fun watching it.

The Heavenly Sword and Dragon Saber
The Heavenly Sword and Dragon Saber 2003

I loved it. Though i do also love the version with Gigi Lai and Lawrence Ng. Alec and Alyssa go together perfectly. Both are playful and so cute. I didn't have a probelm with the Alec being too young to lead a pack of great warriors, Alec played it off.

Misleading Track
Misleading Track 2005

Great movie. Just saw the ending of the last few episodes.. but I was able to catch on and get into the storyline. Those are some great actors and actresses!

Misleading Track
Misleading Track 2005

the storyline was captivating, i think. bowie lam has always been an above average actor. actually every person was really amazing and was great. they were all skilled in acting. i loved it.

The Charm Beneath
The Charm Beneath 2005

I just started this series. I found it very confusing to sort out the family. Almost all of the actors I wasn't very fond of, except for Gigi, but I have to admit they fitted perfectly into their character.

The Driving Power
The Driving Power 2003

i loved the series. i laughed a lot. adam seemed to fit the role perfectly, stupid, annoying, flirty "mr cool" dad. and the old fashioned style theme was cool. joyce looked kind of old playing a lover of adam's. cecilia was ok. and i LOVED michelle and kenneth being together.

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