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Greed Mask
Greed Mask 2003

love this series so much. rate 5/5 for me. fav. cast: halina, maybe wayne, and of course roger!

Angels of Mission
Angels of Mission 2004

love sonja in here! hate shirley yeung the person not the character she play, dont know how she could win ms. hong kong with her annoying look. chermaine haha the character she play is bad.

Love Bond
Love Bond 2005

Love all the cast, but i kinda forgot what the series is about. NATALIE TONG FOREVER!!

Just Love
Just Love 2005

Natalie tong and Dave make this series watch watching. NAtalie Tong forever! she so cute, but a little short tho

Into Thin Air
Into Thin Air 2005

love this series and love the cast! always a fan of bernice and this series make her so so great. kenneth great as a cop. and love the actor and the character super go play. my rate 5/5 like urs too. BERNICE FOREVER!!

Under the Canopy of Love
Under the Canopy of Love 2006

im not a fan of niki and kevin. dont like them whether individually or as couple. dont think this series interesting. but like natalie tong so much as always. wierd how she like bug and tyrantula haha

Trimming Success
Trimming Success 2006

i dont like the cast. nadia is ok. halina love her in here. and hate all other cast including kevin

Lethal Weapons of Love and Passion
Lethal Weapons of Love and Passion 2006

haha love sonja in this series. but hate the character raymond play. Derek is my fav. character in here! he not evil just great. and hate it when raymond didn't kill the king when he had the chance to, just b/c of chermaine. hate that he choose love over power. but the neding is good tho not what i want

Smiling Pasta
Smiling Pasta 2006

i like the cast and the story line, dont like cyndi's family in the story. i would rate 4/5

To Grow With Love
To Grow With Love 2006

man this series was good in beginning but lost interest half way thru when he start losing his memory. so basically my rate would be 3/5 and no higher. Selina is HOT is this series lol. change my opinion about her from all her ancient time series.

Face to Fate
Face to Fate 2006

haha everyone's favorite couple are nancy and derek. (and if u dont think they are best couple, that mean u r not included in the everyone i said earlier, so ur a nobody) haha just kidding. well hope im not confusing people. overall great series, worth watching

Shades of Truth
Shades of Truth 2005

it's funny when chilam try to avoid gigi b/c she of her previous life.

The Biter Bitten
The Biter Bitten 2006

the story line is only ok, not that great. the main reason i dont like this series is b/c of the cast, i really hate shirley yeung, but the rest of the actor and actress is ok, but nothing special. wouldn't recommend it.

To Get Unstuck In Time
To Get Unstuck In Time 2004

i love this series so much omg. and the main reason is b/c flora and roger and my favorite top top favorite actor/actress. but the problem is that beside the first few episode, the rest of the story just seem boring if i watch it the second time. but still highly recommend it due to great cast and story line.

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