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Momo Love
Momo Love 2009

'Cheng admits that Yu Yi’s place in their hearts is only second to Tao Hua. '
'Although Qi assures Hui Qi that they really treat Yu Yi as their brother, I can hardly feel it as no one will be as unreasonable as them to ask him to retain a year for Tao Hua’s sake. However, they show their concern in the last episode.'

I also can't believe this seeing how they treat Yu Yi in the majority of the series. They practically has not concern for Yu Yi's wellbeing or happiness at all.

Momo Love
Momo Love 2009

On sukting's review.

'The filming was delayed for many times due to Yi Ru’s Fahrenheit’s album.'

How come the blame is solely on Yi Ru's shoulders when the male lead Wang Dong Cheng is also part of Fahrenheit?

Sweetness in the Salt
Sweetness in the Salt 2009

So far, one of the better series from TVB. The storyline is good and the cast all played their roles well. I don't find the series boring at all.

I think Tavia is the main lead of the series, not just female lead, but the lead.

The Four
The Four 2008

To sukting,

Sammul is not bloated or out of shape. He has just became more bulky. The many layers of his costume made him look fat, but those are not fat but muscles. You see his recent top less pictures (the picture he took while filming a swimming scene for EU) and you will know.

The Four
The Four 2008

Information on Vivi Lee.

Vivi Lee was a contestant of Ms.HK pageant 2006 but didn't make the finalist list. She and a few other participants then went to join TVB acting class. So, she was both a ex-Ms.HK participant and TVB acting class graduate.
she's a martial art (Wing Chun) exponent in real life.

State of Divinity
State of Divinity 1996

Totally agree with you. Best wuxia adaptation of the 90's. Jackie Lui was great as Linghu Chong. Even though this series is 40 episodes long, there is never a dull moment.

Secret of the Linked Cities
Secret of the Linked Cities 2004

Agree with everything Ian Liew said. This is surely an underrated and overlooked series.

Great review.

To Grow With Love
To Grow With Love 2006

100% agree with your review. That is exactly how I felt about Fei Tin and series. The message of this series is so wrong.

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