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5.0 out of 5 stars
4.0 out of 5 stars

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A Millionaire's First Love
A Millionaire's First Love 2006

This movie was so good. But i agree with that one flaw you mentioned, they did fall in love a little too fast. The ending was really sad.

To Get Unstuck In Time
To Get Unstuck In Time 2004

This series was good throughout the beginning, middle, and part of the ending. Roger and his dad's ending was touching. Too bad Roger and Flora's ending sucked. His character really is devoted for waiting 'till she get out of jail. But I still wanted her to change back to Ko San.

My Name is Kim Sam Soon
My Name is Kim Sam Soon 2005

This is a great series. I don't watch alot of Korean series but this is probably the best K-Drama I've ever watched.

Amor de Tarapaca
Amor de Tarapaca 2003

I found this series really boring and draggy. Don't even know why i watched the whole thing.

Green Forest, My Home
Green Forest, My Home 2005

This series is really good. And i can't believe Esther is only 17. She looks so much older..

My 19 Year Old Sister In Law
My 19 Year Old Sister In Law 2005

This is a good, funny series. Cute chemistry for the 2 leads.

My Date with a Vampire III
My Date with a Vampire III 2004

Good series. But the first 2 was a bit better.

The World's Finest (Tian Xia Di Yi)
The World's Finest (Tian Xia Di Yi) 2004

This series was so good. Roger is really funny. Wallace and Michelle had good chemistry.

Love Bond
Love Bond 2005

This series was good and funny.

Mars 2004

This series is so good. And it's really close to the manga.

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