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Endless Love
Endless Love 2000

yeah this was a really sad ending, it was alright, but thank goodness korean series are getting better everyday, happier endings, and the actors/actresses are getting even more good-looking!!!!!!!!!!!

The Academy
The Academy 2005

I kno, i only watched this b/c i saw Ron and Tavia. they were very cute together in several scenes, if it wasn't for that couple i wouldn't have finished the movie, omg, it was dragged out too much, could have been much shorter.

The Last Breakthrough
The Last Breakthrough 2004

This series was really cute! I mean of course there was my fav actor, raymond lam!!!!!!!!!! But it was a cute, loving story about doctors and nurses doing volunteer work. It showed you the meaning of life! Watch it!

Point of No Return
Point of No Return 2003

I absolutley loved this series, Julian and Charmaine were perfect together. At first it seemed to be sad when they couldn't be togther but finally, everything fell in place...happily ever after :D

War and Beauty
War and Beauty 2004

yeah it was good, all the women were very sly, it shows that the more one is pretty the more one should never underestimate their capabilities, but oh didn't like the ending much!

Ten Brothers
Ten Brothers 2005

oh my, this movie was hilarious, even my younger bro, only 7, watched it with me. And the only part i didn't like was the sad ending, why? Anyways, funny movie :P

Lethal Weapons of Love and Passion
Lethal Weapons of Love and Passion 2006

YES, this movie was pretty good, but i got to admit that the reason why i watched it was to see Raymond Lam, i mean that guy is so hot! and also to kno that he plays with my fav actress charmaine sheh! One suggestion this movie was too long, it could have been shorter that way it would have been intsense throughout the series. But it was good though!

Love Story in Harvard
Love Story in Harvard 2004

Yeah i kno, after watching this Harvard isn't that easy to get into, so if u want to attend there, um, SAT better be almost perfect and speak eng well plz. But anywho, this movie was great i think it's a must see it's one of those to be oldies that everyone's going to kno about, like Beautiful Days and All In and if you haven 't watched those two yet, then wake up and get going, k?

Sweet 18
Sweet 18 2004

I kno, i kno, this movie is so cute! Those two are such a cute couple, omg, just watch the thing, that's all that i will say to you! If you don't it's you that's at risk, not moi! hehe :P

Beautiful Days
Beautiful Days 2001

Um, this is one of those movies that's a must see korean. i mean if you haven't watch it then we're have you been in the last couple of yrs. it's one of those movies that everyone knos and talks about, just watch the thing, will you, plz?

Stairway to Heaven
Stairway to Heaven 2003

cry, cry ,cry!!!!!!!!!!! Was all i did the entire movie, but that's no excuse not to watch the movie, i mean it was so good. I was on the edge of my seat the entire time, me and my ma, watched the entire thing in one seating, we were insane the entire series all one night we didn't even sleep. i mean you just couldn't stop it was that intense. So just watch it, and you kno what...i love the actor he is so hot!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wonderful Life
Wonderful Life 2005

My, i really loved this one too, i forgot this one is so great, it's one of my fav's. Now, if you enjoyed My girl, Sassy Girl, My 19-yr-old sister in law, full house, then this is the series for you. And yeah got to admit, i love those two, they are such a cute couple don't you agree, i love them, don't you just love watching series that have cute-looking couples, it just makes you love it even more, so remember WONDERFUL LIFE is the name, got it? :P

My 19 Year Old Sister In Law
My 19 Year Old Sister In Law 2005

Hey, guess what language i watched this movie in, vietnamese, i mean sometimes i wish i understood korean so i could watch the lastest movies. So all those fortunate ones out there, you better appreciate it, k? And for this movie, oh my, was it adorabele, funny with a tint of romance. At first i watched it b/c i really like the guy that plays the role of a doctor or the one that is the supporting actor, but idk what to say to get you to watch it, even if you don't like these actors/actresses, this movie is a must see, to me, it's almost as great as Full House just a tad bit lower. So give the series a chance ^_^

Only You
Only You 2005

ONLY YOU! Come on, you can just tell from the title that it's gonna be a sweet series. I mean at first i didn't recognize any of the actors/actresses but hey you got give them a chance n they weren't too bad- looking n after a while they become to look quite pretty. But it's a cute movie, i mean it's not the best, but once again, korean movie fans shouldn't let any movie slip away. But don't worry, it's not bad, just not as good as others. So just give it a try, come on, :D

Save the Last Dance For Me
Save the Last Dance For Me 2004

OMG, this movie was so cute, at first i didn't kno if i would like it but i gave it a try since you kno, Ji Sung is pretty hot! And the actress was also pretty, but omg, i turned out to be an awesome movie. Don't miss this one either. I mean if you're a fan of korean movies, don't let this one slip away b/c you'll regret it's a must see!!!!!!!!!!

Full House
Full House 2004

Everyone Full House is a must see movie, I mean it's got everything from humor, romance to suspense! Song Hye Gyo and Rain are so cute together in this series. I would recommend this to everyone and if you're not into korean movies yet, then this is the first you should see. and then from then on, i don't kno what to do to help you b/c you'll be so crazy about them. hehe, :P

Lethal Weapons of Love and Passion
Lethal Weapons of Love and Passion 2006

Oh my, Lethal Weapons of Love and Passion was pretty good, but i got to admit that the main reason i watched it was b/c of Raymond Lam omg, is he is cute!!!!!!!! and my my favorite actress ... Charmaine Sheh. Overall, it was decent the only thing was it was way too long, i mean it could have been shorter, that way it would keep the film more intense and suspenseful, sometimes i just didn't want to watch it anymore, but anyways, if you're a fan of Raymond Lam and Charmaine Sheh, then go on, watch it b/c fans don't miss anything right? :P

My Girl
My Girl 2006

OMG, i totally agree with you that My Girl was an awesome movie. I do agree with the fact that shorter movies are good, about 16 episodes are ok, I don't like how some movies seem to drag on and on and lose the intensity and suspense. My Girl is such a sweet, funny, and romantic movie. I suggest all to watch it, especially if you loved My Name is Kim-San-Soon, Full House, etc. So get up and watch it, NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^_^

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