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Sassy Girl Chun Hyang
Sassy Girl Chun Hyang 2005

In what way is this series a total copycat of Full House? FH is so boring and there isn't really a plot. Sassy Girl is so much more intelligently written. All details mixed well together and is very coherent and fast paced. I just don't see what in the world does FH has anything to do with SGCH, except they are both categorized as comedies.

My Girl
My Girl 2006

One could easily get addicted to this Korean TV serie drama cuz it would lift your mood up. It's funny most of the time but also has parts of sadness in the last three episodes. But the ending is a happy one. I become a fan of all three Lee's right away.

Memoirs of a Geisha
Memoirs of a Geisha 2005

No, geishas are NOT prostitutes. The word "geisha" means "artists". You should have learned a little more about this before commenting on it.

Book and Sword
Book and Sword 2002

My favorite couple in this series is also Yu Yu Tong and Li Yuan Zi. It's just too sad they both die in the end. Talking about Yuan Zi, I don't understand how on earth her father, a high rank officer in the Ching government, be NOT affected by his daughter's marriage to someone in the Red Flower Society? His entire family could be killed according to the rules at that time. This is a serious flaw in the story. But overall, it's still very enjoyable to watch.

The Legend of the Condor Heroes
The Legend of the Condor Heroes 1994

Jin Yong is a Taiwanese writer? Where did you get that from? WRONG! He was born in mainland China, and spent his adulthoold in Hong Kong. Read his bio here:

The Twins Effect
The Twins Effect 2003

To say Gillian's acting is hopeless is completely biased. She got some kind of acting award recently in HK. I am not a fan of either of the Twins, but I do think Gillian's got more potential in terms of looks (she's femininely pretty) and acting (can act in very dramatic roles).

Princess Returning Pearl III
Princess Returning Pearl III 2002

Xiao Yan Zi's role is annoying and a dissapointment. I am not a fan of Vicki Zhao, and I do think Huang Yi is a promising actress. The problem is with Qiongyao picking Huang Yi for XYZ. XYZ is a commoner who grew up poor, uneducated, and a bit boyish but cute. She tries to fit in the strict rules and complicated politics of the palace but almost always crashes. Vicky Zhao has just about the right physical features and personality to fit this role. But Huang Yi’s version looks like a spoiled, rich, and selfish girl who tries to get the attention of Yong Qi and gets into trouble with almost everyone. She looks too girlish and tries too hard to be cute. Both the script and wrong choice of actress ruined XYZ entirely.

Kill Bill Vol.1
Kill Bill Vol.1 2003

Yes the killer is white (Uma), but look who her main targets are - Bill, Budd, Elle (all 3 are white), Vernita Green (black), and O Ren (Asian). Don't know whether Tarrantino did this on purpose or not, but it's quite an even distribution. I think the plot is ridiculous. It's all about thrill and martial arts (although the latter wasn't done well in my opinion). Sword fighting is truly an Asian thing, so it makes sense that O Ren's part of the story is lengthy and involves a lot of fighting/killing. Wouldn't it be weired if you see a group of blond/red haired white people or a group of black people fighting in swords?

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