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Tai Zu Mi Shi
Tai Zu Mi Shi 2005

Excellent review and I'm glad the acting is beyond good for the most part. I would like to consider watching this after reading this because of the interesting yet realistic nature and distincts of the characters and theme. I'm also glad Wu Qian Qian and Steve Ma Jing Tao are back for another "epic" series. I enjoyed their performances in the first production Xiao Zhuang Mi Shi - I truely recommend it to you if you haven't watched it.

War and Destiny
War and Destiny 2006

I watched this series it was pretty good I was easily hooked to it :D I must say your review was also nicely written unlike mine - probably the reason why it didnt get published out. Yours was straightforward, simple yet had underlined the main basis of this series. Good job! I agree I loved the Sunny- Myolie pairing. Ron - Leila was an interesting one at first and probably like many others- was everybody's favorite couple at first but then like you said - it got draggy and it lost its zest watever in it. Good series.

Xiao Zhuang Mi Shi
Xiao Zhuang Mi Shi 2003

I freakn loved this series!! I think Ma Jin Tao as Duo Er Guan and Ning Jing as Da Yu Er and later Empress Xiao Zhuang were perfect candidates for their roles. Ning Jing's acting was impressive and as for Ma Jin Tao - he was great as well and also possessed and portrayed the masculinity of Duo Er Guan in both terms of look and attitude. I agree he also looked very young than his supposed real age. I must also mention I totally loved So Mu Er as well and Hu Jing who portrayed this character. Her sweet innocent with a bit of chubby look and big eyes really provided another level of essence to this character and her acting was superb as the faithful, loyal sweet So Mu Er. Liu Ke Dai as Huang Taiji wasnt bad as well and so is Wu Qian Qian as Zhe Zhe who really portrayed the mature understanding attitude and had the look as well. I think she was a good pick as well for this character.

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